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Animation has emerged as a great career option in recent times due to its growing demand in the areas of advertising and filmmaking. In Australia, interested students can choose from 44 courses in animation that are offered by 20 institutes, the most popular being TAFE NSW, University of Technology Sydney, University of Adelaide, and the University of Queensland. If you too are pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in this subject and looking for someone who could provide animation assignment help, then luckily you have landed at the right place. Here you can receive online animation assignment help from experts who hold a thorough command of concepts and practical skills required to handle the projects of this subject.

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It’s true that completing an assignment on animation is not a plain-sailing task as besides the technical aspects, one needs to apply creativity and presentation skills. Thus, we have hired professional experts to provide you with animation assignment help services. These writers-cum-animators remain ready to provide animation writing services on any topic, whatever be its complexity. They follow a systematic procedure to come up with a quality paper that includes analyzing the question, collecting and scrutinizing ideas, formatting the first draft, writing, and proofreading.

What Do Students of Animation Study About?

After watching a movie or playing a video game, have you ever wondered how the special effects were generated? Well, the chances are that someone who studied animation took part in creating them. Computer animation has become an indispensable component for many growing industries, especially filmmaking and advertising. As this field continues to grow, many students are choosing a career in it. There is a diverse range of degree programmes in this field with more than 20 specialization subjects that include animation and visualization, creative intelligence and innovation, games and interactivity, etc. The animation programs offered by various universities across Australia are aimed at creating animators who would emerge as leaders to influence the future of this field. These students are assumed to take direct responsibility for nearly all aspects of the filmmaking process. Thus, the course comprises all areas of study essential to learn the principles and techniques of animation. Courses in animation are exciting, and the comprehension syllabus enables students to develop a firm grip on the latest skills and technicalities of the field. Basically, animation revolves around the use of computers to give life to a series of images. Thus, many of the subjects included in an animation degree program are related to the technical aspects of computer animation along with the physical aspects of drawing. Some of the core courses in this subject include animation fundamentals and design principles, advanced modeling, 2-D and 3-D animation, production studio and studio techniques, life drawings, texture and lighting, digital imaging visualizations, modeling, basic computer-generated animation, modeling, lighting of animated characters, etc.

If you are not able to solve the assignment questions on any of the topics included in your syllabus, then leave all your worries aside by getting animation writing services by our experts.

Importance of Animation in Modern World

We all grew up with the legendary cartoon characters, such as Mickey mouse, Pokemon, Donald Duck, and Scooby Dooby Doo. The reason why we have connected with them so deeply is that they allow us to believe an unrealistic event easily. Just like a canvas painting, animation is a mixture of imagination, creativity, meaning, colours and a story. When we talk about its importance, it won’t be untrue to say that animation tends to dominate the entire entertainment industry including films and television. Apart from this, it has highly influenced the educational techniques as now mentors have been heavily implementing animation in their teaching strategies to help their students understand the concepts that cannot be imagined or perceived. Moreover, at present, animation has expanded beyond the film screen and is now heavily developed for video-games. Besides this, today businesses rely on animated videos to advertise their products and services. And, the possibility is that animation will soon make its mark in the digital world. Even at the recent Facebook F8 conference, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled his plans for the future of VR (Virtual reality).

How to Write an Animation Assignment?

As per the writers working with us who provide animation writing services, normally an assignment on this subject deals with a project that you have already worked on or a computer-generated animation that you plan to create in the future. Apart from this, you might be required to illustrate various principles, theories, and techniques of animation on the basis of your analysis. Well, whatever be the question all you need to answer it is find an appropriate way of expressing your thoughts and structuring the ideas you would like to present. While writing the paper, make sure you stick to a single idea and support it by giving enough examples.

But before that, it’s important to gather relevant data by going through various reference sources, such as journals, magazines, and online databases. In case you are opting for the last option, remember that the Internet is probably more fallible than other sources. So, verify the information before relying on them as a ground for the justified assertion. Once, the research is over, write down the paper systematically in the set pattern. In order to do this, it is helpful to recognize the different components of the animated work which would also give your answer depth and interest. Next, proofread and edit the document to eliminate all sort of grammatical errors.

If you are not able to write your animation assignment due to lack of time, scarcity of ideas, inadequate conceptual understanding or improper linguistic skills, then seek online animation assignment help from us. Whatever be the complexity of the project, we will make all possible efforts to provide a quality paper that would let you score 2:1 grade.

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What Is the Difference Between 2D and 3D Animation?

As an animation student, you need to study the various aspects of 2D and 3D animations. The experts working with us to provide animation assignment help say that it’s simple to analyze whether an object is 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional. Suppose you take a piece of paper and sketch a simple figure on it. Now if you wish to see the other side of the picture, it won’t be possible because it simply doesn’t have the 3rd dimension. But unlike this, every real-world object has this quality that enables you to rotate and watch it from different angles.

Before the introduction of computers in the animation industry, everything was done manually. The animators created a series of 2D slides each in continuation with one another to represent a picture. All the cartoon serials of the late 20th century were based on this technique. For example- if the animators wished to display a running dog, they would create a series of slides where the first slide would portray the dog with forearms up in the air, and the next slide would show the legs hitting the ground. These sequences of the slides were shown to the viewer at a fast speed to create a realistic feeling.

When computers came into play, the entire process had been reduced because copying and pasting similar elements between successive frames became very easy. And, with the advancement of technology, the entire process started to be performed by software. Later on, animators started to simulate the 3D effect by using gradients, and varying highlights, but this required huge effort. The stages in 3D animation are more in number compared to the 2D animation. The first step toward creating such animations comprises character sketching and 3D modeling. In the next stage, 3D modeling artist will cast the characters shape by using a set of 3D modeling tools. In addition to the characters, the animation will have an environment and related objects. And, all the objects in the scene are given appropriate textures using the 3D animation tools. Once the static elements have been set, the 3D animator applies motion to them by setting keyframes.

Challenges in the Field of Animation

There is no doubt that the growing demand for animation has created enough job opportunities, but this has also given a set of challenges before professional animators. It is tough to create characters that seem realistic by creating emotional appeal. The minute details they focus on, the better they are able to create the illusion that these personas inhabit this world. Making them look good while they move around is another challenge as the world of computer graphics doesn’t have any ready-made muscles and other squishy tissues to show how the skin of the character will bend around the skeleton. For this purpose, animators have to create the characters’ geometry (the 3D model).

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

After completing a degree in animation, you can either join a company or become a freelancer. In both cases, you can make enough money. Some career options in computer animation include cartoon artist, film designer, and video game animator. These artists can hold various job titles depending on their specific area of specialization. For instance, they may hold positions as multimedia executives, art directors, cartoonists, video game designers or motion graphics technicians. The salary will vary on the basis of the specific industry in which the professional is employed. In general, the income of most employees in this field ranges from $31,570 to $100,390.

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Topics of Animation in Which We Can Assist You

Writing an animation assignment is not an easy task in light of the fact that students not just need to develop a thorough command of the topic but also apply their creativity and skills. While it’s simple to go through the chapter and know about the various theoretical aspects related to it, the practical skills required to work on an assigned project can only be developed with practice. In case you are an amateur animator, finding it tough to complete the assignments, take help from the experts working with us. With their subject knowledge and skills, these experts have helped many students in the following areas of animation:

1.History of Animation 2.Visual Language – Syntactics
3. Animation Process and Visual Form 4. Art, Design, and Society
5. Image Making and Representation 6. Photo Communication
7. Media Investigation and Communication Methods 8. Exposure to Design
9. Semantics and Communications Theory 10. Design Management and Professional Practice
11. Representation Methods for Animation  

These were only a few of the topics that our experts have covered till date. We have specialist writers for different branches of animation that include video game designing, stop-motion animation, graphic designing, flash animation, etc. Thus, you can ask us for assistance on any type of animation assignment, no matter whatever be the topic.

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The complexity of the topic and stringent writing norms prescribed by Australian universities offering degree programmes in Animation have made assignment writing a tough task for students. To support the stressed-out scholars who are unable to submit their college write-ups on time, Instant Assignment Help Australia has come to their rescue. Our main aim is to help these students score good grades without putting a strain on their pockets. By availing our animation assignment help services, they get a number of benefits that are mentioned below:

Professional assistance- The writers working with our team hold highest degree credentials in this field and are part-time animators. Moreover, we have trained them to write impressive assignments.

24/7 support- We understand that students might need our help at any time. Thus, our customer support executives remain active round the clock to assist them in the ordering process and solve their queries.

100% originality- Plagiarism is one of the most serious offenses that might spoil your academic career. Thus, we follow a strict policy against it. Our writers compose each document from scratch and cite the sources properly to avoid any chances of plagiarism. To prove the same, we also provide a free Turnitin report with every document.

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Privacy- We provide highly secure payment gateway to our clients, so they need not worry about data theft or malware attack.

At Instant Assignment Help Australia, we are passionate about lending a helping hand to college-goers. Our team of animation experts has already shaped many students’ academic careers with their endless effort. With their brilliance, creativity, and excellent writing skills, they are able to assist you on any assignment related to animation. What make us unparalleled in this highly competitive academic writing industry are our customer-oriented values and commitment to excellence. We promise we won’t budge an inch from our promises. And, in case you are not satisfied with what you have been offered from our end even after multiple amendments, you may claim a refund. To know more about us, contact our customer care executives via live chat, email, phone or mobile app.

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