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Samsung is one of the largest producers of electronic devices in the world. Founded as a grocery trading store, it currently has the record of being the world’s largest television manufacturer. In our case study of the brand, we cover a SWOT and PESTLE Analysis to determine the secrets behind its success and the deep trust and loyalty of its customers. And how the company strives continually to grow and lead innovation.

Apple is the most iconic brand in today's world; it has revolutionised the smart phone industry with the amazing iPhones and continues to dazzle the world with its radical tech advances. This case study focuses on all the internal as well as external factors that have contributed to the tremendous growth of the company. Australia’s most professional case study writers have brought into light the strategies of Apple and why they are so successful.

With over 40,031 outlets across 100 countries; McDonald’s is undoubtedly the world’s largest fast food chain. What made the small diner in San Bernardino, California grow into a multi-million dollar business is a story worth knowing. Our case study helpers have studied every step and every business decision of the company to ascend to such heights. This case study reveals the secret to McDonald's' success.

Microsoft is one of the largest tech companies in the world, with a market capitalization of over $1 trillion This case study discloses the unique marketing strategies used by the company. Our case study writers have not only covered the strengths of the company but also its weaknesses and impending threats.

This case study involves in-depth and detailed information about the brand Coca Cola. There have been tremendous developments in the company since its foundation back in 1892. There have been several ups and downs, controversies, PR nightmares, etc. that have made the brand into what we see it as today. Coca Cola as a company has seen it all and our case study experts have covered every bit of that process, making it the best Coca Cola case study help available online.

American Way, also known as Amway, is a direct selling company that deals in health, beauty, and home care products. Its estimated revenue generation is about $8.8 billion. There is so much to observe by the way this company operates; like the multi-level marketing, global presence, wide range of products, etc. This up-to-the-minute Amway case study created by our processionals will help you gain meaningful insights about the company and its work.

This homegrown company has changed the way the world looks at home furnishing. IKEA has been making innovative developments in the furniture industry ever since its birth in Agunnaryd (a small town in Sweden). To study the company’s ground breaking growth, our experts have employed SWOT Analysis, which focuses on strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats to IKEA.

With over 1000 stores and 75,400+ employees operating worldwide, Nike has etched its name among the world’s most popular brands. As of 2020, it was the world's largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel. Nike also owns and sponsors some of the world's most popular athletes, including Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, and Michael Jordan. With such an impressive track record, it’s definitely hard to skip the opportunity to study the operating and processing of the company. This case study is filled with intricate details related to everything that Nike is engaged in, be it designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services.

Zara gave the world the gift of instant fashion, or what we call "Fast Fashion." It was the first clothing company that aimed at being affordable and not exclusive. It would be apt to say that Zara has changed the world of fashion, and for good. How the brand stays ahead of every other competitor is something worth finding out. Our ZARA case study reveals how the brand successfully runs 7200 stores in 93 markets worldwide with excellent customer focus and the fastest turn-around time.


Exemplary case studies

Exemplary case studies are a useful tool for exploring a particular topic or idea in greater depth. These studies can provide valuable insights into the causes and effects of certain phenomena, as well as best practices for addressing those phenomena. If your professor wants you to write an exemplary case study, opt out for case study assignment help.

Exploratory case studies

In business research, exploratory case studies are often used to gather preliminary data on a new product or service. Exploratory case studies are also used to investigate unusual events or circumstances that could not be resolved using traditional research methods. Do you lack research skills? Take advantage of business case study writing services right now!

Cumulative case studies

Cumulative case studies are an important research method in many disciplines. In sociology, they are often used to study social phenomena over time. In medicine, they can be used to track the progress of a disease or condition. And in business, they can be used to understand how a company's products and services evolve over time. Do you not know where to begin writing a cumulative case study? Contact us for case study writing services in Australia.

Instrumental case studies

These case studies are useful in situations when you need to learn more about a specific topic. A good example of an instrumental case study is one that focuses on a particular method or tool used to address a problem or issue. The primary benefit of this type of study is that it allows you to collect and analyse data from several different perspectives. Our professional case study writing services can make it super easy for you to complete your project.

Illustrative case studies

Illustrative case studies are a type of qualitative research that provides detailed information about an individual or group of individuals. Unlike typical case studies, which focus primarily on gathering data about a particular phenomenon, illustrative case studies also seek to explain the relationships between different factors or variables. They can be useful for providing examples of how specific groups and individuals respond to certain conditions. Case study writers can assist in exploring and discovering new theories and hypotheses.

Single-case or multiple-case case studies

Some case studies focus on just one individual, organization, event, or phenomenon (known as a single-case study), while others examine multiple cases (known as multiple-case studies). Which type you use depends on your research questions, the amount of available data, and your research methods. Taking case study help can be of tremendous service to you and to your grades.


1. Management

A management case study is a written analysis of a real-life situation involving an organization, group or person. A good case study involves exploring the challenges faced and what strategies were used to overcome these challenges.

2. Nursing

A nursing case study is a type of research that involves the careful observation and analysis of a patient’s condition. A case study can involve individuals, groups, or entire populations in order to gain insight into their health needs and behaviours.

3. Law

A legal case study is a research method used to examine a particular legal issue. In a case study, a researcher investigates a real-life legal problem by looking at the laws that apply to the situation and interviewing people involved in or affected by the case. Legal case studies can help lawyers understand how the law applies to specific situations, educate the public about the legal system, or advocate for changes in the law.

4. Marketing

A marketing case study is a detailed account of how one company successfully used marketing techniques to achieve its business goals. This could include information about the target audience, the strategies that were employed, and the results that were achieved. Marketers can use case studies as valuable tools to learn from the success or failure of other companies, and adapt these lessons to their own marketing campaigns.

  • Finance

    A finance case study is all about linking the decisions made in the company be it by managers or investors. All these decisions are interconnected and have a major impact on the company’s performance. Almost every financial case study will entail an evaluation task where the capital market is combed thoroughly in order to find the missing pieces of the financial puzzle at hand.

  • Engineering

    An engineering case study is a type of examination of a certain machine, tool, design, etc. It has a wider scope due to various streams of engineering like mechanical, marine, civil, geotechnical, etc. Every case study focuses on explaining a certain formula or principle that would further pave the way for development. They are filled with details and designs depicting the process completely.

  • Hospitality

    A hospitality case study is focused on finding out the best or worst experiences that have been associated with any hotel, restaurant, resort, etc. The hospitality industry is a complex one; it is a mix of food, travel, tourism, recreation, etc., making the case studies more vivid. Their sole aim is to track down everything that goes down when a customer visits. These case studies involve interviews with clients as well as the staff and the owners of a certain business; to get a detailed idea of the operation process.

And this is not it. We have plenty more subjects that we offer case study help in. These are some of the most searched for streams by students. If you cannot find your subject here, worry not. We offer case study writing help in 125+ topics.

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A lot of students have a question about how a case study can help understand a company’s workings or how it can be used to make decisions. Well, every case study has some tools that come in handy for every student. Collecting the data is difficult but what’s more difficult is to classify that data into different categories. There are times when a company wants to analyse their expansion and whether that expansion will be healthy for their name and wealth or will it become a liability for them in the market. The same happens for a company that wants to acquire some smaller brand or merge etc. According to case study writers, 3 tools come in handy to create a sense of analysis in the data.



To analyse the situation and position of any organisation at any particular time frame, you must be familiar with everything, what’s going well for them, what’s not working out for them, what might bother them in the future, and what might be difficult for them to handle.

To understand SWOT better, let us take a glance at SWOT analysis for Nike Case Study -

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  • Strengths

    Nike has captured the global market and has become the number one sports and athleisure brand in terms of gross earnings. Shoes are the main strength of the company as the majority of earnings come from them.

  • Weaknesses

    The labour and the working way of Nike factories have always been in question. Another weakness to be considered is the fact that they have not been able to capitalise on many opportunities which have demoted their reputation.

  • Opportunities

    Though Nike has achieved a lot, there are still many opportunities open for them. The smart apparel industry is wide open. Smart-watches, health tracking bands, etc. can also be of use. All in all, you can say the realm of tech and gadgets is yet to be discovered by them.

  • Threats

    Adidas is one of the biggest competitors for the brand and is a direct threat to sales. Another major threat to the brand is the availability of counterfeit products that leads to a negative impact on the original brand.

All in all, Nike seems to be in a stable state but will need to cope with the issues. That is how SWOT analysis clears the wider picture thus making it a useful tool for case study writers.


Another tool that is most commonly used by case study writers is the PESTLE analysis. Usually, whenever a company is about to take a huge decision, this analysis becomes mandatory for them. If you are also assigned with one such task then there are 6 factors that one covers in this tool. These are -

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  • Political

    Whether the decision is going to be politically suitable for the brand or not. What political stance does the decision favour, or whether any norms can help or not?

  • Economical

    Economical factors such as the impact on the pre-acquired assets, whether the step will be profitable or not, are there going to be any sort of setbacks in the market due to this, etc. One of the most important aspects of case study writing is whether the step will be economically affordable or not.

  • Social

    Every organisation must adhere to terms given by social authorities, and that is why this factor is really important to keep in consideration. Things such as what is going to be the social impact, on students, families, men, women, and kids everything is considered.

  • Technological

    This factor usually matters in tech-related advancements. However, one can also treat it as the availability of technology that might be used to fulfil the decision and how the techniques can be helpful.

  • Legal

    Knowing about all the legalities related to a venture is necessary for a venture, and that is exactly what this section does. Analyzing the legal obligation is what this factor does, and this holds great significance according to case study helpers.

  • Environmental

    Sustainability is the need of the hour and with that being said, it is the fundamental duty to understand whether any initiative will affect the environment negatively or whether it will add up to the positive side of making a difference.

For any business to be successful, PESTLE analysis is a must, and thorough research is what is required to complete it. Now that you know it, try doing an Apple PESTLE analysis on your own!


According to case study help providers, Porter’s 5 force model is one of the fundamental things to apply for an individual who is trying to get a breakthrough in the market or introduce a new brand in the already established clientele. The model consists of 5 forces that are -

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  1. Bargaining Power of Buyer

    1.The ability of spending is what keeps the market alive and that is why you need to Analyse the bargaining power of a buyer. What is meant by bargaining power? Well, the power which defines the extent to which a buyer can force your brand to provide the best quality service at lower prices. The higher the bargaining power of the buyer, the higher is the competition in the market.

  2. Bargaining Power of Seller

     This is the opposite of the bargaining power of the buyers. What this one means is that a company has leverage over the buyers and thus the company can raise prices as per their requirements. It is cl; ear that the company can force the buyer to comply with high prices. The higher the bargaining power of the seller, the lower is the competition in the field and the higher is the profit.

  3. Industry Rivalry

    Who are the existing competitors is what industry rivalry means. For any business that you start, there is always someone who is doing it already. This is exactly what is measure in this section of porter’s five force model. Industry rivalry is dependent on different factors that include the market captured by your competitor, the number of direct competitors, etc.

  4. Threats of New Entrants

    New people compete for a position in the market all the time. Almost every day there are hundreds of people who begin their businesses and this point in the model allows you to keep track of them, the rate with which the competition is increasing, and the way that these things work for the favour or against of New Entrants.

  5. Threat of Substitutes

    This factor in your case study shows you the room for new entrants who can substitute you with better technology and faster results. in the market. For instance, cabs and taxis were local services until Uber made its way to the streets and today these new entrants have taken over the entire business model.

These 3 tools can help any individual to understand the basics of case study writing and can make the process easier as almost all the research is completed in these steps only. Making these tools work for you seems a difficult task as it requires a lot of things to research find and curate. If you are wondering who does all of this work, then you must know that all the toppers have to complete these steps and thus our expert case study help providers do it for you to ensure that you get the best results for your work.


Our professionals assistance is not just limited to case study help online, we cover multiple academic documents from assignments to dissertations. We offer assistance in 250+ subjects and have covered over 2.2M topics. You name the trouble, we will come up with the best solution. Want to check out what more we can help you with? Here are some services you can avail from our team of experts:

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  • 1. How do You Write a Case Study?

    It is obvious that students want to know the expert’s approach to case study writing so they can be assured of receiving the best work. So, at Instant Assignment Help Australia, we use a simple 5-step process:

    Understanding guidelines
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    We have a strict no-plagiarism policy and we stand by it 100%. Every case study is written by professionals after doing thorough research. Additionally, we attach a free Turnitin Report with every document to prove the authenticity of the document.

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    What were the causes?
    What were the effects or impacts?
    Other interesting information

    You can ask us to use any particular format according to your own university guidelines.

  • 4. How Case Study Writing Can Help in Scoring High Distinction (HD)?
    When you seek case study help, a seasoned writer with profound  expertise is assigned to draft it for you. Their knowledge, flair for writing and professionalism reflects in your work thus helping you score HD easily.
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