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With the ever-increasing growth in Biometrics technology, the education sphere of the same is receiving a consistent boost. Many aspirants who are sensing the further growth have chosen Biometry for their majors. A biometric system is a technical device which uses the information about a person to identify him/her. It relies on specific data about unique biological traits in order to work effectively. Understanding such logical functionality can be a stressful task, and when the aspirants are asked to write assignments on it, it becomes even more challenging. Therefore, the college-goers ask for online biometry assignment help from the experts at Instant Assignment Help Australia. They also require proper guidance from the academic professionals for completing their biometry assignments with ease and score top-notch grades.

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Main Types of Biometrics as Given by Our Subject Experts

According to our biometry assignment help providers, understanding the working of the matrix systems that are integrated and installed in the biometric security devices such as fingerprint readers, retinal eye scanners and hand geometry readers is a complicated process. Therefore, our team of biometry assignment writers has covered the length and breadth of the important concepts that fall under this subject. Some of these are listed below:

Face recognition

Face recognition is one of the most reliable systems that can even work when the subject is unaware of being scanned. It can show results of the people who only spend a few seconds in front of the scanner.

It works by systematically analysing specific features that are common to every face such as the distance between the eyes, nose width, cheekbones positioning, chin, jaw line, and so forth.

Fingerprint identification

Fingerprint identification involves comparison of the pattern of ridges and furrows present on the fingertips, as well as the minutiae points of a specimen print with a database of prints on file.

Hand geometry biometrics

Hand geometry biometric systems can work in harsh environment as they do not require clean conditions, and they also form small datasets. But, it is not regarded as an intrusive test machine. It is commonly used as an authentication method in industrial sectors.

Retina scan

There is no known way to replicate a retina as it stays the same for the lifetime. However, the time taken to conduct such scan is longer as compared to other machines. Retina scan is a standard used in military and government installations.


It is another example of biometric data that is easy to gather and is not physically irritating. Digital signatures are sometimes used, but usually, have insufficient resolution to ensure proper authentication.

Voice analysis

As face recognition, voice biometrics also provide a way to authenticate identity without the subject's knowledge. It is easier to fake, but it is not possible to fool an analyst by imitating someone else’s voice.

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