Commercial law is undoubtedly the most demanding academic course in Australia. University of Melbourne Law School, University of Sydney, Monash University Law Chambers, etc. are some of the finest institutions known across the globe. The academic curriculum is designed in a way to prepare a student for the corporate world. However, the course comes along with ‘never-ending’ assignments, and this is where the online commercial law assignment help comes into the picture. And, let us not forget that such academic papers influence academic grades highly.

Also referred to as business law or corporate law, commercial law is the study of laws that revolves around sales, commerce, trade, and merchandising, along with the individuals and businesses who participate in such activities. The definition is enough to reflect the complexity of the subject. Furthermore, the situation becomes worse when the deadline is strict, the assignment topic is tough, and the professor’s expectation is high. In such a scenario, commercial law assignment writers can be your life-savior. But, the worry doesn’t end here; “which is the best website that provides assignment for law students?” is another question that gives them sleepless nights.

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What Are the Topics Covered in Commercial Law? Know-Here!

Commonly considered as the branch of civil law, commercial law is a subject that encompasses a wide range of topics. Some of them are consumer law, trade practices law, finance and banking, corporation law, taxation law, securities, and deviation law, to name a few. According to the experts providing commercial law assignment Kaplanproject, a graduate is required to assist the clients in navigating & addressing the issues affecting the corporate/business world. The issues can be related to deregulation, tax reform, globalization, or trade-relation shift.

Moreover, Australian commercial law is an amalgamation of various sources. For instance, the Corporations Act 2001 (combined with the Corporate Law Economic Reform Program Act 2004) governs the formation of the companies and their operations (internal & external interaction) with other companies. As per the commercial law assignment helpers, this statute is further governed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Furthermore, commercial lawyers also play a vital role in administering industry codes of practice. Below are the areas of topics covered in the academic discipline:

  1. Finance, Accounts & Banking: Here, you will be dealing with the monetary aspects concerned with investments, market, and finance. This topic, however, falls under company law, which is studied under commercial law. This is one of the finest company law assignment topics which evaluate your overall knowledge.
  2. Governance of International & Local Businesses: Among various popular administration law assignment topics, this topic is the professor's favorite. Actually, the concept of administration laws works in coherence with commercial law. In-depth knowledge of the international as well as the local market is a must.
  3. Management of Information Technology Systems & Operations: The advancement in the field of technology makes this research idea important. Students lacking command in intellectual laws often resort to commercial law assignment services to get their job done. In return, they receive a thoroughly-researched paper.
  4. Promotion & Marketing: A set of marketing rules and promotion procedures are studied under this topic. Professors keep assigning such type of assignment for law students to review their technical skills. If you are also struggling with your academic paper, then Instant Assignment Help Australia is just a click away!

Reading so far, you must have known the major research ideas covered by the subject. Moving on further, let us highlight the different areas of study.

What Are the Laws Practiced Under Commercial Law Assignment?

The commercial law assignment writers explain that the subject is an umbrella term that encapsulates various laws that are practiced in it. In short, it is divided into 8 laws. They are:

  1. Contract Law: As the name suggests, contract law governs the legal enforcement of promises. In simpler terms, a contract is a legal agreement between two or more voluntarily-agreed parties. Both parties have to abide by the legal obligations made while signing the contract.
  2. Company Law: The Corporations Act 2001 is concerned with imposing obligations on the companies and its incorporations- the acquisition of market shares, securities & derivatives industry. The Aussie students, who are unable to cover the lengthy syllabus, search for FREE commercial law assignment samples.
  3. Competition Law: The Competition and Consumer Act of 2010 aim to maintain healthy market competition. The anti-competitive conduct of the organizations is regulated under this law. Are you wondering, “Who can do my commercial law assignment in Australia?” Well, you are on the right page!
  4. Consumer Protection: The Australian Consumer Law is centered around the rights of the consumers. The customer guarantees encapsulate the customer's right to repair, refund, or replace, along with the compensation for loss & damages against faulty service. Seek commercial law assignment Kaplanservice and score A+.
  5. Environmental Law: This law encompasses regulations, conventions, treaties, and statutes that aim to provide protection to the environment. The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 is required to be learned by heart for drafting a superior-quality paper.
  6. Intellectual Property Law: Abbreviated as IP, Australian intellectual property law deals with rules and regulations pertaining to inventions, artistic work, and design. According to the commercial law assignment help experts, the main purpose is to encourage the creativity of the individual and to ensure that they can earn financial benefit and recognition on their own creation.
  7. International Trade Law: The customs and guidelines required for the management of trade between two or more countries become the prime focus of this law. A student needs to have adequate knowledge about the treaties and international trade agreements to win the professor's heart.
  8. Labor Law: Also called as industrial relations law, it acts as a peacemaker between workers, trade unions, employing entities, and government. As per the commercial law assignment writing services professionals, it follows a dual structure where some issues are handled by Commonwealth while the others are governed by the state.

By now, you must have got a glimpse of the subject. Now comes the time to discuss the different fields where commercial law finds its importance. Also, there are many subjects as well which work closely with commercial law. Read the subsequent section to know about them in detail.

What Is the Application of Australian Commercial Law? Here’s the Answer!

The online commercial law assignment writers Australia believe that the subject has vast application in various other academic disciplines. Here are some of them:

  1. Computer and IT Laws: The IT lawyers can guide you on legal matters related to service level agreement, domain issues, intellectual property, e-business, and more. They have excellent knowledge about computer software, hardware, telecom & internet industries, and therefore, they can draft an agreement or fight a dispute on your behalf.
  2. Electronic Commerce Law: All the legal issues that arise in electronic commerce are discussed in this law. According to the professionals offering commercial law assignment writing services, a few prominent topics in this area of study are electronic contracting, tax, consumer protection, data privacy law, e-payment, spam regulations, etc.
  3. Property Law: The laws which govern the real & personal property are listed under property law. Natural resource & succession on death, domestic partnerships, native title, company shares, etc., are a few property law assignment topics in which the writers are highly qualified in drafting the paper. Buy now!
  4. Tax Law: It is a legal study that includes the involvement of sanctioned or public authorities to impose a set of rules and regulations for assessing and collecting tax. The online commercial law assignment helpers have adequate command on different subject areas studied under this law, such as employment/payroll tax, estate tax, business tax, gift tax, export/import tax, etc.

These are a few subjects that work in resonance with commercial law. Furthermore, the experts believe that there are two main concepts in business law or corporate law, which helps the professor in deciding your expertise in the subject. Both of them are explained below.

What Are the Main Concepts in Commercial Law?

In the commercial law assignment, Kaplancourse writers came to the conclusion that there are two concepts that deeply evaluate the subject-knowledge of the students- one is entities & contracts for business, and the other one is dispute resolution. Both the concepts are elaborated below:

Dispute Resolution: Also referred to as dispute settlement, it is the procedure for solving the disputes among the parties. There are certain rules & regulations that aim to bring disputes to an end. It is achieved via three methods:

  1. Negotiated Outcome: The parties involved in the conflict sort out the things on their own.
  2. Mediated Outcome: The help of an independent mediator is often taken for helping parties jump to the conclusion.
  3. Arbitrated/Adjudicated Outcome: Here, the court or an independent arbitrator is responsible for dispute resolution by making a legal decision.

Also, below are some terms related to the concept that you must know.

  • Lawsuits: This term refers to a civil action that is brought in the eyes of the court of law. The commercial law assignment writers highlight that a lawsuit is filed by the party who has suffered a loss due to the defendant’s action. The party demands a legal remedy from the court.
  • Arbitration: It is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process in which the parties, rather than going to the court, present the argument & evidence in front of a dispute resolution practitioner. Are you wondering- "how to write a commercial law assignment introduction?” Reach us!
  • Collaborative Law: Also regarded as family law, it is the legal procedure that allows the parties to end their marriage by working with collaborative lawyers and come up with a settlement to end this dispute. Watch out for the commercial law assignment samples available on the website for free to catch more glimpses.
  • Mediation: It also falls under Alternative Resolution Dispute (ARD) in which an independent person, called as a mediator, takes the responsibility of solving the conflict. The writers providing assignments for law students say that it is a structured negotiation process. Are you facing trouble while writing a commercial law assignment introduction? Contact us!
  • Conciliation: In this process, the conciliator (dispute resolution practitioner) assists the parties in identifying the issues involved, developing alternatives, and helping parties to reach an agreement. In short, the conciliator plays an advisory role and not a determinative role.

You are now well-equipped with the information regarding dispute resolution. Now, let us jump onto the next concept, viz., entities, and contracts for business.

Business Entities & Contracts: Entities, in terms of the corporate world, refers to the smallest element which can participate in business or charitable work. They are structured and governed by commercial law. Some examples of business entities are:

  • Partnerships
  • Corporations
  • Cooperatives
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Sole Traders

Moreover, a contract refers to an agreement that comes with some set of obligations and is legally enforced. In simpler terms, it is a promise which is enforced by law. According to the commercial law assignment writing helpers, there are three basic elements that need to be considered. They are:

  1. A party must include particulars of elements & terms while making an offer. Also, the intention behind the contract must be mentioned in the offer made.
  2. The second step is the acceptance of the offer.
  3. At last, the party who promised to do something must receive the benefit at any cost.

By now, both concepts must be clear to you. Now you are ready to craft a top-class academic paper in no time. However, if you are still not confident of scoring excellent grades, then a piece of good news awaits you in the next section.

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