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I’m a Ph.D. holder in Anthropology from the University of Sydney. I am also a certified academic writer having ten years of experience in offering academic writing service to the university students who are studying Medical Anthropology. The topics I have covered till now are numerous, but some of them are Material Culture, Migration, Culture and Identity, Applied Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Biological and Physical Anthropology, etc. Many students have scored incredible grades in this subject after taking my assistance. It is a cakewalk for me to write term paper, coursework, assignments, dissertation, thesis and research paper related to this field. I can write efficiently in any citation and reference style required by a student.

Subjects Covered

Medical Anthropology: Local and Global Perspectives Human Bodies Culture & Society Cultural Heritage Management Human Evolution Discovering Archaeology

Biological Anthropology

Customer’s feedback:

Biological and Physical Anthropology- My topic for assignment demanded great statistical research. So, I approached James who solved my problem with much ease and I was able to submit an effective assignment on Anthropology.

Writer Feedback:

Thanks dear for your words. Looking forward to serving you again in future.

Physical Anthropology

Customer’s feedback:

Physical Anthropology- I feel no one can write the Anthropology assignments the way you write. You have extensive knowledge, good job done James!

Writer Feedback:

Thanks, hope to serve you in future as well.

Applied Anthropology

Customer’s feedback:

Applied Anthropology- I'm highly satisfied with my academic document in Applied Anthropology, thanks Mr. Irwine!

Writer Feedback:

Thanks for the appreciation!

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