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About Writer

I am a full-time academic writer with a diverse educational background. I am a qualified dentist and I have a Master’s degree in Healthcare Management and Policy from the university of New South Wales. I write extensively on national and international healthcare policies. I am frequently asked to write on a variety of nursing topics such as patient assessment, holistic care, leadership in nursing and duty of care. I have developed academic pieces for other similar fields such as paramedics, prehospital care, mental health, social work, management, sociology of professions and so on. I can proficiently write in almost every citation and referencing style.

Subjects Covered

Biology  Dentistry  Health  HRM  Management  Midwifery  Nursing  Pharmacology Physiology  Social Policy  Social Work  Sociology


Customer’s feedback:

My deadline for dissertation submission was approaching and I had not yet even started my writing work. It was then I approached him to take writing assistance. With Mathew's guided help, I was able to score well in my dissertation.

Writer Feedback:

It was an immense pleasure to hear about your success. Thank you for the appreciation. I truly value it.

Sociology of professions

Customer’s feedback:

I loved the work done by him. I'm really hoping to receive good results. Thanks Mathew!

Writer Feedback:

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you soon about your grades!

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