HNHM301 The Contemporary Hospitality Industry

Organization Selected : Marriott hotel
Brief :

Learning Outcomes





Brief and Scenario:

You are working in a medium sized retail business as a business development manager. The company gains higher profit in a last financial year. As a result, the Board of director of the company has decided to start a number of businesses in London. Hospitality is one of the industries that are very interesting to explore.

You are required to conduct detailed secondary research in the hospitality industry in the U.K. The Board of Directors are expect you to guide them of various issues dealing with the hospitality industry in the UK.

Select a hospitality organisation such as a restaurant or a hotel that operates in London. This report must include:

  1. An overview of the report.
  2. Definition and various types of an organisation within the hospitality industry.
  3. Examination of how a hospitality organisation can be structured and review the interrelationship of different units/departments within the organisation.
  4. Direct and Indirect impacts of hospitality industry on the UK economy and another country of your choice.
  5. Evaluate how global growth, franchising,andlicensingdevelopmentshavecontributedtotheeconomicworthofthehospitality
  6. Examine the range of different operational roles ion your selected restaurants or hotel.
  7. Review of the skills requirements for the roles you have identified for your selected restaurant or hotels and the current skills shortages in the market.
  8. Evaluation of some contemporary factors that drives skills shortage and high turnover in the hospitality industry.
  9. Impact of skills gaps on hospitality industry and recommand them reasonable solutions to address the skill gaps.
  10. Conclusion

Learning Outcomes:


Examine theinternalandexternalfactorsthatimpactthehospitalityindustryandhowtheyrelated to current issues facing the hospitality industry.


Evaluate thecurrentandpotentialtrendsanddevelopmentsaffectingthehospitalityindustry.

Scenario B

Produceanoverviewoftheissues outlined below in the form of PowerPoint slides. It also requires you to take part in a 5-minuteviva voce (oral examination). The overview must include:

  1. I
  2. Criticalanalyze oftheimpactofexternalfactorssuchasthepolitical,economic, social, technological, legislative and environmental on your selected restaurant orhotelin London with theuseof PESTLE framework.
  3. Conduct SWOT analysis for your chosen hospitality business and reviewing of how thiscaninformthe decision-making
  4. Analysis of the factors that impact on the supply and demand of products and services of yourselectedrestaurantor
  5. Appraisal and critical evaluation of the implications of current and potential trends affecting thehospitalityindustry in the
  6. Explain the ability and theresponsesof yourselected restaurantor hotelto thecurrentandpotential

Learning Outcome






LO1. Explainthecurrentstructure,scopeandsizeofthehospitalityindustry



D1Evaluate howglobalgrowth,franchising and licensingdevelopmentshavecontributedtotheeconomicworthofthe



P1 Identify the different types ofbusinesswithinthehospitalityindustry and the diverse productsandservices theyoffer.

P2Develop arangeofoperationalandfunctionaldepartmentswithinachosenhospitalitybusiness.


P3. Explain the contribution of thehospitalityindustrytolocal,nationalandinternationaleconomies.

M1. Evaluate theinterrelationshipsoftheoperationalandfunctionalunitswithinachosen


M2 Analyzehow the useoffranchisingandlicensingagreementshasinfluencedtheglobaldevelopmentofthehospitalityindustry.


LO2. Identifycurrentandanticipatedskillsrequirementsinthehospitalityindustry.



D2Evaluatetheimpactthatskillsgaps have on hospitality businessesand make valid solutions foraddressingtheseskillsgaps.


P4Explain different operational roles withinthehospitality industry.


P5Identify theskillsrequiredforroleswithinthehospitalityindustryandcurrentskillsshortages.

M3 Identify the skills gapswithin the hospitality industry in regards to different operational roles.


LO3. Examine theinternalandexternalfactorsthatimpactthehospitalityindustryandhowtheyrelated to current issues facing the hospitality industry.

D3Criticallyanalyze howexternalfactors impact on current andpotentialtrendsanddevelopmentsin the hospitality industry usingrelevant examplestohighlight how the industry has developed inresponse.


P6Explorethepolitical,economic,social, technological, legislativeandenvironmentalfactorsthataffect the development of organization operating within the hospitality industry.


M4. Analyse the impactsof external factors on thedevelopmentof

organizations operatingwithinthehospitalityindustry,usingspecific



LO4.Evaluate thecurrentandpotentialtrendsanddevelopmentsaffectingthehospitalityindustry.

P8Explain theimplicationsofcurrent and potential trends inthehospitalityindustryprovidingarange ofspecificexamples.

M5 Explain the ability of aspecific hospitality businesstodevelopproductsandservicestomeetcurrenttrends.

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