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What Are the Problems Faced By Students While Writing an MBA Dissertation?

Getting Started

The biggest issue while writing a dissertation is choosing a good topic. The one he/she chooses should be informative and interesting. Once the topic has been selected, the next problem is writing a suitable thesis statement that would deliver the idea of the entire dissertation well and helps in sticking to it while researching. Finding appropriate data for doing your research is also a necessary step in completing a dissertation proposal.

Gathering information

Students face lots of difficulties in researching for the topic and referencing properly. Many times, especially in case of online data, they find it difficult to source the material as the same information comes to be available at hundreds of websites.

Lack of time management

MBA students lack sufficient time for researching and writing their dissertation. This is probably because they remain overloaded with various academic and personal responsibilities. And, thus they are not able to complete their documents on time.

Poor writing skills

Many students are not able to write a high-quality dissertation even after putting much effort in researching due to lack of writing skills. And yet if somehow they write it, the document comes to be full of errors, that’s just not acceptable in any MBA college in

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