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Astronomy is a predominantly preferred field for research amongst scholars all around the world. Remarkable breakthroughs such as the ‘big bang theory’ and ‘extrasolar bodies’ have encouraged more students to enroll in courses concerning to this field. As a matter of fact that it involves applications from various other fields, namely Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Radiology, etc., it isn’t easy to write a scholastic document for the same. And as a result, college-goers often suffer from poor grades.

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Astronomy at a Glance

Astronomy assignment help professionals state that it is one of the oldest branches of science and dates back to thousands of years ago. Principally, the science of Astronomy studies about the celestial bodies and various natural phenomena that take place in the universe. The points of focus are heavenly bodies such as planets, satellites, asteroids, comets, galaxies, stars, black holes, etc.

For years, researchers have been studying about the universe and have given plenty of theories that enhance our understanding about this majestic phenomenon. But a few that proved to be path-breaking changed the way people used to perceive the universe. Our academic writing experts who provide Astronomy assignment writing help have listed a few of them.

The Theory of Relativity

The Theory of Relativity was introduced by great German physicist Albert Einstein in the year 1915. It replaced the two-century old concept of mechanics explained by Isac Newton and established how the speed of light remained the same inside a vacuum. The Theory of Relativity unified space time continuum and provided answers to a lot of questions concerning the emergence of universe and infinite timeline.

Kepler’s Law

German astronomer Keppler in 1609, explained that all planets around the sun revolved in an elliptical path instead of circular. This gave rise to the concepts of celestial orbits and also proved how gravitational pull from adjacent and distant bodies helped in maintaining a balance of the motion.

The Big Bang Theory

It is the first ever theory that successfully explained about the inception of universe and how it evolved. It can be considered as a grand model that showed how universe came into existence by a explosion of high-density and high temperature state that eventually cooled down and allowed the formation of subatomic and atomic particles. Consequently, allowing every other life form to evolve. As per the big bang theory, the age of universe is considered to be 13.8 billion years.

The Extrasolar Planets

It is one of the most eye-catching discoveries of today’s age and studies about the planets that exist outside the solar system. Ever since the first planet was spotted in 1955, a series of newer and more peculiar bodies have been discovered and scientists believe that there are still millions of planets yet to be found.

What are the Branches of Astronomy?

Our team members who provide Astronomy assignment help have listed some of the prominent branches of this field. Take a read!

Astrobiology: It is the study of evolution, inception, future, and distribution of all the life forms on Earth and all other celestial bodies.

Physical Cosmology: It concerns with the study of large-scale structures their evolution, existence and fate.

Galactic Astronomy: It studies about the functioning and stability of solar and extrasolar galaxies. However, Galactactic Astronomy focuses on the Milky Way and extragalactic Astronomy explains about all the other galaxies and their existence in the universe.

Interstellar Astrophysics: Our writing experts who provide Astronomy assignment help have stated that it is the study of components that constitute the environment of galaxies, stars, and planets. Mainly relates to dust and ice particles.

Plasma Astrophysics: As the name suggests, it is the study of plasma that is believed to be the major component of all the matter in the universe. It is a category of astrophysics and involves various chemistry applications.

Solar Physics: Sun is considered to be the sole energy source of our entire galaxy, hence a research has been going on for a quarter of a century to find out about its unknown secrets. Solar physics is the study of all the components such as ionized gases, mater, etc., that explains everything about the sun, ranging from its age to its importance towards the existence of every life form.

Exoplanetology: Exoplanetology is a field of Astronomy that deals with discovery of planets outside our galaxy as for years now, there has been an intense research on finding life on other planets as well.

Observational Astronomy: It is the branch of Astronomy that studies about data collection using various apparatus like telescopes. Depending upon the equipment, observational astrology has been categorized into the following:

Radio Astronomy Infrared Astronomy
Optical Astronomy UV Astronomy
Cosmic wave Astronomy G-wave Astronomy

High energy Astrophysics: It is the study of high energy bodies just like black holes using the ionizing radiation apparatus such as X-ray and neutrinos.

Photometry: It is the study of shinning celestial bodies that are dynamic in nature.

Astrometry: This relates to the study of objects that keep changing their position in the space such as meteors, comets, stars, etc.

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