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English literature has been one of the favorite choices among Australian students for years. By pursuing a degree in this subject, students get the chance to study ancient scriptures in this language like those of Anglo-Saxon origin, the literature of the 20th and early 21st centuries. It also allows us to consider the literary forms and techniques, by analyzing the development of the English language. Being a final year student, if you are looking for English dissertation help, then you are in the right place. We have so far assisted many college-goers in achieving high grades by submitting a well-researched dissertation on time. So, you can rely on us for getting an English dissertation writing service on any topic.

We are quite aware of the fact that writing an English dissertation is not a child’s play because it involves a lot of research. Moreover, it requires advanced writing skills and the ability to place literary texts in their wider intellectual and historical contexts. Thus, we have hired highly qualified and experienced subject experts in our team to provide you with high-quality service. These professionals follow a systematic procedure for writing an English Dissertation that includes collecting and scrutinizing ideas, composing the research proposal, research, formatting the first draft, and proofreading.

Benefits of Opting for an English Literature Degree at University

As a student of this subject, you would be putting in a lot of effort in exploring the literature and learning the reading and writing skills. Studying this subject will give you the best returns for your efforts. You would be surprised to know that there are a whopping 60 countries in the world that have English as their official language. What’s more, English is the most commonly adopted second language of people in many more countries, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Holland. So, by mastering your skills in this language, you can indeed be able to communicate effectively with people from numerous nations. This opens up numerous possibilities for you in terms of the countries you could choose to settle, travel or study. But this is not the only harvest that you would reap after completing a degree in this subject as there are a lot more. Read on further to know what our English dissertation writing professionals say in this context:

English will make you more desirable to employers

With a degree in English language, it’s easy to find a job in many sectors. You can start your career with a multinational corporation as they desire good English speaking and writing skills in their employees. The ability to speak this language also puts you in an excellent position to become a business manager. Moreover, you will also be able to build relationships with overseas customers.  The cultural knowledge you’ll acquire through learning English may also come handy in pitching products and ideas to the public. Apart from this, sectors that involve lots of travel or international exposure, such as the airline, tourism and film industries, use English as their official language. This means that if you are proficient in English, you can easily fetch a job. What more, as the English language is widely studied across the world, with a postgraduate degree in this field, you can opt for a career in teaching.

English allows you to get more from popular cultures

By studying English at University, you get to read works by some of the world’s most famous writers, in its original language. After all, translated books rarely impart the same ideas. You can look forward to enjoying influential classics as Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and her sister’s Jane Eyre, George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and many more. By reading books from all across the world, you will get to learn about different cultural values and norms.

English gives you wider access to knowledge

English Literature is one of the broadest subjects. An estimated 95% of research journals are written in this language. Just by studying the coursebooks, students can get knowledge of different topics as they’re full of themes, and contextual information. By having proficiency in the English language, you will be able to read a wide range of books, journals, and web pages. In this way, you’ll be able to educate yourself on many subjects, such as Science, Economics, Finance, Psychology, Sociology, and Geography.

Despite the misconception that there is no future with an English degree, it can take you many places, such as marketing, management, publishing, PR, editing – and yes, you can become a writer, librarian or teacher if you so wish. As a final year student, it’s important to write your dissertation properly. However, if you are not able to do this due to the scarcity of research materials, time or improper writing skills, then take English dissertation help from our experts.

How to Write an Impressive English Dissertation?

A dissertation is the final year project that is required for the completion of a master's or doctoral degree in English. But some colleges in Australia also assign it to their undergraduate students. Unlike other assignments, a dissertation is not all about gathering and presenting relevant information from a wide range of sources. Rather, while composing this write-up, scholars must apply their knowledge independently in the production of an original piece of research. An English dissertation can be grounded in the existing literature, but that should provide new insight into the same. Before starting this project, students need to submit a dissertation proposal to their mentors. This document should be written in a formal style and as per the APA referencing guide. Here we have discussed the various steps towards writing an English dissertation:

Choose a topic

Selecting a topic is the first and the most important step toward writing a dissertation. As this project can take a long time, one should find out the topic that would be interesting to explore. This will help you to remain consistent in the research and writing process. Well, whatever be the topic of your research, be careful not to infuse your work with so much passion that it becomes a polemic.

Review existing literature

Once you have sorted out the topic, the next step is to go through the books, journals and online databases on the topic. By perusing different research sources, you can gather many relevant information, limitations, and areas worthy of further research. The information that you gathered here will be useful in composing a literature review that should comprise a clear thesis, well-developed body, and thoughtful conclusion.

Develop research questions and process

Framing appropriate research questions help students focus their research and work toward supporting a specific and arguable thesis. While doing this, you must keep your audience in mind and find out something that would be interesting to them. Also, remember that English dissertation questions should not be answerable with a simple “yes” or “no” or by easily-found facts. Instead, they should require both research and analysis on the part of the writer.

Conduct research and analyze results

The research for an English dissertation might be done in numerous ways. But make sure that whatever approach you are applying should sound logical in the context of the topic. Moreover, the educational approach underpinning the research methodology should suggest that learners bring their emotions and a certain amount of knowledge based on their previous learning experiences to the learning context. Also, be focused on the topic while carrying out your research, and once it’s over, analyze the results by thinking critically whether it’s the most appropriate answer to the research question.

Write the paper

Many scholars start writing their English dissertation only after completing their research. But this is a faulty attitude as by doing this, you might skip most of the information that you came across, and later on, you would have to recheck them. So, instead of this, you should write the first draft of the dissertation along with research. But before that, you need to go through the university’s guidelines regarding the structure and pattern of the dissertation as well as referencing style. In general, it should consist of a title page, abstract, table of contents, introduction, literature review, methods, results, conclusions, and works cited/bibliography.

Proofread and edit it

Once you have completed your document, check it properly for grammatical errors, typos, and punctuation mistakes. These days, many online tools can assist you in this task. But do not rely on them entirely as they might fail to detect improper sentence formations and other minuscule details. So, always read it on your own and also check that whether the lines are in the right sequence.

With these ideas in mind, you can compose a well-written dissertation writing help that would not just help you to obtain a high grade but will also serve as a good source of knowledge for students of this field. However, if you are not able to carry out the aforementioned steps properly, then it’s better to opt for English dissertation help from our experts. We guarantee that by availing our services, you will be able to obtain an entirely adequate document.

Why Should You Consider Us for English Dissertation Writing?

Writing an English dissertation is an arduous process as it requires students to show their original contribution to this field. And, on the basis of this, teachers assign considerable marks to the them that help them clear their degree programme smoothly. At Instant Assignment Help Australia, we have a team of professionals who hold specialization in different topics of this subject and possess excellent writing skills. Most of our academic writers are also part-time lecturers at various Australian universities, so they understand it well that how the paper should be written to win the evaluator’s heart. By opting for our English dissertation writing service, you will get a high-quality paper that would not let you secure less than 2:1 grade. And, with every order, you will get to enjoy many benefits, such as:

Timely delivery: There is no denying that students should submit their English dissertation on time. Otherwise, the professors do not accept it, and they might fail. We promise that you won’t face such circumstances as we will deliver you the paper within the stipulated time.

Round-the-clock assistance: We do not want our clients to grapple with confusions regarding our services. Thus, our customer support team remains active 24/7 to answer their queries.

Customized services: Our company offers personalized service that fits the needs of every scholar. So, whatever be your requirements regarding the referencing norms, word count, and formatting style, we are ready to write your paper as per your demand.

100% originality: As our experts write each document from scratch, and cite the referencing sources properly, all documents remain free from plagiarism. And, we also attach a free Turnitin report to prove this.

Privacy: The information that you will share with us while placing an order will remain safe. Moreover, you can remain assured about protection of your payment details as we have secured the website with latest firewalls.

Free unlimited revisions: In case you want to get any modification in the final document,  feel free to contact us for the same. We promise that all the changes will be made immediately, that too without charging any extra penny.

All the benefits mentioned above are part of our guarantees, and we are not making them in pursuit of achieving a competitive advantage. Our team will never budge even an inch from our service quality, and in breach of the same, we remain ready to refund your money. So, why are you still grappling with your English Dissertation? Get cracking and place your order now.

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