St. Helena Marina Case Study


1.1 Purpose of the concept document

The purpose of the concept document is the proposal of developing a marina in St Helena that must be including all the essential requirements and some main aspects of the plan are discussed as under :

  • The plan will facilitate the growth of transportation.
  • Also, it will be funded by UK government.
  • Additional requirements will be funded by private businesses and investors.
  • The plan will be able to reshape surrounding hills to include more facilities for the people.

1.2 General Information

After the development of the airport successfully, St Helena is now about to initiate for a marina and this could be considered as an efficient plan for making the whole processing better and appropriate. The whole plan of the St. Helena involves various aspects such as a permanent harbour, apartments, hotel etc. so that the island must be accomplished properly involving every single facility for the people. For funds and financial help, St Helena is about to take loan from the government of UK and for other additional commercial requirements, they are probably about to take help from the private businesses and investors.

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2. Project Description

This project is about to implement the proposal of developing a marina in St Helena so that it can be economically developed at a higher rate. There are some key features of the plan that can be considered as effective enough in achieving all the targets at a much faster rat (Harrison and Lock, 2017)e. Some important aspects of the plan for the marina to be develop are discussed as under :

  • A proper facility where the boats can be moored in. As there will be various ocean liners offshores, so implementing a proper mooring facility is an important step. Also, it should be capable enough to accommodate at least specified number of transportation.
  • Some basic facilities such as customs post, offices, administration for an efficient management of the operations.
  • Proper availability of the fuel, repair services that can help in making modifications and replacements when required on an urgent basis.

3. Business purpose

3.1 Overview of Project motivation

There has been some factors leading to the motivation of the implementation of the marina in St Helena. It is because after the implementation of the airport successfully, St Helena is motivating on an efficient implementation of the marina where they can be able enough to involve every single facility that can help them in an increased economic status. An efficient and appropriate implementation of the marina in St Helena can actually help them in gaining a better productivity rate, thus maximizing the overall economic status and factors of the island. Also, the government of UK are providing the loan facility for the same. Other commercial requirements can be fulfilled by the help of investors and businesses. So, this can be termed as a big motivation for the implementation of the plan successfully.

3.2 Challenges of the project

It is obvious that the implementation of the marina in St Helena can be quite challenging because there must be various factors that needs to be ensured properly in the development process. A very common example of this can be considered as issues that can happen with the stakeholders at the time of implementation. Some well known stakeholder issues can involve following the policies, division of opportunities among all, supply chains, security etc. (Fleming and Koppelman, 2016). Also, the relationship between customers and the suppliers is considered as an essential part to be considered. Every person involved should have equal opportunities, so these must be divided in a way so that everyone can get the work so that they can manage. This will help in maintaining a balance. The stakeholders can also stop cooperating at some time of complexity or issue. It can further prove very complicated for the other processes that are going on. Therefore, this can throw a very negative impact on the other operations and processes. Therefore, it is very important that St Helena can ensure the involvement of the stakeholders very carefully, such as by checking their past records and history, so that they can cooperate in every single process of the implementation of the marina. It is important as well because stakeholders are also considered as an equal part of the company. Maintaining better relationships with the suppliers and customers is also an important factor because they are also an important part that helps in maintaining a focus on the achievement of targets and goals. Therefore, if there are not efficient relationship with the suppliers etc., it can actually throw a very negative impact on the whole processing of the development of marina in St Helena. So, these can be considered some challenges that can act as a barrier in the implementation of the plan (Boräng, Jagers and Povitkina, 2016). Thus, it is very important to consider every single factor and then, involving proper preventive measures in order to resolve all the barriers as soon as possible.

4. Scope of the Project

4.1 Statement and purpose of scope

The plan can be termed as an effective way of analysing and understanding the scope of the implementation of the marina in St Helena. Among all the stakeholders, management, staff involved, it helps in providing a better scope of the whole project. All the essential aspects of the research have been clearly involved. The management is very prior to focus on the objectives of the plan in order to have an appropriate rate of deliverables. As there are various key features that can be included in the plan, thus it can help in providing an increase the scope of the plan. Some strategies can be involved in the scope in order to achieve the outcomes at a better rate. St Helena can make sure to investigate about various other islands that how they are operating the marinas, because this will help them in getting a sort of idea which they can also involve in order to go for an appropriate marina that will be acquiring all the essential facilities so that it can be able enough to achieve every single aspect.

4.2 Description of the scope

4.2.1 Description and planning phase

Some key factors and resources that needs to be implemented have been clearly defined and these involve proper facilities for providing fuel to the boats, repairing facilities, proper mooring facilities for the boats, capability of transporting specified rate of transport etc. So, all the essential factors have been clearly defined and in a way that it should be considered for a better initiation of the whole process of the development and implementation of marina in St Helena. There will be some deliverables in this plan and these are discussed as under :

  • Commitment from the government of UK for providing loan and financial help that will help St Helena in a faster implementation of the operations so that marina can be developed at a faster rate.
  • Facilities like customs post, management and office administration, restaurants and hotels for providing a better experience to the people.

4.2.2Execution and monitoring phase

It is very important to monitor the overall project so that it can be completed in effective way. Also, it helps in ensuring that each phase is been executed in proper way. Besides this, project will deliver resources and services that is required to execute and complete the project (de Carvalho, Patah and de Souza Bido, 2015) This project is about developing marina in St, Helena island. It will require an effective monitoring and proper planning. With this it will be easy to complete goals and objectives in given time.

Outcome of consultation


Key partners

Mooring facilities for medium-sized ocean liners offshore, with capability to transport passengers to the island using smaller boats

Developing transportation between marina and city.

Local government, they will provide

Service, fuel and repair facilities for ocean boats

Providing transportation facilities.

St. Helena government.

4.3 Scope limitations

There are various limitations that can be a constraints in developing project. These are as follows :-

Time- the project has to be completed in 3 years. This can limit the data and information that is collected from research.

Funds-Although UK is giving half of the funds to complete the project. So total amount given by UK is 3 million Euros. Besides this, investors and business are available options for getting additional funds.

5 Project personnel

5.1 Implementation project

  • Project manager
  • government authorities
  • Business and investors

5.2 sustainability personnel

  • Project manager
  • Project controller
  • Project administrator

6 Dependencies

6.1 The project depends on :

The marina depends on government of St. Helena that is responsible for regulating the overall project (Bucero and Englund, 2015) Their role is to provide necessary facilities that includes communication of data and utilities.

Also, it depends on architect that has to design the structure of marina and other facilities that are included in it.

The implementation of project is fully dependent on UK government as they will provide sufficient funds and resources. Without proper funding project can not be proceed.

The project success depends on how local government and people will promote the marina. Also, how local authorities will maintain the quality and effectiveness of project.

6.2 These depends on project

  • The Airport operations as increase in tourist will help in growth and expansion of airport.
  • Local people as there will be generation of revenue due to increase in tourists. Also, project will provide several facilities such as transportation (Marcelino-Sádaba and Villanueva, 2014)
  • Marina will help in improving the lifestyle of local community. It will create a good image of people in island.

7 Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholders play a crucial role in completing the project. They are responsible for developing strategies so that it can be implemented in project. They also provide funds from different sources to complete the project. Stakeholder analysis helps in finding out the impact of stakeholder decision on project. From this information can be used to access the interest of stakeholders. In context to given case study analysis is related to local community and government.

7.1 Stakeholder mapping 




Communication strategy

Feedback received

Local communities



By organising community meetings, seminars, etc.

More than half of people contributed in project. They said that it will be beneficial for them.

UK government



Face to face meeting with experts and businesses

They highly contributed in project by funding it.

Local government



Meeting with people, businesses, investors , etc.

Several investors and businesses were ready to make investment in the project.




Organising workshops, seminars, etc.

There was many investors who said project will give them high returns.




Organising workshops, seminars, etc.

Businesses said that project will help in growth of economy and business.

7.2 Stakeholder required to support project

Every project success is dependent of how stakeholder contributes in implementing strategies and completing project. There are various stakeholders that are requires in different stages of project. It helps in monitoring and execution of activities. They are describes below :-

Scoping and research phase - In this phase the scope of project is identified. It helps in finding out whether project will be successful or not (Costantino, Di Gravio, and Nonino, 2015) For this research is done. In marina project scoping is done by :-

  • The UK government who will provide funds to St. Helena for developing marina. It is a key stakeholder as entire marina will be based on this. If funds are not provided in sufficient amount than this phase will be failed. UK government is having strong political relations.
  • It also requires contribution from local government as well. It will help in timely completion of project.
  • Along with this, private business and investors are also part of project. They will provide additional funds to government (Teller, Kock and Gemünden, 2014) They will also support in developing marina. In this way overall project will be completed with proper funding.

Planning phase - This is the most important phase of project. In this entire project planning is done. This phase is based on commitment of stakeholders. It requires a funding so develop an effective plan. In this UK and St. Helena are key stakeholders. In this there must be clear communication between UK and St. Helena government regarding mains. Apart from this, architect and local community also became part of project. Meetings are held between state and federal government (Eskerod, Huemann and Savage, 2015) Moreover, team is appointed that will handle overall project.

Furthermore, there will be meetings between private investors and local government. It will help in deciding roles and proportion of funds. This will make it easy as there will be agreement signed by them.

Implementation phase – Both government continues to be a part in this stage. The project team that will be appointed will frequently develop reports. They will remain touch with investors and government so that progress of report can be done. In this various teams are made such as finance, marketing, operations, etc. Each of them is assigned roles and responsibilities.

Other stakeholder include many other agencies that are working in St. Helena. They will meet with government to ensure there is no harm to environment (Conforto and de Almeida 2014) Other than this, there will be companies who will involve in different operations.

Operational phase - This is the stage in which project is handled to project team by authorities. In this elements such as time, cost, risk, etc. are included. The team starts working on project. The role of stakeholder in this is to monitor project activities. They also take reports from manager regarding the progress of project. In this stage challenges, issues are faced. Therefore, in order to work effectively strong communication must be there between both government and business. This will ensure smooth flow of project.

Beside this, local government provides funds at every phase. They regularly communicate with authorities of UK and investors to inform about progress of project. The project success depends on St. Helena people and business (de Carvalho, Patah and de Souza Bido, 2015) In this phase political issues can also arise. Funding can be stopped by UK. This will have a great impact on project cost and time.

Monitoring phase - It is the last stage in which project is monitored. For marina project local government will play a vital role in monitoring. With the help of business facilities like transportation, buildings, etc. will be developed. It will attract tourists to visit it. Furthermore, there will

Stakeholders who benefited from marina

By successfully completion of marina there are many key stakeholders that will be benefited from this. It will create a good image of them. Also, it will create vast number of opportunities for them to grow. This will also help St. Helen economy to develop. Also, lifestyle of society will be enhanced. The stakeholder are described below :-

UK government – The major benefit of UK. Marina will develop a unique image of UK in the world (Bucero and Englund, 2015) The relation between UK with other countries will be improved. They will also be benefited economically as they will get interest on loan. In this way UK will create a better image. Many other countries will take initiative to work with them.

St. Helena government - The main benefit this island will get is increase in economy. Due to development of marina large number of tourist will be attracted. This will rise the inflow of foreign currency in St. Helena. With this revenues of government will be increased along with rise in income level of people. This will increase the GDP of country. Moreover, it will allow government to initiate such project in the future.

Private investors – Investing in such kind of project will give them a high return. This will increase cash flow in the country (Marcelino-Sádaba and Villanueva, 2014)Also, it will create interest among them to invest in other projects. Beside this, it will attract investors from world.

Business - They will be benefited as it will build good image in the country. Their financial position will be improved. With this they will be able to expand in other markets. Also, it will provide employment to people. It will overall improve living standards of society. Beside this, it will attract investors from world.

8 Strategic benefit of project

8.1 Goals of the project

The goals of marina is to boost the overall infrastructure of island. This will help in growth and development of island. Also, it will improve economic condition of island. The goals are set as below :-

  • To boost the infrastructure of island.
  • To develop a tourist destination to attract tourist.
  • To enhance the GDP of island.

8.2 Quantifiable benefits to measure project success

  • It states that what are the benefits of island that will help in success of marina. From given case study data and information related to local authorities is described below :-
  • The total population of island according to 2016 census was 4534.
  • The development of airport has lead to increase in tourists. It is said that 3200 tourists arrived on island (Costantino, Di Gravio, and Nonino, 2015) This is major advantage that can help in success of project.
  • There are three hotels on island that is directly connected to airports. This makes it easy for tourist in travelling.
  • Island produces world's most expensive coffee. It also exports tungi spirit. Also, it is having their own postage stamp.
  • Helena government is having a strong relation with UK government. This makes people to travel.
  • In GDP half of the contribution is of public sector. This states that government is generating large amount of revenue.

8.3 Intangible benefits of projects

Marina is build to provide a lot of facilities to people. It will help local community to interact with tourist. Also, by using facilities people can spend leisure time. They can spend holidays with family and friends (Teller, Kock and Gemünden, 2014)Marina consists of boats and yachts, apartments and restaurants, etc. besides this, it is a tourist destination that contains all facilities. It will be beneficial for St. Helena to attract people. Furthermore, marina will create a good image of UK and local government. In this way it can become a famous tourist destination.


Reflective Essay 1

From the case study it is concluded that marina has to be constructed on island of St. Helena. For this an architect was hired who was given responsibility of designing of marina. T is analysed that marina project was successfully completed. But it took a lot of time to complete facilities that was included in it. Moreover, there was not much communication between both the governments. It was because of political issues that was rising in UK. This also affected the project. The thing that worked effectively was proper monitoring of project and controlling activities. It resulted in maintaining the efficiency and quality of project.

After the completion of project I evaluated my role and performance. This was done to find out how I performed my roles and responsibilities in project. So it was analysed by me that I performed my task very effectively. I was able to attain my goals easily. I was given role of financier. So entire project was on my shoulders. I performed various task and duties. First of all in have to communicate with manger and then authority regarding overall financial operations. I was very responsible in performing my role. As I have to communicate with several people, so for this I created a link between them. Also, I developed a schedule so that I can communicate in proper time. Besides this, I also have to keep records of all expenses that has incurred. This gave me an insight that where funds are needed. I also have to manage and control funds in different departments.

I noticed that for managing funds my skills and knowledge helped me. With this I was able to perform role of financier. Also, I was already having experience in management accounting. So this subject helped me in completing my role in such as big project. Apart from this, I analysed that a high level of capabilities was required in this. It was because there was many departments is this. Moreover, many investors and business was involved in this. So it was very difficult for me to coordinate with them and send report about progress of project. Beside this, I faced problems in communicating with other members. This affected my performance and created delay of task. Thus, for solving this problem I decided to organise a meeting once in a month. In this I invited all business and investors who have invested their money. This was easy for me to show the overall progress of project as well as financial performance. For this I effectively communicated with them. I build strong relations with them so project runs in smooth way. I have to my negotiation skills in making contracts with different investors and business. This helped me in gaining knowledge.

I noticed that sometimes I was not able to make effective decision regarding distribution of resources. I was lacking decision making skills. This was a major drawback of mine. Due tot his there was delay in providing finance that lead to delay in competing tasks. So I communicated project manager that helped me in performing my task. I analysed how much funding are needed by evaluating pros and cons of each source. This helped me in taking accurate and effective decision. I was able to evaluate how source will impact project.

I also faced several challenges that affected my performance. The main was to communicate with authorities of UK in order to take funds. This occurred because of instability in political situation of UK. For solving this local government didn't help me. There was very less contribution from them. This can be analyse from example – when there was change in UK government, there policies and laws changed. So it took a lot of time to proceed for next step. This was the main reason project got delayed. Besides this, project manager was monitoring utilisation of project. So I have to look after that as well. It was a big challenge for me. But I effectively performed my task by coordinating with employees.

At last I came to a conclusion that with the help of my abilities and knowledge I performed my role. It was a very good experience working with my team members. They supported me in harsh situations. I took their help whenever in needed. I build relations with each member. I also guided them in completing their task. I directed them to utilise resources in effective way so there is no wastage of it. I tried to minimise wastage by providing limited funds. This was beneficial in controlling and managing it. I also have to face many challenges but I solved it by finding out solutions and analysing it. It helped me to grow in my career.

Reflective essay 2

I have approach to the case study of st Helena marina, I have used the exhaustive structure which has helped me a lot in developing the understanding about the case study. This approach has assisted me in identifying the issues as well as problems and also finding the suitable solution for the same. I have analysed from the given case study that formulating the business plan as well as executing the same is very difficult task. I have also realised that the business plan works as the road map which helps an individual in identifying the activities which is required to be carried out in order to accomplish certain objectives. I have also analysed when facilitating the project that there are several factors such as demographic, geographical, social , cultural ,m, technological factors haver direct as well as significant influence on the business decision and plans. I have observed that there are several types of barriers can occur during the planning procedures and execution of the plan. I have gained information as well as knowledge about the Saint Helena volcanic tropical island. I have learned about the historical background about the destination. I get to know that Saint Helena volcanic tropical island was discovered by the Portuguese. I have also analysed that in addition to the social , culture , demographic factors , legal as well as environmental constituents have effect on business plan. I have identified that in Saint Helena volcanic eruption take place , this is the reason the place is also recognised as terrain of volcanic origin. I have also realised that there are several types of resources are required for implementation of project such as technology , machinery , finance human resources and other equipment as well as tools. I have analysed that lack of the resources can create the barriers in execution of project . I have observed in the case study that the success of the

airport building project has been possible only through the support of government. I have also realised that there are certain concerns which can be associated with the execution of specific project such as cost , time , quality etc. I have identified from the case study the major concerned face by the government related to the development of airport. Some issues faced by the legal authority includes costs, profitability , unrealistic estimates etc. I have also learned the techniques which can be used for attracting the investors or tourists. I have also analysed the way legal authority in the country has successfully completed the project successful y by easily crossing the barriers. I have also learned about the procedure include in making plan s and implementing the project.

I perceive in addition to the resources,Team coordination , cooperation between member a swell as effective communication are three important elements which are required for completing the project in successful manner. I also believe that leadership also plays important role in getting thing done through other people and motivating team member to perform the particular tasks.

I think that my team members and I have face difficulties in managing the time which I perceive that has great effect on our performance. I have analysed that proper planning helps in managing the time during the project. I will introduce the incentive system which will help me in providing motivation to team members for improving their performance as well as increasing their participation in the project. After making the project plan for the project I will make proper training to the workers, so that they can improve their performance during the project. I believe that this activity will help me in ensuring that all the workers are aware about the objectives of the projects and are working according to the prescribed standards. I believe that it is very much important for all the team members to works as per the standards as this factor has significant impact on the quality of work.

I have planned that if I would become the project manager , I will make the proper plan and after that I will make effective strategies which will help to complete the task on time.

I have also realised that the project planning is the very important activity. I have been tested on the basis of the proposal presented by me related to the project. I have also been judged on the basis of quality of my work and contribution made by me in several activities during the project.

I have learned the various strategies which can be adopted in order to eliminate several problems which might take place when executing the project. I have also learned the techniques which can be used for reducing the effect of micro as well as macro environmental factors on the business plans.

I have also decided that I will also participate in group activities .I have taken this decision as it will help in two ways such as in monitoring the performance of each team members and analysing their behaviour during the task. I will communicate with the team members using various tools such as internet , email. I will conduct the team at regular interval of time as it will help in identifying the problems faced by my team members in performing specific activity during the project. I will encourage team members by providing the open communication channel and allowing them to share their ideas , view , opinion related about the project. As I believe that this strategy will assist me in identifying an innovative ways to complete the project and this activity will help me identify the suitable solution to the problem.

I have planned to make various strategies as well as plans for dealing with complex and difficult situations. I have also planned to provide training members, sop that they can get potential to handle as well as manage critical situation which might occur in execution of project.

Reflective Essay 3

I have approach the project when I was conducting the research on the topic related to the project management. I have reached to the case study when I was trying to search the information about the factors which has great as well as direct influence on the projects. It has realised that among the various inputs finance and human are the two important resources which are very much important for the completion of project in successful manner. I have analysed from the case study that stakeholders are the main person who have major role to play in completion of the specific project. I have also realised that internal as well as external stakeholders have high power to influence the project and outcome. I also believe that these are the people , to whom project manager should inform about the purpose of the task and significance of the same. As this activity will assist team members in identifying their roles as well as responsibilities. I have analysed that Project manager has important role tom play in defining the liabilities as well as duties of an individual during the task. I have realised that in order to avoid delays and complete the project on time I believe that it is important to work in a Team and seeks supports from team Members. I have experienced that that working in a group is very much beneficial as it helps an individual in improving their performance at workplace and also allows person to increase their knowledge as well as develop additional skills.

I have analysed that there are several factors which can lead to the delay or failure of the project such as lack of resources as involvement of team members in the project. When I have tried to find out the reason for lack of engagement by workers I have analysed that most of the workers were not had the knowledge about the project. I have also identified that major of the stakeholders denied to support the implementation of specific project as they were concern about the fact that delays in the project have affected the carriers’ ability to plan ahead to reach their goals.

I believe that things which I believe has worked is the proper coordination and effective communication has played important role in successful completion of project. I perceive that in Context of case study that financial support by the government has helped construction company in completing the project in successful manner.

I believe that it is required by the project manager to include the resource allocation in the project plan. I think that this technique would have helped construction company in preventing the delay in project and supported project manager in ensuring the effective as well as efficient utilisation of resources.

I will ensure that all the resources are considered when making the plan and employees are provided with proper training. As I think that this strategy will assist project manager in eliminating the several barriers which might occur in implementation of the project in successful as well as systematic manner.

I have decided that if I had been at the place of project manager , I would have assigned the duties as well as responsibilities to the team members on the basis of their skills. As I perceive that , it is an effective technique for motivating an individual to conduct specific task. I also believe that project manager is required to develop specific strategies and plan tactics , as this will help them in providing the appropriate response to the changes which has taken place during the project. I have also planned that I will use work break down structure, As this will assist me in reducing the workload on employees. I haver also realised that information that is to be delivered which I have planned to communicate will drive my activities and will have impact on my performance during the project.

During the project the short quiz is conducted by the project manager in order to analysed the understanding as well as knowledge level of an individual. In addition to this role play activities were conducted when making the plans for the project in order to determine the capabilities of an individual to perform specific task or activity. I believe that these are the two beneficial techniques for assessing the abilities of person. I have also realised that I before planning the content for communication , I need to consider several factors such as person accountable for delivering information , where the information is to be stored etc. I have learned about the some software and mobile application which can be used for storing the information in systematic manner. I have used video conferencing , websites , intranet for communicating with the people who are associated with the project.

I have used the different method of communication devices as well as tools , these are telephone, electronic mail, personal meeting for communicating as well as coordinating with the team members during the project. I have selected the tools as well as techniques of communication on the basis of the distance. When communicating with the team members I have ensured that communication's is the factor which has direct as well as significant impact on the behaviour of other person. I have prepared the notice which contain the detail about the project including the objectives which has been circulated in all the department within an organisation.

I have realised that there are numbers of abilities and core competencies which are required to be developed by the project manager in order to execute project in systematic manner. Some skills are multi tasking, quick decision making, problem solving , knowledge about the management etc.

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