Unit 9 Developing Individual Regent College Level 4


IKEA is conducting is operations across the world.. Present study will discuss skills and behaviour of human resource manager. It will conduct personnel audit for an employee Jane Cambridge in order to find out strength and weakness of person (Dahlgaard and , 2011 ). It also includes this report professional development plane of HR office. It is important aspect analysing the actual performance of the employee and how much need training for improving their skills and knowledge. The report will cover difference between organizational and individual learning. Furthermore, it will explain skills require in HR manager to perform their duties.

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P1 Determine the appropriate knowledge, skills of Human resource (HR) officer

Human resource management is the process of managing employees and creating a positive work environment for every working individual. The responsibilities of HR manager to maintaining the good relationship between every member of the company. IKEA human resource officer are responsible for inspiring their employees and creating a healthy environment in order to innovations (Dixon-Fowler and, 2017). In order to fulfil this responsibility manager needs to have motivational skill and must have positive behaviour. With the assistance of these skills individual will become able to inspire people in workplace.

The success of this organisation depend on the continuing development of IKEA human resource policies. The responsibilities of this corporation manager working with various department, increasing their consultancy role and implement all the policies and procedures. In order to do the same HR manager needs to have good communication skills and knowledge of regulations. By this way person will be able to make new policies that can support in carrying out operation in effective manner.

Furthermore, Human resource manager of IKEA needs to have strong market knowledge so that individual can analysis skills of people and can measure the skills require in the applicant to perform particular job. A manger responsibilities for selecting the suitable people with a large number of applicant means offer a job for a right person on right time and at a right place. With the help of motivational skill and interpersonal relationship skill human resource manager will be able to identify needs of employees and will be able to encourage them accordingly. Human resource officer needs to know how to motivate their employees so this enterprise officer also responsible for motivate their worker in monetary form or non monetary form but most of the employees work in proper way in monetary form so the HR officer has to assess employees performances, and providing rewards including bonuses, increment their salary, awards, complimentary vacations and flexible working hours.

It is essential for the HR manager of IKEA that to develop strong relationship with other employees. This interpersonal skills support the person in creating healthy workplace environment. This company human resource manager implementing some policies like employees welfare schemes and include maternity leave, work from home options, insurances, finds. Providing promotions, transfer or other services for development of worker and increasing employees performances. IKEA HR officer is responsible for maintaining employees records according their performance. This supports in retaining skilled people in firm for longer duration. . Top level manager needs to have good knowledge of particular job so that individual can train others and can contribute in raising their skills. Analysing training need to existing employees as well as new employees in the organisation it is necessary providing training because with out training employees not developing their skill abilities so its important part of human resource. This corporation manger main motive to achieve their goal with efficient manner and control all over the employees and whole department. HR top level officer also work on safety of every employees for some reason training safety guidelines, availability of safety equipment are managed by health and safety of worker.

IKEA company manager is also responsible for resolving conflicts, the hr should be find out the actual problem and solve employees problem. Whether the dispute is among tow or more worker or between the employee and the management , an HR officer has the right to intervene and help solve their conflicts. This organisation HR is responsible for available issue related to the conflicting parties and hear out their problems with properly judgement and help to clear all the problems. The major responsibility of HR manager dealing with human part of the corporation and involves having great interpersonal skills. Hr needs to be proactive, work complete in time, responsible for establishing the trust and confidence their whole team member.

P2 Analysis the personnel audit for an employee: Jane Cambridge

The strength of Jane Cambridge employees are good in using Microsoft office word. This person doing work in proper Microsoft office and not proper knowledge of excel spreadsheet but good in internet. This employee good in use internet gathering all market date and analysing how many worker need in their organisation. Using email also good giving a timely information regarding work. The strength of this person using internet and good in use emails. These are the technical skills of Jane Cambridge.

The weaknesses of this person is sufficient knowledge of excel so this employee need to training this area because it is important for Jane Cambridge growth as well as increasing their work efficiency. This employee are not experience use specialist HR softer ware and date base so this is also the weakness and management responsibilities to provide proper knowledge in particular these areas through with effective training of HR softer ware.

Jane Cambridge have good in reports writing skills and good in produce material to support presentations like innovative presentation skills, to present latest idea business in effective way through quality of presentation. This is the strength of this person.

The weakness of this worker have not sufficient knowledge resolving the industrial disputes or complaints and have no proper idea how to conduct interview and have not advising on HR issues. Jane Cambridge have no experience how to delivering a training session. So this employees have to need improve their communication skills with proper training. HR manager responsibility to provide effective training in specific area and giving a proper knowledge how to resolve the company disputes or how to solve between employees and management problems.

Training is very necessary it help to improve skills, knowledge and behaviours of the employees so it is important aspects. This company manager have to need design training program framework for their worker development in particular areas. Making some plan to teach variety of learning styles. Training and development help to asses the skills knowledge and abilities of a company.

b) Professional development plan of Jane Cambridge

Learning objective goals

Current proficiency

Target proficiency

Development opportunities

Time scale



Development of Jane Cambridge use in excel spreadsheet

This person is poor in use in excel spreadsheet as compare other work

To be able this employee regular practise to use excel spreadsheet

Organisation provide opportunity to improve their skill in this area.

3 months


Development HR experience specialist

Jane Cambridge improve their HR skills and work with whole team member

To be able this person guide whole HR department

Management provides proper training to improve their knowledge, behaviours of Jane Cambridge in the organisation

4 months


Developing resolving issue

This person work on resolving the issue of industrial disputes with effective communication skills

To be able communicate with their employees or management and find out the actual problem at corporate level.

Effective communications skills can giving the right solution and making g good plan for coming opportunities in the business

6 months


P3 Compare individual and organisational learning

Every organisations main motive to developing their employees skill, increasing their knowledge, through effectively training and development programmes. In other side individual learning help to improve their skills only individual level, the importance’s of individual learning can independent of any particular single person but not independent of all individuals. IKEA provides training to its staff members so that they perform well and improve their knowledge.

Organisational learning

it is referred to the leaning some thing innovative from company so many worker improve their skill from the corporation and IKEA firm also help their staff to develop their faculty skills with new ideas. organisational learning is related with sharing their knowledge within company. IKEA improves over times as it has experience and create knowledge of their workers, covering all topic that could better an corporation. This enterprise include way to increase product efficiency to increasing their relationship with investors. It is the most important or common way to measure this organisation learning their relationship showing their business produces more product or services, it help to increasing business productivity , efficiency, reliability and quality of production. This institution developing their learning rates it is affected by individual proficiency, transformation in a organisation technology and help to improvement their structures, routines and method of coordination. Organisation learning is based on applying knowledge for a motive and learning from the process and from the outcomes. This company understand how to create the ideal corporation learning environment and aware of how to learned.

Individual learning IKEA and their team give lot of opportunities for discover and connection to be made by personalizing the delivering and follow the instruction. Individuals learning help to making improving their personnel skill, engaging and employees feel energized, to achieve success their businesses.

IKEA company providing not only organisation learning skill while giving opportunities single learning through individual reflection about external stimuli and sources, through the personnel improvement of single person knowledge and their experience improve their action with other. This organisation employee learn in individual level how to identify critical behaviours and how to solve and they also evaluate their performance improvement. They learn how to maintain discipline in organisation or how to developing training programs. They also learn self management like how to manage their own work and how to handle all problems. The goal of the individual learning become more active employees are participants in learning process and independent learner. It help to involves conversations about learning between the employees and the management. When worker are assisted to delve into their own thinking and learning process and help to achieve their goal. The main motive to individual learning to improve their own skill or develop their personnel knowledge it is help for their personnel level growth.

Individual learning helps in personal development of person. By this way individual become able to get more promotional opportunities in business. Whereas organizational learning is for professional development of employees so that individual can perform well and can contribute effectively in accomplishment of business objectives. Organizational learning takes place in a situation when workers get failed to meet with expectation of employer. Whereas individual learning helps person learning from their mistakes. Individual learning is for long term development of person whereas organizational learning is for accomplishing short term goal of organization.

P4 Explain requirement of continuous learning and professional development

Continuous learning is very important for improving new skills, and gaining new knowledge, it is good for professional also they people also develop their personality through continue learning. On a individual level , continuous learning is the constant expansion of skills and increasing the knowledge. On a professional level, continuing learning is about further expanding employees skills to changing environment and new development. Individual level continuing learning defined by the practices the single person carrying out daily to continue their knowledge. In organisation, continuous learning is considered as enhancing knowledge of team members so that they can perform well for growth of business. It is essential for person to learn continuously this is better for personal and professional development of individual. IKEA Company providing their employees effective training rather than hiring new employees which is very costly.

It is very important of the person to learn continuously. This helps in performing as work as per market requirement. Technologies get changed frequently continuous learning helps the person in perform well by taking support of latest technologies. This helps in improving performance of employees. Professional development is helpful in improving performance in workplace by this way individual get promotional opportunities in organization. Professional development is required to meet with personal need of individual. This supports in gaining rewards and recognition in business.

Each firm aims to retain skilled people in workplace for longer duration and for that they provide them training so that their learning needs can be matched.. It help to develop their trust and employer engaged interesting in learning new skill. It is part of saving money and continuing learning means organisation show its employees they are worth inverting. Training programs giving a several benefits for the organisation employees as well as customers. Training help to employee providing motivation and allows worker to better understand the impact their role in the business. Investing employees also show their company cares about their continual growth and progress. They also increasing their work efficiency and deal with customer easy way. Through training this company also improved their customer services skills and acquire new ones.

Particular customer service training programmes focus on communication with consumer like improving customer services through their need, want listening confirming understanding, responding with value and organisation skills. Through effective training, customer services representatives their ability to solve issues and decrease the number of back calls (Flin and, 2017). IKEA main motive increased their customer satisfaction and increased their profit. This company maintain their relationship with customer and providing quality of service through effective training their employee as well improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. It is very helpful for the company retain customer and improve their profit. This enterprise increasing quality customer services with giving training to their employees and achieves is higher customer retentions the acquisition of new target customer, reduce worker turnover and increased sale. Training has a great impact on employees motivation and help to increasing the business productivity.


P5 Contribution of HPW to employee engagement

The HPW of IKEA company contribute to their employee engagement in their commitment , value goal and their objective and consciously work achieving the goal and objective of their business (Kelly and Katz 2016 ). This enterprise focus on their worker performance, value of their worker and they wants to contributing to their business success or extent to which worker choose to invest their physical, metal and emotional energy in their task and their corporation. This organisation identified and increase the employee engagement through giving their worker friendly organisational culture, maintaining good work and life balance also. They provide the meaning full work as wells providing support their manager. This company establishing their relation ship with whole team member and also establish an emotional connection. Seniors manager also involve them clear communicate with their team members, gathering their input and reward them means when employees believe they are treated right , they give more of their time and creative positive energy.

This company HR manager helps to build their engagement in a business. Clear communication of the company goal and objective from to seniors management. Building trust through continuing open minded between management and their employees. They providing lot of opportunities for their worker to grow and develop. Providing rewarding and recognizing worker for their contribution. They also improving their team engagement because get rewarded (Bolman and Deal, 2017). It helps to increasing retentions the increasing the employees talent. High work performance help to organisation development and improve employees skills also. IKEA also focus on their HPW their worker providing efficient training, developing leadership skills, improving strategies workplaces planning and make a succession planning. This industry employees work on their high performance they discuss their business or future planning with their senior manager and implement that plain and focus on how increasing their organisation productivity and how can achieve their target (Herrmann, and Herrmann-Nehdi, 2015). The competitive advantage of this company evaluates the employee work performance after providing training.

P6 Approaches of performance management

Performance evaluation is the main strength of IKEA organisation management. This company top manager mostly estimated performance of staff members. Its is process of conveyed to the team member at the time of their performance appraisal. Performance assessment refer with the evaluating performance of employers ,they people providing to them with valuable feedback and creating a positive effect on coming performance. Worker performance depends on their working environment, job profile, compensations, bonus, job satisfaction , company policies and new technology(Day, and et. Al, 2014). IKEA company use different strategies and approaches for the purpose of evaluating the performance of their worker. The some major approaches are comparative approaches it involves the ranking of IKEA organisation employees performance with respect to that of other in the group. Individual person are ranked on the basic of the highest to the lowest person performer (Ford, 2014). These are the many method for comparative approaches. For example a group of top performers constituting 20%, a group of average performer constituting 30%, other team of good performer comprise 30%. Finally a peoples of low performers represent their performance remaining 20%.

IKEA organisation also use attributes approach of measuring performance it is refer with employees problem solving skill, teamwork, communication and judgement, creativity and innovations (Rock, 2014). This approaches main focus to evaluating worker behaviour in the company and generating new ideas in their business. The major advantage of this approaches measurement and the actual performance and identifying the problems of business. This company also using behaviours approaches for measuring the performance of the employees it is one of the oldest performance evaluating the techniques of the business or employees work. This approach refer with a series of vertical scales for different dimension of their worker jobs.

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It can be concluded that this report human resource manger develop their skill for the growth of the IKEA company. According to this report audit personnel skill and evaluating the employees work performance for the increasing the productivity of business. This report also analyse the factors to and development to sustainable business performance.

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