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What is Facility Management Services

Facility management services are linked with the concept of maintaining efficient working environment with the motive to enhance daily running of the business operations. Further, in the modern era every organization has started to deliver facility management services to its clients so that overall operations within the workplace can be carried out in appropriate manner. Facility management includes various types of services which are electrical testing, air conditioner testing, file alarm testing, property management, site survey, cleaning services etc (Coenen, Alexander and Kok, 2013). Apart from this it is well known fact that facility needs of every organization differs from each other and with the advancement in the technological level overall facilities have been changed. Further, their exist large number of factors that have influenced challenges of facility management in recent years. Effective facility management is linked with combining all the key resources along with tasks which are associated with growth of business in the market. In short, it supports in providing safe environment to the individuals present within the workplace and in turn their capability to deliver effective services increases.

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Through proper management of facilities it is possible for business to gain competitive advantage and can become leader in the market. In near future facility management as a concept will gain importance and more businesses will prefer to undertake this type of service. Four primary percepts are present which will likely underpin future financial management plan and it involve understanding the overall nature of knowledge based business, determining workplace trends, identifying new technology and knowing job factor basics (Bruijn, Wezel and Wood, 2001). On the other hand, every type of organization operating at global level is realizing the significance of proper facilities, infrastructure and overall system with the help of which productivity along with overall business performance can be improved easily.

Company overview

For conducting the present study Wallis Cutts group will be chosen as one of the organization where firm operates a number of division including engineering, facility management, energy and financial services. All these services delivered by businesses are highly unique and in turn it supports business in delivering effective service to the target market. Company is an umbrella group which provides access to large number of services and this assist in solving the common goals. Further, business enterprise strongly focuses on solving the challenges being faced by its clients who are associated with the field of facility management or any other. At present business has employed around 4 staff members and 8 part time employees who are efficient enough in carrying out overall operations. Firm is having offices at Leeds, Halifax, Sheffield etc (Wallis Cutts Group., 2014). By operating in different type of market company is being able to satisfy need of its target market and its brand presence is rapidly increasing in the entire market. Further, at present business is planning to expand its financial management services so that queries along with challenges faced by its clients can be resolved in better manner. Therefore, during expansion stage various types of decisions have to be taken by management for its smooth functioning.

Aim and objective

The main aim behind carrying out the present study will be “To successful expand facilities management services and targeting new customers successfully”.

For accomplishing the overall aim of the study following objectives will be developed which are:

  • To successfully promote smart phone based application in front of target market
  • To analyze range of competitors present in the market and focusing on service differentiation
  • To identify the range of business customers that can be approached for enhancing market performance

So, these are some of the objectives which will be developed for conducting the entire study in effective manner and in turn it will have positive impact on the entire research.

Research questions

Following will be the research questions which will be developed for the entire research:

  • How smart phone based application can be easily promoted in front of target market?
  • How are the main competitors in the market offering facility management services?
  • Who are the range of business customers that can be approached for enhancing market performance?

Research Outcome

From conducting the entire study it will be expected that expansion of facility management service will be feasible option for Wallis cuts group as demand for such type of service is increasing at faster pace in the entire market. Further, business customers are demanding such type of services on continuous basis and by promoting the same in front of target market is possible for company to operate efficiently in the market. Apart from this, right tools and techniques will be employed for conducting the entire research and through this it is also expected to gain favorable outcomes. In short, it is expected that new smart phone based application of business will support company in delivering appropriate services to its target market and in turn their satisfaction level can be enhanced easily which is one of the main objective of business behind carrying out overall operations in the market.

Literature review

As per view of Atkin and Brooks (2015) significance of facility management services is increasing at faster pace in the modern era where large number of businesses are carrying out operations in this sector and is profitable for the firms also. It is well known fact that all the facilities within the workplace must be appropriate so that each and every individual can perform better in the company. It is regarded as an indisciplinary field which is devoted to the coordination of infrastructure, space and business enterprise. It takes into consideration large number of activities and varies from one business to another (Atkin and Brooks, 2015). Facility management supports in integration of major areas which are process, technology, human resource and overall place. In the present era this type of facility is regarded as most important for businesses where management of every enterprise is focusing on maintaining its facilities so that each and every operation can be carried out smoothly.

However Talamo and Bonanomi (2015) argued that different competencies of facility management are present which businesses have to consider and such involves communication which states the method adopted for sharing information within and outside the workplace. Human factor is also crucial who are responsible for maintaining and managing facilities. Quality is another key competency where facility manager assist in enhancing the workplace quality. Technology is also important which highlights the range of equipments used for rendering service (Talamo and Bonanomi, 2015). Project management is associated with outsourcing of certain in-house projects. Apart from this, some other factors are also present such as finance and business, environmental sustainability, real estate management and business continuity. All these competencies of facility management makes internal environment of the business much more effective which is favorable for every individual.

As per view of Mann (2009) concept of facility management takes into consideration major areas of the company such as fire safety as it occurrence directly leads to loss of life. Corrective actions have to be taken in advance so that such type of favorable situation may not arise. Security is another type of facility management where it is required that proper security must be provided to the staff members in the workplace so that they can carry out overall operations as per expectations and in turn it is fruitful for the business also. Cleaning is also another type of crucial operation in facility management where provisions are required to be developed in relation with cleaning of toilets, replenishing consumables etc (Mann, 2009). So, these are crucial for business in every possible manner and rendering proper facilities within the workplace develops positive environment and in turn has favorable impact on the entire company. In short, it can be said that without proper facilities no business can perform better and it has adverse impact on overall performance also.

According to Chotipanich (2004) every company has started to take support of facility managers as they can assist business in conducting overall operations in appropriate manner and it is possible to develop positive work culture. Benefit in the form of cost reduction is also one of the main benefits as facilities management personnel are not regarded as the staff members of the firm and it is not required for business to pay for compensation (Chotipanich, 2004). Reallocation of resources is also another main benefit of facility management where all the key resources of business can be utilized in appropriate manner which enhances business performance in the market.

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Risk management is one of the advantages where facility management providers’ supports businesses in managing risk and in turn major issues can be tackled easily. Apart from this it becomes easy to track progress and corrective actions can be taken in advance so that risks can be easily tackled. However Nutt (2000) argued that facility management saves training cost as it is possible that businesses do not have proper money to spend on training of its workforce and rendering training will have direct impact on cost along with time which are key resource of the business. So, it is also one of the major benefits for business and has positive impact on the entire company (Nutt, 2000).


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