The Ict Gap with Indigenous Users

What Is ICT?

Information and communication technology may include personal computers, internet, mobile phone etc. but it is using by all people so that there are too much inequalities in access of ICT. There is excessively much gap between those people who are not using automation compare to those who are using it. Indigenous peoples are alert with the information as well as communication technology gap. They are generally socially, economically and digitally backward.

There are many issues which can be faced by aboriginal people regarding education, security and gambling.


In Australia, there is approximately 4.9% people who are indigenous and approximately 14% persons are poor in the world who belong to this category. The main reason behind this is lack of education which creates barrier in their development. It is necessary to formulate proper strategies regarding this so that indigenous people become able to learn many new things like language etc. They are not qualified which creates unawareness about their rights. At some places they get education but that is not so appropriate in nature. It’s essential for a government to make policies regarding this. It also leads to increase poverty, early marriages, child labour, unemployment etc. and create hurdles in country growth and development.

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Every person in the nation has a right to get educated which will help them in their extension. Through a research it has been found that indigenous people don't have control over the educational openings. If government wants to control it then they have to consult about it with these people. It is also must to frame a plan for every child either boy or girl. Education is an essential element for them to know about their rights. It is also necessary to make them aware about the technologies. Some people who are not educated they do not know that how to use internet. There are approximately 2% candidates in the country who are using their own e-mail address for applying jobs. Whereas around 98% send their CV by seeing the jobs through advertisements or different system approaches like emails. As a result, this leads in develop their knowledge in concern of use of internet. There are many differences in access of internet. Indigenous people don't know how to work with it. They also discussed about various issues which is related with these type of persons (Jacob, Cheng and Porter, 2015).

Chances of discrimination are more which are related with education, culture and history. Along with this it might also affect their values and norms. When schools provide them education they must use national language rather than indigenous people's vocabulary may be ignored. Every place has their own terms and policies which must be follow by everyone. Head of the schools have to provide training to teachers because most of times they are not prepared for this. There are also various factors which can also affect the education of endemic people. Not all the time environment will lead to safe, there are some more issues like discrimination, violence regarding gender or may be physical abuse. This all may affect their experience of their school life or can say it will made negative impact on them regarding education. They provide digital system in library. They also use innovative techniques which are very helpful in the development of people (Mata and Pont, 2016). It is must to provide them education so that they can develop themselves. It will aid to reduce the poverty line in Australia and also help in their development. It may also provide them lots of opportunities in their professional life.

It is essential to develop the ITC skills in these people so that they can understand about the learning opportunities. It aids to encourage them and create positivity also (The Indigenous Internet, 2017).


There is another issue regarding the security for indigenous people. It may include various types such as food safety. According to the research which is conducted in Australia, it has been determined that they still don't achieve the food safety in their country for the indigenous people. Persons who live in the remote or urban area don't get proper food because of the low income or they cannot afford health food (Mamukwa, Lessem and Schieffer, 2016). It may leads to their illness and various types of diseases. There are lots of gap regarding this in the indigenous people and other persons. So it is necessary for government to provide them proper foods at reasonable prices which will improve their conditions. Indigenous people having a right which is related with a particular dimension along with this it is associated with the preparation as well as acquisition of food.

Another security is related with workplace. Every person want safety at their work and want healthy and safe environment which will help them to do their work properly. It will be related to indigenous people as well as other also. Employer can use various types of technologies for this purpose. They can use cameras, fire alarms, emergency gates etc. for their employees. Employer can also provide training to their staff for their security by conducting imaginary situation. Technology is also very helpful to provide motivation to the employees. If their performance is well in the organisation then it will also provide job security to the indigenous people. It will also help them to build their morale. They will achieve development and growth in their career. Employer can also watch their overall work and can get feedback from them. They can also guide them so that they can do their task more effectively and efficiently.

It is also must to provide security regarding the access on internet. CV's which they get through e-mail should be secure and also provide the access to recruitment team. If there is no proper insurance regarding this, then it may lead to insecurity. If they are not using appropriate software, then confidential information can be leaked. Manager can use innovative techniques for security of indigenous people at the workplace. If they are adopting an effective technology, then it may be possibility that right people can access the information which is related to the candidates.

It is essential to maintain home security and it can be done in various ways such as people can protect their houses with the help of electronic security system. Also, they can use cameras and security lock and if there is any pet like dog then they can write about the same on main entry of house (Moghaddam and Khatoon-Abadi, 2013).


It is the activity in which a group of people come together and play keeping money or something equivalent of value as a reward of winning that particular round of the game. The main aim of the people involved in this activity is to earn maximum profit. The outcomes of the same are not certain as it involves the factors like chance, consideration and prize as it increases the problem of health in the individual due to depression, stress as well as poor sleep. People get addicted to this as they get attracted with the high amount of value that is associated in this activity but they ignore the risk which also comes with the same. Wager is used while performing the activity, results of which has equal probability of being an outcome like roll of dice, spinning the wheel or race between horses that which one comes first. People are involved much in these activities especially at the time of sports season. Much of the activities that are part of gambling fall under the category which are not permitted by the law. The development in the technology has provided more comfort to the people involved in betting like the advancement in the mobile apps. People do batting and this way this has given to the practices like match fixing. Apart from this it is also observed that all the business activities are linked with the different applications on which much information is shared by the user. This has although provided help to the business in doing the recruitment and attracting people towards the services which are offered by the different enterprise, it also has major drawback.

For instance, sites which are providing placement facilities for the companies ask for personal details of the person applying for the job. This information has vital importance as it helps the recruiting team in doing the screening of the applicants at the first stage but it has some negative point also. The main problem in this advancement of technology is that the same information can be misused by the ingenuity people (Towse and Khakee, 2012). If they get the details like applicant’s mobile phone numbers, ID number etc. they can misuse them for doing unfair practices. Apart from the loss of information this development has also increased the pressure on companies to develop the different software which protect the data that is provided on the different official’s sites. It shows that technology has made gambling more easily by making people able to continue gamble even from their homes, offices wherever network is available. They use You Tube and other sites for this purpose (Boyd, 2014). Also due to the advancement in the applications the rule which was made by the government that children below eighteen will not be allow to be a part of gambling is violated. This is due to the introduction of online gambling in which people by providing fake information can do the registration at different sites and become a part of it and then gradually they get stuck with it and then later even if they try to discontinue this habit they fail due to high addiction. Government can also develop some programs related to anti-gambling, it will help these people (Indigenous anti-gambling program helping hundreds of families, 2017).

There are various types of gambling which are described as below:

Dice games: It includes craps etc. This is also a part of gambling and it is played with the nine dice and also a lot of luck. The game is often played by 12 people, who will be split into teams of four. Less or more players can join, but the overall number of people playing must be divisible by four for the game to be played (Boyd, 2014).

Raffle tickets: It is a type of gambling in which person can obtain the different tickets and each ticket having the chance of winning the prize (Towse and Khakee, 2012).

Lottery tickets or “scratchers”: If all six numbers on the tickets of player’s match those produced in the official drawing, then the player is a jackpot winner. For such type of lottery, the chance of being a jackpot winner is 1 among different numbers (Towse and Khakee, 2012).

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Thus, it has been concluded that Information and communication technology is important for every people either they are indigenous or simple (Goggin and McLelland, 2017). If persons are less educated, then they will never know about the new technologies. They may involve in various bad habits such as gambling. If they get educated, then they will know about their rights also.

From this topic, it has been assessed that it is essential to provide education and security to the indigenous people so that they can help in the growth of economy as well as it will assist them to stay away from illegal activities such as gambling.

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