Resource Efficiency and Waste Management

Executive Summary On Waste Management

Waste management is a very serious issue prevailing in every continent, country and city. With the increased usage of technologies and extensive chemical, the government feels the need to preserve the environment and reduce the amount of risk associated with the same. This has created the urge to deploy and establish numerous measures, plans, policies and practices through which the waste generated by the chemical industries can be reduced overtime. However, it has been ascertained that Australia is the largest generator of residues which requires utmost attention on part of the management and government as well. Hereunder, several policies and practices started by the Victorian government is elaborated which displays the efforts laid by the government in the respective field.

In order to ascertain the efforts or measures laid by the CSBP company which operates its activities in the chemical industry, interview of its staff members is taken. Along with that, recommendations to reduce the smoke and water exposure has also been presented. It has been suggested that in order to reduce the amount of solid waste generation in the past period, the company must deploy time and resources to install landfills and biogas energy techniques. This will help the firm to minimise waste.

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Description of the facility

CSBP is a chemical supplier and manufacturer of Australia, which is indulge in mining, agricultural and industrial sectors. However, Kwinana in western Australia is the main port of the organization where all the essential operations takes place. Apart from this, other centres are also located at varied regional ports such as Albany, Esperance, Bunbury and Geraldton. The company employees approximately 500 employees in the organization that take care of all its operations (Braun and, 2016). In addition to the above, the annual turnover of concerned firm is more than half a billion. As per the analysis, it has been ascertained that the Victorian Region has abandoned of industries which generates high amount of waste. Apart from this, these chemical industries are making significant efforts in order to minimise the same. However, the core products that are served by the company includes sodium, ammonia, cyanide, ammonium nitrate along with varied other industrial chemicals and fertilizers (Pamukoglu, 2013).

Additionally, the plant that has been installed in Kwinana has the capacity of approximately 260000 tonnes per year (Lou, Nair and Ho, 2013). the plant produces ammonia which is further been used by the consumers in refining nickel as well as manufactures downstream chemicals. Along with that, the company also produces sodium cyanide which is the main element that is being used for extracting gold. This is produced and sold by the concerned organization to the 75% of Australian gold Reagents joint venture. Along with that, it has been assessed that the firm has tried to expand its operations by doubling the amount of goods produced (Watkins and McKendry, 2015). However, 470000 tonnes is the estimated amount of annual production made by the ammonium nitrate plant. This chemical is further used for the manufacturing of fluid fertilizers.

After the subsequent period of 1900s, it has been assessed that a large number of Australia agricultural activities has experienced a drastic growth. The major reason behind their success was the efforts laid by the CSBP Australian supplier. Their activities were designed in such a manner which serves maximum benefit to the local farmers (Astrup and, 2015). It has also been assessed that the company makes the use of plant testing and modern soil laboratories so as to enhance the productivity and operations of local producers. Moreover, CSBP has made a strong statement in which it states that it will make the extensive use of innovative and latest technologies. It will make the use of satellite picture analysis system through which along with comprehensive plant and soil fertilizer programmes.

As it is clear that chemical and fertilizers industries are the major generators of waste that affects the environment and health of the people. Despite of all the advantages the company has certain amount of loopholes as well. This can be assessed by the means of waste generated in the past period (Evangelisti and, 2014). Nonetheless, the CSBP has made the extensive use of waste management and assessment techniques. These includes landfills, injection and dumpling system through which the waste is dumped into the ground.

Rationale for waste assessment

Waste management is the current and most trending issue prevailing in each nation wherein the government and other authoritative makes efforts to reduce the same. Reducing environmental and health issues are the main concern of every government. There are several reasons which instigate the business persons to get engaged in these activities. Some of the major reasons has been discussed hereunder:

Government or the legislative is the major influencer in adopting waste assessment practices. It can be defined as a process wherein the companies such as CSBP is engaged in analysing the methods and ways through which waste can be minimised. Additionally, several other steps needs to be undertaken which ensures allocating resources and funds so as to analyse the current environment. The Victorian legislation has launched varied laws or policies so as to restricts and control the functions of corporate bodies. For the similar reason Environmental Protection Act 1970 was launched by the government (Umair, Björklund and Petersen, 2015). The major issue that has been prevailing in the concerned nation id regarding resource allocation. This in turn has caused the legislation to establish certain waste hierarchy which helps the management of CSBP to establish its activities in the respective manner.

In continuation to the above, it can be stated that the company feels the need to comply by the current regulations and policies because non-compliance of the same may cause the firm to pay respective charges or compensation. The government has imposed certain policies in which the organization needs to take care of its health, safety and environment of the respective region (Ghosh and, 2015). The health and safety act 1974 stimulates the management to make necessary alterations in its current policies and practices.

The gas that is immersed out of chemical and fertilizers industries is more likely to affect its workers health and people living in the nearby region. However, people will more likely to stop the operations of the industry which may hinder its growth prospects. Likewise, the environment also gets affected due to the smoke and other residual that is exposed directly to the air. To reduce all these negative impact and escape from heavy compensation or fees laid by the government (Zhang and, 2014). Therefore, the CSBP company aims to comply by the waste assessment methods such as Landfills and dumping through which the emission of hazardous materials is reduced.

Therefore, waste assessment measures aids the concerned company to manage its operations in an effective manner by allocating subsequent funds and resources through which appropriate methods can be deployed. These will help the concerned organization to comply by the current laws as well as assist the government in environmental protection method.


This part of the study deals with the amount of methods or techniques used in regards to assess the waste assessment tools used by CSBP company. The accurate information that can be derived is through the means of interview method, waste analysis and collection of bins. All these are more likely to produce accurate amount of results or data through which it can be said that the organization is making successful use of waste assessment method to minimise results. The detail description of it has been presented hereunder:

In regards to ensure that the waste management techniques and tools is successfully deployed by the organization, data was collected from past research as well as present analysis wherein the number of bins collected at the end of each day is taken into account. However, the figure that was analysed displays that there were 2445 bins being found in the nation. In addition to the above, when the cost of installing these bins was asked. Then the management said that it is 88.18 GBP per bin (Jambeck and, 2015). From this it can be stated that the company is making significant efforts through which the waste assessment measures are taken into consideration. As well as it also displays that the company is making efforts to comply by the current legislative laws.

Apart from this, the second methodology that is used by the researcher to gain facts and figures about the waste management practices and policies used by the CSBP company in regards to minimise the residual materials. For this purpose interviews from the staff members were taken along with the managers (Zaman, 2014). For this purpose, approximately two members were selected from each department. Their reviews has provided great knowledge and understanding of the practices that has been used by the concerned company. In addition to the above, it has been assessed that the institution has made significant use of waste management policies and practices. The workers has witnessed a drastic change in the methods deployed by the management to reduce waste. It has been derived that the company has been ranged from little to substantial improvements.

Moreover, waste analysis is the another prominent method through which appropriate results can be derived. It showcase about the facts and figure of the amount of residual materials been generated from the organization (Xin, 2015). For this purpose, all the past records regarding the recycle bins will be taken especially of the chemical industry. Along with that, the volume of waste generated in each period will be assessed so as to gain accurate results. This will enable in understanding about the measures laid by the CSBP company.

Description of waste generating process

Waste is generated by every chemical, fertilizers, commercial and other industries as well. It has been assessed that countries such as Germany and US are generating approximately 8 times of the waste than the Australian nation. Contrary to the above, it has been discovered that Australia produces much higher rates of waste in comparison with that of NZ and Canada. In addition to the above, it has been ascertained that due top the high amount of density in Australia much of its residual and wastage is transferred to the ground by using the landfills methods.

However, the disposal of waste in the concerned region for two comparative year demonstrates that with the passage of time the waste has increased so has the disposal. It has been witnessed that around 933 and 1026 tonnes of disposal was found in 2006-07 and 2010-11 respectively (Lou, Nair and Ho, 2013). Similarly, the waste generation was approximately 2122 and 2178 in both the period. This shows that waste generation has been minimised overtime. Along with that, methods of waste disposal is largely been installed in every organization such as CSBP as well. Further to it, much of the resources are sent for recycling as Victorian nation lacks appropriate resources and therefore reuse and recycling is more preferable by the companies.

The waste assessment method differ from region to region wherein the efforts are made by the government to reuse and recycle the resources. However, the industries located in Australia is mainly concerned with using the biogas energy and landfills methods of waste disposal (Reynolds and, 2015). Waste management is an essential phenomenon wherein the organization makes efforts to minimise the same. In addition to the above, the cost associated in the concerned process is not less than 5 GBP per annum. This amount is utilized in recruiting engineers and managing the disposal operations. These includes creating allocation for landfills and gas capture. Similarly, fossil fuels collection, energy or electricity correlation requires funds through. All these increase the management cost of CSBP company.

Moreover, it has been witnessed that much of the amount is utilized in Kerbside recycling system which in turns increases the cost of production. Alterations in the technologies and use of latest equipments is more likely to affect increase the management cost (Lim, Lee and Wu, 2016). Moreover, the extensive landfills methods used by the organizations to dispose of the waste materials aids the organization to allocate separate resources through which these activities can be carried out without any hindrance. Moreover, to it installing such methods require extensive research so that the waste assessment and management technique can be successfully established.

Analyses of results

Waste minimisation is essential in the current world so as to protect the environment and people from all the hazardous disease. It is a process wherein the management and the government is engaged in assessing the measures or methods through which the residual amount can be reused (Peterseim and, 2014). However, it has been ascertained that the CSBP company has been making significant contribution in the respective area. EPA that is environmental protection act has been presenting numerous methods through which the volume of waste is being reduced overtime.

The Victorian Legislation has made several efforts in regards to minimise waste. It has provided the chemical industries with numerous opportunities and chances wherein they can upgrade their manufacturing process (Lenzen and Reynolds, 2014). Several policies and practices were launched wherein the regime has provided the chemical industries to use the environmental friendly processes through which waste generation can be minimised.

In this regards, companies such as CSBP is indulge in waste minimisation assessment. Herein, the organization makes efforts to identify the objectives or ways to minimise risk. Additionally, the assessment of these activities involves the operations of each plant and its waste streams. Aftermath, opportunities or measures are identified through which the prescribed assessment can be made (Randell, Pickin and Grant, 2014). Additionally, alternatives are identified so that the waste management can be undertaken in an appropriate manner and the most feasible methods can be selected.

However, the number of opportunities or plans that are present before the companies needs to be analysed carefully. This can be done by the means of saving analysis. Herein, the engineers and other professionals are indulge in identifying the cost of waste minimisation and assessment programmes (Waste generation and resource efficiency in Australia, 2006). Each of the option is evaluated in an appropriate manner. Along with the current resources available with the chemical industry. This will enable the firm to ascertain the appropriate amount of funds. apart from this, complete analysis of all the activities will enable the CSBP company to save funds which can be utilised in diverse areas. Likewise, both the alternative present before the firm will be evaluated and each of the activities as well. This will enable the firm to identify the amount of benefit associated with each of the method which can render utmost benefit (Braun and, 2016).

Apart from this, the waste management policies and practices laid by the government are also evaluated through which the organization is at the ease to preserve cost. The norms and benefits provided by the regime is of utmost importance through which the management cost can be reduced. These firms are provided with certain benefits of resource allocation and manufacturing practices. These practices are of utmost importance to the CSBP through which volume of financial resources in these activities can be minimised (Pamukoglu, 2013).

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Recommendation for waste minimisation

From the above analysis on waste management and assessment technique it has been assessed that the company needs to comply by the latest laws and legislation so that residues after the production process can be minimised (Watkins and McKendry, 2015). Moreover, after taking the response from the employees through interview method, it has been derived that the company needs to devise certain strategies and plans through which waste can be minimised. These include adopting appropriate methods of waste reduction. Landfill and biogas energy method as discussed above is also an appropriate measure through which waste can be reduced. The chemicals and fertilizers that are used to manufacture the sodium and ammonium nitrates needs to be disposed of in an appropriate manner.

Apart from this, rather than burning the solid waste and creating air pollution in the surrounding areas, it is recommended that most of the items shall be reused by the company as the Australia faces shortage of resources. If these materials are reused by the enterprise in an appropriate manner by deploying the correct resources and materials will enable the firm to gain maximum advantage. Furthermore, it is wise to use the latest equipments in the manufacturing process as well as comply by the current norms and policies so that the firm does not need to face any issues in the future course of action.

Installation of bins, chimneys and other materials are the basic suggestions that will avoid immense smoke to enter into the industry. This will prevent absenteeism from work and the health of the workers can also be protected (Astrup and, 2015). Likewise, intense research and development project is required to be taken by the researchers or the investigators of CSBP company so that cost of installation can be reduced plus accurate methods can be deployed that renders maximum advantage.

In addition to the above, it has been assessed that installing the biogas energy and landfills method require appropriate time and money so that the project can be undertaken and completed in the prescribed period. Therefore, it has been stated that the company requires approximately a period of 3 years so that resources can be catered and activities can be organized within the respective time frame (Umair, Björklund and Petersen, 2015).


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