6AG502 How Could Whitnash Dental Care Use Budgeting Process To Increase Efficiency University of Derby


Whitnash dental care need to utilisation of effective budgeting process in order to controlling cost and examination of financial performance of the firm in the industry. Addition to this, this reports is all about Whitnash dental care company which is a dental treatment services provision clinic which wants to provide its effective treatments on over 7000 patients in warwickshire. Beside from it, this assignment also review about assessment of budgeting process in clinic projection and accounting process of the company can assist the effective budgeting preparation at the workplace towards completion of their project in dental care sector. This assessment also refer to recommendation on several best approaches of controlling exercises of clinic.

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Assess budgeting processes

Overview to Budgeting and its importance

According to Budgeting is considered to be an effective process of preparation of budget and ascertain in what manner inflow and outflow of cash will be used by the management. It acts as a plan to of how the company will be spending money in the upcoming financial year (Gopee, N. and Galloway, J., 2017). Creation of expenses plan helps in determining before hand that whether the company will be able to meet the requirements of expenses for the upcoming period or not. If adequate amount of funds is not available, then in that case, spending based upon prioritization can be initiated by the management for its smooth functioning. However, as per the views of budget acts as an estimation of revenues and expenses over a specified period of time. It is generally re evaluated and complied on periodic basis. Budgeting is entirely an option for the business but is considered to be an important aspect in initiating success for the organization (Prowle, M., 2016). It plays an important role in taking prudent and conscious decisions and how allocation of money can be performed for its better division. Failing to maintain an effective budget can lead the organization to loss as there are lesser chances of effective budget allocation.

Construction of a budget

According to a dental care organization forest has to assess their income and expenses aspects related to previous year. It helps in giving a fair idea about what must be the estimated figure for revenues and expenses for upcoming year. Other estimations that are required to be made with respect to projected sales trends, cost trends and overall economic outlook of the economy based on which various decision are taken by the management. Specific factor that can affect potential expenses of dental clinic must be monitored and addressed for better presentation of the budget (Lewney, J. and Boland, B., 2015). The budget is prepared and published in a packet that helps in outlining the standards and procedures that are particularly used to developed it. It is also inclusive of various assumptions that are made about market so that budget can effectively implemented in the quarter or the year. However, as per the views of there are certain steps

Method of preparing a budget

According to Whitnash dental care utilise of some strategies of preparing in order to determine the profitability and performance of the business in the industry (Levin and Belfield, 2015). Several types of organisation is preparing budget for examining its performance from last years and making decision in order to gaining proper development in its clinical area. Its top management require to making proper budgeting at the workplace, so its professional could gain proper information concerning about dental clinic financial performance in given time period. So there are some phases of preparing a budget at the workplace in order to distribution of funding to its various function of the clinic (Waithera, Muhia and Songole, 2017). They need to update their budget assumptions as per company's business environment in the industry and as per its current requirements of the firm, its management need to changes in its essential areas of budget frequently. As per the financial performance of the business, its professional need to create a budget pack as per its requirements in the firm (Vrangbaek, 2016). They need to obtain revenue forecasting from the sales of manager of the clinic and according to various requirements of funds in its various functions in dental care, they need to make decision abut to distribution of their funds in its various operational functional areas, so efficient development could be gained.

Duration of it overall preparation

Budget preparation is most necessary terms for Whitnash dental care and its professionals need to make use of proper development in some section of budget by which overall perpetration of budgeting in the company can be gained. As per it has been stated that, there are various types of budgeting process are being done by top management of Whitnash dental centre and its professionals need to make use of proper guidance of preparing a budget at the workplace (The Danish Health Care System, 2015). It could be said that, its top administration need to utilisation of step by step various phases of budgeting preparing and this is one of the most fundamental tools for clinic which is depends on its purpose and nature. It has been prepared by its manager for year, half yearly basis.

lEvaluation of accounting processes that increases efficiency

Ascertaining effectiveness of the budget

Budget preparation is one of the essential tool for Whitnash dental care in order to examining it financial performance in the industry and with the help of budgeting in the company, its manager can operate each business function in proper way in the industry. With the assistance of proper accounting process in the budget preparation method, its various operational function could be managed within the business environment in proper way (Powell and Miller, 2016). There are varied of operational activities are being done in Whitnash dental care and its financial manager need to control all the activities and provide sufficient funds to its each functions in the company, so its professionals could manage and run all activities in the industry (Hardin and McCool, 2015). Varied of budgeting is necessary for the business in order to completion of various projection in the industry so its top management can control various money control in its essential areas and reduce the costing of each operational activities in the dental care centre. However, there are numbers of operational activities are being served by its various professionals at the workplace so Whitnash dental cares' financial manager require making major focus on the contribution to attaining its financial goals and objectives within the business environment in possible form (Mossialos, Wenzl, Osborn and Sarnak, 2016). Accounting procedure are playing effective roles in the business in order to preparation of appropriate budgeting at the workplace, its accounting officer can use of some essential approaches of accounting in case of making relevant budget. Moreover, Whitnash dental care require to utilisation of effective financial budget towards provision of services in dental treatment for approx 7000 patients in Warwickshire (Smith and Goodwin, 2017). So it is necessary to preparing budget at expected expenses on its various operational activities while furnishing effective dental care services in Warwickshire. This also assist the business professionals in order to saving its over expenses in some of its operational and functional areas in clinic in possible manner.

Various budgeting methods

Varied of budgeting process are presented here by which Whitnash dental care professionals can improve the quality performance in the industry and also control the costing of the projection in case of provision of several types of dental care services towards their 7000 patients in Warwickshire (Hardin and McCool, 2015).

Capital budgeting method: This is a most appropriate method of making investment in long terms assets and projection of the company, in case of Whitnash dental care clinic, they need to utilisation of this budgeting process in order to control on its various operational and functional costing of the company in the industry (Sharp, 2017). It has been seen that, this is also an appropriate method of preparation of budgeting in various terms by which effective development can be gained by its business professional. It could be said that, there are numbers of issues are being arisen in case of proper development in such areas by which sufficient development can be gained (Levin and Belfield, 2015).

Internal rate of return: This is also relevant approach of preparing budget at the workplace. Internal rate of return is a prescribed rate at which the potential earning of a capital investment asset are determined based on the present value of cash lows that the investment will generate during in economic life (Quigley, Bisset and Mills, 2017). This budgeting approach might be used by Whitnash dental clinic financial manager in order to educing costing of the projection which they want to serving dental care services over 7000 patients in warwickshire.

Flexible budgeting: Flexible budgeting process could be one of the appropriate approach for Whitnash dental clinic in order to making control on its various expenses at various stages. In case of provision of dental care services to its several patients, it need to make use of flexible budgeting method in case of proper development in its projection in the firm (Mayne, 2017).

lRecommendation on the best budgeting practices

Practices adopted by other organization on budget for minimizing biases:

In order to proper completion of each dental services provision projection of the company, its professionals need to use of one of the best approach of budgeting preparing in respect to decrease its base in the company (Mossialos, Wenzl, Osborn and Sarnak, 2016). So it could be said that, they need to utilisation of flexible budgeting approach in case of minimise the expenses of Whitnash dental in sufficient manner. There are numbers of issues are being arisen in the clinic centre towards provision of its effective services in the industry so its management need to implementation of flexible budgeting approach at the workplace in order to gaining proper success in completion of each task in the company (Arnaboldi, Lapsley and Steccolini, 2015). Flexible budget model allows the firm to enter different sales level in the model, which will then adjust planned expense levels to match the sales level that have been entered into the corporation in possible manner. Beside from it, organisational professional need to make utilisation of this approach to reducing over costing which occurring in the business environment. It has been seen that, flexible budgeting provides some effective values to its various operational activities which are being done in case of furnishing dental care services to various peoples in the nation (Stevens, 2017). Whitnash dental care professional might reduce the costing of such areas which is giving negative impact on the business performance in case of proper completion of its each projection in the industry relevantly.


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Measurement of dental practices' outcome without using budgeting systems:

From the above assessment, it has been seen that, various organisations are utilising various effective terms of managing their financial practices in the company. In case of Whitnash dental care, its professional also could utilise those practices at the workplace in order to management of finance while provision of various dental practices in the industry (Simonet, 2015). It has been seen that, varied of dental care clinic organise dental services provision campaign in the nation, for which they need to high amount of fund for furnishing services, so it could be said that, they have to use of self management approach by which they can effectively manage the various exercises which is being done in the company (Lai and Tang, 2016). Its various professionals have responsibility to use of fund in its various activities in proper formant, so efficient development and success manner could be followed (Gopee and Galloway, 2017). They can distribute their various jobs in clinic and hire financial accountant which record all expenses of dental care services and assist the effective reduce them while services provision at the workplace.

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From the above analysis, it could be concluded that, Whitnash dental care wants to provide effective dental treatment for approx 700 patients in Warwicshire. They need to assessment of proper budgeting process at the workplace in effective form, in order to gaining proper success in their projection of the firm. Apart from it, Whitnash dental care require using of effective budgeting process at the workplace in respect to effectivvely provision of various practices in the business environment. In the report, it has been recommanded that, flexible budgeting process is most appropriate for clinic in order to distribution of costing for their projection.


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