BUS020C415S Role Of Public Health In Health And Social Care Level 5


The following report includes the role of different agencies for identifying the different levels of health and diseases in various communities. Various statistical data have been provided along with the epidemiology of infectious as well as non infectious disease. It is also been known about the effectiveness of various approaches and strategies fro the control of the incidence of those diseases. Relationship between prevalences of diseases is also been discussed impact on the current lifestyle as well as related choices. 

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2.1 Current priorities and approaches to the provision of services for people with disease or illness

There are several chronic diseases which are needed to be prevented, such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, CVC etc. On the basis of basis of cited case situation death and illness related to cardiovascular diseases are increasing with the very high pace. Hence, it is highly required for the care units to take suitable measures for the prevention of such disease. Now, NHS is working with Public Health England and laying emphasis on announcing a new drive for the prevention of heart attacks and strokes. It is very crucial to search the priority in the diseases so that one can take preventive measures to control the spread of these diseases.

HIV is a severe disease which has dangerous effects on the population of world. Prevention of HIV should be considered as a priority settings of social care which can safeguard people from this disease. Prevention is divided in the following steps:

Primary prevention

It is considered to be foremost preventive measure which is used to prevention people from diseases through providing education to them about that illness and causes. There are two types of programs which have been introduced and were CHAPs which was conducted to prevent transmission of the disease by taking preventive measures while having intercourse. NAHIP was introduced for mainly African communities which encourages a culture of safe intercourse among them(Currie and, 2009).

Secondary Prevention

It consists of screening and detecting various pathogens which act as the carrier for diseases. Many health care programs have been introduced such as NHS which test the blood of every pregnant women and if they are found to be infected then certain preventive measures are introduced to them so that it can stop the transmission of disease to the infant. 

Tertiary Prevention

This is known as the last step for taking prevention which aims to provide care to the patients who suffers from chronic diseases, under this Palliative care which is given to such patients. It is regarded as the medical and emotional care is providing to patients and their family which results in improving the quality of life. It does not guarantee to provide complete cure but relief is given from the illness (Baum, 2016). NHS has introduced certain efforts for the palliative care for diseases such as HIV and cancer. They have done huge investment to provide training at palliative care centres which therefore provides services to the ill people.

2.2 Relationship between the prevalence of disease and requirements of services to support individuals within the health and social care provision

Prevalence is defined as the proportion of the total population which is affected by a disease. It provides various information regarding the number of individual that faces illness among them which are being studied. Information provides us an idea for plan regarding services which are given for particular problem.

Determining rates of prevalences helps to support individuals who are in health and social care centres for identifying needs related to health. It helps them to conduct programs that can be implemented to prevent diseases. Certain epidemiological tools which are used for providing information regarding any disease which facilitates in taking preventive measures. For an example, if individuals of health care would have knowledge related to the root cause which causes disease and having the data relevant of the areas where population is most prone to certain diseases, then they would target that particular area(El Ansari and, 2011).

The data related to the spread of diseases not only helps to make plans for he program but also determines the need of proving education to the population that would prevent it from several diseases.

Prior knowledge of the causes and their effects due to the disease is proven to be beneficial for the health of individuals in the allocation of resources. It provides the idea for prioritising the task and other resources. It can easily target the segment of the population which has a higher risk by acknowledging it through data available due to various surveys. For example if a particular area is known to be more susceptible to the disease which is known to be Lyme then there are more resources which should be allocated for the particular area to provide them treatment earliest as possible.

2.3 Current Lifestyle’s impact on Future Needs

Junk Food: With the significant change in social aspect, dominance of junk food has increased in food consumption. Due to this, unhealthy eating habit has raised immensely and causing several health issues such as obesity, blood pressure, diabetes, depression, cancer, tooth decay, heart disease and several other. With this scenario, demand of health and social care services has increased in terms of regular check-up, follow-up plans for check over blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, gastric issue and other related. It is evident that 58% women and 68% men are overweight in Britain which certainly raises the need of health and social care service. 

Smoking/Alcohol Consumption: Smoking and alcohol consumption among youngster has become common which result into several health issues. With this, more of rehabilitation centre and wards are demanded to offer care and support to individual that aim to stop smoking. Below figure signifies that there is significant amount of downfall in smoker in the year 2016 but still smoking is prevailing majorly among youngsters. 

Beside this, alcohol consumption rate is increasing among youngster that affecting their health severely and hence increasing the demand of health and social care service. 

Sexual Health: This is yet another concern due to rise in Sexually Transmitted Diseases across UK. In this context, NHS and UK government has developed cerein program and campaign to spread awareness related to same. Still, program need to be promoted for reducing the number of patients of this nature.

Work Culture: Business, now a day, has adopted flexi working culture which increases the concept of night working and other related. This has affected the health of individual significantly due to change in normal routine. Working on laptops, mobile phone, late night meeting etc. leads to mental stress which outbreaks several mental issues. Through this, need of health and social care service has demanded in this aspects as well (Patton and, 2016).


3.1 health and well being priorities for individuals in a particular health or social care setting

Well being is a considered to be a particular situation in which the individual is perfectly comfortable with the environment. The state of being well can be achieved only when that person is healthy, happy and satisfied with the surroundings in which he lives. It can be further classified as social, physical, environment al, economical etc. Well being and the health of the individual is connected to each other with respect to many aspects. Different people suffers from many type of diseases. The type and its effects can also determine the choice regarding well being. Priorities should be crafted with respect to the effects of the particular disease.

Consider if a patient is suffering from acute stress disorder then that person gets treated through social as well as environmental well being. The reason behind is that he has to deal with the situations which are mentally related or also known as trauma which came into existence due to some of the situations which were proven to be bad in his life at earlier phase of time. Social well-being can be attain with the help of society , as society plays an important role as it influence the emotions of every individual as they are the part of society and interacts with it very frequently. So, therefore to cope up with these kind of situations one needs medical and social treatment. Friends, family and he people who are around them are requested to provide support to these kind of patients who needs emotional support (Patton and, 2016).

Many patients requires emotional treatment as compared to medical treatment because emotional dissemblances of individual is mainly cause due to the social impacts from other people who surrounds him as human being is a social animal he needs to interact with other human being and their activities affect them directly or indirectly.

Some of the factors are mentioned below which affects everyone's well-being and their health also:

Physical health

It refers to the body's ability to function properly. If body of a person is functioning properly than he is regard to have a good physical health. If they wants to remain physically fit then they need to obey some rules such as doing exercise daily, in-taking proper nutrients and proper management of weight (Self Thomas and Randall, 2012).

Mental Health

Mentally sound person depicts the healthy state of mind. If person is taking some kind of stress, tension then he is most prone to mental illness. It affects the proper functioning of human brain.

Social Health

It is mostly generated through the bad environment with respect to social aspects. Having a sound social health means keeping oneself and surrounding safe from other kind of diseases.

3.2 the effectiveness of strategies, systems and policies in a health or social care setting

Commonwealth fund has provided lots of appreciation to UK for the reason that it has invests a lot in health care of the population of its nation. These health care settings always comes up with certain new strategies and other policies which enables them to fight from the diseases which exist in the community. For an example certain programs related to the resisting the spread of HIV has been introduced so that they can reduce the transfer of STD(Reeves and, 2011).

Social Care services and related information

These kind of services are provide by social health care systems. The departments provides assistance to the patients regarding the issues related to health. They also involves in certain activities such as providing equipments, health care at home and financial support. Information is an important factor for any health care providers (Blas and Kurup, 2010). Information related to any disease and health ultimately helps in creating awareness among people regarding that disease.

Policies regarding Home Care

Care home is the most efficient providers of health care and safety. They work under the laws which are passed by the particular government. Its best policy is known to be complaint policy in which a unsatisfied patient has the right to make a complaint to the department and their management and actions for it are taken within three days.

Quality of Service Provision

Providers of health care always keep a check for the related quality of the services which are provided to the patients. They take feedbacks from every patients for their services.

3.3 changes that could be made to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals

The divisions of health care performs satisfactorily in their fields but there is always a requirement for improving to making it better. Modifications are done in accordance to demands. Policies which are applicable on adults are not compulsorily same for children. There are different strategies for every categories of patients. Various health care centres that provides remedial care to patients should have a focus on the environment as well. Their main duty is to take care of the patients as well as the surrounding.

For example the complaint policy of home care fro unsatisfied patients are making it a unique and effective step but involving family members can be a good idea as they know the preferences and would confess it to carer which would ultimately lead them know about what type of food should be provided (Staley, 2009)

. This would help the carers to know every thing and would mould all the activities in such a way to make patient to feel better.

3.4 activity to encourage behaviour change for maximising health

Change of behaviour in an individual can be done with the implementation of good habits in his life. Physical exercise is one the best habit that one should practice at every age to get fit. Inculcating these habits from the days of childhood is proven to be more beneficial as they become very active and can help in their adaptation. As stated that most widespread disease among the people of every age is obesity and its remedy is related to the reduction of fat which can be achieved by performing exercise and adopting healthy habits (Betancourt and, 2016)

There are many social health care systems which comes up with certain clubs for health care which allows people of every generation do come and perform exercises and certain physical activities, conducting various family sports or fest every month that allows the whole family to take part. They should also focus on the daily schedules of people and also implements programs according to it(Rose, Fleischman and Wykes, 2008).

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It has been concluded that there are various organisation that keeps a check on the health of the people directly as well as indirectly. Various reasons for food born disease can bee unhealthy lifestyle and intake of contaminated food where as non-infectious disease which is immensely widespread among every generation is obesity which can be due to over eating of junk foods, not having sufficient nutrients and one can exercise well to prevent this disease as it can lead to born other chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and many more. 

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