Children During Transitions and Significant Life Events


Transition is known as the changes which take place in the life of children. The changes can be occurred any time some have specific pattern and other are suddenly take place. The present research is based on developing understanding related to the common transitions and significant events that a child may experience. Along with this effect of this transition on children development is also explained.

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1.1 Identify common transitions and significant events that a child may experience

Children experience changes in their life with their growth as there are certain changes that place. For example, taking admission in primary school, moving to secondary school etc. Along with this, some of them experience difference in circumstance from moving home or due to separation of parents. These all changes are stated as transition because of any occurrence in which children need to deal with some difficulties and if there is any ill effect then it may be only for sometimes. The flexibility of the child help in defining the way they moved from one change to another (Bleidorn, Hopwood and Lucas, 2018). When children are well prepared then any type of transition will be easier for them such as to move in the next stage of their life. Sometime children experience personal transition as dur to serious health needs and family issues. However, these types of transition can be occurred at any stage, as not pattern are followed in it. Transition can be longer time or for short time. For instance, moving from one class to another which happen on particular time. There are some of the transition which are for longer period of time such as facing any emotional and physical changes. Furthermore, a new baby in the family is a challenge for the older siblings. It may be possible that older child may behaving like aggressive or may feel alone.

1.2 Discuss potential effects of transition and significant events on a child's life in all areas of development

A child faces any transition in their life put some impact on their health. There are some of the transition which are not anticipated and it can easily cause distress and feeling of lack of control among them. Therefore, it leads to negatively impact the emotional and behaviours development. Further moving from primary school to secondary may create some type of fear and make them feel insecure. In children emotional distress lead to cause changes in their way of behaving. They may not be able to reflect their feeling and they may isolated themselves. However, some of them react in an opposite manner because emotional distress makes them physically aggressive. Children’s are mostly apprehensive about the changes as to leave the family and moving to another place which is unknown. They have fear of sleeping alone or may be bullying by others (Rossi, 2017). These may lead to affect their growth and development. Some of the significant event in child’s life which can affect their development is the death of the parent, which put traumatising effect on the child tell they are not recognised by the practitioner. Many time children do not show any sigh of distress and it is a duty of practitioner to support them whenever they required. Violence and abusing is known as the distressing and damaging transition for children’s growth and development. All the aspects of development can be affected due to abusing a child. Apart from this, change in school lead to impact the feeling and emotional development. Children get dispersed because of new faces and losing of old friends. Along with this they may not sure that teacher will be good with them or not these all reason makes the depressed and isolated.

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1.3 Explain the role of the early years practitioner in

Transition are known as the changes which occur in life of children from moving primary school to secondary of change in home. One of the first transition which can take place is moving from home to a childminder. For a practitioner it is essential to prepared the child for the upcoming transition. It is important for them to be careful related to the child’s issues and try to respond question of child with honesty. For instance, practitioner can organise a visit to a new setting, use time to address their issues. Along with this they should empathise with children’s and try to look their concern’s according to their point of view. All the information which is essential should be passed to teachers (Mitchell, 2017). It is a role of practitioner to prepared a child for a planned transition. Therefore, they should help the child in gaining a level of understanding related to the changes which will take place. For instance, preschool is known as all about preparing children from the starting of school. Talking about the new schools, making a new friends etc can prepare children for transition. Supporting the needs of children during transitions and significant life events help in accepting them changes in positive manner. As practitioner it is essential to inform parents about the things which they are expecting before starting a school. To hold a parent for discussing related to the changes and their concerns may be helpful in supporting them. There are many parents who are not concerned related to their child is not meeting all of the EYFS development outcomes and it is best idea for practitioner to remind them.


From the above report it is concluded that there are various types of transition take place in life of children. It is essential for practitioner to understand those changes and prepare children so that it does not impact them negatively. There are various types of changes which can take place such as moving from primary school to secondary etc. Children may feel depressed and isolated if they unable to settle themselves in new changes.

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