Health and Safety in The Health and Social Care Workplace


Health and social care take very important place in a positive term that relates to services available from care providers. It is assist to take care for ill people within the business environment. Employees of care home require different skills and knowledge so that they can ascertain positive results (Lachman, Runnacles and Dudley, 2015). They are providing different types of services to people that help in curing their diseases. It creates very effective results with treatments of people and provide them facilities for ascertain lives in a better way. Apart from this, social care includes carer’s working with children, young people, adults and families (Rees, Payne and Houlahan, 2015).

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Present report is based on the scenario of North folk Nursing Home which is housing care for people who are not well and effective condition to work. There users are belonged from 66-90 age. Their lawful duty is to meet with legal responsibilities towards health and social care. Hence, they are working through covering occupational health and social care act 2008 (Edwards and, 2014.).

For gaining insight knowledge of this report, it covers the review of system, policies and procedures for communicating information on health and safety in relation to organisation’s structure. Furthermore, it includes health and safety priorities which are appropriate for the home and risk assessment. Moreover, it demonstrates the impact of health and safety policy on health and social care practices (Happell, PlataniaPhung and Scott, 2013).

Analysis of the impact of health and safety policy and its effectiveness in promoting a positive, healthy and safe culture

In respect to considers services, health and social care provide effective services to people (Happell, PlataniaPhung and Scott, 2013). The organisation determines H&S policies through which they can easily support to each activity which is related with the care for people. It is based on different parameters which are like:


In this health and social care policy determines statement which detailing that how safety can be managed at workplace. It is also demonstrates to commitment of health and safety for patients. Health sector organisation section is details with different types of responsibilities which are allocated and how employees in overall safety management system. Arrangements section contains details of that how specific activities and functions can be managed to measure risk assessment (Rees, Payne and Houlahan, 2015). These arrangements include fire safety, risk assessment, first aid and accident reporting, etc. In the large organisation’s arrangements health and social care refers with the document which manage safety at workplace regarding patients. In this aspect, wash your hands are is effectively applied that serves to develop positive outcomes. This hygiene is providing safety to develop results that can be support to each activity of the health and social care (Lachman, Runnacles and Dudley, 2015).


Every organisation employing with five and more people so that written health and safety policy statement is requires at workplace. This policy need to be cover different types of aspects which are relevant to all employees. Hence, the policy should be of an appropriate and relevance to the activities and size of the enterprise. Health and social care worker, carer and person which involves care for needy people (Happell, PlataniaPhung and Scott, 2013).


For protecting from colonization, contamination and infection, harmful germs are eliminates to protect the people. Thus is because, germs are spread so that social and health care practices need to concentrate it with protecting human life.


In this aspect, every person needs to clean his/her hands with involving an exposure risk to body fluids after glove removal (Edwards and, 2014.). If care taker uses gloves, at that moment, he can protect the person through health and social care in a way of using hand hygiene that can be performed to prevent harmful germs from infection.

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Legal duties and obligations around health and safety policies

Health and safety at work Act 1974 prepares statement which brings attention of all employees towards health and social care services. Policies can be reviewed and revised when it is necessary to develop results within healthcare services of enterprise (Rees, Payne and Houlahan, 2015). Further, policy also requires to address health and safety matters which are related to employees in many organisations (Lachman, Runnacles and Dudley, 2015). Hence, it is very good to have effective ideas which can be considers to effect different activities and assign towards work activities. In addition to this, health and safety at work regulation 1999 places duties on employers to keep employees safe at workplace from any kind of risk and other arising from different activities (Boone, 2015).

Developing a health and safety policy

In order to find proper statement can be written with people who are working within the organisation for caring people. This is because, they are known about the whole organisation in which functions are operating to take care for people (North and Kumta, 2014). Staff members in health and social care firm should determine the needs of care takers. Developing health and safety policy involves staff in putting policy together. It is also beneficial from day to day activities which are experience of the job and doing so well through better chance of getting commitment to carry aims of the policy. Setting out the policy can be decide that policies which can be set out to make clear to every people. As results, every employee take care for all people according to frame policy and practices (Xiong and, 2016).


Compliance is that policy and practice which promotes positive, healthy and safe services to deliver culture system within the organisation (Lachman, Runnacles and Dudley, 2015). To measure the compliance, carers teams, managers and interactions with individual take effective results with group and agencies.

Which health and safety legislation hand hygiene policy comes under safety legislation and analysis effect of non-compliance with it

NHS Scotland advised to the most common way to eliminate germs which spread through people to people. Germs are more harmless in certain terms and it can also cause illness such as cold, flu and many others (Rees, Payne and Houlahan, 2015). In this aspect, washing hands properly with soap and hot water. It is very important to eliminate infection from person to person. For this aspect, various legislations are implied by the government which can avoid non-compliance from different health and safety areas. Patients and residents in care home and hospitals can take different types of services that are related to health care so that it create benefits to eliminate risk element at workplace (Brewer, 2016). Following legislation can be used at workplace which are related to hygiene policy of the company:

Don't visit if you are feeling unwell

If any people not feeling well, they have to protect themselves from touching to other persons. Further, when they are feeling vomiting or diarrhoea, they should go and visit hospital care within 48 hours so that they can protect themselves from big disease (Kumar and, 2015). This is very important because infection can be prevent within 48 hours.

Follow all advice regarding visiting

People should also follow advice regarding visiting and keep to it within time frame. During winter season, they have to continuous check-up in hospitals to protect themselves. If there are high outbreaks, additional visitor attraction can be restricted (Waterson, 2014). Everywhere cleanliness should be maintained so that visitor can protect each care user from different diseases.

Make sure that hands are clean

Always make sure that hands are clean which is the greatest source through infection can be spread (Labonte and, 2014). Wash hands properly with soap and warm water so that people can be protected easily. Look towards the notice at the entrance to take care homes and advising to what to do. When hand are clean, no injuries can take place so that it is beneficial for care taken to protect patients. In addition to this, they are also possessed responsibilities to protect their patients from any diseases (Keegan and, 2014).

Watch your touching

Always keep clean and watch cleanliness to dressing, wounds, drips and catheters with other equipments round on the bad. In this situation, please use chairs to other visitors and keep distance with patient (Edwards and, 2014.). Thus, healthy place can be maintain easily and protect to the people easily.

Further, different types of legislations can be seen at workplace which need to be follow by the firm to reducing avoidable infection (Dziegielewski, 2013). Health and social care act 2008 can assist to monitor care home and hospital services which they are providing to users to protect them. In addition to this, workplace regulations 1992 also play important role which determines to avoid harmful things from the workplace which assist to maintain business results and profitability (Kilpatrick and, 2014). Apart from this, management of health and safety at work regulations 1999 also provide guidelines that demonstrates healthy and safety rules regarding work of the business. It develops work environment in effective manner that can support to management criteria of the firm.

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How health and safety policies and practices can be monitored and review

In order to provide effective healthy care services to people, it is essential to monitor policies and practices that support to health and social care (Douglas and, 2014). In respect to this, different things are optimizes at workplace that can support to each activity of the business that are as follows:

Health and safety software

In order to take place in the organisation, it is essential to monitor performances through creating online software system which enable to manage all methods' statement. In this software organisation health and safety management system take place within the world that can support to each system and feature which make safety first packed with feature to make life easier (Happell, PlataniaPhung and Scott, 2013). In this, health and safety take risk assessment and method statement templates which gives details regarding handling queries for benefits of the company. Further, this software also assist to create regular updates on any changes to the legislation. Hence, training course scheduling take place which make easier transaction to deliver effective results. Further, telephone gives full support for all queries to use very friendly online system that make design to create and manage health and safety documents (MacNeill and, 2014). It is very simple as possible which gives freedom to invest time elsewhere.

Method statement and risk assessment

Risk assessment and method statement can be completed with the help of one of our custom build templates within few minutes. It contains each document which are professionally presented with different logo, contact details and contains sign off for the people. In this system, risk are assessed to measure performances and deliver effective results at workplace. Hence, it demonstrates for controlling selection to manage outcomes care for ill people (Hyatt-Burkhart, 2014). In addition to this, care provider are using different equipments which are covers with risk so that cleaning industry need to build proper documents that can support to different activities and outcomes. It can be completing through cart which requires documents.

PQQ's for subcontracts

PQQ's subcontracts are deals with different elements that can support to payroll, holidays, contractors and employment (van de Poll-Franse, Nicolaije and Ezendam, 2017). In this, health and social care are believes on payroll management software which determines the easiest system to meet with demand of clients and making it in simple and easiest way. Further, it is also directs which developed in simple online staff holiday planner. It allows to whole staff to book services online in the easiest way. It approves and reject to develop system within the environment. In addition to this, subcontracts are also flexible source of expertise and labour which are available to the enterprise. However, flexibility also determines price which are less and can be control (Brock and, 2013). Employee management package can be make ease in different people mind when it comes to employment disputes.


From the above report it has been articulated that every care taken should protect patients from illness. They have possessed responsibilities to provide them effective working environment and follows all rules and regulations through they will able to demonstrate criteria for take care of them. Management must analysis responsibilities to each member so that they can protect from diseases. They are also takes risk assessment information so that individual and organisation can take decisions through making policies and procedures. Furthermore, it also evaluates health and safety needs of individual such as Mr. Patrick in centring. They are serve from dementia so that it is very important to made good decisions about health and safety issues which need to be communicate with identifying responsibilities within the organisation.

Moreover, it also assesses risk for the service user which can be communicates to produce information which can because of effect aspects. Identifying responsibilities can address risk for service user so that it can be determines to reached valid and justifiable conclusion which can produce information at workplace. In addition to this, hand hygiene is considers very important element that prevent cross contamination and cross interaction in Graceland day. This is day care which can support to washing and actively promote positive ad healthy culture to demonstrates monitoring and reviewing.


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