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Introduction to Health and Social

Working at health and social unit are based on standards which are referred to its principles. It includes some standards that are essentially followed by different health care professionals doctors, experts, service providers. It is for initiating health quality in carer and treatment provided by them to the care users (Theisen, 2013). The era has been come out, where these care providers are working with multicultural society and their services (Pardeck, 2002). They follow the aspect of valuing diversity where influence of culture on health has been highly focused by different health professionals. Concentration on application of legislation and rules have also been put at their practices and workplace for providing best care possible as per their defined principles. With the help of this essay, the efforts are made to put deep insight into understanding of various approaches to principles of health and social care. This has been analyzed well with the help of different case studies which acted as an evidence to provide right direction to the present essay.

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Principles of Health & Social Care

The principles of support are applied to ensure that individuals are cared for in health and social care practice. It is considered as primary aspect which is addresses by various health professionals and care providers. The core lies in maintaining quality and treatment in complete favor of patient and their rights. In this regard, every decision that are taken are known to patients. In this regard, their, respect, culture and belief are not violated. For instance, the recording of patient's data are kept by service users. This is helpful in preparing the best of care plan for them. Various health care centers follows the person-centered approach which act as a support in delivering right decision making. Principle of support is crucially followed in giving treatment and care. This is required so as to acknowledge service user with the procedure of treatment and privacy of the care user (The Wimpole Street Principles, 2001). Self care is required to be developed in patients. Employees working in HSC unit must possess every knowledge regarding services. It should be well equipped with modern technology. Lastly, the principles to support must ensure employee participation in risk management. This is to ensure effective working at HSC.

One of the most important objective at HSC, is to promote and maintain safe and comfortable environment. There is need to ensure procedures that protect clients, patients and colleagues from harm at workplace (Juth, 2013). Different kinds of harm such as physical, financial, psychological harms are required to be identified. Ensuring safe and harmless environment for every employee should be assessed well. Standards are addressed properly for the benefit of the employees (Lomax and Ellis, 2001). For instance, at the time of handling the mental patient, the care worker must ensure the safety of themselves in regards to physical or psychological harm. Another example is while providing care to old age or children, there is need to take care of their emotional well-being as well. Similarly, the employees must ensure the safety of colleagues as well with respect to any complex problem. The network should be close and effective with respect to the attitude and behavior that must take clients and service user as well.

Ethical dilemma

Ethical dilemma is considered as the condition where the health care professional faces the critical situation. It is regarding the decision which they have to make with respect to the patient and their care (Curth, 2010). According to the given scenario, there is Black Hispanic female, who has been encountered with the situation of Accident and Emergency (A&E). She was a 20 years old lady who met with a single vehicle care accident. Due to critical accident, doctors showed her a sign and symptoms of internal bleeding. Therefore, as diagnosed by the health care experts and doctors, she was advised to have a blood transfusion and emergency surgery. This was an essential attempt which was delivered by doctor to save her and the fetus. However, she refused the blood transfusion and surgery (Bateman and Bateman, 2000). She rejected to accept blood and blood products. In this situation, surgery is an advise which is essential for her life. However, in no case, doctors cannot take step for her surgery and cannot against her rights. So, this is an ethical dilemma and conflict between health care professional and service user works.  

The care and treatment plans of the service providers at HSC should be of best quality. To ensure such practices, the implementation of policies, legislation, regulations and codes of practice that are relevant to work in health and social care, plays very effective role. Looking at the sensitivity of practices of the health care profession, it becomes imperative for service providers to address all laws at work (Ashcroft, 2007). As a part of own work, various acts are required to be followed. For instance, Data Protection Act which gives proper individual with the permission to access someone's information. Along wit this, there is Control Of Substance Hazardous to Health Regulation (COSSH) (Dunham-Taylor, 2008). It is to ensure usage of chemicals and other harmful substances to be properly stored and access. Medicines, sharp objects etc. should be properly placed so that unnecessary harm to anyone may not be happened. Similarly, safety precautions are trained to every employee. Use of notice board, fire exit signage, clean working place, etc. are required to be properly known to everyone with respect to laws and regulations.

Local policies and procedures can be developed in accordance with national and policy requirements. These are developed with respect to the guidelines which are provided by the recognized professional bodies (Berge, 2011). Local policies and procedures ensures success of organization in planned and careful way. For instance, change is the common attribute in every organization. In context to HSC, technological development is the most common factor. For meeting this, the policies lay down by the professional bodies provide a stability and flexibility to the working. Accordingly, employees are trained with the rules and regulations that are implemented (Green and Browne, 2005). In similar way, they were developed with the aspects that shows significance of maintaining a culture that supports easy and comfortable working. In that course, it become important for HSC organizations as well to follow the laws and regulations that helps in smooth

Functioning of the organization

The HSC and its working are based on the effective follow up of policy, legislation, regulation, and codes of practice on organizational policy and practice. It is to attain the special contribution that are achieved through the use of provided guidelines of the organization. The impact of addressing these aspects are beneficial for HSC organizations in creating a positive workplace (Jayaraman, 2008). Firstly, it is very difficult and tough for HSC organizations to formulate their own laws. Therefore, they follow them for smooth working in their care units. These policies tends to safeguard the rights of all individuals who are part of this organization. Irrespective of the department or class, an individual belongs to, these policies norms act as their right and support in gaining the success of organization's goals. In contrary to this, if an associated member breakdown any of such law or policy, he/she may be fined or may considered to be unfair in the eye of law. Any wrong action taken in respect to these norms may realize obliged to the responsible individual.

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Being social worker, I have acquired the best of platform to show my own contribution to the development and implementation of health and social care organizational policy. According to the given case study, the Rio, who was just fourteen months old child was found dead. In order to safeguard such kind of incidents in the future run, I have set my own roles and responsibilities to be followed. Every health care organization has some policies and norms. There is need to have clear understanding with respect to the clear understanding of the organizational regulations and norms (Stahl, 2004). Developing awareness in people regarding happening of such bad situation is to be essentially made. The impact and consequences of such events are required to be made and evaluated in detail in front of people. Use of drugs, cocaine and such things are bad for people. They are highly injurious to health. But, as analyzed from the given case study, it has been examined that team of social workers, drug agencies and police failed to alert the child abuse team to raise a voice against the happening of an event. Protection of child by the Bristol safeguarding Children Board reviewed such practices (Vincent, 2011). I will, at my part, try to formulate such plans and procedures that creates general awareness among people. In this regards, the important places and areas will be located (The Wimpole Street Principles, 2001). It is inclusive of homes, schools, colleges, offices, health care organizations where young citizens and children were bewared about such incidents and the wrong consequences of happening of such events.


Meeting good practices at the work is considered as the biggest requirement of the health and social care settings. As a social care, it is important at my part to have complete knowledge and awareness about code of practices. These are inclusive of all the standards as provided by the various professional bodies of UK. As per case study, it has been assessed that Sabrina was not having suitable background and therefore, it is vital at her part that she become aware of her duty as a mother (Mayer and Pizer, 2008). If she would have imparted care to his baby, the outcome will not be such dangerous. As analyzed from the given case study that Bristol City Council said no staff had been disciplined in connection with the failure to protect the child. This aspect need to be focused as the follow up of standards are required to be used on compulsorily basis. In order to perform in best way, there is need to update oneself with the current information with respect to the health and social care settings. 

Therefore, in handling of such incidents, the most important aspect lies in acting and infusing the best activities that helps in meeting the good practices of doing work at health and social care settings. In consideration to this aspect in mind, Kolb Reflective Cycle has been followed. This is a model which is adopted to develop the stage and style of different learning style. According to this model, the first stage which refers to concrete experience is achieved through entering into new situations and experiences. Being a social worker, I have put my past working actions and plans. This has helped me to bring reflective observation. In the last stage, where I plan about the conditions and try to find out its consequences in the various dimensions. At the last stage, there is active experimentation. Here, I found various options and use them to resolve the situations. The significance of this cycle helps the process of bringing continuous improvement at the workplace by bringing good practices. 

In a crux, it can be concluded that every person who is part of society must go and participate in the working of health and social care settings. This is a way in which they can work to raise their  understanding and awareness with respect to the treatment and medication. There are various care workers and organizers who play different role of meeting the illness of service users and patients (Honkala, 2014). The significance of laws, norms, rules and regulations should be followed properly. It is for making care workers acknowledge about roles and responsibilities that are imparted to them. In this regards, it is also for safeguarding the society about identification of various ways to work in collaboration with the principles that lay down the foundation (Jayaraman, 2008). It provides the way that helps in bringing work of both government and health care organization for working together.

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