Impact of Poor Diet on Children's Health and Well-being


The relationship of lifestyle as well as health should be considered .Poor diet may lead to sever health issues such as obesity. A healthy diet is considered to be as diet which help in maintaining or improving over all health. Nutritious food  provides the body with essential nutrition: fluid, micronutrients, micronutrients, and adequate calories. Children belonging to different age segment has different nutrition requirement, if such  needs are not fulfilled then in such situation , it may create big hurdles in the growth of children. In present scenario, life style as well as eating habits is considered to be as root cause of  health problems in children. Unhealthy life style leads to illness, disability and even death. Some of the disease which are generally caused due to unhealthy eating habits are metabolic disease,overweight,cardio-vascular diseases, hypertension,  etc. It is required by parents  and children to develop understanding about relationship  between lifestyle and health. Poor eating habit also have negative effect on the quality of life. Some of other disease which can be caused due to insufficient nutritious food include high blood pressure, heart disease etc.

The purpose of the report is to analyse the effect of diet on children's health and well-being in the Short as well as long term.

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Long term impact of poor diet on children's health and well-being

Children who have poor diet are more likely to develop certain long-term health problems and complications such as Osteoporosis Cardiovascular diseases. Growing up eating foods high in fat, sugar, and salt can increase the risk for high cholesterol, high blood  pressure. In addition to these children who have bad eating habits might have to suffer from obesity. Complications which might have effect on the health of children due to  obesity include bone development , problem in breathing, hip development problems, liver infection , increase in physical in activeness , diabetes which can occur in later life. Some other impacts of diet effects on the  children's health and well-being  in long term include :

Mental health: The important nutrition such as vitamin B is very much essential for development of  brain in children. Deficiency of Vitamin B  can lead to high level of depression in children. Some unhealthy food leads to the generation of fatty acids which may further leads to the anxiety and mood disorders in children which also have negative impact on their behaviour. It is very important for children to take well-balanced diet , as this eating habit will help children in managing their mental  health conditions (Ebadi , Vahdaninia, Azin and et al., 2011)

Teeth and bones: calcium is considered to be essential nutrition for the health of these crucial organ systems. Deficiency of calcium may lead to the slow  bone growth in children. Improper intake of nutrition as well as diet can lead to the can cause muscle cramps. Food which contain high calcium as well as magnesium help in reducing the muscle cramps.

Cardio-vascular system:lack of physical activity , insufficient diet and unhealthy eating habit may give rise to the heart disease. Such type of illness  or disease can be avoided with improving diet habit and regular exercise (Farhud and Tahavorgar, 2013) The longer a child is overweight, the greater the health risks and this is particularly true in the case of cardiovascular diseases – diseases of the heart and the arteries. Cardio-vascular disease can occur due to generates of  fatty acids which has been built up due to high fat diet. This is called atherosclerosis and reduces the flow of oxygen-carrying blood to the heart muscle which further results in the heart attacks. Atherosclerosis is considered to be diseases partly a result of a high fat diet. The saturated fat in the body increases the level of  cholesterol in the blood, such as butter, cheese and fatty cuts of meat.

Chronic illness: These diseases include diabetes to cancer to arthritis which might occur due to unhealthy food (Thomee, Harenstam and Hagberg, 2011)

Psychological effects- An overweight child is at greater risk of being teased and bullied at school. Which have negative effect on their mental health.

Poor memory as well as cognitive skills : eating proper diet as well as consuming healthy food is considered to be as important in terms of rapid brain development in children. Eating habit also have direct as well as significant impact on the capacity to learn and builds cognitive skills .Children requires food which consist of iodine, choline, Zinc , copper, vitamin A etc. Poor intake of these nutrients can lead to deficiency in brain development in children. Malnutrition might cause learning disabilities.

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Short term impact of poor diet on children's health and well-being

Energy- The improper diet as well as unhealthy habits may lead to the Complex carbs,  which further results in lack of energy and increase in activeness in children.

Indigestion – The unhealthy or over eating habits may lead to the digestion problems such as heartburn, or acid reflux after a big meal.

Sleep-Food habits have direct as well as significant impact on the sleeping pattern. Sleeping after consuming or eating extra before bedtime can lead to the insomnia or stomach aches. In children , eating of chocolate before sleeping can also hinder children efforts to get shut eye (Ziglio Currie and Rasmussen, 2004)

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It has been concluded from the project that children should consumes proper diet and healthy food which is very beneficial for their physical as well as mental health. Study has highlighted the negative effect of  unhealthy diet  on the health of children.

It has been suggested to parents as well as parents to motivate children for conducting regular exercise and improving eating habit. As this activity will aid children in preventing themselves from the harmful or deadly disease which might have negative effect on their development.

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