Human resources and job design

Operation management is a multidisciplinary field of management that is largely concerned with the overall functioning of a business organisation. It initiates from the primary  set of operations undertaken by an establishment and ends to the ultimate tact of distribution to efficiently serve the clients and users. It is where operation management is highly concerned with the overall conversion of raw materials into final goods and services as a way of increasing the profitability status of the enterprise (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). The present report is based upon a conferred case script of Mayfield private hospital where they are referred to deal with some leading challenges in providing quality healthcare services to their users. It is however a well established privately owned hospital in UK that is situated at Guildford area of Surrey and is a part of Carlton Health Group with near about 60 hospitals in the overall region of UK. It is where this group is vitally aimed to serve a quality health care service to all their users by together taking care of them who are consenting to invest into their Health Insurance Plan.

This in result to which also tends to satisfy their staff members to a greater extent. Mayfield is referred to be a intent- built amenity that was commenced in the year 1989 and is composed of total 100 private rooms for the patients. Wherein, these rooms are together comprised with bathroom facilities along with various operational rooms and consultation amenities. In context to which, they are hereby referred to provide day care services with minor operations of individuals ranging from age 45-60 years (Stone, 2013). Herein, many of their patients also tend to extend their services by staying all-night in their accommodated rooms where the medical care is being handled by an expertise team of professionals. Beside this, there together exists some other services such as portering, cleaning services and catering, etc., that comes under hotel based services with 3 in house departments to handle each of the above specified amenities for the service users. Into which, there together exists a chief executive in the position of Operations and Supply Chain Manager named Jerry Davis since last 2 years.

However, the hospital is referred to face some impediment issues from the last one year where the hospital staff's are envisioned to play a blame game that is severely impacting upon the service users with a clear destruction of all their expectations. It is with a need base concern of an atrocious behaviour by the staff members appointed in the 3 in house departments where they were not at all bothered about providing a quality service to the service users. Apart from which, the hospital have just went through a projected renovation that has resulted in the seal of their 10 operational rooms (Parker, Morgeson and Johns, 2017). This has resultantly impacted upon the functional cost of the hospital with less number of financial gain that in turn pressurised Jerry to lessen down the operational cost by together enhancing the quality of services that are being provisioned to the service users. It also involved a prior intervention of their main unit entitled as Carlton Health Group to take some prompt initiatives as a way of enhancing the quality of services with certain strategic approach.

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This resulted in rising the overall care standard to serve the patients by undertaking some prior benchmarks of total quality management (TQM) that included total four quality measures such as Patient satisfaction, Quality of medical care, Respect and Quality of staff. However, the hospital authorities were hereby with a mandate clause of adopting at least three of these four approaches (Scott and Davis, 2015). Key performance indicators (KPI) were together determined to measure the actual work execution of the care providers by together aligning it with the payment of incentives to those who have accurately followed the standardised criterion's. It was however with a  fundamental sense of motivating all their workers to pursue the standard norms of work as a way of operating in an efficient manner. However, the hospital was recently suffered from yet another loss of supervisory staff's where most of their superior members were either retired or left the organisation due to some reason. As a result to which, Jerry was hereby facing a major issue in controlling the appointed staff members and make them understand the value of quality service to the users.

Wherein, Human resource management (HRM) plays a greater role in managing the operational context of a business with a precise maintenance of their personnel resources. It is where a prime objective of HRM bodies is to create such strategies that effectively manage their labours. It is however done by designing such jobs that duly corresponds with the factual ability of the individuals as a way of utilizing them in an efficient manner (Cooke, Saini and Wang, 2014). It is thus composed of two principles norms that specify that people should be utilised in an effective way where their usage should not conflict with the confining decisions of operation management. Another principle norm has stated that the individuals must operate within a reasonable quality of work and under a mutualistic environment of trust and loyalty. It is therefore important for Jerry and the HRM personnels of Mayfield hospital to primarily understand the restraints of HRM strategies that is further composed of six distinct schemes. These are product strategy, process strategy, schedules, individual differences, location strategy and layout strategy.

On whose basis, the HRM is then responsible to begin with the process of job designing where in context to the present scenario of Mayfield hospital, these tasks will be either relate to an individual or a group of individual. It is thus with a similar reference to it, where this particular process of job design will be hereby composed of 7 distinct constituents required to be considered at the time of designing a job. These are job specialization, expansion, psychological factors, self driven teams, system of motivation and bonuses, ergonomics and work measures and visual workplace (Harris and McCaffer, 2013). Such specialised forum of work will in turn assist Jerry to accurately manage the teams with a special context of their enlarged job designs. It is mainly due to its major beneficial dimensions where it results in an improved quality of work with higher level of satisfaction in employees with an enhanced sense of motivation that in turn helps them to undertake more number of responsibilities. This also results in a reinforced state of productivity with a raised quality of work. It is where all these advantageous elements will hereby tend to resolve the problematic concerns that are being currently being dealt by Jerry in order to reduce the rate of absenteeism at the workplace.

It is also in context to reduce the increasing turnover ratio of employees where Jerry along with the HRM bodies of Mayfield hospital can hereby refer to plan an effective reward system at the workplace. It can be done by collaborating some effective tools of motivation to encourage the workforce with both internal and external techniques for whose identification, they can also refer to the conferred theories of various academic scholars (Munyon and et. al., 2015). In correspondence to which, there exists two foremost abstractive theories of motivation namely Maslow's need hierarchy and Herzberg's two factor model. Both these models are evident to assist the organisational bodies to make a primary understanding of the realistic needs of their respective set of employees by later applying it to in their adopted measures of rewarding. It is in case the employees are sufficiently fulfilled with the acquisition of their factual needs and demands, then this will lead to a directional set of work by them. Although, the HR personnels of Mayfield with a due consent of Jerry should also stipulate some mandatory clause of work for their employees to perform in a standardised way with quality outputs to get eligible for a reward.

Herein, they can refer to implicate some feasible theories of operations management as a way of pertaining them onto their business. It is basically in context to some modern tactics of operation management that involves four leading models of Business process redesign (BPR), Reconfigurable manufacturing systems, Six sigma approach and lean manufacturing. All four of these theories are evident to play a conceptual role in designing some efficient business related strategies (Barrick and et. al., 2015). It is where Jerry being the operational and supply chain manager can also refer to include them in the 3 in house department of Mayfield hospital as a way of improving the quality of their work. Wherein, the foremost tact of BPR was firstly introduced in the year 1993 to focus upon the analysis and designing of workflows and procedures undertaken to carry out the business. This model is apparent to guide the business in the overall structuring of their existing procedures as a way of reinforcing them in a guiding manner.

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Another tact of reconfigurable system of manufacturing is in regard to strengthen up the incorporated tactic of production by the organisations by getting into some major structural changes such as some expedited technical components to enhance the quality of their services. By such adaptation, the company will be rapidly able to correspond with the changes required to make an efficient production of services as a way of meeting out the changing preferences of the users (Swailes, 2013). This is for instance to specify about the present context of housekeeping services provided in Mayfield hospital where they can hereby refer to use some advanced technologies to maintain the cleanliness of the rooms with less manual effort by the employees. Also, the foods provisioning can also be done via some advanced technologies to provide freshly made food to the consumers by keeping it at a right temperature rather than serving it cold.

Six sigma is hereby referred to be yet another fundamental measure to amend the overall capacity of the business procedures. It is together associated with yet another consideration of depreciating the total number of processes as a way of enhancing the morale of employees with improved work performance and quality services to the users. It basically help the organisations like Mayfield hospitals to work with some well controlled procedures of business where it is together composed of its five distinct approaches termed as DMAIC (Heizer and Barry, 2013). This term stands for define, measure, analyse, improve and control where it is together depicted to be an intellectual framework to carry out the undertaken procedures of business. It is entirely based upon the concept of team work where DMAIC with its five varied constituents is apparent to remove any obstructive elements from the business with a clear focus on the business objectives. It is thus with a foremost context of building a well defined team of individuals to carry out the undertaken tasks.

Herein, the formulated teams will refer to correspond their tasks with that to the targeted goals of the organisation where Mayfield hospital is hereby aimed to provide quality services to their users. It is after the completion of its foremost constituent, the formulated team will subsequently refer to measure their carried performances with that to the aimed objectives of the firm as a way of accomplishing those within a stipulated frame of time (Cummings and Worley, 2014). This constituent will also refer to address any problematic concern that is deterring them to attain the targeted organisational goals and in accordance to the standardised norms of business. The consequent tact of analysis is basically to identify the root of any pertaining issue by separately analysing each of their inputs. This in turn fulfils the role of another constituent by improving their carried performance with a final part of controlling measure as a way of continuing with the reinforced tact of work by eradicating any deterrent clause in it.

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