MOD003347 Understanding Specific Needs In Health And Social Care Level 6


Health care of human beings is very much indispensable for entire society in order to create healthy environment by offering best services to requisite people . However, people are surrounding with various types of health issues due to changes in various factors which affects the well being of community. Although, governing bodies are playing a very eminent role in improving the overall structure of nation by introducing several beneficial. Therefore, assignment is going to highlight various measures or policies implemented by service provider at societal place in order to facilitate consumers with high standardized services. Basically, overall report is based on distinct case studies in which major cases are given related with health care. Governing laws, policies, procedures and various other norms are also outlining in this project for eradicating the problem faced by common people regarding health. Apart from this, various interventions are also identified which is proposed by medical care association for reducing well being issue in a minimum time period. Additionally, main objective of this report is to improve the conditions or problem faced by individuals by offering best suitable services to them. Moreover, it also throw some lights on several solutions which is designed by some of the service provider institutions to needy people.

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Task 1

1.1 Analysing concept of health and social care aspects

It is necessary for every individual to live healthy and disease free lives. Health is an important factor that is directly related to a person well being and health state. Definition of Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and more merely the absence of disease or infirmity (Rosenberg, 2010). It has become difficult to maintain health due to sedentary lifestyles of people. Every individual perceives health in different manner which leads to confusion about concept of health. Understanding of health is the only basis of all health care. Awareness in health care sector have improved over the time and involves many health concepts like biomedical concept, ecological concept, holistic concept and holistic approach. It is crucial for every individual to understand about specific needs and desires from their life and implement good habits in lifestyle.

Disability is mainly referred to as an impairment that can be developmental, intellectual, mental, physical or combination of these (Sekaran and Bougie, 2016). It may be present in a person from birth time or may be generated over a time period. It is basically not a health problem.

Primary disability: This is such which somewhere reflect the implicit brain with some central nervous system which do damage the prenatal exposure by alcohol. In this, people generally behave abnormal and like impaired mental functioning; memory problem and other effects too.

Secondary disability: These are those disabilities in which individual are not born with, and it is done through right understanding and the defined interventions.

Illness is basically referred to a unhealthy condition in which person fell uneasy in overall body and mind. It prevent person to perform that daily task in normal manner. It is basically a disease or a sickness from which a person can suffer. Behaviour are the observable responses, actions, activities of a person towards any object or a person. It is usually based on mental and physical health of a person that directly effect their behaviour for others.

There are some models of this term and from that one is, Social model: In this report, it determines that structure of social model directly affects economic, environmental and individual factor. In the case study of Peter Connelly, this model has been explained. He was died due to 50 injuries which was affecting his health very badly from last 8 months. It pose negative impact on society of London.

Medical model: This types of model is based on medical support and treatment that a person takes in unhealthy situations (Locke and Bailey, 2013). As per the case study, Peter was suffering from many injuries and was admitted into hospital for medical treatment in order to reduce its impact.

1.2 How perception of specific needs get changed over time to time

From past few years, a lot of changes had been occurred in the society. Before, people used to prefer everything like eating food without knowing the harmful impacts, taking medicines not related to their disease, etc. But now days, awareness in these aspects have increased and people are more aware about their health and diet, taking only prescription medicines, etc.(Tomlinson, 2014). People are narrowing their needs form diverse to specific, which only provide them with numerous benefits by implementing specific requirements in their lifestyles and avoiding other unnecessary needs which can impact negative impact on their health. In the case of Baby's P, nobody was concerned about death of a baby, but after death of Peter Connelly, people of London went into shock and become more concerned about the death of Peter. The doctors found out that baby was suffering from many injuries including scratches, bruising, broken ribs, mutilated fingertips, missing fingernails, etc. due to severe injuries, Peter was not able to live with that so he died. This case was taken by police and they run its investigation and found out baby's mother, his boyfriend and boyfriend's brother guilty in the case. After that, they were sent to jails and child protection services of Haringey and other agencies were criticised. A report stated that members and staff who came into contact of this case was incompetent to follow up their duties. Then social service care were launched after this case.

Even though the changes in perception was noticed with the time.

16th century: In this time period the people was used to be superstitious and more conservative too. There perception for something can be mould by anything and they were used to believe in their own strength to perform their work.

19th century: Even though at this time scale, people was having an traditional thinking as they followed what their family was following from last so many decades and perception did changed from earlier and facilities were get started for people. Therefore individuals become outward with their thinking part. At that time, people were more religious and they have beliefs towards something. They run their lives according to their religion and norms and this happens for a longer period of time. Every people were concerned and they all take care of each other. In this era, medical, education, transportation facilities were not efficient and their infrastructure was also not good.

21st century: In this time period people become more analytical and practical in living and their level of thinking also grew up and they become extrovert, somewhere still traditional thinking is there but they are living the modern life too.In today's era, the situation has almost changed. With time, attitude and belief of people has modified and they believe more in materialism. People have become more focused towards their career and jobs and have less relationship with family and friends. They don't have time to give to their relatives and are more practical in nature. Everything like education, transportation, medical facilities have been improved with time and are more efficient. They have been built by considering specific need of individuals or groups of individuals.

1.3 Impact of governmental laws, social policies and culture

In each and every organisation, authorities laws and government law and various legislation play an essential role when they are coming for providing quality services according to an individual demand and their needs in better manner. Such kind of laws and rules are operated and regulated for specific framework which assist in developing convenient resources and provide services to every one (National Research Council, 2012). These type of government help in building different advantages for considering rights and authorities of the disable and common people. UK government required to regulate and operate various kind of norms and rules which assist them in providing effectiveness and build accurate control on each and every functions or activities in proper manner. Legislation is a law which is enacted by legislature or government body of a country. Along with this, there are different laws and legislation of such sector that are discussed under:

Disability discrimination act 2005 - which are basically state for those individual who are facing disabilities and there are certain other health related issues and problems. It is necessary for authorities and local government for providing specific facilities to each and every one by which no one can discriminate by their group of sex, age, religion, disability and some other health problems. It is required for understanding their role in equal manner. Government of UK is operated and regulated such act which has been maintain equality among each one. Such type of legislation and norms act assist in enhancing the level of society and increasing support in better manner. Importance of this law is to provide health assistance to individula who are in need if it.

Health and social care act 2012 – It is that laws and regulations which help in providing effective and quality health services to employees and labours of an enterprise. Main objective behind this is to evaluating and monitoring different areas which required to be improved the effective medical services in proper manner (Giger, 2016). With the help of this, there are different companies which offer effective health and medical facilities which hire talented employees to the disable person. Importance of this act is to provide effective and good health care to the employees and other staff members.

National health service act 2006 – It is used for allowing the effective funds and facilities to disable person as per their needs and demand. In this process, some government and other public related sectors are provide their contribution in health care facilities as NHS and some others. Importance of this act is that it provides financial assistance to disable person, so that the person can have particular treatment and care.

Among all the three policies and legislation, its advantage is to that they allow the equal opportunities, implementation of disability rights commission monitor and system of redress. Another is major disadvantages in which it does not always change deeply held the views and attitudes, it can be very expensive for making such changes that are required and all the people are not know their rights.

Positive impact- It will create positive impact on the mind of person which make them feel happy and secure within an organisation. This will assist the disable individual who are getting equal opportunities for an organisation.

Negative impact- This will make and create unequal opportunities to the firm. It does not assist in making and developing creative image of the company.

Different laws and legislations help in maintaining proper order of company and provide necessary assistance to the person in need. In the case study, police has started their investigation as it was the case of murder which is a very serious crime and requires great attention by police. Culprits should be punished as they have violated different laws and should be punished with serious penalties and imprisonment.

Task 2

2.1 Analysing care needs of individual with specific needs

Each and every individual have certain specific requirements and needs that should be fulfilled in better manner. Such type of things can be determine for gaining particular targets and objectives and their personal requirement in easy way. There are certain specific needs of a person which can help an individual so they can determine the work and value which need to be done in given time frame and identifying their limitations (Osterwalder and Pigneur, 2010). Safety and security of an individual have to be analysed according to their specific needs and requirements in appropriate manner. For disable and unhealthy person, it is necessary that they should achieving their requirement of safety and security regarding health and security which help in doing proper treatment for their diseases. An individual should analyse proper needs of human rights which help them in doing proper work. In the specific work place, there are certain rights and authorities which can determine as benefits, employment services, compensation and allowances which an organisation required to deliver to them in correct manner. For disable and unhealthy person, it is necessary to analyse their appropriate rights and powers while doing work in society and workplace. At some time country government required to provide financial facilities to those person who establish their business and certain other health issues they are choose to the treatment (De Mooij, 2013). In this process, Maslow's Hierarchy of Need will present the various types of requirements and needs of a person as a social need, safety need, esteem need, psychological needs and some others. According to this case study, security and safety need is consider as health, physical and emotional safety and protection. According to the case of Baby P it is necessary for taking large place. Along with this, social needs are related with some specific requirement such as family, friendship, love, care which they are get from their person and other relatives. According to this case scenario, Peter's mother who are required to provide them particular services and facilities as per their demand and needs in proper manner.

There are three care needs of an individual that are as under:

  • Mobility needs- It assist in adopting technical devices which is used for increasing independent mobility for special needs of children and adults along with disabilities and also recover from injury. This will help in offering different types of mobility aids, from pediatric trainers for walkers and crutches which provides main opportunities for improving the ability and capability.
  • Learning needs- This involves the assessment of employees capabilities with understanding current and estimated difference in skills and knowledge. It will also help in analysing teams, groups or organisational level.
  • Physiological needs- It is that need which is founded by Maslow hierarchy of needs and it includes survival of common requirements such as need of sleep, air, food and reproduction. Physiological needs are requirements of individual needs for human survival.

There are different care needs which are as under:

  • Comparative needs- It is that need which has been expressed for giving assistance. In the comparative need, this can compare with one group along with another, for example in another different geographical places or locations.
  • Felt needs- A felt need is lack or limited the felt subjectivity by members of specific groups and it can express their perceptions regarding their need of intervention. It is mainly influence by particular setting where this can occurs.

2.2 Explanation of existing systems for supporting person with specific needs

In current time period, there are many enterprises who working for providing their special services in care sector, health by particular detail of past incidence. The case study is based on baby Peter, who is small child and some psychological affect can be done tendency because he is affected with some stimulating behaviours and their attitudes. In this procedures, they require to implement some specific framework for doing effective process, working and some other techniques for developing appropriate relation with those individual who are exploiting them. According to the case study, Baby P was suffer from in such situation which they required a appropriate care from his mothers (Fowler, 2010). The improper guidance and knowledge is getting resultant as his death. In this process, it is necessary for individual for getting specific information and knowledge with the help of school and primary learning. Along with this, government and social care sector need to conduct specific initiatives which assist in spreading awareness towards each and every health issues and diseases. In the context of this case study, it is analysing and evaluating certain problems and health issues such as Asthma and many other which is not sorted under average issues. For the improper knowledge and ineffective health care services can negatively impact on health of individual. Peter was a child so it was compulsory that his family and mother make appropriate care. In the process of government organisation and local authorities they required to conduct effective welfare functions or activities through various sources such as print and electronic media. All the health and social care activities can be conducted in proper manner so that sailorly provide effective facilities and services to disable and unhealthy persons. All such things can easily conducted and implemented by authorities if some government bodies protect health care activities of children and analyse various situations in proper manner.

There are two system of legislation that are describe as follows:

Statutory- It is that term which is used for defining the written rules or regulations, generally it can enacted by legislative body. Statutory law are different from regulatory laws which are passed by executive agencies, common laws, law are created by prior court decisions. If the executive signed the bill then it passes into laws as a statute. It includes several was which are made by legislative bodies like parliament or sate government. It can be considered as non constitutional body which involves SEBI, CBI and NTCA that conduct several security practices in different fields. These can helps to determine several illegal activities and take an appropriate actions against them to provide safe life to common people. Such agencies can help to individuals like Baby P to get safe life and stop criminals to conduct crimes with common people.

National Social Services- This is an Indian government sponsored public services program which has been conducted by Ministry of Youth Affairs of the government of India. Social employees help an individual and their families with difficult times and make sure that vulnerable people such as adults and children for safeguarding from harm.

Non-statutory: - This can be described as those bodies that are organised by an executive resolution or action which means that they formed by permission of governmental authorities. Such bodies can be transformed by making fresh law or amending nay existing law as well. It includes several government committees for different places or states to reduce crimes and provide support to needy people to secure their lives. In case of Baby P, local commissions can investigate properly about crimes and reduce misshapen which takes place with them.

2.3 Evaluation of services present in locality for individuals.

Moreover, in health care sector is that which has different kind of organization who are engaged in their work to look and observe each issue in proper manner. They are generally having an responsibility and authority as well to identify various impact which has different disease with problems on various individuals with health supplement (Morgeson, DeRue and Karam, 2010). Although public and private company which also provide their contribution in right context too. Generally, NHS is firm who manage their activity in right format, although they normally conduct survey which help them to collect information related to problem and issues with individuals. They do work hard to provide solution and various facility in better manner so that people can protect themselves.

In the case of Baby Petter, it is identified that government has to go with different initiative which take care of child and other health issues as well. Baby P, was suffering from the various issues in body like breathing level from long time. Therefore, police came in between to know the reason of death of particular person, just because authority of hospital is not providing exact answer for death. None the less, ignorance of health services causes death and losses too. As such it is required to build a better policy and procedure for their working in right direction and can help in better manner for public and child protection too. Poor and needy individuals suffer from various losses and diseases because they don't have much amount to pay in hospitals. Hence, government has to make an analyses on local authorities as they are providing medical services to individuals in better manner or not. Even though, solution to baby P disease can helped him to live for more years too.

Even though there are various thing which is provided to individual people in right context and thus services to human beings are provided according to their needs and diseases from which they are suffering. For instance- Cancer is a diseases which needs a permanent cure and if didn't got then people can die too. Moreover people will get precautions related to their diseases. Even though person is having cancer and such getting precaution of different health issue. As people individual and aged people do receive the solution to their issues according to their problem only.

Specific needs of cancer patient: - This can be described as several requirements of cancer patients that includes psychological, financial, physical needs. It involves that cancer treatment is very expensive then a person required to manage funds fro it and they need morale support of family & friends that makes them strong to take chemotherapies at different stages. Other specified requirements are depends upon kind of cancer from a individual get suffered and that includes in medical needs of person to remain healthy.

Task 3

3.1 Approaches and interventions available to support services too.

Generally, in health care sector is that who require which do manage things in effective manner and also analyse the each and every element in great manner. Although with such thing a positive and health environment can be created in better manner and with this quality services as well effectively. In today's world the poor and disability people suffer from many diseases. Education and awareness is increasing in great manner but some people are still their who think bad and worst for poor and disable people (De Poy and Gitlin, 2015). Hence, it is required to conduct an research which can help them to determine various issues which is faced by people in manner of mental and physical way. People has worst thinking power as they think that disable people basically gets sympathy from different individuals as because they are poor and need their help. Such kind of thinking is that which does create a negative thought in environment and impact on mental and health.

Moreover, Mr and Mrs. E both struggled in great way to get justice for the HL and took the boy to their home so that He can feel like home and can live in a better way though.

For such thing it is required to tell them that solution to their problem is available, intervention is considered as the communication process which help people to interact with various person. According to case study Mr. and Mrs. E can make a proper communication with for their right and authorities that generally occurs in British norms. In their case, Boy was suffering from Bidding issues and moreover admitted in hospital too make him cured in better way too. Although it is required by medical organization as to create positive environment which also help them to get ready as soon as possible and also motivates them to have an better working as well.

Even in this case of Mr. and Mrs. E, the boy HL was detained by hospital authority without the permission of Mr. and Mrs. E and in there case in year 1998, house of lords upset and having an HL's detention was illegal in proper manner. Therefore they took this case to the European court of human rights and in year 2004 ruled in the HL's favour only.

Autism is said to be an disorder and it also refer to range by which challenges with having some social skills, speech and having an repetitive behaviour as with too unique strength and differences in great manner, even it is caused by the various combinations of the genetic and environmental influences.

Even though there are various approaches of Autism and even though there are various intervention as well of the autism which help to reduce the number of people with the motive of getting it zero from such problem. Autism is one of the biggest diseases which generally occur at the age of in between 10 to 20 and needs to be cured at such only. Even though like Mr. and Mrs. E boy was also suffered from bidding problem which looked to get cured by the time so that it cannot become saviour when he grows up.

Approaches to Autism: - The patient suffered from health issues of autism requires special care and psychological support to them. It is necessary to provide morale support to theses kids who are suffering from this health issues along with treatment. Autism patient needs to remain under observation every time while carrying out diagnosis of this disease.

3.2 Evaluate effectiveness of intervention strategies.

Intervention strategies is such which do play an important part in providing health and care facilities to services to patients and other individuals too. This is quite healthy for those people who need medical services in better manner. It is something which does help in having effectiveness and activity which develop intervention in important prices and it also provide the effective and appropriate knowledge of education and health care services too. These are those who has the effective procedure too, which usually develop various strategies that can easily implement and can also execute development procedure as well (Burns and Grove, 2010). According to the Case study Mr and Mrs. E biomedical and various intervention strategies are provided to those which needs to get implemented properly and even in effective way too which is according to requirement and need as well. Health can care services are such which does help in employment, learning activities and for the different sector of areas. Even though health care services is that which has to be provided in great manner to various people. Although intervention is considered as needed concept for the medical sector and it is such which do help in having cure of different people too.

Normally the intervention strategies is such which do help in providing better health cares service to patients in right format too. Hospital do help them to get cured within the time period too as they also motivate their patients to keep calm and they will be cured soon.

Advantages and disadvantages of approaches and intervention.


  • Various intervention and support become appropriate with child develops and also acquire some social and learning skills.
  • Autism is such which can benefit the different transition services and thus it also promote some successful maturation with interdependence with opportunity of employment of an adulthood.
  • People start behaving in better manner and thus they lead to understand everything in right context too.


  • The cure of disease is a time consuming case.
  • If not intervened at early stage then it can become higher problem for the people.

3.3 Potential impact which also help in emerging development on support of individuals.

Emerging development is such which help in process and direct impact on individuals for personal nature too. These element is such which include the impact of learned profession, culture and social, technological acquisition with legislative implementation. In medical division is such which require person to analyse the aspect and it is related to research and also analyse the patient's condition with their personal health issues too.

Although various advanced technologies and tools are taken in use which do analyse the different diseases and health issues too that help in providing specific knowledge which is toward present condition to the patient as well. Moreover, there are various kind of actions which need to analyse process and looks forward to have an working in effective way in every condition (Callister and Rethwisch, 2011). In this particular areas different and various laws are there with legislation that provide effective services to build work and facility with patient in as disable person to have health and social care services act 2012, national health care services act 2006, disability discrimination act 2005, etc. all those things are there which help to provide effective service and facility to various patients and clients too in exact and appropriate manner as well. Even though several development is being noticed in hospital as in equipments and working process too with their strategy in great way. With the help of these all such the patient is also getting cured and protective in proper way as well and thus hospital authorities are also choosing better strategies which is helping them to work in right context too.

There are various thing which help in the development of UK and thus they have to perform in better manner, even though advanced technology is such which help hospitals to cure the patient in better manner and thus do come to know about the disease from which the people is suffering in great way. Technology is considered as the impact on development of country, hence the technology is helping every sector to grow up and earn higher profit too.

Normally the social development should also be there as this help in having reduction of unemployment and every individual also increase their standard of living and if society is getting g the treatment of their issues and problems then they are satisfied. Even though many companies are having CSR as well which help to develop the society too.

Task 4

4.1 Different approaches of challenging behaviours

Challenging behaviour is such which do describe the socially unacceptable behaviour or difficult with problem behaviours in right context too. Moreover, it is being considered as challenge for the teachers, carers and parents and even though professionals as well. A person is such who has problem in which challenge for others are included for not doing anything wrong too (Wirtz, Schilke and Ullrich, 2010). It is such which does mean that there is a gap in between proper communication and having reason of the problem that lies which is must and can be unrealized the need. It doesn't let people to do what they want in the doings in lives. For instance, kid who is having a assertive behaviour that which hurt someone in losing patience. Moreover, such kind of behaviour are not inherent, any child not get from parents but they get is from their birth. Although some people are there who behave in various ways as they are not be able to find the solution on how help has to be done. They normally have self-injuries, behaviours which is aggression to others as well and having destructive of person's environment with the antisocial nature with stereotype nature too. A kid who is having issues while speech and thus when he/she scream and cry they generally got no problems and issues at all (Chen, 2011). This is generally happen as when stress is there or not having a family support which should be there.

Hence in other words it can be said as disability of people. Deterioration, environment and interpersonal relationship is such which make it simple for the disabled person which may develop the behaviour which fulfil needs in great manner too. For instance, an autistic person is such who work by their own and some are attention seeker, even though they can hit too if they didn't received the attention. They do have some understanding and also has some talent too. Moreover, few people are there who does not get depression which make them impulsive, stop enjoying the various things and even though can go to hide own-self as well, which lead to get started to stay away from the relationships. This is such which include the psychosis and having an aggressive action too without having any reason for an individual person and also does assume the things which already does not exist.

Pre-scientific: It has some characteristic as it has been considered as period before rise of modern science and has prior to the state of application to the modern science. Earlier the modern techniques were not available in early days and traditional treatment was given to the people. In today's world scenario scientific method is available with the company and thus help of such they can provide proper treatment to their patients in better manner and can help various individuals with the services in great way.

4.2 Possible impact of challenging behaviours on organically of health and social care

Health and social care firm can doing work to render effectual medical facilities or services to an individual. In this procedure of some private, public and voluntary sectors organisation which developing or build their impressive scheme to supply attribute work to each and every person (Treasury, 2010). It is that sector aspect lots of situations and issues that straightly effect on respective life. According to the case study it is examine that authorities and national government necessarily to takings correct activity toward the well-being care services. These kind of service user are needs to take in difficultly action which is difficult to analyse for doctors and other employees (Zissis and Lekkas, 2012). Along with this, it is need that each and every respective interpret their obligation toward the welfare care sectors. It will serving to manage activity in effectual way and reduce excess production loads from various persons. Working action under Force and with tension make annoyance in the regard their occupation and duty, so for this they want to accomplished the obligation and actions in effectual or correct way. Such type of organisation is works to supply effectual services to those individual who do impressive services in simple manner. Extra level of tension reduce productiveness and superior of worker employed ability and they do mistake and make fault not intentionally. Such kind of things will accumulated cost of operations and structural approach which are performed within an organisation. Such kind of property are straightly effect on organizational action and formulations.

There are various impact of challenging behaviour that are discussed as under:

  • Impact of employees- The organisation employees are doing their work for achieving desired goals and targets. It is necessary for company manager is to analyse and examining the staff members behaviour towards their effective working condition in better manner. This will directly impact on employees performance as well as their growth level.
  • Cost of services- The major impact of employees behaviour are describing the cost of services which help in managing and maintaining the organisation functions. If the staff members are doing task for reach with specific targets and objectives in effectively. An organisation can charge cost which are affordable for each type of people.
  • Frustration of carers- It is another challenge related to employees behaviours where they are frustrated with care providers and this will assist in providing health and social care services in proper manner.

All the above mentioned points are describing the major impact of employees as well as other factors behaviours on business growth and success. It will assist in identifying business operations and its major functions.

4.3 Strategies for working with challenging behaviours

Dealing with challenging behaviour needs special attention, as they are something different from others. So they need some extra care, one person must be there with them all the time so they want feel alone, especially when they need someone's help. The carer should being friendly with them to assist, otherwise they can't be near with special individual. Once they need to find out the things which can be harmful like knife and other stabby and weigh things that can injured them (Kietzmann and et al, 2011). Don't take to a crowd place, It may be possible that they don't like gathering, loud music, violent games and toys, they may get panic with these kind of stuff. The HL was introvert and use to care of the things which he loved the most and at the time when the HL took towards hospital by driver instead of going to clinic at such time he become agitated in great manner. Take them to a place which is open and wide such as a garden, where they can feel free to breath and they can enjoy the open air atmosphere, make them play outdoor games, like running, footballs, let them enjoy with the rides, offer them some colours, if they like art and craft, then they can enjoy the outing and would like to do the things (Du, Bhattacharya and Sen, 2010). As given case study, one challenged person need to train with patience, so set a schedule program for them, so that they can learn to behave well, and can groom with training, as there are so many people who are who are not able to talk with others, so a set program will aid to teach them some etiquettes so that they can interact with others, although they may not like it, but they can feel comfortable with this training. Slowly begin with to engage them with some activity, whatever they like, interact with some speech therapy if they have communication problem, encourage them with a smile on face so they can connect with a carer. Offer them some choices, that can make able to recognize between the good and bad behaviours.

In case of Mr. and Mrs. E they struggled in great way for HL justice and even though they have made many strategies to deal with the HL as he was suffering from the bidding problem in better way. To handle the behaviour of HL was quite hard and difficult and thus, they work hard to handle him and when the HL was detained by hospital then Mr. and Mrs. E took stp for the case and had justice for him.

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From the above report it has been summarized that number of health issues are identified at current marketplace because of changes in environment and various several factors which may influence the well being of common people. Thus, report is totally focussing on services and facilities offered by needy people by distinct health care organization in order to reduce wellness issues. However, above information are showing that anyone can face any problem at anytime without any indication. Thus, government must implement various programmes and sessions for minimization of problems by offering best services at the time of need without wasting time. Along with this, it is essential to focus on each or every person without discrimination on the basis of caste, colour, religion and so on. Hence , main objective is to improve the situation of overall societal place. It means overall assignment is moving towards prevention of human beings from dangerous attacks and health issues in a minimum time frame. Therefore, social service organization need to understand the requirement of policies at workplace.


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