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Review your experience of working in the team, analysing the challenges you faced and the skills you developed while working in partnership within your group.

I prefer teamwork and enjoy working in a team. Therefore, indeed it was a great experience for me to work in a team. I learnt a lot of new things and gained new ideas. I learnt how to behave while working in a team and also the do’s and don’ts. However, as we know every coin has two faces, similarly team work also has its pros and cons. I had to face a lot of difficulty while working in a team. First one being the team development process. According to Bahraminejad et al. (2015), team development includes five stages.

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Firstly, forming comes that is to form the team. Here, enthusiastic individuals having positive expectations but a bit anxious comes together and focuses on what they have to do. Secondly, comes storming where I had to face discrepancy between my expectations and the reality. I had to learn new things like adjustment. At this stage, I had to face arguments and sub group formations. This stage needs to be managed carefully. Now, as the discussion continued, we resolved our differences and made adjustments and started to settle down. Now I felt more valued and I had a much more clear and methodical way of working. I felt a sense of self esteem. I also felt trust and respect developing between the team members. This was the norming stage. Finally, in the performing stage, according to Tuckman’s theory, now the team is much more strategically aware. It knows what it is doing and why. In this stage the focus is on achieving goals and the team doesn’t require any instruction from the leader (Brook et al. 2015). Here I felt confident and I could say what I thought and I saw us nearing the conclusion.

I also had to face other challenges like time management as we were discussing online so, each member was not online at a particular time. Therefore, we were not able to discuss the problems like identifying community issues, needs and their problems properly. Due to lack of communication, I faced the challenge of developing community based programmes and resources. There was lack of participation. Each member of the team was not participating equally. Therefore, we had to face challenges while preparing reports, policies and in developing and agreeing strategies. We were also facing the problem of unsuccessful partnership. I also faced conflicts on various topics like overseeing the financial management of a limited budget and fund raising. Inappropriate behaviour, political structures and carrying out various tasks was also quite challenging. Thus I had to face lots of challenges and they weren’t really very easy.

Team work has really helped me a lot to develop my skills. It improved my communication power to a great extent. Rather team work has enriched my communication skill. It has really helped me in increasing my patience and has helped me in patience listening (Edwards, Darwent & Irons, 2016). Team work has also taught me how to maintain proper manners while being in a team and to respect each and every team member.

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Assess how the learning you have done through this exercise might help you to promote the health of an organisation or locality in which you are involved.

Team work is really beneficial as it helps in building interpersonal skills. In team work, team members share their views and opinions and thus an effective conclusion is obtained. According to Belbin’s theory by understanding my role in my team, I can develop my strengths and my weaknesses as a member of the team and thus can improve my contribution within the team. According to this model, the team members should not have same strengths and weaknesses. This model helps to create a more balanced team (Eubanks et al. 2016). Therefore, we have also followed this model to develop our team to get productive results.

This team work has helped me to promote the health of a locality. Firstly, to promote the health of a locality, we need to know the locality very well, we need to know peoples issues, their needs, their problems and financial condition. Poverty and unemployment plays a major role in health issues. Therefore, to improve health conditions, we need to eradicate poverty first and this can be done by creating employment opportunities. Unemployment is also a root cause of health issues. It causes mental illness like depression and may even cause suicide (Gosling & Turner, 2015). We should also check ones eating habits. This is also one of the major contributors behind causing health issues.

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Hygiene also plays an important role in this. We should educate people to pay more attention to ones hygiene. Maintaining hygiene will reduce health issues by a large margin. Maintaining hygiene will improve the health of the women and the children. We should stop child labor and also encourage child education. We should try to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich. The poor people are always deprived and if the gap is not overcome then the deprived will become much more deprived and will increase health issues (Lehmann-Willenbrock, Beck & Kauffeld, 2016). Therefore, we should take appropriate measures to avoid health issues.


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