The Relevant National Policies and Legislation Which Influence The Healthcare Delivery


Healthcare system is also know as health system which is an organisation or a community that provide resources, facilities and healthcare to society so that they enjoy there life in effective and appropriate manner. Its main objective is to serve society by providing appropriate and effective facilities as well as resources so that peoples leave their life in proper manner. For which Healthcare system develop various strategies and plans such as affordable price of services and many more (Hall, 2012).

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Government of UK also develop various rules and regulation which provide guidelines to healthcare system to conduct work in effective and efficient manner. These are mainly focus on services and facilities which are serve by health system. Government of United Kingdom also develop rules and policies for patients such as patient protection and affordable care act due to which patients able to get proper facilities in affordable price.

Along with this government also provide funding to healthcare system through which they able to offer effective and appropriate facilities to society. This report is based on relevant national policies and legislation that influenced the offerings of healthcare systems. Through this health system to conduct their work in appropriate as well as smooth manner.
The relevant national policies and legislation which influence the healthcare delivery

There are various acts which are developed by government of United Kingdom in order to deliver appropriate and effective facilities as well as services to society or patients. Along with this these national policies and legislation develop framework or guidelines for healthcare systems so that they can provide best and proper services to society (Hurley and Mazor, 2013). Government of UK update and develop new policies and legislation on regular basis and when it is required. By this society able to get proper treatment of diseases in affordable prices as well as effective manner. Some major of them are explain below:-

The Care Act, 2014: This act is develop by parliament of United Kingdom in year 2013 and it is get received in year 2014. This act is develop to protect well being of an individual or patients or society. According to this act there are various responsibilities which is conduct by local authority such as promoting well being of a individual or society, providing facilities according to need, provide proper care at healthcare system, give proper advice and suggestion according to requirements and many more. By this a healthcare organisation able to serve their society in effective and appropriate manner.

Data protection Act, 1988: This act is develop by parliament of UK in 1995 and it amend in year 1998. The main reason behind this is to protect data and personal information of employees as well as service users from getting misused. According to this there are various role and responsibilities of healthcare system such as don't share personal information to any one, delete unnecessary information of a patients from record and many others. Some of main information type which a company must not share with any one like race, family background, any serious disease, genetics, biometrics, health and so on.

Equality Act, 2010: This act is develop to protect peoples from getting discriminated on different basis such as gender, role, colour, race, family background, values, beliefs and many other. In many organisation situation of discrimination occur due to which employees feel demotivated and there is also increase in employees turnover ratio (Wilkerson, Smith and Stramp, 2015). For this reason respective legalisation was made to protect rights of employees and encourage them to work in effective manner. In respect of healthcare society if there is discrimination is at hospitality doctors not able to treat employees in proper manner. So, it is consider as responsibilities of authority to take action on this and encourage employees that leads to increase in productivity.

Medicine Act, 1958: This legalisation is develop by United Kingdom Parliament and this will regulate as well as ensure qualification of professional person at medicine and surgery. By this government able to create general medical council for regulating doctors in the UK. This is consider as one of the necessary medical acts or legalisation which is important to adopted by healthcare system. By this rule and regulation there is establishment of guideline through which an hospitality company able to treat their patients in appropriate and effective manner. By this patients also get right to get appropriate medicines according to disease in affordable price.

The pharmacy Act, 1948: This particular regulation is develop by parliament of United Kingdom in order to limit or reduce sale of poisons and dangerous drugs that affect health and well being of a person (Henderson and, 2014). By this no pharmacy can sale drugs or medicine that will badly or negatively affect a person's health. Is any one do legal authority can take action on them. In this respect they have to pay fine or may be they have to go at jail for a particular time duration. This act is develop because due to dangerous drugs many peoples or patients get ill and some of them loss their life. So to prevent or overcome this situation government create this rule and policy.

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From above discussed point it can be conclude and evaluate that healthcare system is necessary to develop appropriate and effective environment for peoples. When an individual is feeling sick or ill they must contact to healthcare system, where they get proper treatments and medicines accordingly. Government of United Kingdom develop various rules, regulating and policies so that healthcare community or organisation conduct their work in effective and proper manner. This will directly leads to appropriate treatment of patients with effective facilities as well as affordable price. Some major legalisation which must be adopt by all healthcare community are data protection act, 1988 according to which an organisation should not disclose personal information or data of any person or patients. Along with this another main legalisation is pharmacy act, 1948 which leads to limitation on selling of poisons and dangerous drugs which can affect an individual health.

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