Unit 5 Global Health Assignment Part 2 Level 4


Health care is all about enhancing well being of human beings with the use of various tools and techniques such as; offering best services to needy people. However, their main objective is to prevent entire society from harmful diseases and dangerous attacks by implementing numerous programmes or sessions (Bloom and et. al., 2012). Although number of problems are identified that is encountered by existing world but amongst all poverty is one of the major or sparking issue which is identified at current societal place. In fact, it may influence the development of whole nation because numerous of people are getting unemployed because of illiteracy. Therefore, assignment is going to throw major lights on US health programmes implemented by governing bodies and various institutions to reduce well being problems faced by common people while living their life. Along with this, it consist of several facts or figures which shows the recent facts on poverty and actual condition of US people fighting with this issue. Lastly, corrective suggestion must be outlined in this project for overcoming this most dangerous problem which is occurring in distinct society.

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In today’s advanced world human beings are surrounded with fake products which are full of chemicals, harmful ingredients, excess level of material use etc. As a result it affects the health or development of people living in a society as well as few people are failed to buy it due to high range of price as it may hamper the growth of society. In fact, communities are circulated with lots of harmful products and items due to changes in various factors like; polluting environment, damages of natural goods and so on ( Eckardt and et. al., 2013).

However, US is going through major problems regarding health issues as well as poverty and it affects the economy development of nation. Along with this, influence various elements like; inflation or deflation, fluctuation in currency rate , increase or decrease of taxation rate which automatically harm the society. Therefore, main issue is that country is encountering major problem of “poverty and access to healthcare” due to changes which is occurring at societal place. Additionally, health care organization are playing major role in preventing members from harmful diseases such as; infectious and non infectious. Thus, according to federal poverty level 2017 report few major data are identified which is affecting the entire world due to this issue and problem.

Persons in Household

2017 Federal Poverty Level

Medicaid Eligibility (138% of FPL)













As per above facts or figures it has been analysed that percentage of poor people getting increasing day by day due to unemployment and inappropriate management by high authority of nation.




Poverty is a term which means a person is failed to seek standard level of food stuffs or nutrition such as; water, shelter and enable to fulfil basic needs which is essential for living life. This sparking problem is identifies in almost every nation but varying in degrees ( World Health Organization , 2013 ). At the same time, US is seen as one of the most riches country across the global marketplace due to emergence of maximum number of multinational companies and high level of currency rate. Yet numerous of its residents and human beings are living in poverty and failed to attain their objectives. As a result poor people are encountering distinct of health issues or problems as well as not aware about the health care facilities that is introduced by governing bodies. However, poverty is calculated in two distinct ways such as- absolute poverty and relative poverty or so on.

  • Absolute poverty:- As per their element if a person failed in acquiring necessary goods or services then it falls under this category.
  • Relative poverty:- In this context poverty is identifies when two society compares between each other.

An appropriate method of measuring American poverty levels was developed in around 1960s in order to analyse the percentage of poor people in US (Meara, Hagander and Leather, 2014 ). Therefore, highest poverty rate which was recorded is almost 22% in 1950s and lowest rate is around 11.1% in 1973.

Here is the report of U.S Census bureau’s 2011 exiting population is discussed below shows the distinct people identified in this nation:-

46.2% millions individuals are seen as impoverished in US.

Which almost 15% of overall country

Around 16.4 million American children and 22% members are youngsters which are living in a poverty.

Whereas rate of old age people or elder are nearly 8.7% in America.

Around 31% poor people are female without having husband

Some family are poor because their head members are not having any job due to which they get failed in fulfilling basic needs of their family.

Some are due to minorities whomsoever are black in colour are disrespect by white people.

Hence, it has been analysed that in past time period poverty cases are high extent due to numerous of reasons. As a result they can’t able to access health care services provided by governing bodies and various high level of institutions. In fact, by considering statistically information it has been identified that in coming three years till 2010 situations of poverty nether resolving nor changing which means it remain same without any change. In other language didn’t getting at worst conditions (Hill, 2011 ). Therefore, governmental team is playing a very eminent role in reducing this problem by taking extra care of problems as well as acquiring actual data for redacting poverty from US.

Figure 2 Wihbey

Apart from this absolute poverty is measuring the minimal need to afford minimal standards of living life such as; food, clothing, shelter, water, sanitation and access to health care facilities. It means, this has been measure on the basis of some specific needs. For instance ; one an appropriate analysis is percentage of population which consumes sufficient food on regular basis for sustaining the human body (Patel, 2012). As per world bank person living in fewer than 1.25 dollar per day consider in a extreme poverty whereas, 2 dollar per day is falls under moderate poverty. Furthermore, as per the data , it has been analysed that rate of poverty getting increasing from 1950 to till 2011 as initially it is reducing from 22% to 11.1 % but later it get increased in 2011 which is considered as most highest percentage till now.

Throughout the background of poverty it is also analysed that due to high level of people living in below poverty line they get failed in accessing health services offered by governing bodies and other social services. At the same time, it is also understood that poverty is seen as major reason behind emergence of various kinds of diseases which is faced by common people and entire society ( Fuster, Kelly and Vedanthan, 2011).

According to Barry S. Levy and Victor W. Sidel it has been analysed that if a person is poor then he/she must faced a illness problem as well as surrounded with various types of dangerous diseases. It means US is facing a number of changes in recent and past time period because of fluctuation in various elements. Although poor people are encountering numerous of health issues such and more disable person are identifies in weaker sections of society. It means they are not able to access high quality of health facilities, medical care as well as prevention services. It means there is a major relationship between poverty and accessing health care facilities because these two terms are having major connection between each other. In fact, if people are poor then they can’t able to gain maximum benefits and services provided by governing bodies because some people are not aware about the necessary facilities. Although, it has been analysed that number of infectious and non infectious diseases are identified in environment which have a major impact on country image because it may increase the percentage of poor people ( Stuckler and et. al., 2011).

Current Status

In today’s modern world America is growing in a fastest way by educating various illiterate people in order to develop the economy of a nation. Along with this, as per the research there is major link between poverty and poor health. People are rich are more healthy as compare to weaker sections of society because well educated people know how to live in a healthy world by considering necessary facts or figures. Basically, health care sector of government are trying to offer free services to needy people in order to reduce life taking disease. In fact , recent day highlight that advisory bodies is implementing numerous of health programmes, sessions and events for improving the worst situations of individuals and poor people for eradicating poverty ( Rushton and Williams, 2011). Basically, US government is focussing on major policies and norms for promoting health care services at distinct community in US and trying to enhance the current culture of overall nation. Beside this number of factors are identified which affect the health of poor people are described as follows:-

  • Climate changes:- nature is unpredictable which always changes without any alert or indication as well as it may hamper the life of innocent people in various manner. In 21st century global climate changes is seen as most tremendous aspect because it affect the health of people in various manner. On the other hand it is also known as global warming which may create problem for patients to live their life comfortably. Along this poor societies are mainly affected by this as they are not able to afford changes in global weather due to absence of sufficient fund and knowledge also. Hence, fluctuation in climate have a major impact on individual health.
  • Pollution in surrounding:- Society are becoming more modern in today’s advanced world as people are getting succeeded in generating more or more revenue which helps in raising their living standards. As a result they are using more polluted products and becoming more manner less. For example; excess use of petrol or diesel, excessive noise and various other elements are identified which plays a major role in harming the environment from harmful gases. As a result, human beings get suffered from dangerous diseases like heart strokes, high blood pressure, lung cancer hence forth. Therefore, it is essential to focus on this factor for reducing this problem in better way for preventing other individuals (Dieleman and et. al., 2014) .
  • Diseases:- It has been determined that country are encountering distinct types of global disease which affects the entire life of common people. For example; infectious like HIV AIDS, cancer, cold and non infectious like diabetes, blood pressure etc. It means every individual are encountering a major problems related with health from which poor people are more in percentage because of inappropriate facilities. Along with they don’t the services offered by distinct institution such as; government programmes, international association like world health organization , charitable enterprises and so on.
  • National culture on health:- US is having around 46 million people whomsoever are belong from below poverty line due to inappropriate facilities and lack of information about necessary services provided various organization. Along with this national culture are having major impact on overall nation success or development because it acts as a major aspect for every individual living in this state.
  • Income:- Health care services are based on income as if people are having large number of money then only he/she can able to use standardized facilities or services. Whereas if not then they can’t able to use it. Therefore, employment is seen as most mandatory aspect for every nation either its small or large because it aids in improving the current conditions of specific area ( Christopher , 2011) .

Hence , current position of US is that employment is necessary for removing this problem from societal place but still it has been analysed that government is taking various measures for controlling poverty by offering best facilities to required people.

Key Considerations

As per the recent data or information it has been understood that since 2011 government bodies of US are playing major role preventing weaker section of society from various harmful diseases. For example most highlighting factor is that in around 2011 more than thousands of elder people whomsoever are having low income, disabled and various members are served by Medicare for defending them from dangerous attacks. On the other hand, another millions of requisite members are served by numerous of social services designed by various other governing bodies. However , in U.S maximum amount of money is spend in medical care for developing the nation at high extent. Along with this various insurance are also offered by legal bodies of a nation because it helps an individual at various dangerous stages or phases of life. Thus, number of private and public companies are engaged in offering best insurance facilities to their clients. Later on, by analysing entire things legal bodies of a nation is involved in enacting one of the major law which plays a very useful role for protecting poor people that is Affordable care act ( Wihbey, 2014).

Apart from this focussing on improving the health care association by using suitable policies and procedures in order to run it in corrective manner without facing any major problem. Along with this need to conduct health care programmes for guiding others about the improvement in current situation of UK. Its all about taking actions for overcoming several challenges faced at global health sustainability. Their main objective is to focus on various interventions or to identify solutions for distinct problems in order to create a environment free from risk or health problems.


It is essential to follow some specific steps or take measures for reducing this problem that is faced by US people at the time of living their life. In fact, heath care systems must be designed in appropriate manner by satisfying needs or demands of various needy people. Along with this , it helps in enhancing the overall performance of nation and individual. Moreover , some essential steps which must be taken to reduce this problem from current marketplace. Few amongst them are described as follows:-

  • Need to raise the economy of a nation by increasing the wages of employees in order to enhance their living standard. Along with this tries to fulfils their basic needs which is indispensable for living life.
  • Extend the earning tax which aids public by refunding tax credits to those person whomsoever are having low wage income.
  • Need to strengthen the individuals by offering nutritional interventions
  • Aids in managing high level of stress.
  • Conduct programmes or sessions to motivate others for quitting smoking habits and various harmful products.
  • Maximize the availability of development programmes for adolescents and youngsters in order to guide them about the need or requirement of prevention.
  • Offer social safety environment which is helpful for jobless people as well as advantages to weaker sections of society.
  • Enhance the access to required facilities just like health care services for ensuring that individual is having satisfied housing, enhance infrastructure and minimize pollution from environment place.

Throughout the points it has been identified that governing bodies needs to take necessary steps or measures for improving the current situation of US. Their main objective is reduce the percentage of 46 millions by following major policies. Hence , it is essential to be attentive towards necessary elements such as; offer best health care facilities or services to needy people by designing effective health systems hence forth.


By analysing all the necessary information it has been understood that poverty and health problems are major connection with each other because it has been proven that poor people are facing maximum number of health issues due to lack of funds, facilities and so on. In fact some members are don’t know the events that is conducted by governing bodies to improving their worst conditions. Hence it is essential to follow some specific suggestion to enhance the conditions are discussed underneath:-

  • Make suitable plans or policies for offering best facilities to required people.
  • Offer best job opportunity to deserving candidates instead of discriminating on the basis of colour, caste or religion because in USA most of the people are poor due to their black colour as America a state of white people.
  • Need to promote education at weaker sections of society.
  • Follow proper procedures at health care system in order to improve the chances of mistakes and accident.
  • Follow the person centred approach for eradicating the problem of confusion because at some time service provider forget to attend emergency people.
  • Guide the local people.
  • Understand the global environment for predicting changes which might occurred at societal place.


From the above assignment it has been concluded that poverty is having relation with health care access because poor people are not able to use necessary services provided by international organization at marketplace. In fact , main objective of report is to identify the percentage of poor people living in US as well as major reason behind this rate of poverty. In fact 46 millions person are below poverty line due to number of reason which are totally irrelevant and unusual. However, governing bodies are playing a very eminent role in facilitating consumers or entire society with various benefits such as; offering job opportunities, free health services to requisite people, implement sessions, trying to enhance the environment of a nation and so on. Hence, it is understood that numerous of associations are engaged in eradicating this problem from society by taking necessary measures and steps.

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