Work in Health and Social Care Organization


Personal and professional development determine As a researcher “professional Development” involve the area about research and gain experience about different think. It includes the publishing papers, attending conferences and acquiring the skills need to research. It mainly refers the personal developments things in people ho to talk how to behave etc. in this report include the personal values and principles of health and social care and culture and how to as a Practitioner how they work in health and social care organization (Busse, Aboneh and Tefera, 2014). Nurse provides the care for people they give facilities and how to behave with their patients. These activities define the personal skills of people and professions of those people.

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P1 Personal values and principles of health and social care:

Personal values and principles of health and social care As a practitioner I believe that they understand the values for individuals and improve patient-centred decision making. They worked in team and proper co-ordinates with them. I also believe that they provide proper health care service to their patient. They fix appointment with doctors to their patients. They manage all the treatment according to the doctors. They have strong relation between personal and professional values. I examine the practitioner is the protection, promotion and optimization of health ans abilities, preventions of illness and injury, healing, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response. I determine about the personal values as a nurse they make fairly decision for their patients they do each work according to doctor consultants. They also make sure the treatment what they give is right or wrong. As professional they do hard worked on their professions, sometimes nurse do 14 hours duties they also make sure the duties what they done is very honest.

Principles of health and social care practitioner- there are commonly principles of health and social care practitioner- they mainly provide the patient safety, autonomy, justice, beneficence, non-maleficence. Each of those principles put into the practice on health care environment.

  • Autonomy- In the health and social care I believe the autonomy refers the patient retain control over his body. As a practitioner they take decision must be respected. And they assisting a patient with daily activities such as physical care, personal care, speech therapy, nutritional services. Etc.
  • Beneficence- I examine the health care provider are take charged to all they doing patient care with all the recommended procedures and treatments. They highly take charged for high level skills and knowledge(Blais, Hayes and Erb, 2015).
  • Non-maleficence- In these principles I believe it's about the doing no harm to provide facilities to people.
  • Justice- in this I examine the decisions what taken in medical fields that fair and right. It means fairness in decisions that burden and benefit.

P2 Personal culture and experience influences role in supporting user of health and social care:

My personal experience determine the role of practitioner. Every people personal values influences to their work and every person is closer to their professions. I see the nurses and social workers perfectly done his duties and never complaints to their work. Personal values means courage, polite, gentle, well-behaved etc. in hospital nurse behave with their patient to very politely. And they give treatment to their patient like home. They care patients like a family. Mainly the nurse provide the service to the patient according to doctor instructions. My personal experience when my father meet with accident. There mostly body part injured and doctors consult to need total bed rest to 24 days. I see the hospitals nurse do patients proper care and they timely gives medicines to my father and other care. Like medicine, bath, foods etc. they give proper rest for my father without any disturbance. In other hand talk about the culture, I see the culture is an aspect of identify that the culture based on numbers of things shared with other such as beliefs, attitudes, celebrations, shared history. Language, musical taste, dress, diet and many others. I understand that culture is basically about a shared understanding with of the same culture. As a practitioner culture is mainly based person's skills, values and attitudes. In health and social care I see the culture is in aspect of a person's identity. It is not about the whole identity it's about they behave and what they will believe.

P3 New developments and changes to personal values can impact on work in health and social care:

I examine the changes and new development in social care impacts on health care working people they have new procedure for treatments and they have new techniques for developments. They provide the procedures for patient treatment. I see the treatment is well and under senior doctors. I see the new developments make better treatment for the patient and new rules are beneficial of each staff and their patients as well. They also determine the new changes according to user reactions and according to their hospitals rules. I see thenew changes impact on patients diseases like cancer treatment and other what people who causes with the dangerous disease. The main changes I see the health and social care department is setting policy and funding a numbers of health intelligence programmes including the observation and cancer registries. I understand the new development main impact goes to health care treatments. Health care having advanced treatment techniques for the patients. They take care people for more fairly and take decisions very fairness. They also sure about the each patients treatments. New development helps to improve fast treatments to each patients and gives proper exercise and proper meditations for patients. In other hand I seem the impact on advanced technology, increasing demands and treatments in the community. Change increases the demands and cost and also need for improvements in quality economic change (Dixon-Woods, McNicol and Martin, 2012). The challenges and opportunities brought on by these change for healthcare professions and patients who access eternal nutritions in the community are discusses and recommendations to improve practice are outlined.


P4 Holistic development plan-

This development plans defines the personal development. Wealth and health. And the spirit of the body. Main thing is in the planes to develop personal ideas and have common things which comes to inside. It also defines the responsibilities of mental and emotional health and people approaches use for sustainable of improvements and successful life. Its is a about the personal growth. Which is physical. Mental, emotional and spiritual. As a healthcare practitioner they faced many challenges in their life every day. To being practitioner they handled every situation to politely and take right decision in their department.




Training for personal development

For the development plan as a healthcare practitioner and management time-to provide the training for the those people who don't understand proper care and other personal activities (Berwick and Finkelstein, 2010).

6 days in month.

Learning techniques

For develop learning improvements in personal life it helps to learn those things which defines how to behave with people and how to act as good people.

Every days in month.

Decision making

As a practitioner they develop decision making improvements to their profession so as s practitioner they take right decision.

Every day.

Emergency decision making

For the emergency decision making as s practitioner have quality to take emergency decision in emergency situation.

Any situation every day.

Time management

This is the most important quality develop in practitioner in healthcare management. They all worked in time and as a practitioner they do each worked on the time.

Every day.

P5 According to the plan requirements of a health and social care practitioner:

According to the development plan health and social care need the good communication practitioner who handle their patient to politely and also handled the good communication power to their patients. For the requirements of healthcare practitioner they need proper demands of the resources like consuming powers. As practitioner requirements proper resource available to development for the planing. Practitioner need procedures to improve their medical treatments and also improvements for patient treatments and serious injuries. As practitioner they need good knowledge for patient treatments and also knowledge for the treatments. In health care nurse doing their work properly and exact timing. As they require a proper strategic plan for improvements in personal and professional life (Richards, Campenni and Muse-Burke, 2010). To the requirements of planning as practitioner they need physical plans for the patient to better treatments and better facilities providers they also ensure they plan what they developed is according to time management and also according for organizations management. For the requirements of plan as practitioner they need affective employees who care people timely and manage their work time according they also notice what they worked doing is according to higher level. As a practitioner they need good quality management people worked in team and they work with shared idea to each other and also consult with treatments. As a practitioner in social care they need those skills employees who understand the emotions of people and care with proper behave they also have time management skills. In healthcare planing people make sure people are well meandered and well behaved with people.

P6 Effectiveness of your development plan to your own development as a health and social care practitioner:

Effectiveness of development planing is good practice to develop personal skills in the person. Personal development in careers guidance and many educations helps to introduced the particulars, records of achievements and technical and vocational education. The focus on development in health and social care need proper education skills in practitioner they know what treatments is considerer what time. As a social care practitioner they know their patients proper conditions and their proper treatments which consider by doctors. Seven habits of effective practitioner needed prioritize tasks (Mashiach Eizenberg, 2011). Enhance communication skills, voice opinions with confidence, be more assertive etc. they improve there organizational skills. A crucial conversation is discussion between two or more people where task are high and their opinion and emotions are strong. In health and social care development as a practitioner needed the development planing of their treatments they also development for the personal improvements. They need proper rest in their department and also need proper reaction of the client. For the effectiveness of development in healthcare department make good communication skills in person they handle their patient to very politely and very honestly. Practitioner first work is provided proper care to their patient they timely manage their treatments and they provide proper facilities to their patient like food, medicine, cleaning and other crucial facilities which needed patient. Work high duties work everyday they need proper planing for those people who are mainly worked in organization and they worked hard.

P7 Effectiveness of the development plan to own development as a health and social care practitioner:

  • Considering the goals:

`The goals that need to be achieved in a certain framework should be specific, measurable, relevant, achievable and should be completed in relevant time. A plan develops will also bring obstacles and will make the staff think about how to overcome them.

  • Increasing the self-awareness:

When the development plan is followed. it creates the thought of organisational and self growth. This creates a challenge in you to increase your skills and break your limits but the skills are already good enough so the people needs to be self aware about the abilities and need to learn to recognise them and instead of challenging the limits, the person needs to upgrade the skills and learn on how to utilise it.

  • See significant growth:

Learning can never end. This is a capability that carry people forward. By knowing how much people improved through learning , people gets satisfied and creates their will to learn more and that helps them to maintain a level which makes the staff deliver high quality health care and move to new opportunities (Trede, Macklin and Bridges, 2012.).

  • Organise your time better:

Priorities are very important for the organisation so presenting the priorities can help people focus on what important and focus on beneficial task first. One can also learn to avoid unimportant tasks at once. Once the important tasks are complete, learn to organise yourself and learn to perform yours tasks in a correct way.




When work in team first thing is understood the power of team work each work is done by very easy and very effective manner. In this essay include team working skills their knowledge, understanding power of team and communication with each team member. In this also include the, limits and impact of working in team and how can multidisciplinary team work in team and how much they contribute their collective knowledge.

Working in team at heath and social care first think need to understand the proper communication skills to understand the team people reactions and knowledge of each people. Working in team is benefits to all organizations because each of people shared there ideas to everyone and shared their knowledges and to very team people. Effective steam member also share their problems to each people of group and also solved the people as well. Effective team member also have quality to make strategic decision and take decision for the benefits gives to organizations. In health and social care term work is performed increase knowledge of the people and also improve self development skills and understanding power. In health care they distributed their work with each member and each member have responsibilities for each patients and they also development a communication power in their team. Each team member behaved with their team with respectful and very polity and behaved very friendly. Team work is more is better according to the individual work. Individual work their ways and according to their knowledge but the team worked is based on all over group discussions and consults. Is also defines the team power and also defines the very affection's manner. For the personal contribute in team worked is first is each task is come with very important and very effective. Personal contribute is defines the term identifying the role of each member who individual but in group but each member identifying their own work (Ventola, 2014).

As a health and social care practitioner, there are some limitations that I possess which will lay a very deep impact on the service users and my fellow workers. There are various issues or resistance that will impact the operations of the different health and social care practitioner. The major limitation is that many practitioners stated that they are not represented by the media or the professional organisation. The firm will have to look after various operations that will involve the execution of different sort of the operations that will support a good rise in their independence. Also, the nursing practitioner's (NP's) has to see through their association with the physicians or senior executives, for the sake of patients safety and caring (Hickman And, 2015).

Besides this the physicians and other NP's has to be readily accessible to them in order to maintain the uniformity of their professional work and thus will help in suitable rise in the compatibility of the operations that will support a good rise in their confidence level. Besides this, the practitioner has to see through the better execution of different operations and activities to reduce the limitations. Also, the nuances of a NP may impact the overall performance of the other practitioners and workers in a health and social care settings that will help in proper management of their professional operations and other health care related activities.

In a health and social care setting each and every practitioner or worker contribute for the better handling of the operations that will support a good rise in the effectiveness of the firm. As in the medical field, even a minor error may have a fatal impact and thus, I will see through the better execution of my actions with caution and great care in order to mitigate the chances of any sort of error or shortcomings on the professional level. Besides this, I will see through the effective and efficient rectification of any sort of inter departmental or inter personal confusion or conflict at the health and social care settings. This will not only ensure a better functioning but will also facilitate the rise in my effectiveness and efficiency (Osborne and, 2017).

Other than this, being a part of a multidisciplinary team at a health and social care firm, I will look after the better decision making process and participation in the meetings of the team that will not only aid in improving my effectiveness and efficiency as a health care practitioner but will also help me to get an idea about the ongoing practices and trends in the medical sector. Other than this, I will see through the proper communication process to bridge the gap with my team mates and will see through a good interaction with them that will help me on my professional level. Besides this, it will also help me to get access to the needs and requirements of the patients and provide them with high quality services at a health and social care setting.

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In this above report it concludes the reflection of practitioner and their role in health and social care development. It identifying the improvements of the heath and social care practitioner. It also identifying the practitioner role and responsibilities to their patients and their personal contribute with team member (Blais, Hayes and Erb, 2015). Is also include the team power and team management worked. How the multidisciplinary work in healthcare department. As a practitioner they acre their patient they provide proper facilities. In this report also conclude the team worked performance their knowledges their skills and each members effective working.

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