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Hospitality refers to friendly and polite manner in order to attain or interact with guest, visitors or strangers. By proper and effective hospitality nature customers or visitors get attracted and they get encouraged for visit particular place again and again (Powell and Sang, 2013). This will leads to enhancement of sales as well as profit of an organization in efficient manner. There are various sectors in which proper hospitality is necessary such as old age home or senior care, restaurant or hotel, hospitals and many others. Organization which is taken for this assignment is Home Instead Senior Care which is established by Paul and Lori Hogan in year 1994. They are operating their business in Non medical in home care of senior industry. Its headquarter is in Omaha, Nebraska, United State and they serve their services at worldwide range. It is one of the world largest franchise of senior care which operate their business in approx twelve countries with near by 1150 operating offices. Topics covered in this report are understanding of diversity, equality and inclusion as well as it include how to be able to champion diversity, equality and inclusion. Moreover it explain understanding of development system and process which promote respective things and how to manage risk.

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Task 1

1.1 Explain models of practices that underpin equality, diversity and inclusion

In a hospitality industry it is necessary that they conduct practices which underpin equality, diversity and inclusion. Equality refers to treat and respect all individuals in same manner on basis of disabilities, age, gender, race, religions, beliefs and so on. All persons must be eligible for all responsibilities as well as responsibilities. Diversity refers to value which show all are different but yet same (Area, 2013). This is so because need, interest, learning style , language etc. are different from person to person. Whereas inclusion means incorporate equality and diversity into environments in order to encourage positive resultant as well as enhance opportunities.

It is role and responsibilities of manager of Home Instead Senior Care to contact or communicate to its staffs, visitors, partners, shareholders, children, patients, parents and many others in effective manner. So it is their responsibility to maintain and develop respectfully and fair relation to all of these peoples. For which they promote and adopt various law, policies and code to protect equality, diversity and inclusion. Such as Disable discrimination Act, 2005; GSCC code of practice for social care workers; HCPC health and care professionals council; Care home regulations, 2001; Mental health Act, 1983; Data protection Act, 1984 and many others. These legalisation as well as codes are followed by respective organization manger in order to operate their duties in effective manner.

1.2 Analyse potential effects of barriers to equality and inclusion

Potential barriers refers to things which create things difficult for other person or a group, this will also leads to reduction in effectiveness of wok and process. There are various barriers face byHome Instead Senior Care in order to serve senior citizens, such as age gap, mental health, disabilities, communication, faith and many. some major of them are explained below:-

  • Age gap:Due to vary in age group, style of working or conduct work get differ which leads to conflict between peoples. According to old age peoples young generation citizens are slackers and they didn't like to work with old age peoples due to which they criticize them (Richardson and Monro, 2012). Whereas in respect of young peoples senior citizens are understand them and not like way in which they are working. Due to this perceptions there is occurrence and creation of differences as well as conflict.
  • Communication, literacy and language: In respective organization there are various staffs, families, senior citizen or patients come form different different countries. Due to which their working style and communicating language is different from each other. That leads to difficulties in understand each other, sometime this will leads to reduce in quality of work efficiency.

To overcome and avoid this situation manger of Home Instead Senior Careadopt various legislations related to equality, diversity and inclusions which help in protecting from discrimination situations on basis of age, disabilities, gender, race, disabilities and many.

1.3 Analyse impact of legislations and policies initiative on promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion

In an organization it is consider as responsibilities of a manager to develop legalisation as well as policies through which they can promote equality, diversity and inclusions in effective and efficient manner (Plamenatz, 2017). Manger of Home Instead Senior Care create as well as adopt various policies and laws to maintain appropriate situation or condition at a workplace. Such as promote empowerment, equality of care, promote employees work, equal rights and opportunities to all employees, dignity, respect employees as well as clients and many other. Some major of them which is promoted by respective company mangers are explained below:-

  • Complaint procedure: Understand need and wants of every employees, partners, clients, patients and families and ready to meet them in effective and appropriate manner.
  • Meetings: Peoples who are resident of Home Instead Senior Care have right to take part in each and every meeting in order to give their point of views in proper manner (Nimni, Osipov and Smith, 2013). This will leads to positive and friendly environments at respective organization.
  • Review strategies and plans:Manager of respective company review each and every plan for individual care on regular basis on every 1 to 3 months, so that every resident get proper care. Along with this they change or update strategies according to change in need and wish of residents.
  • Various planned activities:In Home Instead Senior Care all service users have right to choose their activities in effective and manner that leads to positive and friendly environment.

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Task 2

2.1 Promote equality, diversity and inclusion in policy and practices

In Home Instead Senior Care it is consider as role and responsibilities of manger to take care that each and every staff will promote equality, diversity and inclusions in effective manner while dealing through services users or residents indirectly or directly. For this they develop various ways which are mentioned below:-

  • Respect and Dignity:In respective company every individual respect other's need for dignity as well as privacy (Spencer, 2015). All staff and service users are treated equally with non judgemental attitude so that they feel connected towards respective company and enjoy working with them.
  • Information and communication: Manager of Home Instead Senior Care distribute or promote every information through various channels such as large prints, video, braille and they also communicate in different different languages. By this each and every resident able to understand message or information in effective and appropriate manner.
  • Value the contribution:In respective company manger develop regulation that each and every service user as well as staff contribute in decision making process of any activities or process. By this everyone feel connected towards the respective company in effective and appropriate manner.
  • Embrace difference:In order to reduce or avoiding differences Home Instead Senior Care manager develop various strategies in order to attract more customers and retain employees for a long run.

For this manger of Home Instead Senior Care develop various strategies and plans such as organize training as well as development program, motivate employees by encouraging them, and many more.

2.2 Challenges discrimination and exclusion in policies and practices

Manger of Home Instead Senior Care develop plans strategies to take care as well as ensure equality and also for diminishing discrimination. For this they will engage service users and their families in effective manner (Clutterbuck, Poulsen and Kochan, 2012). Manger also develop environment of workplace in appropriate manner which leads to equality and challenge discrimination. They also plans training and development programme so that employees quality will enhance and equality will increase. This will also help in reducing discrimination and help in tackle it in proper manner (Bullock, 2014). Their are also several other ways by which are adopted by manager of Home Instead Senior Care in order to ensure quality and eliminating discrimination, some of them are given below:-

  • Develop environment of organization which leads to fair and equal services and reducing discrimination.
  • Involve peoples ( staffs and service users) and their families in decision making so that they feel connected towards company.
  • Organize training and development program which respect to recognise and overcome discrimination as well as increase equality.
  • Develop environment and culture of using age for a purpose of equality monitoring and not discrimination should be done on the basis of it.
  • Manager act fairly to every service user and staff so that they fell equally which will challenges discrimination.
  • They always use positive as well as appropriate language, never use work or term which disrespect someone or hurt anyone.

2.3 Provide others with information about:

In an organization it is necessary that manager develop appropriate environment which leads to challenges for discrimination and promote equality. For this they must involve all employees and resident in decision making process. If they will not do so they may face issues in respect of discrimination, inclusions as well diversity.

The effect of discrimination: Discrimination affect an individual in various ways such as loss of motivation, reduction in rights of individual, limited opportunities, feel stressed, isolated, feel depressed, anger and lose self esteem (Barnard, 2017). Along with this it also affect on a person's mental which leads to frustrations, anger, nervous breakdown, high blood pressure and many more.

The impact of inclusion: In respect of respective company, inclusion refers to feeling of acceptance within an organization with feeling of satisfaction as well as connected. Proper inclusion also leads to increase in profitability ratio by increasing productivity with effective partnership or team working. Along with this there will be also enhancement of health and well-being, reduction of discrimination and many more.

The value of diversity: It refers to that situation when one individual is different from another in term of ability, back ground, cast, religions, personality and so on but all of them are working together in effective manner. By this all staff or residents able to enhance their various skills and knowledge such as team working skills, understand skills, communication skills and many more (deandvan, 2016). This will also leads to increase in productivity of workplace and also help in maintaining positive environment.

2.4 Support others to challenges discrimination and exclusion

In an organization it is necessary that every one support manager in developing and maintaining appropriate working environment with no discrimination. For which Home Instead Senior Care manger decide to develop training and development program for all residents as well as staff so that they understand negative impact of discrimination. They must also organization meeting or activities in which all peoples communicate and contact to each other which leads to increase in understanding in effective manner (Powell and Sang, 2013). Manager also develop certain strategies so that peoples complain about discrimination when they feel or see it. That strategies are whistle blowing policy, complain procedure and appeal procedure. If any complain will be register it is necessary to monitor it and analysis situation in effective and efficient manner. This will help manger in taking strict action and developing strategies according to particular situation.

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Task 3

3.1 Analysis of how system and process can promote equality and inclusion or reinforce discrimination and exclusion

There must be written policies and procedures which are related to role, rights and responsibilities for service users as well as staffs of Home Instead Senior Care. Along with this they also consider issues which may face by respective company in future. All developed policies are based or response to codes of practices, legalisation and statutory guidelines (Klarsfeld and, 2014). By adopting and maintain these guidelines and legalisation respective company manager able to ensure about no discrimination situation which leads to appropriate working as well as living condition. Policies and procedures helps an organization in providing guidelines to staffs as well as services users to ensure about practices are conduct in effective and appropriate manner. Development of proper policies at Home Instead Senior Care leads to equality as well as positive environmnet. Through which all peoples conduct their work in proper manner that directly enhance productivity. Respective company also develop and organize activities thorough which they able to motivate employees as well as residents in proper manner. By all this senior citizens able to live and enjoy their life in effective manner. Manager of Home Instead Senior Care also develop some strict punishments and fines to those who will conduct discriminate at respective place.

3.2 Evaluate effectiveness of system and processes in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion

It will promote equality on basis of opportunities for all staff as well as service users by providing equal chance to their potential, where no one can judge them and discriminate in respect of any thing. It is necessary for Home Instead Senior Care manger to evaluate effectiveness of procedures which enables in evaluating strength, achievements and analysing gap in effective and efficient manner (Syed and Ozbilgin, 2015). This can be done through evaluating, monitoring and reviewing policies and process which is adopted by respective company manager. When an organization adopt proper and effective legalisation and process they able to conduct work or task in effective and appropriate manner. This will also leads to reduction in situation of discriminate in respect of age, gender, colour, background, religions, beliefs and many more. To identify effectiveness of policies and procedures which is develop by manager of Home Instead Senior Care, they conduct evaluation whose question are given below:-

  • Is current system and process is appropriate for overcoming issues in effective and appropriate manner.
  • Does all these policies and procedure include all important legalisation and laws.
  • Is there is effective communication in between employees as well as service users, for understanding issues and problems.
  • Are residents are satisfies and happy with services which is provided by Home Instead Senior Care mangers.

By evaluating and analysing answers of these question manger of respective company able to develop appropriate strategies and plans in order to satisfy service users in proper manner.

3.3 Propose improvement to address gaps or shortfalls in system and processes

After analysing and evaluating situation and conduction at workplace manger of Home Instead Senior Care able to identify gap. Now they will try to develop strategies, policies and plans which will help in overcoming gap which occur at workplace. For this manger of respective company develop a report which include all things with recommendations as well as changes which they have to conduct in order to develop appropriate workplace (Bend and Some major activities which manager of Home Instead Senior Care include in their action plan are mentioned below:-

  • Involve all employees and services users in decision making.
  • Build culture which leads to positive environments and friendly culture.
  • Develop strategies in order to take immediate action and overcome situation of discriminations in appropriate and effective manner (Jauhari and Singh, 2013).
  • Provide training to all employees so that they attain senior citizen in effective and appropriate manner.
  • Update and improve culture according to requirement in order to promote effective and positive environment.

For adopting all these activities in proper and efficient manner, manager of Home Instead Senior Care adopt five stage process which is mentioned below:-

  • Determine what they want to achieve and who it is beneficial for Home Instead Senior Care.
  • Determine and understand situation and develop plans accordingly.
  • Evaluate situation and identify which work is essential to develop action plan.
  • Communicate plan and strategies to staffs so that they able to work on it in effective manner.
  • Monitor and evaluating whole process that activities are conducting in proper manner in order to attain goal.
  • Ask for feedback and suggestion with service users in order to know whether they are satisfy with facilities or services or not. If not they will develop strategies accordingly and effectively.

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Task 4

4.1 Describe ethical discrimination that may arise when balancing individual rights ans duty of care

When an organization is conducting their operation and function in Non medical in home care of senior industry, then they may go through various situation that include moral dilemmas. So to overcome it or avoid this situation it is essential that manger conduct analysis and understand prospective that how everyone is distinguish from other in respect of opinions and morals (Powell and Sang, 2013). This is so because when a manger of Home Instead Senior Careanalysis each and every employees behaviour they able to develop strategies accordingly which leads to protect their rights in proper manner. Along with this they also able to allocation of resources in effective and appropriate manner in order to provide proper services to residents. Manger of respective company must include safety measures of every service users as well as employees so that they fell safe as well as enjoy living there.

4.2 Explain principles of informed choice

Informed choice refers to proper information which is provided to someone along with some essential guidelines as well as support. All these information are essential and important because it help in developing strategies and plans in effective and appropriate manner according to individuals and their needs (Area, 2013). Informed choice are based on facts, not on opinions. So before developing informed choice an individual must conduct analysis and suggestions by so that they develop as well as identify facts in appropriate manner. While identifying and developing information manger must consider various things, some of them are given below:-

  • Informed choice: it refers to choice which is informed and consistence according to values and behaviour of decision makers.
  • Autonomous choice: it refers to situation which may occur when manger respond purposely which involves understanding but not include controlling which influence decision.

4.3 Explain how issues of individual capacity may affect informed choice

In an organisation informed choice may get affected by capacity of a manger of Home Instead Senior Carein order to overcome issues. This is so because there are various reasons why manger are unable to develop informed choice and decision. Such as individual not able to conduct appropriate research fro finding appropriate information as well as data. Along with this manager of respective company may be suffering from mental health issues and physical health issue due to which they are not able to communicate with other in effective and appropriate manner (Richardson and Monro, 2012). Their is also change that manager of Home Instead Senior Care not able to understand situation as well as conduction in effective and appropriate manner.

4.4 Proposed a strategies to manage risk when balancing individual rights and duty of care

There are various strategies and plans which can be adopt by manger of Home Instead Senior Care in order to manage risk in appropriate and effective manner while balancing rights and duties of care of an individual (Plamenatz, 2017). This will include carry out of assessment of risk through which an individual able to undertake risk of positive nature and they can also conduct whilst protecting. Their are various other methods by which manger of Home Instead Senior Care can mange risk in appropriate and effective manner, some major of them are given below:-

  • Develop nature at workplace that staff as well as service users can develop informed choice.
  • Manger of Home Instead Senior Care must support their employees and resident for manage risk in effective manner.
  • Manager of respective company involves all employees and services uses in decision making and ask for suggestion for particular work.
  • They must informed or communicate each and every things to members of Home Instead Senior Care so that all of them conduct work in effective and efficient manner.

By adopting all these techniques manger of Home Instead Senior Care able to manage risk of workplace in appropriate and effective manner. Along with this they also able to develop positive environment at workplace and satisfy staffs as well as service users in effective manner.


From above discussed point it can be conclude and analysis that in every industry hospitality is necessary so that organization treat their customers and staffs in effective and appropriate manner. It is most necessary in old age home so that they feel satisfied and homely at respective place. Along with this it is essential for an organization to develop equality, diversity and inclusion which help in developing effective and positive environment at a workplace. For this manger of a company conduct analysis and identify legislation which are applicable their in order to create proper environment. During this they also face some barriers such as discrimination so they will develop strategies accordingly in order to overcome it in efficient manner. For this they also develop action plan in order to remove or minimise gap which occur at a workplace.


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