The contemporary Hospitality industry


Hospitality industry is a large group of tasks and duties that gives services to customers to give them good memories and experiences. Its main focus on giving satisfaction to their consumers. This business sector is unique in oneself reason is it depend on mainly on income and leisure. In hospitality industry mainly three major area covers that is accommodation, food and beverages and travel and tourism. The common goal of hospitality industry is satisfying wants of consumers. This report study upon the various factors and issues that faced by hotel Hilton while operating in London. Hotel Hilton is brand name in full services of hotels and resorts and comes under flagship of American hospitality company.

This report covers various aspects of hospitality industry such as different types of business that hospitality industry covers. It also focus on operational and functional departments in hospitality industry. Moreover it focus on contribution of hospitality industry on every type of market and operational roles of hospitality industry.


Examine the current structure, scope and size of hospitality industry

This report examines the roles and responsibilities of different factors in hospitality industry with it explains different types of businesses that operate within the hospitality industry. Hotel Hilton aimed to expand its market share by exploring new opportunities in new market.

Definitions and explorations of different types businesses within hospitality industry.

There are different service sectors that included in hospitality industry and make it complete. And these are as follows:

  • Lodging- Accommodation:

In lodging and accommodation sector consist of luxurious hotels and resorts and camp grounds. In accommodation sector which is large sector of hospitality industry consist of bed and breakfast with other services provides lodging services.  There are three main type of hotel and accommodation sectors that is lodging, suites and resorts services that make complete hospitality industry.

  • Food and beverages:

In food and beverages industry consist from simple bistro to high profile restaurants and other categories that included in it. There are many other business establishments that included in food and beverages industry that are as follow:

Quick service establishments in which consist serving quick snacks, drinks and food and mostly are self services in that norms. Other type is catering services that provide their services on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries etc. and last one is full services restaurants in which whole services consist of drinks, meals and other food services consist.

  • Travel and tourism:

Travel and tourism is vast sector of hospitality industry in which consist of trains,cruise, marines trips and other services too. It is backbone of hospitality industry that needs innovation, strategy and services at each and every step. There are many purpose in which consumers avail travel and tourism industry for entertainment, businesses, education and holidays and other things also.

  • Entertainment industry:

In entertainment industry consist of Marines, sports and games, cruise and night clubs that give experiences to their consumers and that includes in hospitality industry.

  • Timeshare:

In timeshare people take and book some place to spend some time at specific place to spend leisure time in which consist of convention centres and villas and resorts.

Hotel Hilton structure and interrelationships among different departments:

Hotel Hilton follows hierarchy of power and responsibilities and shares responsibilities according to the post and designation of employees. In that whole departments have coordination among them to share their responsibilities because all departments of hospitality industry connects with each other very closely. Such as travel and tourism, accommodation and lounge and  entertainment industry that is part of hospitality industry because customers experiences majorly all services simultaneously that create relation among departments and bring harmony.

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Direct and indirect impacts of hospitality industry on UK economy and other countries also.

In current senior hospitality industry is try to cover more market or enhance their business rapidly and it is beneficial for both hotel as well as local, national and international economies. Hilton Hotel contribute in growth of local, national and international economies, which is describe below:-

Local Economy-

By satisfying the need and demands of guests and customers Hilton hotel is contributing in growth of local economy. Through evaluating and analysis it is identify that respective hotel has enhance the satisfaction of customers and convince them to spend more on expensive services that leads to growth of local economies.  

National Economy- 

The Hilton hotel has created employment for the various people through which they improve their standard of living and satisfy their needs. It is evaluated that respective company and hospitality industry helps in enhancing growth of country by developing approx 330 new jobs in country.

International Economy- 

Hospitality industry and Hilton hotel contribute in growth of international economies by developing new jobs opportunities for the unemployed people from worldwide, respective industry has create approx 6 millions new jobs.

Analysis of how global growth , franchising and licensing development contributed to economics of hospitality industry

Hospitality industry help in increase growth rate of worldwide economies by analysing and adopting various ways that maximise profit ratio of an organisation. On the prospective of Hilton hotel, they use franchising and licensing options which help them in increase their presence on worldwide economies.

Along with this complete growth of worldwide market contribute in development of hospitality industry as it attract more people and there is increase in numbers who want to visit new places. Due to this many peoples get attracted with services of Hilton hotel and its leads to increase in profitability ratio of respective hotel and directly impact on the growth of economy worldwide.

Evaluate different range of  operational role in Hilton Hotel

Their are various various operational role in Hilton hotel which help them in smooth functioning of within the organisation, some major of them are describe below:-

House Keeping Department-

 In Hilton hotel the basic role of house keeping department is to manage guest rooms, insure cleaning of public area of hotels, cleaning of banquets, halls and other food and beverage outlets,coordinate with other department of hotels, placing VIP amenities in VIP rooms etc.

Front Office Department-

 It is the backbone for any hotel because they are the one who directly connect to guest and deal with them. In Hilton hotel role of respective hotel is to welcome guests, attend phone calls and handle emails.

Human Resource Department- 

In Hilton hotel human resource department ensure hiring of right people at the right place. They also conduct training sessions for the new employees so that they enhance their skills and know proper way to do particular work.

Review the skills requirements for the roles mentioned above for the Hilton hotel

Their are different skills and ability are required for the different job it is based on the requirement of particular jobs. Skills Required for above describe jobs for Hilton hotel are mentioned below:-

House Keeping Department- Skills required for the respective departments at Hilton hotel are highly punctual, patently respond to customer quarries, friendly nature, good communication skills, confident and so on.

Front Office Department- Major skills required for front office departments at Hilton hotel are confident, soft spoken, good communication skills, problem solving nature, punctual, friendly nature and so on .

Human Resource Department- At Hilton hotel skills required for human resource department are decision making quality, team leading, communication skills, listening skills, training and development skills, problem solving skills and so on.

Analysis of some contemporary factors driving skills shortage and high labour turnover in the UK Hospitality industry

Their are some factors which driving the skills shortage of employees in Hilton hotel are like when they are not providing appropriate training and development program, not organize activities to them which teach them about the wok. It can be overcome through providing appropriate training and skills development session and also employer or management can organized or conducts activities and programs which motivate them and make understand about the work, rules and responsibilities and so on.

To avoid it employers must clearly communicate the work to their employees in proper manner so that they do work in appropriate  ways. Employers must assign work according to skills and ability of the employees.

Their are some situation which leads to high turnover of the employees, it incurred when employer didn't giving appropriate salary to employees, not do employees engagement programs, they not motivate employees, listen to employees problems. It can resolve by developing programs to motivate employees and do employees engagement.

Analysis the impact of skills gaps on hospitality business in the UK and recommend valid solution to address the skills gaps

On Hilton hotel there is great impact of skills gaps because if employees did not have sufficient and appropriate skills to communicate with employees they will not able to satisfy their customers and guest then it will give advantage to their competitors and it create negative impact on the image and name of respective hotel in the market.

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This issue and problems can be resolve by giving appropriate training and development session to their employees through it they will enhance their skills, knowledge  and ability of employees which is beneficial for them in long run.

They can also organize activities and programs which motivate respective hotel employees and leads to profit ratio and growth in an organisation. The evaluation of employees and staff is done in proper basis so that employees can know their weakness and over come it and improve their performance in respective hotel.

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From the above mentioned point it is conclude that Hospitality industry has different type of business which provide different products and services accordingly and it help in increase their business and profitability. Their are different roles in operational functions in Hilton hotel which required different skills and ability to work their.

Hilton hotel also help in growth of local, national and international economy. Their are various impact of skills gaps on hospitality industry and there is also solutions for that.

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