Unit 5 Hospitality Provision in Travel & Tourism Sector Level 4 GSM LONDON


Hospitality sector provides various types of services to people. It includes entertainment, personalised services, etc. There has been significant growth and development in hospitality sector in recent times. It is due to expansion of business operations and introduction of variety of services (Law, Leung and Fong, 2015). This has resulted in attracting a large number of people. Sectors such as theme parks, restaurants, etc. are booming in hospitality industry. It has provided an opportunity for people to spend some leisure time. Moreover, technology has given ease in providing the latest information about popular tourist destination. This has increased revenue of countries. This report will show how tourism sector is related to hospitality sector. Also, what are the implications and affects of integration on hospitality sector is studied. A development plan in hospitality sector is described at last. The organisation taken is Marriot International.

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Task 1

1.1Discuss the interrelationships between hospitality and wider travel and tourism businesses


The hospitality sector is one of the most famous sector in all over the world. It is a sector which is service provider for international travel and tourism and hotels also. PKF hotel offers services like accommodation food & beverages, recreation and leisure. Hospitality sector includes the travel and tourism activity by the tourist where they engage in travelling to their destination where they want to go and. This industry is supplier of services for tourism and travel and provide hotel facilities to the tourist. PkF hotel provides facilities of 1 star to 5 star to there clients which can be affordable by every guest (Getz and Page, 2016) PkF hotel serves the services according to the budget of the client. They are includes in there services are bed with breakfast and all facilities which is demanded by the guest. PKF hotel spread in large area in which they have a restaurant at where they are providing a hygienic and quality food for their customer's this restaurant are also serves a fast food in there cafe and have a coffee shop mainstream and fine dinning for the customer where they get quality food according their demand. PKF hotel follow the act of Food hygiene, health and safety act. PKF hotel have large area for pubs and bar where the customer enjoying and feels joy. There are availability of managed houses and free houses as well. PKF hotel have nightclubs where the customers get chance to feel free. They also providing a contact food services. They give chances for membership to their customer's (Abubakar and Ilkan, 2016).

PKF hotel facilitate there customer's to travelling services in which they provide transportation accommodation, food and beverage, recreation. Travel service included the supplier, tourism products, tour operators and travel agent. PKF hotel have a conference hall so they can provide a service to client for conduct an events and conference meetings. Exhibitions and trade fairs are also can be conducted by the PKF hotel in which the any company who wants to show the exhibition and trade faire the hotel can provided a chance for the exhibition. Corporate event can be organised in hotel (Manhas and Tukamushaba, 2015) Hospitality industry includes business travel in which lots of occasion when high amount of group of people travel together or individual for the purpose to take conference, this corporate meeting can be organized by hospitality industry. Hospitality industry incudes aviation also for that hospitality industry provides airline services to the tourist and tours and travel include trains, airlines, cruse ship and in whole segment of tourism and travel people are moving from one destination to another for the business and any other purpose. Theme park is a facility which provided also by hospitality industry, this is the place or park with attraction made up of rides. This is usually contained a selection of unique and different types of ride, along with the shops' cafe and restaurant and other entertainment thing. PKF hotel is also contains this theme park where customer get entertainment and feel happiness and joy.

Travel services :

In hospitality industry travel services play an important role, tourism sector consist a transportation , accommodation, food and beverages, recreation and entertainment and travel services. In hospitality industry there are many types of travel services which can provides services to the tourist (Smith and Puczkó, 2014) Travel services sector is made up of a complex web of relationship between various types of suppliers and tourism products, tour operators travel agent and travel agency and many more . Tourism services helps to development of hospitality industry. In travel services the travel agency is a part of travel services , they are intermediary between the travel industry and the traveller , they provided the pre-packed travel tours and holidays to potential customer's .

Accommodation Services :

Accommodation services play a major role in PKF hotel. It is one of the most important component of traveller's expenditure. Accommodation services are those services which is fulfil a particular need like cleanness of room , lodging area , a seat compartment. Accommodation services are looking for the infrastructure of the hotel , it includes the house keeping services which can maintain the hygiene healthy and safety around the hotel area (Zeng and Gerritsen, 2014) All the minor services engaged in maintaining the infrastructure this services are accommodation services . PKF hotel maintain the accommodation services by trained the human resources . Accommodation is basic necessities of guest of hotel and they are right to use this facilities.

Visitors attraction :

Visitors attraction is place of interest where the tourist want to visit t, typically for its inherent or exhibited by visitors there natural , cultural value, history of that place. In hospitality industry its important to visit the traveller's to the visitors place and hotel can also provides the facilities to visit the famous place the visitors attraction is the attraction towards the famous place which is demand to visit by visitors and this included the places like parks , mountains, deserts and forest .Visitor attracts to historical place and monuments , temples etc. this interesting by visitors are visitors attraction

Business travel :

Business travel is travel related to work of business and this travelling can be individually or in groups. Business travel included visiting customers and suppliers , business travel meeting at other company locations and development of professionals. Business travel is most important component in hospitality industry because business traveller has to look for booking of hotel to stay . Hotels are provided Wi-Fi facilities to the business person who stay in the hotel so hotel provide the business related facilities to the corporates by that they can worked at hotel .

Task 2

2.1 Analysis about the implication of integration to the hospitality industry

The integration process will lay a profound and critical effect on activities of a hospitality firm that will help in the better treatment of its business tasks and will help in reasonable ascent in operational limit of a business association. This securing methodology will enable the neighbourliness to firm to enhance its general usefulness and increment the productivity of business firm. The incorporation procedure has helped the accommodation firms like Marriott Group, Accor Hotels, Hilton Group and other significant cordiality firms to expand the efficiency and productivity and meet the operational prerequisites of the business firm too, as their clients in a much viable manner (Battour and Ismail, 2016). The procurement procedure will help the getting and in addition the obtained firm to enhance their usefulness and will help in taking care of the necessities and requests of their clients. It makes a superior market steadiness and will enable the business to firm to enhance the general operational measures that are been taken in thought by the firm. This combination approach will help the firm to enhance the general usefulness of inn association and embrace the better and creative thoughts and will help in compelling change of administration quality.

The real ramifications that is been taken in compelling thought by association for the better development and improvement of administrations like nature of room administrations, nourishment and drinks and enhancing the transportation administrations (Law, Leung and Fong, 2015) This approach causes the firm to expand the general proficiency and increment their income age limit. It likewise helps in taking care of the requirements and requests of their customers and clients. The expansion in income age is the principle and central point that is been taken in compelling thought by hospitality firms like Marriott gathering, Accor inns, Intercontinental and Wyndham Worldwide will help in the better change in the operational limit and consumer loyalty level in a much successful and better way. It will help the firm to give a superior and astounding support of their clients. Other than this, the coordinated effort will; help both the organizations to show signs of improvement recognizable proof by enhancing their image picture and value in the mid arrangement of their clients. It will likewise help to be developed of a decent nature of recognition that will help in reasonable ascent in efficiency of the refereed to business firm . The procuring firm gets the best possible approach to meet the operational prerequisites of their association and will likewise help in enhancing and upgrading of top-notch administrations measures like enhancing the nature of nourishment or expanding the room administrations at hospitality firm. This methodologies will help in better treatment of business association. This approach will likewise bolster a decent income age and will prompt increment in client or customers fulfilment level (Cook, Hsu and Marqua, 2014)

In the Marriott group, both horizontal and vertical approach of integration will implement. With help of the vertical and horizontal approach, company can easily acquire the effective product and services and improve its existing process of business operation. The Marriott hotel will effectively beneficial by use of these both approaches.

2.2 Discuss how integration has affected a hospitality business

The integration of various services has highly affected hospitality sector. It has decreased the quality of services. It has affected business operations (Iyer, Dey and Chakraborty, 2015). Tourism organisations are using both vertical and horizontal approach to grow by attracting large number of people. They are now focusing on utilising resources in effective manner to improve quality of services as well as gaining competitive advantage in the market. Moreover, there are various ways by which integration has affected Marriot International. It is described below :-

Lack of knowledge – Due to integration employee are not having enough information about various services and products. It has affected their performance as well as efficiency (Getz and Page, 2016). Also, due to lack of research ad ineffective planning the standard of service of Marriot International has decreased.

Cost integration- This is area where integration has affected the most. Marriot International is not able to do effective cost planning of different services. Besides this, there has been rise in expenses in providing training to employee and developing services. Due to this Marriot International is not able to earn stable profits to maintain break even analysis (Smith and Puczkó, 2014) Moreover, integration is affecting company operations as huge investments are required to achieve objectives.

Using technology- Technology is been used highly in this sector. It has helped in providing more information to people from different technical sources such as website. The negative impact of this on Marriot International is there has been delaying in decision taking. It is because of lack of training given to employees (Zeng and Gerritsen, 2014). Moreover, sometimes information shared is not accurate due to some errors. It has resulted in less knowledge of objectives. This is affecting Marriot International operations.

Therefore, integration has affected operations of Marriot International. This has affected their service quality as well as overall productivity.

Task 3

3.1 Develop a rationale for a selected project clearly justifying decisions linked to target market

In present era hospitality sector is at boom. It has created platform for many business to enter. They are successfully operating in this sector. Moreover, it has provided opportunity for growth to new entrants to enter in it (Boniface, Cooper and Cooper, 2016) So below is a business development plan that describe starting of new business.

Stage 1 - Development

Concept- The plan is to open a hotel that will comprises services of restaurant as well. It will provide all types of services to people under one roof. It will open in UK. The concept behind this is to create a platform in which effective and better services can be provided to middle class people. It is because these people can not afford luxurious services (Abubakar and Ilkan, 2016). This business will focus on providing accommodation facilities at tourist destination at lower price. It will also focus on expanding in other areas as well.

Market research – Before opening business first step taken is market research. It provides an idea of existing services and products in market. Also, it shows possible opportunities for growth. In this market research will be done by asking people to fill questionnaire. Along with this interviews will be taken to get people reviews. It will help in identifying people demands so that services can be developed (Manhas and Tukamushaba, 2015). Topics covered will be customer satisfaction, quality of services, price, types of services, etc. The target customer will be middle class people. This will help in offering affordable services to them. The sample size will be 1000 people who visit UK.

Target market – The target customer will be middle class families. It will consist all religion, caste, creed, etc. The research will be conducted in major cities and tourist destinations.

Location – It will consist of major cities and tourist destinations where large number of middle class people visit. This is because business goals focus on providing services to these people only (Airey, Dredge and Gross, 2015).

Scale- Hotel will contain around 150 rooms with air conditioner and 50 rooms without air conditioner.

Funding – Half of the Investment will be done by me and half by taking loan from bank.

Products and services – Services offered will be :

  • 150 rooms with air conditioner and 50 rooms without air conditioner
  • Food and bar services
  • Housekeeping services
  • Local guide for help
  • Conveyance facilities to pick and drop

Licensing – Each and every thing will be done in proper legal manner and hotel will be registered under government.

3.2 Develop a plan for a hospitality business including operational requirements and human resource allocation

The success of hospitality sector depends on its interior design and attractiveness. A customer will be highly attracted to hotel ambience and interior design (Robinson, Fallon and Crotts, 2016). Moreover, hotel environment should be peaceful and quite so that customer can easily relax. The services quality should be high so that customer can be retained. The design of hotel is specified below :-

Stage 2 -Design

Ambience – Ambience of hotel will be very attractive and pleasant. It will be designed in such a way that people automatically gets attracted. The set up of dinner will be roof top. It will consist of multi colour lights. Walls will be decorated with paintings and modern art (Kropinova, Zaitseva and Moroz, 2015). Statues will be put at corner of hotels. Passage will be covered with carpet having some interior lights.

Culture- Hotel will reflect a smooth and effective culture. Restaurant and bars will be decorated with arts and paintings of singers. This will reflect modern culture. Dance floor in bar will have decorating lights. Waiters will be having a proper dress code that will depute modern way of delivering services. They will be trained to provide timely delivery of services.

Brand – Hotel brand will focus on providing high quality services at low price. The aim is to gain customer trust. For this hotel have created a website that will solve customer issues.

Interior – Interior will reflect modern environment (Law, Leung and Fong, 2015). Beds will be covered will attractive linen, in the corner there will be statue and lamps with flowers. Each wall will be having different colours. The floor designing will contain graphics and 3 – D pictures. This will catch eye of customer who visit hotel. Every bathroom will be having bath tub, high quality accessories, etc.

Exterior – Exterior of hotel will give a soothing environment to customers. The rooms that includes balcony will have eye catching view. It will have a money plant. Rooms will be having glass windows (Iyer, Dey and Chakraborty, 2015).

Functional areas- Hotel will operate in different functional areas. But the focus on method of providing timely delivering of services. With this it will be easy for customer to book rooms. By this customer satisfaction can be gained. It will help in retaining people once they have visited hotel.

Customer flows- The passage and doors will be spacious enough so that customer can easily enter and exit. There will one entry door and one exit door.

Link to target market – The design will be made in that manner that it reflects middle class people life ( Getz and Page, 2016).

Customers with individual needs – There will different facilities and rooms for customer who are having separate needs.

Sustainability – In order to survive in the market for long run, hotel will use technology to improve quality of services. It will help in attracting people. Management will develop strategies such as providing discounts of festive seasons, organising live music concerts, gaming facility for children, Wi-Fi facility, etc.

Stage 3 – Operation

Hotel can achieve its goals and objectives through effective operations. Management needs to develop plan on how operations will be performed and in what way. Operations consists of staffing, recruitment, promotions, etc. (Smith and Puczkó, 2014) it will help in smooth business functioning.

Staffing by functional areas- Management will recruit highly qualified staff for this. It is because hotel have to create impression on people by following the method of delivery on time. After recruiting, effective training will be given to them. This will help in identifying their skills and capabilities.

Specialist qualifications- HR will prefer candidate that is having a Bachelor degree. It should also be good in interpersonal skills. First preference will be given to those candidates who have done hotel management course (Zeng and Gerritsen, 2014) Chefs must be having 3-4 years of experience in cooking.

Staffing issues related to seasonality – In seasonal time staff will have to perform more roles and duties. Then according to their performance benefits and incentive will be given to them.

Cultural diversity and ways to deal with conflicts – To create a better working environment management will treat all employees equally and giving them equal opportunities for growth. No discrimination will be done by management (Boniface, Cooper and Cooper, 2016). In order to deal with conflicts management will negotiate with them by listening to views of each party.

Recruitment policies and procedures- The HR team will develop strong policies and procedures. Policy will state that no discrimination will be done. Each candidate will be given equal chance for employment. Moreover, several methods will be developed

Compliance with legislation- the policies and procedures developed will consist of several acts. Each policy will be compliance under legislation (Manhas and Tukamushaba, 2015). Hotel will follow act such as Equality Act, non discrimination act, health and safety act, etc.

Promotional activities- There will be several techniques followed through which promotion will be done. First of all promotion will be done by advertising. For this social media will be used to attract people. A page will be created on networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. for effective promotion (Airey, Dredge and Gross, 2015). Moreover, through public relations promotion will be done. In this communication will be done with people to promote hotel ideas.

Pricing- The prices will be set according to a 3 star hotel. AC rooms will be having more price as compared to non AC.

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This assignment report summarises that travel and tourism sector has included many services of hospitality sector. It has enabled people to get all services under one roof or platform. The implications of integration to the hospitality industry is described. Also, the integration of various services has highly affected hospitality sector. It has decreased the quality of services. In present era hospitality sector is at boom. It has created platform for many business to enter. They are successfully operating in this sector.


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