D/508/0491 Unit 6 Human Resource Management Regent College


Human Resource Management is the term used to define formal systems created for the management of people within an organization. It covers the field of hiring employees, retention of people, performance management, compensation and benefit and taking care of exists from the entity to round off the activities. In simple words “HRM refers to the process of managing workforce in structured and thorough manner”. According to Megginoson, 2013 “It is a procedure of making more effective and efficient use of human resource so that organizational goals can be accomplished within the stipulated time-frame.

The main purpose of this report is to review the effectiveness of the HR function within the company. The chosen firm for this project is Waitrose, which is leading British Supermarket Store in UK. This reports covers role and purpose of HRM, advantages and disadvantages of different recruitment & selection method, application of HRM practices, importance of employee relation and key elements of employment legislation.

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Task 1

P1 Functions and purpose of human resource management

HRM refers to the process of proper and optimal utilization of available limited skilled workforce. Its core purpose is to make proficient use of existing human resource in the company. Employees are considered as main assets of the business enterprise. Sometime they are often referred as human capital as they are the one who immensely contributes towards generating profit and revenues for the firms. Every business concern desire to have skilled and competent workforce that makes their business more effective than their rivals. According to Robbins, 2014 “Human Resource Management is concerned with the people dimension in management. Since every company is made up of individuals, acquiring their services, enhancing their skills, encouraging them to higher performance level and confirming that they continue to remain committed towards achieving overall business objectives. In short, HRM is an art of controlling people in such a manner that they give their best to the enterprise for accomplishing its pre-determined goals. It can also be defined as a process of developing, procuring and maintaining competent employees in the firm so that their objectives can be achieved in cost-effective and timely manner (Aswathappa, 2013).

Workforce Planning refers to the systematic identification of what an organization is going to require in terms of type, size and quality of workforce so as to achieve its defined objectives in a given time frame. It is basically concerned with putting right people on right job and at right time. This framework combines the factors of human capital, strategic planning and budgeting in order to determine the key talent needs of the business enterprise.

Purpose of Human Resource Management in Waitrose

  • Ensure optimum utilization of available human resources effectively.
  • To maximize to the fullest the worker’s self-actualization and job satisfaction
  • To generate and maintain the quality of work life which makes employment in the company a desirable social and personal situation (Batt and Colvin, 2011).
  • To reconcile individual goal with company’s goals
  • To assist in maintaining ethical and behavioural policies inside and outside the business concern
  • To help the enterprise to achieve its goals efficiently and effectively by providing skilled and inspired employees 

Functions of HRM

HRM is all about raising employee performance to their maximum level corresponding to their role in particular company. Following are the main function of HRM:

Recruitment and Selection: Recruitment refers to the process of searching for most talented candidate and stimulate them to apply for given job vacancy in the company. Selection deals with selecting the best candidate among the pool of applicants. The role of HR manager is to select the best candidate for the firm who further assist in attaining business goals in a structured manner.

Performance Appraisal: Every employee expect to get appraised by their seniors or leaders which indirectly motivates them to work incredibly hard towards achieving organisational objectives. By appraising employees on the basis of their work performance creates higher sense of achievement and recognition in them. Therefore, it is important for every manager to appraise the performance of their employees and also provide them feedback as well that help in improving their overall productivity. It also assist in retaining workers for longer period.

Rewarding: It means provide extra benefits to employees for their superior performance. Such benefits can be classified into category one is Monetary and other is Non-monetary. Monetary factors can be measured in terms of money such as compensation, incentives, benefits. On the contrary, non-monetary factors cannot be measured in terms of money such as sense of achievement, status etc.

Motivation: The primary role of every HR manager is to keep motivating their workforce. If employees are motivated chances of attaining business goals increases substantially. As a result overall productivity and profitability of the company increases.

Discipline: It is important to maintain discipline at the work place so that all business activities can be carried out in a structured and through manner. The main purpose of discipline is correct the behaviour of workers.

Maintaining Good Working Condition: It is the primary responsibility of HR manager to provide favourable and healthy working environment to the workers. The fundamental duty of HR department is to motivate workers. If work environment is good and positive then it will automatically motivates workers.

Managing Employee relation: Workers are the main pillars of any company. One of the crucial function of HRM is maintain healthy relationship with its employees. They possess the ability to impact work and behaviour outputs (Coff and Kryscynski, 2011). The key to organizational success is well-planned employee relationship that promote healthy and positive working environment.

 P2 Strength and weakness of recruitment and selection

Both Recruitment and Selection is the core function of Human Resource Management. Recruitment can be defined as an overall process of attracting, short-listing, selecting and appointing most suitable candidate for the given job vacancy within the company. It mainly deals with finding prospective candidate and stimulating them to apply for given vacant job in the organization. When more people apply for particular job then the scope for hiring better person increases tremendously (Kehoe and Wright, 2013). It is a kind of linkage activity that brings together all people who are looking for a particular job and those who already have job. Through recruitment, companies ensure that skill set of their manpower remains aligned pre-determined goals and objectives. On the other hand selection means choosing the most suitable and skilled candidate among the pool of applicants. The success and growth of any company depend upon the contribution made by its employees towards achieving business objectives. Therefore, both recruitment and selection plays key role towards the growth and development of any company. 
There are two sources through which firm can find most suitable candidate annotate namely internal and external.
Internal: According to Flippo, 2015 "Best workers can be found within the business only". When a vacancy arises in the company, it may be first given to worker who are already on the payroll. Basically job opportunities are given to internal employees only. It includes transfer and promotion.

Strength of Internal Source of Recruitment

Improves morale of existing employees: When Waitrose gives higher post to employee that are currently working in a company it assist in boosting the morale of other employees as well. Mostly every worker expect promotion at higher post that carries more pay and status.

Quicker method: It usually takes less time to hire someone who are already working in the company. HR manager can directly approach them. This method reduces much time and efforts of the company (Kinicki and Kreitner, 2012).

Self-development: This method promote self development among workers as they can look forward to occupy higher post which can be beneficial for their personal growth and development as well.

No error in selection: Waitrose believes that chances of error decreases or eliminates when the employee is selected within the company only.

Weakness of Internal Source of Recruitment

Can create conflict amongst colleagues: There are certain times, when employees thinks that company is not recognising their hard work and not giving them good job opportunities. As a result, conflict among workers arises.

Limit the choices: This method might be easier or quicker but it limit the fresh talent pool that can provide creative and innovative ideas to business (Marchington and et. al., 2016).

It's creates another vacancy: When an internal employee is recruited to higher post, the company is land up with another job vacancy as well. So basically by putting internal employee higher post they need to fill vacancies for people which is much more time consuming.

External: This method is taken into consideration when existing employees are not suitable for the current job vacancy. Thus, the company decided to recruit competent candidate from outside the businesses. There are various methods of external sources such as advertisement, direct recruitment, outsourcing employment exchange, job portals etc. Waitrose is often using external source of recruitment as compared to internal source.  

Strength of External source of Recruitment

Availability of suitable person: External source wider choice to the management in terms of selecting best candidate from the pool of applicant. 

Bring new ideas: Selecting person from outside sources gives the benefit in the form of bringing new and creative ideas. As the candidate is already having experience in some other concern thus, they are able to recommend new things and methods. 

Economical: This recruitment method is economical did employees are already experienced and trained. 

Weakness of External source of Recruitment

Lack of cooperation: They might be possibility that old employees may not co-operate with new candidates as they feel that their rights has been snatched away because of them only. 

Expensive: This method is costlier as Waitrose needs to spend large proportion of their income in advertising in media, arranging written test and interview for the candidates (Messersmith and et. al., 2011).

Problem of maladjustment: There might be chances that new candidate may not be able to adjust them self with the working environment of the company. As a result they leaves themselves.

Task 2

P3 Benefits of different HRM Practices

In Waitrose, human resource management is used by both employee and employer so as to control the activities and improves overall organisational performance (Renwick, Redman and Maguire, 2013). There are various activities that is taken into account by HR manager of Waitrose includes training and development, motivation of staff, performance appraisal and rewarding of staff members  etc.  Without the collective efforts of both employee and employer all these activities can  be carried out in proper manner. Following are the different HRM practices that needs to be taken into consideration by HR Manage are as follows:

Different HRM practices

Benefit to employee

Benefit to employer

 Training and Development

Waitrose is providing some additional facilities such as training and education to use and share knowledge with each other promptly.

Training session has been arranged for employers because for motivating employees it is important to motivate employers first as they are the one who lead other co-worker in a structured manner.

Motivation of staff

Waitrose managers involves their followers in decision making process and ask for their suggestion as well. This makes them feel important and valued (Schuler, Jackson and Tarique, 2011). Waitrose provides open and positive working environment to its employees which makes them motivated and inspired towards their work.. 

 Waitrose provides satisfaction to employers and inspire them to add values to company's intellectual property. Motivated employers achieves organisational objectives in an effective and efficient manner

 Performance appraisal

Developing good relationship with workers will help managers in tracking their progress. It also assist in analysing their performance and takes necessary action for monitoring and controlling them. In company like Waitrose, performance of employees has been computed on the basis of their work performance. The company believe that if workers gets appraisal they automatically becomes motivated and great sense of achievement arises in them

With the help of performance management system, manager of Waitrose can easily measure the performance of their employers or managers and reward them accordingly. It retain them for longer period with the company.

Rewarding of staff members 

Every workers expect to get reward on the basis of their work performance. The reward can be further classified as monetary and non-monetary. It help in inspiring them to work incredibly hard towards accomplishing business goals and objectives.

Not only employees want rewards but employers also want rewards for their work performance. If rewards are given to them they can put more efforts towards providing direction and guidance to employees.

 P4 Effectiveness of different HRM practices in terms of raising organisational performance and productivity

HRM Practices proves out to be beneficial for Waitrose in context of increasing organisational profit and productivity. Starting from the execution of HRM practices in company, it has attained huge revenues and productivity by the following point of view:

Innovative and High Performing employees: HRM practices of Waitrose promote open and innovative working environment and motivate their workers by providing them better facilities which is proves to be beneficial for their personal and professional development. Through all these initiatives, referred firm can easily raise the productivity of its employees which indirectly increases their probability ratio as well (Scullion and Collings, 2011).

Effective direction setting and execution: Both leaders and managers plays crucial role in setting the goals, purpose, direction, roles and responsibilities of employees and employers. HRM practices assist Waitrose in selecting appropriate managers for company and so do select right employees at right time for right work. If work is assigned to employee on the basis of their skills and knowledge, it chances of accomplishing organisational objectives increases. As a result overall profitability of the firm substantially increases. 

Team and individual goals with effective communication: HRM practices helps the company to set and achieve both team and individual goal in an effective manner. The communication channel of Waitrose is very strong that indicates employees shares good rapport with each other and trust their colleagues blindly. Good relation among employees raises their performance and they start working incredibly hard towards business goals. 

Effective rewards drive performance: Waitrose values the work of their employees and thus provide them rewards accordingly. They generally provide rewards to them in monetary and non-monetary factors. Monetary includes benefits that can be measured in terms of money such as higher incentives ( Werner and DeSimone, 2011). Non-monetary factors deals with those factors that cannot be measured in terms of money such as sense of recognition, achievement etc. If employees are motivated they contribute more effectively and as result their overall performance and productivity increases.

Task 3

P5 Significance of employee relationship

Every employee at Waitrose shares special relationship with his or her co workers. This promote positive and open working environment that encourages and inspire them to to work more effectively and efficiently. In addition to that, employees need to talk and discuss with others in regard of decision making. An interactive work working environment can easily motivate workforce instead of motivating through monetary factors. it is necessary that person must feel comfortable, shares great rapport with each other and work collectively as a single unit towards a accomplishment of goal.

Following are the importance of employee relation:

Work is easy if it is shared among all workers: In Waitrose the healthy and positive relation among the workers relieves the workload on any one particular individual and in turn maximize the chances of Greater productivity. As it become difficult for one person to do everything on his own therefore work must be divided among the employees on the basis of their skills and knowledge so that it can be accomplish within its stipulated time frame. if Employees share good relation and rapport with other team members they will have the potential to help them to make the task much easier or simpler.

Discouraging conflict among workers: Good relation among employees eliminates the chances of fight and conflict among them. They trust each other blindly and assist each other in the performance as well. Moreover they consider their co worker as their colleague not as their competitors. 

Loyalty of employee: Interactive and pleasant working environment helps to develop the loyal workers. When working condition is favourable, employees feels motivated towards performing the task and tries to accomplish it more effectively (Wright and McMahan, 2011). As a result, chances of generating higher profitability ratio increases. 

Ensuring equality by communicating effectively: Effective communication system in Waitrose signifies that there is no discrimination takes place all across the company in any perspective. In-fact they involve work force in their decision making process which makes them feel important to the company. Equal and fair opportunities is given to all employees who works with Waitrose.

P6 Key elements of employment legislation 

Defining position: At the time of recruitment and selection process, the company is liable to clearly define the candidate their position in the organisation. It also defines their roles and responsibilities towards particular task that has been assigned to them on the basis of their skills knowledge and competency (Wright and McMahan, 2011).

Proper compensation: The companies are also liable to define their proper compensation for the workers at the time of recruitment only. They must ensure that all employee must get minimum wages and length of their working hours. Also manager needs to talk about incentives and others benefit plans as well.

Ensuring equality: The firm must ensure the quality prospective while recruiting the employees. There must be equality in working hours, sex, health facilities, wages, employment terms and condition etc. If any discrimination found within the company then they are liable to bear the consequence for the same as well.

Time of work: All employees must be aware of their working hour the daily or weekly working hours required to execute the task. If they perform overtime duties then they must get extra compensation for it as well. Along with this business entity should also provide information related with leaves.

Data protection: Under this legislation, workers are not allowed to share any confidential data of the company with any third or outsider  person. If in case they found doing so then they have to bear the consequence for the same that will adversely affect its overall work performance.

Diversity act:  This act of employment legislations focus on the similarities and differences of employees working in organisation. Every individual come from different culture, nation and education and all these largely affect the behaviour and actions of employees working in enterprise. This require to be consider by manager while formulate policies and strategies for business. Diversity management help company in keep the morale of employee's high and also help in retain them for long time period.

Data protection act:This act is related with  storage and security of relevant information. It ensure processing  of information in ethical and legal manner. Company remain responsible to keep the personal information of employees confidential. Further, workers who work in company remain liable to do not disclose the relevant data of enterprise. This affect decision making process of management related with collection and storage of information.

Health and safety act: This act state that employer remain responsible to create and provide healthy and safe working conditions to the employees working in enterprise. Further, proper training should be offer to workers so they can handle risky equipments at workplace. All this decrease the chances of rise conflicts at workplace and improve employee's performance. This affect the decision making process of managers as they have to conduct training programmes for employees so they can perform their job roles.

Task 4

P7 Application of HRM Practices 

Job Description

Organisation Name


Job Designation

Marketing Manager


London, United Kingdom

Reporting To

Head of Department (Principal)

Roles and Responsibilities

Make effective marketing strategies and manage sales team.

Communicate plans to team members and create sales .

Working Hours

9.30 am to 9:00pm


8000 Pound per month

Working Facilities

Supermarket will provides flexible working hours, better working environment, compensations as per their performance within the workforce.

Person Specification

Name: ABC

Contact no.: 123456




Affiliated University



Recognized University


Higher education

London high school


Secondary education

London high school



Personalized information

Father's name: XYZ

Mother's name: TYU

Achievements: Awards for achieving targets in ASD company.

Rising Star and best Performer of the year.

Recognition effective communications and giving excellence service.


General information

Name: ABC

Mobile no.: 9874589654

Email id:



University of London



University of London


Higher education

Cambridge school


Secondary education

Cambridge school


Personal details:

Father name: TYA

Mother name: KHL

Date of birth: 25th February 1995

Achievement: 1st position in debate competition.

2nd position in basketball.

Skills & Competencies

Communication skills

Leadership skills

 Interview preparatory notes: Number of applicants apply to get a specific job in enterprise. It is very important for managers to do proper planning so interview can be executed in well manner and right candidate can be selected to perform a specific job at workplace. Following are the points that require to be consider while prepare for interview:

  • Preparation of right interview questions in order to get best results.
  • Analysis of skills and knowledge of applicant which are essential to perform a specific job.
  • Evaluation of other required skills

Job Offer letter

29 September 2013

Dear ……

We are pleased to offer you a position of marketing manager at Waitrose. This is a full time position of 40 hours in  a week. As a full time worker you are entitles to the benefit package.

If you accept this offer letter, we would like you to sign and return a copy of this letter along with the require documents.

If you have any question related with the policies and procedures, please contact to us.



Human Resource Manager


Being a Human resource manager at Waitrose, I do preparations for conduct interview and to select the best candidate for the specific job at workplace. I develop various interview questions and select the best applicant. After that I send a job offer letter to the individual selected to perform the role of marketing manager in company.

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According to the above mentioned report it can be concluded that human resource management plays key role in organizational success and growth. By hiring talented and skilled candidate for the company, HR manager assist in achieving business objectives. There are mainly two sources through which company can recruit best employee are discussed above with its strength and weakness as well. Certain factors that assist in improving organizational productivity and performance has also been discussed in the report. For attaining organizational goals in cost-effective manner it is important for employees to work collectively and share common goal towards it.


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