Employee Motivation In Starbucks & Hr Practice

Research Problem

The research work always aims at solving certain issue into consideration; the same being case with present research. It draws "a critical analysis of implication that human resource practices have on employee motivation in Starbucks."

Terms of References


The research work presented herewith propose to investigate various human resource practices that are adopted by Starbucks. It also emphasizes on analyzing effect of these practices on employee motivation. The research work strives to assess degree to which employees are motivated due to new human resource practices.


In order to serve the purpose of research and conducting in-depth analysis of all the aspects; it is necessary to accumulate all relevant information. It is the responsibility of researcher to effectively collect all the information and adopt appropriate methods for analysis and evaluation of data.

The present research work will be supported by both primary and secondary data. Primary data represents first hand information that is collected to serve the purpose of present research; secondary data on other hand refers to the information accumulated through previous research work. In order to collect primary data the questionnaire method will be suitable. The feedbacks will be generated from sample of employees and managers within the business unit. Information from secondary sources will be extracted through published journals, books and relevant articles.

Expected outcome

The research emphasizes on identifying the way in which human resource practices motivates employees within the organization. Various methods of increasing employees morale and formulating Human practices will be suggested to Human resource managers through the report.

Background and context

Academic area and context of problem

Human resource management and its motivation has emerged as a field of study in present scenario. This is due to increasing employees attrition rate and more of dissatisfaction among staff members. The researcher has added valuable insights from time-to-time for motivating employees within the organization. The previous studies and models developed in past helps in adding value to researcher understanding the management of human resources within the organization (Marchington and Wilkinson, 2008). It has contributed much to development of expertise in the field and it is expected that present research is also going to add significant value to the subject matter of Human resource management.

Business organization and context of problem

Starbucks is one of the leading global coffeehouse chain that is headquartered in Washington. The company has emerged as largest coffeehouse chain across the globe with its wide spread presence in 64 countries. The business unit is employing large number of employees and is responsible for motivating them (Milner, 2011). It is one of the most crucial element for business unit to motivate its employees and retain them for long duration. In order to increase motivational level the business unit is responsible to formulate various human resource strategies and practices. The research work through analysis of implications of human resource strategies provides solutions for issues related to employees motivation (Skaggs and Youndt, 2004).

Purpose of the proposed study

The research work always strives to satisfy certain aim on its completion. The present research works aims at identifying implications of human resource practices on employee motivation. The list of objectives that research work is going to satisfy are mentioned underneath.

  • To identify the relation between human resource practices and employee motivation.
  • To evaluate the degree of satisfaction among employees at Starbucks.
  • To define human resource practices that help in motivating employees within the organization.

Significance of the proposed study

The present study is of high importance in modern era when managing human resources is a critical element for business operations. The research work into consideration helps in identifying practices and business strategies that boost employee morale. It is through the research that Starbucks and various other organizations develop understanding of manner in employees are motivated. It plays a significant role in understanding perception of employees and management about each other. Finally, the research work helps in supporting future works by making significant contribution to the relevant field of study.

Summary of Relevant theory

The researchers have developed various useful theories that helps in determining ways through which motivation level of employees can be increased. Various theories developed over a period of time are Maslow's need hierarchy theory, Hertzberg two factor theory and McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y. These theories and models suggests various needs and motivational factors that helps in creating motivation among the employees (Skaggs and Youndt, 2004). In order to achieve sufficient level of motivation among employees; it is necessary to identify their needs and desires.

It is seen that adequate level of satisfaction among employees is necessary to ensure their active participation. Moreover, the identification of various factors that helps in gaining employees motivation forms the basis for formulating strategies to motivate them. It is essential that human resource strategies are formulated in the way that employees gain high level of satisfaction (Beattie, 2002). The business strategies and policies are way to its long term success and growth. Employees are entitled to work in the set framework of policies and procedures. In order to motivate them the structure is framed as per their convenience and strategies are formulated in similar manner (Bernardin and et. al., 2011).

Research Methodology

Research philosophy

The section determines a framework that helps in supporting research work into consideration. Majorly, there are two philosophies on which research into consideration is based upon; they are interpretivism and positivism. Interpretivism philosophy emphasizes on analysis of qualitative data and human perceptions into consideration (Rasinger, 2008). Positivism philosophy on other hand focuses on evaluation through scientific and mathematical models. In present case, the research analysis of employees satisfaction and motivation. It also strives to evaluate the affect that human resources practices have on motivation of staff members. Evaluation of human perceptions is qualitative in nature; that in turn suggests adoption of interpretivism philosophy.

Identify the relation between human resource practices and employee motivation

Research design: The present research work is qualitative in nature since it emphasizes on evaluating human behavior. In order to establish relation between human practices and employee motivation; researcher is attempting to explore novel facts. Henceforth, the exploratory research design will be adopted to satisfy the objective.

Secondary data: The relationship between human resources practices and employee motivation can be identified through evaluation of secondary data. It is through analysis of published articles, books and journals that the researcher is able to identify relation between two variables.

Evaluate the degree of satisfaction among employees at Starbucks

Research design: It is necessary for researcher to assess the degree of satisfaction that employees possess during their tenure in Starbucks. The objective since emphasizes on description of existing facts; descriptive research is applicable to the case. The descriptive research helps in developing a detailed overview of level of employees satisfaction and factors that are responsible for improving the same.

Primary data: In order to assess the degree of satisfaction achieved by employees at Starbucks; the primary data will be collected. The questionnaire method will be applicable in this case. The sample of 30 employees will be selected who are asked to fill questionnaires that not only determines their satisfaction level but also brings forth reason behind the same. Questionnaire method is suitable since it eliminates all kind of biasness on part of researcher and allows employee to submit feedbacks in their comfort zone. The employees are selected through random sampling method so as to allocate equal chance to each of them.

Define human resource practices that help in motivating employees within the organization

Research design: Finally, researcher attempts to define human resource practices that helps in gaining employees motivation. The researcher will be able to develop practices through analysis of facts and figures collected. This suggests adoption of descriptive design for appropriately defining human resource practices.

Secondary data: The secondary data helps in analyzing the practices or methods suggested by certain previous research to gain employee motivation (Punch, 2009). The data will be collected through researches conducted in past and journals published.

Primary data: In order to design human resource practices within the organization primary data will be collected by way of interviews. In order to extract information regarding best human practices 10 human resources managers will be selected. Personal interview of each managers helps in determining various factor hat effects employee motivation. It is through adoption of systematic sampling technique that 10 human resource managers will be selected. The researcher should ensure that interview is conducted with a set framework and without any personal biasness.

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