Human Resource Management for Industries


Human Resource Management mainly focuses on hiring, choosing, educating, and developing and rewarding workers to achieve their organizational goals and objectives. This sample is being prepared to analyze HRM's role and purpose in Costa coffee and the organization's current state of an employment relationship. It is the world's second-largest coffeehouse chain, and they are Italian specialist coffee shops. The sample also throws light on the process of HR planning and discusses employment relations. 

Introduction To HRM

Human resource management (HRM) is the function of company that focus on recruitment, selection, training and development and rewarding of staff for attainment of goals and objectives of organization. This function of management provides direction to the employees for achievement of mission (Niazi, 2011). This report is prepared to analyze the role and purpose of HRM in Costa coffee and the current state of employment relation in the organization. It is the second largest coffeehouse chain across the world and they are specialist Italian coffee shops. Organization have 1375 restaurants in UK and have more than 800 outlets overseas in all over the world. The vision of organization is great services, huge people and effective result. In order to achieve this vision company live by values of teamwork, integrity and passion.

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee is a Multinational Coffeehouse headquarters in UK and wholly owned subsidiary of Whitbread. The functions of HRM service industry are enumerated:

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Staffing: Organization conduct recruitment and selection program in which they hire skill and qualified personnel for attainment of their goals and objectives of organization.

Training and development: They conduct training and development programs in order to improve skills and capabilities of employees so that they can perform well (Bridle, 2010).

Performance appraisal: The HRM monitors the performance staff and provides appropriate reward to them so that the feel motivated and performs their roles and responsibilities effectively.

The functions of HRM highly contribute in the effectiveness of organization. It helps in selection of high qualified, talented and skills candidates for the job which helps in attainment of goals and objectives of company. They conduct training and development programs which improve abilities and capabilities of staff which helps them to effectively accomplish their duties. Functions of HRM help Costa Coffee to deliver great services to their customers with the help of motivated staff (Pablos, 2004).

These all functions are related with the service industry as they hire employees, provide training and development in order to improve their skills and abilities and use performance appraisal techniques in order to monitor performance of staff so that reward can be provided to them.

Difference between hard and soft HRM

  • The hard HRM focus on the organization on the other hand, soft HRM focus on employee interest.
  • Hard HRM see employee as the resource to be utilized for attainment of goals and objectives where as soft HRM see people as having feelings, responsible, motivation and emotions (Amos and 2013).

Process of HR planning

The HR planning process used by Costa coffee is as follows:

Assessing human resources: This is the first step in which organization analyze the current existing available human resource and evaluate the strength, weakness, threats and opportunities for company with the help of job analysis.

Demand Forecasting: In this step the demand and supply of workers in the organization is estimated.

Supply forecasting: In it the future manpower required for attainment of goals of company is estimated (Collings and Wood, 2013).

Matching demand and supply: HRM brings the supply and demand together for attainment of point of equilibrium so that shortage of manpower and over staffing issues can be solved.

Action plan: This is the last step in which HR plan is implemented with the help of various HR activities such as recruitment and selection etc.

Limitations of forecasting process: Planning requires much time and money which can increase the cost of organization and can reduce productivity. Changes in the service industry can effects the planning organization (Martin, 2013).

Opportunities forecasting process: It helps to identifiy the future needs of human resource. Effective planning process helps service industry to increase their ability to have right number of employees at right job in specified time period. It also helps in managements of qualified and skills workforce for attainment goals and objectives of organization.

Employment relations

The employment relationship at Costa Coffee is good. Organization provides development opportunities to their staff and they have friendly culture that helps to increase efficiency of workers and they perform well (Trim, 2004). This employment relationship highly impact on collective bargaining, negotiation, conciliation services and conflict management.

The good employer-employee relationship within in the service industry highly impact on collective bargaining as it helps organization to solve the issues with the trade unions easily. It includes the negotiation for terms of employment such as base pay, overtime, sick leave, workplace rules and condition etc. Organization has healthy relationship with their employees that help to solve all the issues related with employment and satisfy the staff. It helps to solve issues related with salary, bonus and increment of workers within the organization (Turner, 2002). Employment relation also impact on negotiation as it reduces the chances of negotiation and staff is highly satisfied with the company.

Organization has good employment relationship and provides development opportunities to their employees that helps in effectively management of conflicts among managements and staff. Employees are satisfied with the company which motivate them for higher level of performance and also helps in managements of conflicts. Employment relation also impact on conciliation services (Sheehan, 2013). It helps in management of disputes among management and employees and motivates them for higher level of performance.

Employment relations plays a significant role in the success of travel and tourism service industry as it helps to motivate employees and encourage them for higher level of performance. Further this helps in attainment of goals and objectives and enhance the growth of industry which assist in economic development of nation.

Organization provides training and development to their employees in order to improve their skills and to enhance their performance level which helps in staff motivation and results in development of relationship with them. The monetary and non-monetary employee motivation also play an important role in employment relation in the service industry and helps to increase growth of organization in context of market share.

Impact of employment law

The UK government has developed several laws and regulations for protection of employee interest within the organization. Government has developed the Sex discrimination Act, Equal Pay Act, Labor management relations Act and also developed the several laws related with the welfare and safety of worker within the firm. These laws and regulations highly impact on functions of HRM within the service industry.

Organization considers the employee rights and provide healthy atmosphere along with welfare activities in their policies and procedure (Mayhew, 2013). Company considers laws and regulations at the time of recruitment and selection of employees and involves all these legal policies in contracts of employment. The service industry provide equal opportunities for development of employees and conduct training and development programs for all staff.

They also provide equal pay to their workers and consider fair treatment in their operations that help to provide higher job satisfaction to employees and motivate them for higher level of performance. The employment law impact on performance management of staff as company have to follow all rules and regulations and they and are required to provide fair treatment while monitoring the performance. Organization provides equal development opportunities and also provides equal reward, promotion, incentives, salaries and achievements according to their performance.

These all laws and regulations are followed by travel and tourism industry which helps them to gain loyalty of staff which leads to higher level of performance. In this service industry all organization follows all legislations that are discussed above which assist in attainment of desired objectives. This helps organization in the service industry to motivate their employees and to gain their loyalty. It aids company to encourage performance of staff in travel and tourism industry and to improve growth of industry. The Sex Discrimination Act 184 assists in providing equal opportunity to male and females which improves performance of firm. The Equal Pay Act 1970 encourage employees to work hard and to attain goals and objectives of firm.

Human resource management planning

For attainment of goals and objectives, organization is required to have effective plan. The HR plan of restaurant industry is enumerated:

The HRM process starts with the HR planning in which needs of employees for attainment of goals and objectives of organization is identified after that company conduct recruitment process in which applicants are attracted to fill the job vacancy. The next step is selection in which best qualified and skilled candidates are hired for job (Amos and 2013). After the completion of selection process the next step is to provide adequate training to the staff so that they can perform their roles and responsibilities effectively and in the end performance of employee is monitor and reward is provided to them according to their performance.

The effectiveness of organization highly contributes in individual and group performance within the firm. This process helps company to increase efficiency of staff and to motivate them for higher level of performance.

Difference between training and development

Training Development
It is a short term process provided for specific task. This is a long term educational process provided for overall development of an individual.
It is group based process. It is an individually based process.
This focus on present needs It focuses on future needs.
Purpose of training is to increase productivity and to improve quality The purpose of development is to improve managerial performance by increasing skills, abilities and knowledge.
It is task oriented. It is skill-oriented.

The training needs analysis process helps to identify the needs of training for employees of organization which helps to increase skills and capabilities of staff. It highly contributes in attainment of goals and objectives of company (Collings and Wood, 2013). It increases the capabilities of workers and motivates them to work with efficiency that highly contributes in attainment of objectives of firm. Costa Coffee also analyze the training needs among employees which helps them to conduct training and development program for their staff in order to improve their skills and abilities so that they can work hard for attainment of desired objectives. Organization can provide training to their middle level employees and can conduct development programs for their executives in order to improve their skills which lead to higher level of performance. Company can analyze the needs of training and development through survey and meetings with their staff.

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Job description and person specification of Costa Coffee shop

Job specification: Opportunity for an experienced retail manager for Costa Coffee outlets within the healthcare sites and the salary for the job will be £500k pa. Responsibility of the manager will be recruitment and training for all aspects of organization and expected to grow business through promotions and marketing. The manger will have the responsibility to provide training and development to their staff in order to improve their skills and should motivate them for higher level of performance

Person specification: Person is required to have team leadership, coaching, collaboration, influencing and strategic leadership skills (Pablos, 2004). Candidate should be commercial and result oriented and should change their leadership according to situation. Person should be able to provide great services and achieve best result. Person should have ability to lead other and should motivate employees.

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Selection process

Selection process of banking industry: This industry conducts written examination and select and attract candidates and then they conduct group discussion and personal interview for selection of final candidates from those attracted applicants. The selection process of banking industry is very long as it involves different steps. The process provides large number of high quality skilled workers as it attracts huge people.

Selection process of hotel industry: They give advertisement on internet and news papers and then conduct final interview for selection of best qualified and skilled candidates. The selection process of hotel industry is less time consuming as there are few steps. This also requires fewer funds in selection of human resource.

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From the above report it can be articulated that human resource management plays an important role in service industry. It helps organization to identify and select the qualified and high skilled workers in order to achieve goals and objectives of firm. Training and development helps to improve skills and abilities of employees that improve moral of workers and they work with efficiency.


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