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Introduction to Human resource

Most of organizations nowadays are trying to adopt best human resource practices in order to manage all their business activities in an effective manner. HR department is responsible for several tasks such as implementing, creating and overseeing the related policies. In this regard, it is quite essential to maintain the growth of HR department by following various actions. The present report is divided into different parts. First part emphasizes on the different learning styles that are adopted by individuals as well as reason for which it is important to transfer learning at the workplace. Further, it mainly focuses on the planning and designing of effective learning events as well as personal development program (Mariappanadar, 2003). Second part of the report is based on the training needs for staff members at different levels in an organization. For this purpose, Sainsbury Company is taken into consideration. They are the leading retailer and are operated worldwide. A systematic approach to plan the training and development for a training event is described in the section. Further, third part carries out an evolution of training event as well as review the success of evaluation method that is used by the company. Moreover, a training event is planned for employees of Sainsbury and various initiatives of government in training and development is also described in this report. Apart from that, it studies that government led skills development initiatives through which individuals can enhance their lifelong learning.

In today's competitive environment, one of the most important targets for each and every individual is to learn and improve his learning skills. Different learning styles and theories can be used by Sainsbury in order to plan and design effective personal development programs. It helps them in preparing their employees in an effective manner. Kolb as well as Honey and Mumford are the researchers who have come up with categorization of learning styles (Cartwrigh, 2002). There are mainly four types of learning styles that have been given by Honey and Mumford such as:

Activist:These people involve themselves in new learning experiences and they always try to learn something new. These types of people can learn by attending different activities that are organized by company such as workshops and conferences etc (Berger, 2008). This type of learning style is an open minded approach and people can learn such styles by going through different group discussions and brainstorming sessions.

Theorist: They are the learners who mainly like to go through the specific actions behind the theory adopted by them. They can easily take interest in this type of learning style if they get different models, concepts and facts behind the learning event. Further, there are several activities adopted by these learners such as models, quotes, background information and stories etc.

Pragmatist: These types of learners need some time to think about how to apply learning in reality. For this purpose, they can go through various discussions as well as in problem solving activity too (Holmes, 2014). They are mainly concerned about the way to put learning into practice in real world.

Reflector: These people think about what has happened and they learn by observing various tasks and activities. They prefer to watch from sidelines and view past experiences of people in order to find out the most appropriate conclusion.

Learning Curve Technique

Learning curve is a technique through which Sainsbury can easily view their learning growth in the future. It is a graphical representation which describes the rate of learning as well as rate of difficulty in learning something. In addition to this, most of the companies can easily grow and enhance their capabilities. It is the best technique nowadays adopted by most of the companies as it shows the rate of improvement in performing tasks as a function time. The concept of learning curve describes how new skills or knowledge can be quickly acquired initially (Dransfield, 2000). In order to increase the learning with experience, this curve goes with the statistical findings. With the help of these findings, company can easily achieve their targets.

With the help of the above figure, it has been identified that learning curve is used when the same task is continual in same series and where the body of knowledge is learned over a time. As per the above description, it has been identified that learning curve is an essential technique that mainly helps the Sainsbury in their future growth.

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By adopting different learning styles, they can learn and grow with the company. All the employees of company can perform their tasks in an effective manner along with improving and gaining their learning skills. It is the best way through which company can easily achieve their goal and increase their market share as well (Stewart and Knowles, 2000). With the help of this, company can provide best and attractive services to their clients. By transferring learning at the workplace, company can easily hire and train new employees and can provide them with best training so that they can increase their production efficiency.

While planning for a learning event or a personal development program, Sainsbury should identify different learning styles and theories. There are various theories that are required by the company at the time of planning and developing a learning event. Learning theory is a framework that helps in developing human skills and competency. It is the best way through which organizations can go through their organizational factors. By considering the different organizational values and requirements, company can select best suitable learning style. At the time of planning and designing a learning event, learning curve helps the company in measuring their future growth. They can plan according to their future growth and however, it helps in defining and generating best outcomes of developing human resources. With the help of proper contribution of learning Styles Company can plan a training event through which they can transfer learning at the workplace. By transferring learning at the workplace, each and every individual can learn their skills and grow with the company. It is quite essential to cover all the broader level of responsibilities. In addition to this, while working within today's globalized world, there are several changes that takes place in the organizational structure and values of the company. For this purpose, they can consider best learning style and theory by considering different improvement factors. In addition to this, it can be determined that while planning and designing any event or development program, it is quite essential for the company to adopt best suitable learning styles and theories.


Sainsbury is a retail industry which mainly uses different training methods in order to provide best training services to all their employees. The main advantage of providing appropriate training to all the employees of the customer level is that they can provide quality services to all their employees. There are mainly two types of training methods used by Sainsbury i.e. on the jib training as well as off the job training methods. Off-the-job training requires to invest huge capital as it organizes after the office premises (Wei, 2006). It is the major disadvantage of using this method as company organizes these activities in a shorter span of time which may leads to several difficulties for the management people of company. For this purpose, company needs to conduct various simulation programs as well as workshops. The main advantage of using this method is that company can go through the greater staff productivity. With the help of attending several on-the-job training methods employees of Sainsbury feels motivated and they can easily recognize their work performance. The major benefits acquired by using such methods are greater staff productivity, motivated staff as well as employees with better skills. It is very much beneficial for workers to attend different seminars and workshops organized by company. It is the best way through which they can easily increase and enhance their motivation level of employee by developing better skills and knowledge of workers. With the help of this they can perform all their tasks in an effective manner and it is the best way through which they can provide high quality services to all their customers. Moreover, sometimes employees may feel disappointed due to their lower performance. They should reach up to the level of extent where they can meet out the performance of other employees (Pattanayak, 2005). Further, off-the-job training has several benefits as well as disadvantages that might leads to increase the satisfaction level of employee whether it incurs extra cost for organizing such activities. In addition to this, Sainsbury also provides on-the-job training to their employees such as coaching, mentoring, one-on-one interaction etc. different departments of the company can easily perform their tasks if they feel motivates. Top management team started one-on-one session with all their workers in which they can better present themselves by telling several issues faced by them.

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With the help of this employees feel motivated and perform their tasks in an effective manner. Coaching, mentoring, apprenticeship is the best process used by Sainsbury through which they can set the proper structure of company by monitoring. After going through the coaching sessions employees can enhance their knowledge level on some specific topics on which coaching is provided to them. According to the working criteria of company there are different teams and team leaders monitoring the performance of the overall team. With the guidance of team leaders employees can perform all their tasks in an effective manner. Further it has been identified that there are various advantages as well as disadvantages of different training methods used by Sainsbury (Prince, 2011). They should try to overcome with such issues in order to provide best training to their employees.

In order to any personal development programs or training event it is essential for company to create a best suitable learning plan through which employees can learn and develop their skills. It is essential to have a active participation of management team as well as fully employee contribution. As per this contribution they can use systematic approach of training and development. They need to create a training system through which they can easily detect all the problems faced by them. In order to choose a realistic approach a discussion should takes place among all the members of the management. Top management team of the company can go through the discussion with all their employees. With the help of this they can collect various findings from the issues faced by them (Soliman and Spooner, 2000). Management teams of the company reviews the feasibility of the process and judges its effectiveness. It comes under the systematic point through which company can plan better training event.  For thus, the manager will share all these findings and made the corrections where required. According to this approach it needs to be ensuring that training begins and ends with the needs and demands of the company. In this approach mainly five stages will be carrying out by company such as analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation.

At the time of developing appropriate plan it is essential to go through the systematic approach so that all points are taken into consideration. With the help of following the above given stages company can easily provide right training to all the newly joined employees. For example: if company needs to provide training to the employees of marketing and sales and they need to provide them brief specification about these departments. A proper training should be provided to all these employees on the basis of proper communication. They should communication with their customers in an effective manner. In addition to this, it can be stated that company should follow most appropriate and systematic training plan and approach for any training event.

One of the most important task for any company is to assess whether the changes takes place within the training event or not. It is quite essential to measure the relevance of the event as per the requirements of company. There are several techniques through which company can easily evaluate the impact of these training programs such as observation, impact on performance etc. while assessing such events it is quite essential to measure the improvements took place. It is the best way through which employees can adopt several benefits (Johnson, 2001). In addition to this, a proper documentation is being formed through which Sainsbury can improve can improve their service quality as well as efficiency level of all their staff members. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of a training program they can use Kirkpatrick model of training evaluation. This theoretical model is based on the four type of training level such as:

Reaction:It is the evaluating the reaction of trainees at the time of training. By monitoring the evaluation of trainees, training manager can feel that training is valuable or not. In order to evaluate the training method it is the best method adopted by company through which they can measure that how well training was received by audience.

Learning: In order to evaluate the training event it is essential to measure that how well trainees go through the training session and how they have increased their knowledge.

Behavior: Based on the received training trainee manager can identify that how far their trainees have changed their behavior based (Deckop, 2006). It is the best way through which employees can identify their enhanced learning skills.

Results: It is the last stage of the model which determines the final results of the overall training event on the basis of reaction, changes in behavior and enhanced learning skills.

In order to evaluate the training process Sainsbury takes several measures. The overall training provided to newly joined employees so that they can enhance their knowledge and learning. In order to evaluate the training event it is essential to measure the future growth with the developed plan. Here, all the points required to be carried out as per the concern of company and all the requirements must be fulfilled by this. In order to evaluate the training Sainsbury need to implement the event at the workplace. After this, they requires to measure the performance of all their employees as well as improvements as per their past performance. It is the best way to evaluate whether a training is working properly to train people or they are able to enhance their level of performance of not. In addition to this, return on investment is another most effective area through which company can easily measure the level of performance that is also used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment. It is the best process through which company can determine what specific return of investment a person can get (Ruysseveldt, 2004). It can be calculated by dividing the cost of investment.

CIRO Technique

CIRO is another technique which describes as a compact RIO program. With the help of such program company can easily control their action of parameters. It is the best way through which they can the effectiveness of their training event. Training event that is developed by Sainsbury was quite effective as it mainly focused with the developing knowledge and skills of the employees. After going through the problems that were faced while implementing trainee event a feasible solution will be developed in overcome with such problems (Wei, 2006). Moreover, they provide various on-the-job as well as off-the-job training to their employees through which they can enhance their skills and knowledge.

The above implemented plan is quite effective and beneficial for the company as it helps them in generating more revenues as well as larger market share. Moreover, it is very successful plan as it helps in providing appropriate training to all their customers (Guest, 2001). It is the best way through which company can easily attract larger number of customers. Further, there are various benefits and limitations of using different evaluation methods. With the help of the  Kirkpatrick model of training evaluation they can easily review that how well they can provide training to employees. It is the best way through which they can measure the performance of all their employees. BY using ROI method they can measure their financial efficiency of investment opportunity. It is that it is not only guide to capital efficiency but also offers the possibility of comparing the efficiency in the use of capital within the company.

Role of government in field of providing training, development and lifelong learning to businesses and their employees cannot be neglected. It is a fact that one of the most important thing that all companies have to do is follow all rules and regulations that are created by government. Sainsbury also understands this and it tries to be updated with all rules that are announced by EU. Government of UK is very proactive and it plays very crucial role in developing human resource of both public and private sector in an appropriate manner. Sainsbury comes under retail industry and role of this particular industry in UK and its economy is enormous. Government creates different rules and regulations which are made for welfare of employees like proper training should be given to them, company should give them proper wages, health and safety practices should;d be followed, etc (Berger, 2008). Because these rules are mandatory, it becomes necessary for all companies to follow them in proper manner otherwise they will have to pay very heavy taxes. In order to generate life-long learning of workers, government tries to generate self-motivated learning. They also create different camps and seminars in which all of these people are invited and are taught about their rights and how they can become more efficient. All these things generate motivation among employees and they become self-sufficient. Further, proper audits are also conducted in each company to check whether training is given to employees or not. Sainsbury knows the importance of all such laws so they provide efficient training, create value for employees, give them proper safety, etc so that they can develop themselves and help company to fulfill all its goals and objective and gain competitive advantage.

There has been a great impact of all these development competencies on both public and private sectors. Competition in market of UK is increasing day by day and that is forcing all companies to increase learning and sharing environment within organization. Sainsbury is also giving proper attention on this matter as it is regularly trying to increase the standards of all its employees by developing them, increasing their skills and many more (Chatzoglou, 2008). Most of the organizations in UK are investing huge amounts in providing training and development o all their workers so that their performance and competencies can be improved in best possible ways. All these things allows companies to create a unique brand image in market which increases their market share as well as give them a competitive advantage. Sainsbury is one of the most popular retail companies in UK and is main aim to serve customers in most appropriate ways so that they can become loyal customers. Sainsbury has understood the value of motivation and because of that it is using methods like performance appraisals, training, bonuses, etc. to improve working level of employees. Further, because of this development competency movement. Making good relations with customers have become very important so Sainsbury is guiding and training its employees to maintain friendly working environment in company and to treat each and every customer with full respect (Lane and Kangulec, 2010). Also, in order to keep in pace with development, companies are now realizing the importance of educational goals ad for that all companies are now referring to NVQs and GNVQs government policies. This particular concept has changed the working culture of all organizations and now they are becoming more and more educational an are also aiming growth of company with the growth of all its employees.

As discussed above, government of UK is becoming proactive day by day in improving the conditions of workers in retail sector and for that they have introduced different training programs which are directly improving conditions of Human Resources department of organizations. Recently, contemporary learning program was initiated  by government and main aim of government behind this initiative was to provide faster development and increase strength of the human resources of both private and public organizations. This learning initiative proved very successful and created a faster learning curve in organizations (Ruysseveldt, 2004). It made organizations very active in the field of human resources and conditions of workers also improved a lot. Different scopes in terms of qualitative and quantitative learning were offered to employees which were very wide and were also presented by government in a broad way. All these things directly affected Human Resources department of different organizations by making them more concerned towards the development and welfare of employees. In order to contribute more to this particular department various other initiatives were also taken like providing financial resources to set up frameworks works for development of employees. All these things helped company;s to become more efficient in all terms. Further, these training programs were created in such a manner that it helped  economy of country also by bringing stability and continuous growth (Lou, 2007). Other than this, government has more plans in future to develop more quantitative training programs so that good working atmosphere can be created all over country.

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By summing up this report it can be said that Sainsbury is one of the fastest growing retail company in the world which has established itself in best form. It is providing continuous training and developing employees in best manner. Human Resource Department of company is very active and is trying hard to make company best in terms of employee retention. However, there are some gaps but all these things can be improved by developing regularly. Human resource Development has become a basic necessities for all companies around the world because without this no company can improve its performance. It can also be seen that developing learning and good culture has become very important in organizations in order to gain competitive advantage in this competitive market. Role of UK government in improving the condition of HRD departments of organizations cannot be neglected. So, it can be said that developing and managing Human Resources in company will allow companies to get proper advantage in market.

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