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This report consists of the purpose that helps employees to develop skills in the analysis of learning and development interventions at the workplace. This report also gives juniors the opportunity to enhance their analysis, critical thinking and written communication skills; particularly in the areas of developing an argument and report writing (Gershenfeld, 2014). This report displays the mentoring programs which include employee training in these programs a mentor or senior help and gives guidelines to its junior by using his/her experience and knowledge and mentor is also responsible to give advice or guidelines to the trainee. This includes the role of mentoring programs in business and also showing the emergence and prevalence of mentoring programs in business. This report the mentoring programs that are being offered at the contemporary workplace.

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Mentoring programs in business

Mentor is the person who gives his/her knowledge to freshers via training. The mentor is also responsible to give guidelines and support the trainee to learn and develop better things to operate at the workplace. The mentor also responsible for giving training and offering their knowledge to junior where the juniors are mostly fresher or may have less or almost no experience. In many organizations the mentors are being allocated at least one trainee for providing directions and guide for the work at the workplace by using their own set of experience and knowledge (Tolan, and, 2014). These experiences and knowledge gives also effective motivations for the freshers.

Many years of businesses, the mentors are helping trainees or others to retrieve their aims like in the concepts of professional, personal and in education. In general meaning personal life of peoples always have one adviser or helper who helps and give advices to retrieve the long and short term aims. This can be anyone of peoples life like a relative, business acquaintances or friend (Kashiwagi, Varkey, & Cook, 2013). The process of coaching is same in mentoring but this is more atomistic and wide process. These procedures are mostly process for the mentors for providing their services to the trainees.

Mentoring programs in many businesses follow the procedure of maintaining the environment in systematic way. These mentoring procedures are being used for the development of new employees and their retention by together to create interactions among the workers. For a good match of employees and mentors in businesses use formal as well as informal programs. These kinds of mentors not choose on the basis of jobs or their title but they are selected on their knowledge, experience and background (DeWit, and, 2016). In the process of mentoring the several tools can used which are available for good match and matching is very important for the success of mentoring. Mentors also responsible for providing their services and they are like role models for trainees. So the mentors to share in the network of business. The mentors share their professional references, experience and knowledge to the fresher. The guidelines of mentors helps freshers to develop their skills and retrieve aims and also maintain the satisfaction of job.

The businesses require mentoring program because it develops the employee and their skills so that it increase the productivity and growth of businesses. Businesses wants high quality, low cost and several solutions for the firms to meet the aim and goals. Using this mentoring programs they develop a systematic and well managed stages for businesses an also for mentors (DuBois, & Karcher, 2013). Like freshers must get someone to understand the business work. Few year's knowledge of freshers must match with mentor career which helps to increase the growth and their level. Using this mentoring programs will display the cares for firm.

Role of mentoring programs in business

Mentoring programs are very helpful for businesses that develop the employees, skills and retention at firms (Bruce, & Bridgeland, 2014). Several mentoring programs are available for businesses which helps to accord their roles : 

(1) Objectives of the mentoring process and protect leadership support: First the firm must define the objectives for and protect the support of leadership for mentoring programs. Without any declaration of objectives in the firms makes difficulties to achieve the aim of mentoring process (Stoff, & Cargill, 2016). For particular objectives define particular, reasonable and attainable objectives for mentoring program.

(2) Find a manager who is passionate and strong: For mentoring programs choose a right person for manager it is difficult. The manager for strong program give not guarantee for the success. The person who is weak for mentoring programs will give guarantees for the outputs. These managers are training, giving essential supports to the trainees.

(3) Flexibility in programs: For the success of mentoring programs mentors must build flexibility in programs. Balance is required for the structure of flexibility for the process of mentoring programs.

(4) Marketing Hat: When the mentors introduce these programs for the firms so this arise natural feelings for organization (Greif, 2013). This process does not convert into high trainee levels.

(5) Win-win thinking: Believe the requirements of mentor. The understanding things and factors like negative and positive can impact on the trainees.

(6) For the success of the mentoring process, practice and prepare mentors for trainees: The mentoring program can not success without training or practising. So for these mentoring process success requires best practices.

(7) Clutch the role of matching: The matching process is selecting the match of mentor and trainee for the process of mentoring. This may be difficult because it may be choose by informal or formal ways.

(8) Measure, track, tune and listen: In this process track the program and asks for the feedback to know the program is successfully work or not (Roper, Weber, & Messer, 2017). The program can be measured by after getting the feedback from trainee or fresher. By using feedbacks from freshers the manager can know, track and make tune on mentoring process is effectively worked or not.

(9) Connections of individual mentors to fresher: Bring and provide an environment and closure to mentors and trainees for clear strategy so that these will help to concentrate business aims and goals. For businesses, the entrepreneurs are concentrates on the business strategy and tangible results to develop a clear ending objectives.

(10) Success of mentors: The mentors can use their success stories formotivate the trainees. This concentrates on the work of mentors and their shifting (Klokkert, Huss, & Rose, 2015). The mid of this mentoring program this concentrates on the operations like they are working well or not their shifts and their process description.

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The emergence and prevalence of mentor programs in business

Few times joining of freshers in starting understanding the businesses work may difficult and if anyone is giving their time to help him to understand or advice for the business work so it is also waste of his work and time (Raymond, & Kannan, 2014). The big firms have many employees so it is difficult for the firm that go to the freshers and give solution if trainee have any query related to work. So for this kind of solve conflicts many firms decided to built a mentoring programs. These programs conducted for the freshers to understand the business work and take this knowledge from the experienced and knowledgeable person. This knowledgeable person is mentor of fresher who helps and guides for the to do business work in systematic way. This concept is taken from persons life where the relatives, friends etc. gives advice for particular thing.

There are many reasons to use of this mentoring programs. Like using mentoring programs will allow and increase capital on the firms resources. Business requires low cost and very high quality options. Using this mentoring programs will increase the and develop the talent which contributes the growth, bottom line and invention for firms. Interest, concern and the support of management displays for the workers potential in the businesses (Lebeck, 2016). This helps to show that invest time and resources in management is required for success of help workers and their careers. The workers are loyal and productive to the firm will give in return. Return on investment, firms must promote and embrace to realize mentoring programs value. Leaders must develop systematic concepts according to their levels in mentoring programs. Like if any fresher join a new job on any firm then that employee must get buddy to understand the work and structure.

Some workers with their experience and knowledge and trainee must match their job career to help in the development their talent for the company growth. For example Tesco company displays the cares of firm. The largest profit for providing mentors for business is someone that meet with the trainee and trainee can ask queries if they have any confusion to something. The senior can will help to its junior (Kanchewa, Rhodes, Schwartz, & Olsho, 2014). Tesco firm take profits from these programs because they take the best trainer to involve in the development of workforce. Tesco companies mentors helps mentees to learn and understand the work of firm, identify skills that must update and develop relationships in organisations. In Tesco company satisfaction in high jobs for mentoring programs playing key role in the process of mentoring programs. Satisfaction of job and the experience of mentors serve the opportunity. Fresher is frustrated in job then mentor gives direction via one to one preparation. These are cost efficient routes for engaging the workers. Mentoring processes programs helps peoples for develop their talent if they have and maximize the benefits for firms. This mentoring programs are matters for firms to maximize the growth. These programs are helpful for Tesco company to develop the employees skills and retention at business. Several mentoring programs are available for Tesco according their roles.

Benefits of mentoring programs offer in the contemporary workplace

The seniors workers help juniors workers to how to do work and do right thing at the workplace though monitoring programs. This programs helps the workers to do their work effectively and gives satisfaction to employee (Lorenzetti, & Powelson, 2015). The benefits of mentoring programs offering this things like satisfaction of employee, worker retention, on boarding, worker productivity, retention and knowledge management, planning for success, synergy, quality, minimize frustration etc.

(a) In satisfaction of employee – Many reports displays that workers who are attending these programs got high job satisfaction. So this will maximize the productivity and minimize the turnover.

(b) Worker retention – Reports displays that these trainings which are given by the mentors for long time stay on the job than those who left their jobs. The direct impact on workers causes by the high percentage turnover (Eby, and, 2013). Giving proper directions and training to employees will give effective and better outputs.

(c) Onboarding – Increase the speed of processing of new joiners and process for developing senior workers to create a new chain for work. Make their work more effectively and speedily (Kupersmidt, and, 2017). Many reports show that new joiners in firms for first month not taking success speedily in the organisations. In the learning phase Mentors providing and helps a main source to workers.

(d) Worker productivity – For get solutions speedily these mentoring programs includeseffective mechanism so that workers participate in these programs. When the general problem is arisen so workers make a new solution so this will waste time and also make new way falsely (Buchanan, 2013). So workers must do their work correctively but when the complex problems arise then solutions can be re invent

(e) Retention and knowledge management – The knowledge is retained in single keys which is most important to firms (Kessler, S., 20170. In future if the single keys leaves the important data is also leaving with them.

(f) Planning for success – Plans are provided by the mentors to achieve the target by the trainee so the mentor gives guidelines and routes (Brown, 2015). Increase talent in employees from junior to senior stage is very effective way to minimize the turnover costs and hiring workers.

(g) Synergy – This mentoring programsgives both trainees ad mentors to make more productivity and opportunities.

(h) Quality – The quality is first thing that everyone in staff is doing their work maintaining their work in level of quality or not.

(i) Minimize frustration – Workers do not know when they are getting frustrated and it is major thing (Marks, & Novak, 2015). So mentors provides positivity and motivate the trainee and also helping them to find the solutions.

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This report is emphasized the norms that mentoring programs in organizations helps to increase the productivity and growth of firms. This programs also helps to solve the problems quickly and easily. This report displays that roles of mentoring program are important and they are so beneficial for firms like it gives employee satisfaction, increase the productivity and growth, minimize the employee frustration, maintain the quality, make plans for success etc. This reports purpose is to help employees to develop skills in the analysis of learning and development interventions at the

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