HRM for Cambridge Satchel Company

Introduction Strategic Human

Strategic Human resource management focuses on analyzing opportunities and threats which exists in the environment and also formulate strategies according to organization strength and weakness. Strategic HR framework aims to align with HR practices to develop critical capabilities to achieve organizational goals and objectives. This present report focuses on assessing the strategic human resource process and also analyzes the development and implementation of human resource strategies. To understand this process better, organization undertaken for the present study is Cambridge Satchel Company which is a British company that develops satchels and other leather products. Further, this report focuses on identifying contemporary issues which is affecting the organization human resource management. This report also reflects on range of HR activities and also on various HR strategies and their implications.

Definition of strategic human resource management

Strategic management is defined as a process of continuous planning, visualizing, monitoring and analyzing all the necessary activities which are required by an organization to meet their goals and objectives (Hill and Jones, 2007). It also states proactive management of employees in an organization. It involves hiring, discipline, and payroll as well as also includes working with employees in a familiar way. Moreover, HR manager focuses on different actions which make Cambridge Satchel Company unique from their competitors. HR manager also focuses on:

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  • Designing and management of personnel
  • Use of planning technique within mentioned company
  • Focuses on matching HRM activities and policies in order to improve their business activities.
  • Focuses on gaining and attaining competitive advantage.

Furthermore, strategic HRM within the mentioned company addresses various issues which emphasis on cultural and structural change, effectiveness of the organization to perform their services and also matching resources according to the requirements (Heathfield, 2015). However, strategic HRM deals with major issues like strategic plans which affect the organization productivity and revenue. The core fundamental aim of strategic HRM is to develop strategic capability by securing that Cambridge Satchel Company has skilled, talented, committed and motivated employees who are performing their best to achieve individual as well as organizational goals (Godin, 2006). This fundamental aim will further lead corporate to have a sustained competitive advantage.

Apart from this, strategic HRM also considers the interest of all the stakeholders of Cambridge Satchel Company. These stakeholders include employees, their management team and also the potential share owners. Moreover, strategic HRM focusing to achieve a proper and healthy balance between hard and soft strategic HRM elements. Soft HRM gives more attention towards human relation aspect as it consider employee’s management, proper communication  between different departments and also focuses on giving security to their workforce. On the contrary, hard HRM treats employees as only resource of business same as like machines and buildings (Lee, Kim and Park, 2012). It is traditional kind of approach where there is minimum communication and little empowerment and delegation.

Conclusively from the above judgment, strategic HRM have to achieve and develop a proper balance between soft and hard HRM.

Importance of human resource management within organization

Cambridge Satchel Company cannot develop a healthy and quality functioning team without having a good and talented human resource. Key function of HRM is to select and recruit talented personnel, train them, make performance appraisals, motivate employees and also develop a healthy workplace communication. Importance of HRM within cited company is as follows:

Recruitment and selection- Recruiting and selecting means choosing the best and suitable candidate for the particular job. This is the core and major responsibility of the HR team of business enterprise. HR manager have to prepare job description and job specification statement to choose the best talented workforce (Gillam and Siriwardena, 2013).

Effective utilization of resources- HR manager of the cited company has to utilize both human and non-human resources to achieve goals and objectives. For effective utilization, HR is required to develop effective policies and procedures for better functioning of the organization. Satisfaction of employees- HR manager of Cambridge Satchel Company has to maintain superior and subordinate relationship so that, workforce can achieve high performance and satisfaction levels. Further, employee’s satisfaction level increases when they are provided with various facilities and opportunities within the organization.

Developing human resource- HR manager has a liability to provide their employee a favorable environment so that employees can work with lot of creativity and innovation. In order to develop personality of employee, HR manager of cited company can focus on conducting training and development sessions (Aleprete Jr and Hoffman, 2012).

Performance appraisals- This method is opted by HR manager to evaluate all the employee performance within the mentioned company. This process constitutes part of career development and focuses on giving constant reviews to employees regarding their performance. Performance appraisals are made by HR manager either by self assessment or by peer assessments.

Managing conflicts- Organization at times faces various issues on which disputes arises between superiors and subordinates. At this time, HR manager within the cited company acts as a mediator in order to solve out issues in a positive and effective manner. HR manager further acts a peacemaker and listen to grievance of both  parties and develops a valuable solution which is generally accepted by both the party.

Strong public relation- Being a manufacturing industry, HR manager of Cambridge Satchel Company has a responsibility to develop a good interpersonal relation with the distributors as well with their loyal customer base. In order to increase more of the productivity and revenue, HR manager conducts seminars, conferences in order to interact with their customers and render information to them relating to the product (Zhu and, 2012). Mentioned company also welcomes suggestions and feedback from their employees.

Analysis framework of strategic human resource management

With the help of Harvard model, strategic framework of human resource management can be understood in the Cambridge Satchel Company. Mentioned company's stakeholder’s interest includes situational factors which frames HRM policy. Organization have their potential shareholders, different employee’s group, government, community, management etc. on the other hand, situational factors consists of work force characteristics, business strategy and conditions, management philosophy, law and social values etc. (Hollensen, 2015). These 2 segments focus on developing HRM policy for the cited organization and include areas like:

  • Employee’s influence- It includes authority and responsibility to the person working in the business enterprise.
  • Reward- Reward for the employees based on pay scale, incentives and other motivational theories and techniques.
  • HR flow- Method where HR manager focuses on recruitment, selection, placement, promotion, appraisals and termination of employee’s
  • Work system- Work system elaborates the design of work which is assigned to the individual.

Moreover, these HRM policy leads to HR outcomes for the organization which include commitment, competence, congruence and cost effectiveness (Motro and Smets, 2012). Now after getting the HR outcomes, cited company long term consequences of human resource is evaluated at three levels. These levels are:

  • Individual well being- It includes psychological, physiological, economic factors.
  • Organizational effectiveness- It focuses on employee's efficiency, price performance, short term and their long term results.
  • Societal well being- It arises due to societal costs, employee's health problems.

Analyzing strategic human resource process

Strategic human resource process is a part of human resource management as it links directly with strategic plan of Cambridge Satchel Company. This process constitutes 4 major steps which are as follows:

Evaluating current HR capacity- Cambridge Satchel has to identify the knowledge, skills and talent of their current employees to increase corporate efficiency and productivity. HR manager can do skill inventory for each and every employee in order to evaluate current HR capacity (Hair and 2012). Through this skill inventory, HR manager of Cambridge Satchel Company can determine the responsibility which can be taken by employee.

Forecasting HR requirements- Next step in HR planning process is to forecast HR requirement by estimating the demand and supply within the mentioned company. HR manager need to overlook as how many more employees are needed to achieve organization aim and objectives. Moreover, while forecasting demand, HR manager have to access challenges which they will face while recruiting new and talented workforce from the external environment.

Analyzing gap- Analyzing gap has a major impact on Cambridge Satchel Company as HR manager have to determine the gap between where organization requirement in the future and currently where they are standing (Sheth, 2011). HR manager has to determine the number of employees which is required in future as compared to the current scenario. Moreover, HR manager have to focus on improving management practices for future according to their organizational capacity to move forward.

Roles in strategic human resource management

Strengthening the workforce and developing strong employer-employee relationship is the strategic role which a HR manager plays within the Cambridge Satchel Company. Roles of HR are as follows:

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Recruitment and selection- HR is having a responsibility to recruit talented workforce to reduce cost and labor turnover. Moreover, HR manager of mentioned company has a strategic role to combine elements of employee’s relation in recruitment and selection strategy as they have to choose best fit for the organization (Gregor and Hevner, 2013). Further, HR manager has the responsibility to retain their existing employees by various recognition programs and also by giving them promotions within same or different departments. This will act as a motivational technique for satisfying employee.

Safety at workplace- HR manager of the mentioned company has to provide an environment where employees will be safe from all the unnecessary hazards. Moreover, HR manager should ensure safety at the workplace. Corporate need to avoid all the potential losses from on the job injuries as it will harm the business enterprise goodwill as well as their productivity.

Compensation and benefits- Cambridge Satchel Company's compensation and benefits structure shows organization goodwill and their image in the market. Decision of HR managers regarding employee's pay scale and benefits can impact their satisfaction level. Further, for making pays and various benefits for workforce, HR manager consider all the aspects in their mind regarding labor market conditions, employee's shortage, budget of the corporate etc.

Superior-subordinate relations- HR manager of the mentioned company have a responsibility to strengthen employer-employee relations. Employees relations is a major part of each and every discipline as they get dissatisfied with each and every aspect which basically consists of salaries, benefits, training and employee development (Caniëls and Bakens, 2012). Strategic role of HR manager in Cambridge Satchel Company is to resolve all conflicts and hindrances between employees.

Further, top managers of Cambridge Satchel Company have to implement a better policies for the employee's development so that they get boosted up and perform their activities more efficiently and effectively. Moreover, the role of the stakeholders is to provide adequate fund to the company so that company can perform  their business activities without any problem and consequences. Although, financial stability of the company do matters and cited firm have to perform well and need to have effective financial reports which can easily attract the shareholders to invest more in the firm.  There are different type of role is being played by individuals in the strategic human resource management approach. The given approach forms connection between HR and tactical goal of enterprise. In this context, Top level management of the cited firm plays the role of strategy communicator. In this regard, they communicate the long term goal of the enterprise to the HR manager. Here, on the basis of  communicated long terms goal only HR manager will tend to plan its HR activity. For instance, top level officials of  Cambridge Satchel Company have communicated the objective that they want to expand the sales of company by 20%. Here, on the basis of given objective varied decision regarding the HR will be taken such as whether company has sufficient number of employees or not who can assist enterprise in the process of achieving the given goal.

In addition to this, in the SHRM board of director play the role of recruiter in which they carry out the recruitment of general manager and CEO as per the strategic goal of the company. Besides this, stakeholders of the company also plays very important role within organization. In accordance with the given context, different stakeholders of  Cambridge Satchel Company is identified. It consists of employees and investors etc. In the SHRM, employee play the role of implementer. In this regard, they implement all the HR tactic which is being framed by the top level officials of firm. In the similar way, investors fulfills the money related demand of corporation. Here, with the help of investors only firm will be able to carry out its efforts with regard to implement strategic HR goals and objectives which is being framed by them. Furthermore, in the SHRM line manager plays the role of organizer wherein it organizes different HR activities such as training and development as per the assessed long term goal of company. Overall, it can be said that all the individuals play crucial role in the SHRM.

Development and implementation of HR strategies

HR manager of aforesaid company needs to develop an HR strategy and to implement in effective way to achieve organizational goals and objectives. HR manager has identified that there is lack of motivation among employees in Cambridge Satchel Company. In order to overcome this, HR manager has to identify various motivational techniques and have to implement best of the following. Mentioned organization can use Herzberg theory which focuses on two major factors which will help the HR manager to develop employee satisfaction level (Jiang and, 2012). This theory consists of motivational and hygiene factors. Motivational factor comprises of healthy working condition, recognition, achievement, responsibility etc. Moreover, hygiene factors are those which motivate employees with the help of basic salary, various compensations and incentives. Basic pay helps the employees in enhancing good standard of living which usually motivates them in performing their task and duties with best of their capability and efficiency.

Furthermore, reward strategy for motivation is considered as a positive strategy in order to motivate human resource within the business enterprise. Further, rewards to employees should not be given for their performance only as it should also include attendance, working and leadership quality. When manpower within Cambridge Satchel Company will be rewarded then they will be more motivated and will try to make their performance effective to achieve their individual goals.

By identifying both the developed HR strategies, HR manager of the cited organization focuses on implementing Herzberg theory of motivation as it is the best strategy to increase employee motivational level. Before implementing, HR manager have to consult with the top management level as they are the one who implement all the plans and policies of the mentioned company. This motivational strategy is useful as it describes employees in two categories (Kelliher and Henderson, 2006). The one who works for hygiene factors like incentives, commissions, and bonus are synchronized in one category and the other who only performs their work and are eager to get more of the fame, recognition and achievement.

Furthermore, the above mentioned theory and strategy will help the cited firm to motivate the employee's morale so that employees will work with best of their efficiency and capabilities to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.

Identification of various HR strategies

HRM strategy is considered as the overall plan which leads towards implementation of specific HRM functional areas. These strategies help in guiding personnel decisions which ensure the best and suitable fit for the organization selection process. Various HR strategies have been implemented on Cambridge Satchel Company which is producing Satchels and other leather goods for their customers. Different HR strategies are as follows:

Leadership strategy- Cambridge Satchel Company has to identify successful people within the corporate as they will help the employees to achieve their individual as well as organizational goals and objectives. Moreover, HR manager plays a crucial role in generating revenue for the cited organization as he/she leads employee to increase productivity within the corporate (Angelo and 2014). Further, HR manager have to take this leadership role to make important and crucial decisions and also to recommend new ideas and strategies for different organization leaders.

Talent strategies- Manpower is considered as most important resource within the Cambridge Satchel Company. Moreover, HR manager is responsible for identifying future employee's requirement and have to create new plans for recruiting and retaining top talent. These HRM strategies help the HR within mentioned company to identify job competency such as knowledge, skills, capability and talent to perform different function within the organization. Training and development of human resource is an additional HRM strategy which have its own significance within the business enterprise.

High performance cultural strategy- These strategies has its own significance as it helps HR manager of Cambridge Satchel Company to measure performance of their skilled workforce. Top leaders within the cited company influence employees to achieve their individual as well as organizational goals and objectives (Lee, Kim and Park, 2012). Furthermore, HR strategies support HR manager in planning different activities to surrogate organization culture and employees are also recognized with their high performance level and also with their creative ideas.

Assessment of HR strategies and their application

HR manger is having a key role in assessing various strategies and application in order to achieve corporate goals and objectives. Different HR strategies and their applications are mentioned below:

Process- HR manager of Cambridge Satchel Company have to deliberately outline procedure for the assessment (Godin, 2006). HR manager need punctual as well as alert members who can look towards different evaluating process as well as speaking to different members within the cited organization. While framing a particular plan or policy for Cambridge Satchel Company, HR manger wants all their employees to take part in the decision making process precisely.

Collecting facts- HR manager would feel that collecting the specific data will be the most time consuming process for assessment. In order to overcome this, HR manager of Cambridge Satchel Company is required to work with their few employees and have to provide specific guidelines and deadlines for specific target which cited company have to achieve (7 Steps to Completing an Effective and Strategic HR Assessment. 2015.).

Action plan- Action plan of Cambridge Satchel Company have to be appropriate for their existing customer base as well as for new ones whom business enterprise need to target (Craig and Campbell, 2012). Plan which is developed by HR manager is required to be of relevant standard so that it can handle all the small disputes and hindrances within the mentioned company.

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From the above report it is clearly inferred that, HR manager of Cambridge Satchel Company must opt strategic human resource management for designing management personnel and also varied planning techniques to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Further, this report states importance of human resource management within the organization which focuses on healthy workplace communication a. It also focuses on framework of strategic human resource management which consists of stakeholder’s interest and HRM policy which lead to proper functioning of organization operations.

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