Importance of Manager in An Organization

Do You Know Who Manager Is?

Manager is a person who supervises and motivates employees and guides them for the growth and success of an organisation. He/ She should have all the managerial skills, proper knowledge and ability to fulfil his/her responsibilities towards the company. Development of manager is important for any firm as they are responsible for the planning, guiding and monitoring the work performance of the workers. Proper managerial skills such as leadership, time management, communication, team management and many more helps them in doing their work in effective manner.

For the present study, Hilton Hotel of UK is taken into consideration. It provides its quality services in the field of hotels and resorts at global level. This report consists of communication process within the hotel, organisational culture, leadership and motivational skills for directing staff, managerial decisions etc. Along with this, it also includes management skills of manager, SWOT analysis and development plan. In the end, the study is concluded with key findings and effective measures.

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Different Management Styles Used by Hotel

Management styles can be defined as those set of features that may assist in the overall process of decision making. There are many Management styles that are used by Hilton hotel (Hafeez and Aburaw, 2013). But two of them have been chosen for the study. These have been discussed below.

Hilton hotel basically adopts different managerial styles as per the situation. For example, autocratic style may be used by hotel during festive seasons like Christmas, New Year when there is a presence of heavy workload (Kleynhans and, 2009). During this, the management exercises full power as well as control over the workers. The decision making is also centralized in the hands of management. This ensures that maximum work is done by the subordinates so as to handle the work pressure in best possible manner. This style is effective for short duration of work load but may not be beneficial in normal times (Wright and McMahan, 2011). This is as an abrupt control of employees by management of Hilton hotel may make it difficult to boost up the overall motivation of staff members. It may further limit the initiatives from the members thereby leading to high turnover (Amos and 2009). Hence, with the adoption of autocratic style during intense work load the need is to motivate the employees as well in the long run. In the same way, there is further a presence of participative leadership style that is used by the management so as to promote empowerment in workplace, create organizational commitment followed by giving a sense of job satisfaction to all the concerned persons. Here, the management basically makes use of behavioural as well as personal traits so as to influence overall group interaction as well as achieve the stipulated organizational goals (Nestoroska and Petrovska, 2014).

This further leads to creating trust in management by the employees. There is also a chance of boosting employee satisfaction as well as their overall level of motivation. However, it is further true that this style of management may lead to an increased dependence on the leader of Hilton hotel (Bloom and Van, 2011). 

It is also recommended to the management for attaining balance between the leadership and management styles that are used by them. The styles should be adopted on the basis of situation rather than remaining stick to a single style (Edwards, Scott and Nambury, 2007).

Describe leadership features of a manager so as to conduct proper hospitality functions

Hospitality industry is also in a requirement to develop new set of disciplines so as to acquire knowledge. In this respect, the need is towards developing a strong set of leadership skills that may led to increased chances of success in hotel organizations especially Hilton. In order to conduct hospitality based operations in a proper manner, the need is to adopt various leadership features.

People skills - Hilton being a service based organization is required to have leaders that possess people skills. In this regard, the need is to ensure towards fair play among employees, pay respect as well as maintain consumer relations.

Fairness - The employees of Hilton hotel musty be rewarded for the accomplishments that have been attained by them. They should further be punished if the employees perform in a poor manner. In all, there is a need on part of management to inculcate fairness in its overall business operations.

Problem solving - This is a kind of skill in which the managers get a chance to develop a solution to prevailing problems followed by making sure that there is a presence of excellent verbal skills (Edwards, Scott and Nambury, 2007). It has further been known that most of the issues faced by employees of Hilton are within them. They are not related to failure of equipment or even on account of the presence of a poor economy. The need is to identify the reason of conflict so as to make overall working within the firm a smoother one.

Commitment - In the same manner, success in hotel industry especially in a big firm like Hilton is only possible when the leader is committed towards ensuring customer satisfaction. They must make sure to keep the clients happy so that they are able to generate repeated business sales (Amos and 2009).

Computer Know-How - A leader in hotel sector such as Hilton is the one that has shown a presence of sound computer skills. This is related to applying wide range of technological applications in the hotel (Bloom and Van, 2011).

Enthusiasm - Enthusiastic leaders are the ones that can produce great employees. These employees are the ones who are enthusiastic in their jobs and strive to work hard in the best possible manner. They are the ones who can give best of the experience to the consumers.

Great employees of the hospitality industry are enthusiastic about their jobs and strive to do the best work possible. They want to give their customers the best experience available.

Analyse own managerial skill performance


I have got the presence of sound written communication but lack in the area of verbal. By practising in front of mirror Imitating the speeches of eminent personalities.


I am a good listener and have paid attention to the issues being faced by my fellow colleagues. By paying attention to what is required.


I lead small groups fairly but not able to manage well in a large group setting. By attending leadership sessions.

SWOT analysis

The given section is likely to present a personal skill audit plan by carrying out a SWOT analysis. The section will aid in identifying my preferred learning style as well as the skills that require further improvement and focus (Bloom and Van, 2011).


  • Good listening quality  
  • High level of flexibility
  • Strong written communication  
  • Eager to learn new things  
  • innovative and creative approach


  • Lack of strong verbal communication
  • Inability to lead large number of people
  • lack of proper time management  
  • inability to achieve balance between things  
  • Lack of proper focus


  • Opportunity to be in the role of senior management  
  • Undertake additional job responsibilities  
  • Form my own training cell
  • Working on my weakness and converting them into strengths


  • Threat from other colleagues who are doing far better than me.  
  • Threat from upcoming technological advances

Set and prioritize targets and objectives to develop own potential

In order to attain my own potential, there is a need on my part to set as well as prioritize targets and objectives. These are inclusive of;

  • To maintain a proper communication with senior and junior level employees
  • To lay emphasis on own personal development  
  • To pay proper respect of fellow peers
  • To demonstrate Cohesive working in a team (Amos and 2009).
  • To deliver quality work on schedule

These objectives are likely to help me in reaching my full potential with respect to personal as well as professional development (Edwards, Scott and Nambury, 2007).

Explain how managerial and personal skills will support in career development

The above mentioned managerial as well as personal skills are likely to aid towards overall career development. This happens in the following manner,

  • Developing proper leadership skills is likely to aid in my career so as to prepare me for the upcoming managerial responsibilities.  
  • Skills related to problem solving are likely to improve my working in workplace followed by ensuring that employees are given a clear goal set (Edwards, Scott and Nambury, 2007).  
  • Give your employees the task of developing a new system that keeps better track of your product. Solving office problems like this improves your workplace while giving your employees clear goals (Bloom and Van, 2011).
  • The time management skill can assist in my personal life as well by making me sound in managing my overall time.

Want to Join the Circles of


Review career, personal development needs, current performance as well as future needs to produce development plan

The plan given below may assist me in identifying my overall learning and development needs. In this regard, the need is to give emphasis on the current as well as target proficiency that is required to be achieved by me (Amos and 2009). The Criteria for judging success may further aid in finding out whether the specified Learning objective/goal has been met or not.


It can be concluded from the report that there is a huge need on part of Hilton management as well as employees to learn the tact of behavioural management as well as future roles and responsibilities. In the same way, the management at Hilton is further required to have an understanding about varied leadership features as well as skills so as to perform in the best possible manner.


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