L/616/1805 Human Resource Management Unit 21 HND in Hospitality Management


Human Resource department is the section in organisation which helps to analyse requirement in better way. This task is essential as it helps to know what can be done to achieve goals and objectives. It is necessary to know what is requirement off employees and hence it must be satisfied. According to (Alfes, and et. al., 2013) if employees are satisfied then they achieve targets in better and effective way. There is requirement of policies which has to to be achieved in order to analyse what has to be done to satisfy need and effectiveness of organisation. This report is based on Cad-bury, which is one of the leading brand in chocolates. This association has many competitors so they have to keep their workers satisfy to achieve goals and objectives. In this report there is discussion about roles and responsibility of HR manager, weakness and strength of various recruitment approaches, effective of HR policies on profits, productivity, etc. It is essential to follow legal rules and regulation associated with workers.

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P1 Purpose and functions of HRM and application of workforce planning

HR is the department which works to analyse market, it is effective to motivate workers. There are many employees required to perform activities which are related to market. It is essential to analyse market and then apply activities. In this case,, it is essential to perform activities which are helpful in knowing what better can be done. There is requirement of HR manager which is innovative and hence this helps to apply effective actions in company. There are various policies which are analysed by HR manager so they can market, in effective way.

Purpose Of HRM

Effective use of resources- There are various policies framed by HR manager with the help of top level management which aims at using resources in better way. It is essential to judge what can be don and hence they can perform activities in better and effective way. Due to change in plans and policies workers they may not like to work and hence they can manage resources properly (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).

Team building- There are various task which are performed by workers in group, so it is essential make team effective so this helps to perform activities in better and effective way. It is responsibility of HR personnel to analyse what quality should present in worker and accordingly use it for operations.

Functions Of HRM

Selection and recruitment- This is the primary task performed by HR manager. There are various requirements arise in departments of employees s it is essential that manger must possesses knowledge about related field, so best best can be find.

Performance analysis- In Cad-buy many workers are working, it is essential to analyse their performance so there will improvement on quality of product and services. This is known as performance appraisal (Bloom and Van Reenen, 2011). There is various factors which can be done and this helps to satisfy demand of employees too. In performance appraisal, there is increment in designation and compensation of workers.

Application of workforce Planning

There are various factors which has to be analysed in effective way. There is requirement of policies which are effective to know what can be done in effective way. Cad-bury is the brand which operates in various parts of company and hence it is essential to judge which person can perform activities in better and effective way. So there is requirement of various policies to get best personnel out of crowd. This is done by HR manager.

P2 Strength and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment and selection

Recruitment and selection of workers can be done by by different methods, but it is essential to alter policies through which they get best out of crowd. There is requirement of time and costs or it is effective to judge what can be analysed in effective way. There are positive as well as negative points of every concept, so it is essential to work as per requirement of departments. Manager must tries to reduce negative impact and take actions which are effective for analysing market. There are mainly two sources i.e. internal and external source-


This is the method which is effective because under those there is utilisation of human resource from within organisation. Transfer, promotion,, job rotation are some source through which they can allocate personnel within organisation (Bratton and Gold, 2012).


  • This method solves employee requirement effectively and hence there is no cost or time requirement.
  • Employees gets motivated as they know they can be promoted, so there is improvement in quality and services of company.


  • This method sometimes works as comfortable zone in company, because workers are are of change internal recruit.
  • While one person get promoted, there are possibilities of difference among employees and it affects work efficiency of workers (Boxall and Purcell, 2011).


This is the method, under which workers are appointed from outside the organisation. In this case, there are various agencies which work to assist Cad-bury, but they charge some amount of interest or commission.


  • Management of company can concentrate on other important task. As there is use of various employment agency, so it helps to get best workers.
  • Employees selected from this source have current knowledge which is effective to solve business problems and they can aware other existing workers too.


  • This method is costly and time consuming, there is involvement of external party, so there might be question on confidentiality of company data.
  • Employees selected through this source is not that much as authentic as compared to existing workers. S this sounds to be wastage of cost and time.

P3 Benefits of different HRM practices for both employer and employee's

There are various benefits of HRM practices for management of Cad-bury as well its employees. There are many issues which arise while working at work place, so this approach is effective to know what can be done. There is change in external policies, then it is implemented by HR department and it is responsibility of manager to deliver it to workers. Top level management analyse performance and hence this appraisal is done by HR managers. Cad-bury has to work as per external factors, s this is effective to perform activities in better and effective way (Buller and McEvoy, 2012). It is important to know what can be done so there will improvement in activities of employees. There is discussion about some benefits of HRM practices foppr employer and employee.


  • Solution to grievances- There are many problems which are faced by worker at workplace. HR must be polite and calm s they can discuss it with him and hence this helps to get some platform where problems may get resolved. There is requirement of polices which can be judged in effective and efficient manner. Employees feels comfortable while working at work place (Guest, 2011).
  • Training and learning program- There is alternation in technologies, so there is need of training for employees. This is conducted by HR manager, so it is responsibility of manager to use technique which is most effective for analysing market.


  • Improvement in knowledge of workers- In this style it is essential to perform activities which are effective for organisation. As knowledge of workers improves then it helps to do business operations in better and effective way. There is requirement of motivation too, through which they can apply activities in effective and efficient way.
  • Good environment within organisation- There is good environment in organisation which helps to concentrate on business operations and hence there will no miscommunication in performing activities. As HR manager keeps eyes on activities of workers and they guide employees to be in ethical way, so this helps in creating good environment in organisation.
  • Less chances of personal conflicts- There are various places where Cad-bury operates, so they have different HR Manager. They keeps in contact with various employees and hence knowledge about their behaviours. This helps to reduce personal conflict and this is effective to improve performance of association.

P4 Effectiveness of HRM practices to raise profits and production

Cad-bury is the company which has many products. They are coming with new and innovative ideas so this make them. Main objective of company is to analyse market and then earn more and more profits. There is use of policies which help to accomplish goals and objectives which are important to judge them (Han, Chiang and Chang, 2010). In case of any discrepancy in performance and profits then it is essential to judge them and apply changes which are effective to apply. HR manager is the person who is responsible for knowing what has to be done to improve productions and profits of organisation. There are many changes which has to be analysed, which affects changes in existing plans and policies.

Due to many changes in operations, there are possibilities that company do not work to analysis market and then this is effective to judge what can be done to make it more appropriate. They can judge policies which are analysing market and this has positive impact on business there are many alterations which has to be taken place (Huselid and Becker, 2011). As it helps to perform activities in effective way. If there is increment in production, then there will increment in profits too. There is use of policies which are effective to alter policies. As in case of Cad-bury they produce various products which are helpful, in satisfying demand of society. This can be done effective when there is alterations in policies and workers too provide various actions. There is alterations in plans and policies, so they can judge factors to improve production and profits.

HR manager has connect with various other personnel so it is essential to motivate them to come with new and innovative ideas so this is effective to know what can be done. There are many changes in competitors so it is essential to know what can be done to overcome them, t is done by HR manager of Cad-bury. As this organisation operates in various parts of company, so it is essential to know what can be done so they have good image in market. HR policies are very effective in Cad-bury, so they help to perform activities in effective way. As per requirement of society, it is essential to work accordingly., so manager must keep eyes on working styles and operations.


P5 Importance of employee relation in respect to HRM decision

There are many changes taking which are taking place in business so it in essential to work to achieve targets in better and effective way. There are many workers ion Cad-bury having different mindset, so it is important to perform activities which are effective to achieve targets. Due to change in policies of environment it has effect on business operations. Due to factors which are changing and hence they help to achieve targets in better and effective way. As per requirement it is necessary to make good relations with internal as well as external parties of company (Jiang and et. al., 2012). This can be done through use of policies which has to performed by workers. There must be good relations in environment so it helps to have positive impact on activities. It is essential to analyse market and then take actions which are effective to achieve targets. Due to alterations in factors which can be done in better way\. To apply policies in proper way, it is essential that there must be good relations between employer and employees, so they can work properly and in effective way.

Importance of employees relation is as under-

Better communication- Through good employee employer relation, there will use of factors which help to make good communication between employer and employee. As per requirement it is essential to know what activity has to be done and at what time. Due to alteration in working there is difference in actions of workers so this can be improved with better communication (Renwick, Redman and Maguire, 2013). HR manager is responsible for creating communication channel which helps to create good relations between employer and employee.

Employee involvement- This is important policy which has to be followed by HR manager. This helps to know employee's think and this is effective to perform actions in effective way. It is essential to make factors which are conducting business in appropriate manner. This is the task which talks about change in polices which help to judge and make factors which are achievable in effective way. There are many strategies which has to be farmed and this provides views of workers out of which best can be selected. In this case, there will motivation of workers too, as this helps to make them comfortable.

Concentration on importance task- There are various policies which are farmed in organisation and it is essential to judge them with use of employee's knowledge. There are many task which helps to concentrate on main dilemma of company. It is essential to know what can be done so they can analyse market and use appropriate resources. In this case, there are various policies which has to taken care buy workers so they are aware of working within organisation. There are various requirements which has to be done, so they can make factors approachable to know what could be done, this affects changes in business.

P6 Elements of employment legislation in respect of decision making

There are many laws which are related to workers. These laws are regulated under specified act. It is mandatory for Cad-bury for applying acts which are related and fitted suit for company (Schalk, Timmerman and Van den Heuvel, 2013). In case of modification in laws, this is effective for judging activities. HR manager must have knowledge about these laws and they responsible for delivering it to new ans well as existing workers (in case of change). Some of the act followed by Cad-bury is discussed under-

Equality act- As per this act, there must be equality in actions of employer which are related to the. It means there must be discrimination between men and women, so this helps to create equality. Hence there will not chances of favourism in organisation. There must not be discrimination on the basis of sex, culture, relation, caste, etc.

Data protection- There are some data related to employee's are recorded at work place (Vaiman, Scullion and Collings, 2012). As per this legislation that must not be leakage of personal information related to workers. In case of any discrepancy there will case against organisation under this cat.

Safety and security act- Safety and security is one of the biggest question arise in mind of workers. As per this law, there must be good and proper light, air, ventilation, basic facility, breaks, etc. This helps to improve and maintain efficiency of workers.

P7 Application of HRM practices

Above discussed things are theoretical, in this question how actual HR practices work is shown. There are various policies which has to be followed as per situation. in initially stage when there is need of workers, there is discussion about basic requirement and skills which has to be present in particular person (Van Solinge and Henkens, 2014).

Job specification

Job specification is the document which tells requirement of personnel with specified experience, skills, etc. this is internal document which is prepared to concern department and delivered to HR department.

Job specification

Job details

Title of the job :- Sales Manager

Department – Sales and Marketing

Job Purpose

  • To expand business.
  • Creates leads on its own.
  • To visit big amount customner on regular basis.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To create sales taem.
  • Marketing ODF new product and services.
  • As in case of need to plan promotional events.

Curriculum Vitae – this is the document which has to be carried by candidate while he is going for personal interview. Through this documents, interviewer came to know about his/ her skills , knowledge and experience (Wright and McMahan, 2011).

Name – Jackson

Phone no. - 26658974

E-mail id –


MBA (finance and marketing)

UK University



Oxford University


Higher education

SP Business school


Secondary education

Sp Business school


5. Personal details:

Father name – Andly Carly

Mothers name- Saina Carly

Date of birth - 18th April 1996

Achievement – PM Award at national level in 102th standard

Got 2nd prize in the MBA course.

Experience of 5 years in marketing field with nestle at Cape town.

There is requirement of various advertisement through which there is knowledge about vacancy to public. This is essential so HR manager has chances to select best candidate which fulfils need. Cad-bury has to ad in various religional and national newspaper. As these days there are various online advertisement through different agencies. Advertisement for sales manager of Cad-bury is discussed as under-


Cad-bury is looking for post of Sales manager

Post – Sales manager

Qualification - Master in the field of marketing

Experience – Minimum 3 years in the same field

There are various rounds of recruitment. 2 assessment test, Group discussion, 2rounds of personal interview.

The candidates will have to apply for job through email or post.

Last Date to apply- 1 June 2018

Address: Southbank, Wilson Street, 4A Anal Market.


Contact: 9854723651


Human Resource is the factor which perform activities to attain what can be done. This report makes clear to know what has to be done to motivate workers and hence they gives their best6. It is essential to know what can be done to alter their policies. There many factors which affects more growth to organisation. It is essential to make policies which are in favour of them,, so they also feel preferable to work with company. There are many laws related to employees any in case there is alteration, in laws then it must be applied effectively. Recruitment process must be effective to satisfy demand of association. Employees are main component which help to achieve goals and objectives on time. In case of need of training then best and effective method must be used, in case of change in factors they have to be motivated.

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