R/601/1758 Unit 20 HRM Assignment


Human resources management is the management of human resources. HRM in organization is the management of people. Its responsibility of human resource manager and focused on the major areas including recruiting and staffing, training and learning, organization development, compensation and benefits. Human resources role of the professional its ensure that most important asset of a company its human capital. HR function use of the surveillance system in the workplace in the everyday problem of security breach, theft and employees conduct. Workplace surveillance is the use of employees monitoring its the information staff member information about activities. Human resources management the role of professional is the workplace privacy the managing and the protect employees minimize the risk of employees liabilities.

Workplace surveillance means the employees monitor in workplace. Many organization is use the cameras, videos surveillance in the workplace. Managing workplace surveillance is the focuses on the employees relations and legal consequences. Human resources is the role of the organization is the provide of employees a safe workplace and managing workplace privacy. Employees also responsibility to measures the protect their business assets. Workplace surveillance is physical search, listing on phone calls, recording on CCTV cameras etc.

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Surveillance Operate in the Workplace:

Surveillance is the watching of a person, group etc. Its is the close observation and monitoring of someone of behavior, activities its use of electronic activities like CCTV cameras. Surveillance operate is the managing of the workplace. It is the mean of the workplace surveillance activities of the employees in workplace and the employees monitor their works. Its a important for a business as the reason for monitoring employees can legally monitor almost at a work. Surveillance in the workplace many employees use cameras and videos.

A business want to employees monitoring in the workplace is ensure the maintained the productivity and the protect of the business is interest and trade secrets. Surveillance in the workplace is activities in a place of work. Workplace monitoring and surveillance is the legal impact of managing and the balancing of the organization is protect of the assets and safeguard.

Importance of Surveillance in the workplace

Some organization surveillance system in the workplace for monitoring security. Use of workplace monitoring is checking employees productivity, quality control of business related and the proper use of security systems. Surveillance is important in the workplace. Surveillance systems in the workplace inside and outside to record aspect the security.

  • Surveillance in the workplace is the reduce theft from inside and outside. Company include everything from theft of property to theft.
  • Its protect the company and also protect the employees. Video Surveillance system is record criminal in the workplace and also recording employees theft. So that the criminal and employees know that the surveillance camera is in place. Video Surveillance system is also protect the employees directly and indirectly. Its record instance of employee harassment towards other employee and employees vehicle safety.
  • The use of surveillance system is improved the employees performance. They inform employees monitoring their computer use and email also and catch employees misbehavior. Its more responsibility and productivity the job inspire better performance.
  • In workplace surveillance is legal protection and the customer records. Its importance of reduce inside of workplace violence.

Types of Monitoring

Common types of monitoring which companies use in the workplace.

  1. Computer Surveillance : Computer surveillance is output device and program device is the display the information product by the video card. Its on the computer recording is program used the employees determine the spends on various task. Record the chat and instant messaging conversation, keystrokes speed, link to the website. Computer software check the employees activities and performance accuracy. In the workplace they allows the management its key records of employees performance. Its also used the employees spend away from the computer.
  2. Video Surveillance : Video surveillance is a surveillance system of capturing image and videos. It is a easier to install and use and they have quality and sound data of video. Its system is image captures capability allows video image. In the workplace use of video surveillance they monitor of employees behavior. Important of surveillance information at same time. Its surveillance use of in working place is the main reason of employees pilferage and safety hazards.
  3. Electronic Mail Surveillance : E-mail and voice mail is the surveillance of many employees. Electronic mail is the message transmission is the exchange of a massages by telecommunication. Its a new techniques to check the employees e-mail and voice mail even after employees deleted the mail. Employees also to protect email privacy.
  4. Software and Hardware Surveillance : In the workplace software and hardware surveillance technologies may take over. Companies software and hardware relay use computer scrren display, and other technologies. An employees using keyboard and audit logging records tracks the entries made.
  5. Undercover Operatives : Employees use of the undercover operatives to information about other employees. Its other employees have knowledge about co workers is used of life style. Companies help the employees harvest the office.

Employees Monitoring

Employees monitoring in the workplace is the gather information and activities of the employees. Employee monitoring businesses is to improve the productivity and the protect resources. It is the surveying employees activity. Workplace employee monitoring the collecting information about the employees (Weckert, 2004). Is the include methods of the employee monitoring video camera recording the employees activities, telephone tapping, email monitoring, location monitoring. In the businesses aim of the employees monitoring is the work force activities is to ensure that the high quality of productivity.

Employees Monitoring Laws

Employees monitoring software UK laws protects right of an employer's. It is also the explain of an employee handbook or contract the company must explain. In a monitoring policy workers should the check the employee handbook. UK laws allowed the employees monitoring. Employees have right by law the privacy at work (Meyer, and Smith, 2000). There are three main privacy right that employees according to law is use of telephone and email both the employer's and employees, surveillance, the right to protect personal data and the rule of allowed the employees privacy help them in comfortable in office. Employees monitoring laws the data protection act 1998, the human rights act 1998, and the regulation of investigatory powers act 2000. It is the right in monitoring employees is laws allows the uses the phone, length of conversation. In employment law is the employees right to privacy. Its exception of privacy at work as allowed the employees. Its use of employee email workplace its create privacy problems (Lee and Kleiner, 2003). An employees should have the right of privacy in the workplace. Employees privacy is many argument in the workplace (Meyer, and Smith, 2000). The laws which regulation of the unlimited powers of the employees monitor of their work in the workplace.

  • Data protection act 1998 – Its act according the company restricts the use of personal data its means the identified the another living human being in personal data.
  • Regulation of investigator powers act 2000 – An act provision of data relating to communication and its other people intercepted by business and public authority.
  • Telecommunication Regulation 2000.

Advantage and Disadvantage of employees monitoring

Monitoring in workplace is the advantage of employees is they start working better and they ultimate output increasing (Holland, Cooper and Hecker, 2015). Employees monitoring is the increasing in productivity. The advantage of is maintaining the better control over the staff. The company is able to evaluate the employees is the best possible manners. Its is manage office properly. Employees monitoring advantage is improve employees performance.

The disadvantage of employees monitoring is increases stress level, the employees feel insecure and the each activities of employees is under control. When employees monitored they not trusted by their employer. They are effect of the trust level is reduced.

Negative effect of Workplace Surveillance

Its use for workplace surveillance in companies is effort to improve the productivity, its believe the most company the use of surveillance the employees behavior its better but its not always achieved and the worse are changing the employees behavior. Company in workplace surveillance its use the negative effect on employees is increased stress in the work, emergency of privacy issue and the loss of identified (Oz, Glass and Behling, 1999). Surveillance in the workplace is the privacy innovation issue its unlawful. Its commonly use in the workplace is surveillance crime and theft. Its needed for a privacy security its still negative effect on employees is affecting that behavior of employees. Its suffer from the health, stress and moral problems under surveillance.

Ethics of Monitoring Employees

In the ethical challenge the employees right to privacy in the workplace that the companies face. Encouraging the employees monitoring they are many ethically consideration. There are several reason in favor of monitoring is help the company to protect them from harm. Ethics of monitoring employees is the computer monitoring its seem to the privacy connected of them, its related to the company business (Alder, 1998). In the ethical consideration is need of the avoid of sensitive information. Provide guideline a company handbook using company equipment. Its primary objective of its monitor of employees is the performance in the workplace.

Observing the personal information its create the ethical for the business owner to see that the personal information its including phones and computer its without employee knowledge. Its not legal rights of employees privacy (Alder, 1998). Ethical implements is the viewing the personal communication accounts and personal email is legal implements of the owner of a business. Viewing the conduct of employees illegal behavior of the ethics the require is law enforcement. Employees monitoring is brings up the ethics. The ethics issue the employee consideration ethical an employees looks.


Surveillance operatives in workplace is the watching eye of the employees activities. It is the challenge of the surveillance in workplace. Employees monitoring is the protect of any harm their organization. Its liabilities for the company is harm to the choose. In the workplace surveillance software is the protect the companies assets and protect the employer's safety purpose. Practical and legally employees monitoring present. Its monitor employees behavior techniques used the offered of organization to perform employees monitoring. Employees the advantage and disadvantage of the surveillance in the workplace. In the workplace is organization create the safe work environment. Its turn the digital tools the improve productivity and profitability. About the monitoring developing the wide range of policies and laws of the employee.

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