Developing Individuals, Teams and Organisations


Human resources professionals are having significant role in developing never skills in the workforce of company to perform better in work culture. HR professionals should be responsive toward the employees of company (Ainscow and Sandill, 2010). By acting responsibly HR professional can develop new knowledge, skill and capabilities in employees to contribute in enhancing the success rate of business firm.

Whirlpool staff and HR professional are active and responsive toward the company newer strategies in order to deal with company of 2011 in country. The staffs of whirlpool are active in working collaboratively as per requirement of changing external scenario.

In this particular report various skills required in HR professional is identified and changes required in their action and behaviour as per the new policies and strategies accordingly. This specific assignment studies about organisation learning and development comparing with individual self-learning approaches. This report all differentiate between organisational and individual learning. Continuously learning and professional development is also being discussed in follow report and this approach is evaluated on the grounds of importance and contribution of continuous learning on achieving sustainable business performance.

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Task 1

P1 Professional knowledge, skills and behaviours required by HR professionals in Whirlpool.

Behaviour of an individual can be defined as the style by which actions are accomplished by a person. Behaviour describes the nature and responsive se of person executed against particular situation (Amabile, 2012). The HR professional should have specific set of skills and appropriate knowledge in order to act responsible changing need of organisation. The behaviour or the nature executed by an HR professional in his work life largely helpful in determine the compatibility of individual with job role. Behaviour aspect of human resources professionals of whirlpool company can be a determine attribute for the person competence in working culture of the firm which are described as below.


Communication: It is one of the crucial skills that is been possess for the purpose of getting maximum results in near future time. with the help of proper communication, one can easily be able to attain their targets.

Team working: It is an essential for the workers that are combine with their individual skills in pursuits of a goal. Significance of team work in the workplace consists of accomplishing task more effectively in near future time. The HR professional can use different activities to build an effective team through which interpersonal relation are improved, encourages collaboration, cooperation between employees. The activities which HR manager can use are problem solving activities in which members faced set of challenges i.e. to work in a limited resources, map a plan according to resources and achieve goal together. Goal setting activities in this goals are need to clear so that employees can perform task easily. Role based activities in this manager can defined clear role of employees so that they are being able to accomplish team goals. Communication based activities in this group discussions, group presentation are take place to emphasise the importance of interpersonal skill with the help of these activities HR manager will able to make their employees work in a team.

IT: It is crucial for an individual as well as team to have proper information about the internet and computer knowledge so that all kind of data can be stored in appropriate format. The skills required by HR professional related to IT. They must have knowledge about social media so that they are being able to post information regarding job opening on company's page and encouraging employees to share that post so that they reach maximum candidates and brand visibility is also increased. They are required to have knowledge about HRIS, ATS, cloud technology etc. used to hire employees and manage organisational activities through which HR tasks will improves team productivity and efficiency. ATS used to examine new candidates through screening, interview schedule etc.

Curious: -the HR professional should be curious to know about new things and approach to execute the task more accurately. Curiosity is having significant role is enhancing the knowledge of person and also contribute in acting confidently toward any critical situation in business by applying gained knowledge.

Decisive thinker: -Decisive thinking is a trait of behaviour which helps in developing analytical approach toward any problem in life. The person showing decisive thinking in behaviour having ability to analyse and interpreted the appropriately (Choi, Lee and Yoo, 2010). The decisive thinker person who regiment and reinstall the decisions and develop dependable decision to react actively toward the situation of the business firm HR professional can make efficient and profitable decision for firm and work force of company by using his skills and knowledge in action.The HR manager must have quality of decisive thinking. Through, they are being able to map or draft different solution in different problems. As same solution is not applied to every problem. They are also required to find-out the cause of issue. HR manager must think out of the box towards the problem so that effective solutions are mapped.

Skilled influence: -this is the characteristics of and individual to influence others by his behavioural attributes. Skilled influence can be defined as the person is having professional skills to influence other the person is having capabilities and skill to motivate others and influence others as per his idea and thoughts. The HR professional should execute the traits of skilled influence in his working and which will ultimately contribute in increasing profitability of firm.

Personally credible: -this is characteristics if the individual which develops higher confidence in work and create trust working relations worthy. Personally credible individual not blame other on their failure. This person accepts failure and learns new things form failure.

Person who is credible is having good leadership skills and confidant in his activities. The persons have of believable and worth behaviour. HR professional should be personally credible so that individual can react confidential against any critical situation and the higher executives and the workforce can believe and trust on the reducible and defendable decisions of professional.

Collaboration: -This characteristic in behaviour of individual largely contribute in collaborating the functions and members as well to work for shared goals. The individual being integration indifferent functions of department operating in business firm. This behaviour of individual also helps in developing a motivated team and helps in strengthening the team. Collaborative:- this characteristic in behaviour of individual largely contribute in collaborative. The function and members as well to work for shared goals. The individual brings integration in different functions of department also operating in business firm (Hirst and et. al., 2011). This behaviour of individual also helps to developing a motivated team and helps in team strengthening.HR professional should follows collaborative nature in working environment to bring integration and collaboration in terms. This will contribute in increasing the performances of team in workplace which will largely contribute in reacting to the critical condition as a team as a unit So, HR professional should be collaborative so that workforce of whirlpool can work for single shared goals of firm motivationally.The HR professional must spread strategies from line manager to employees as to make collaboration and coordination in organisation. If there is a collaboration between employees and senior manager then work can be done effectively or desired goals are efficiently accomplished. The collaboration is all about corporation, coordination etc. between each other.

Driven to deliver: -this attribute of an individual behaviour can be verified from the action of person engaged in delivering values and ethics to bring ethics in workplace. The individual is responsibly active in delivering highest performance standards to the firm (Katzenbach and Smith, 2015). The person is active in delivering higher leads to the term by prioritising the work needs developing specific mile stones for tasks and establishing consistent measures to evaluate performances of team.HR professional should be driven to deliver that is passionate to deliver higher performances in terms to active targets of firm confidently and appropriately with in defined cost time and quality constraints.

Courage to challenge: -work life in today highly competitive market place is full of risks and challenges. The person who is capable of assessing the new challenges in market place and reacting confidently to these challenges will be more successful in career as compared to others. The individual should have significant amount of courage to take challenge of growth and react confidently toward every opportunity in life the HR professional of the whirlpool should have coverage to challenge the competencies of workforce and also the company compatibility in market place. HR professional should be responsible active in challenging the strength of team members to motivate them to perform better in workplace. The individual should be confident toward new challenge available in developing new skills and competencies as per the requirement of arising various critical condition in work and environment of whirlpool company like for example HR professional should be confident in challenging various aspect of firm to deal with company crisis of 2011 confidently and efficiently.

HR rules and regulation: It is crucial for an organisation to follow right kind of legal rules and regulation at the workplace. They offer protection to employees, deliver proper guidance to management and make sure that organisation can comply with overall legal bodies regulations which is mandates for an organisation.

P2 Evaluating Personal skills audit and professional development plan for job role in Whirlpool.

Personal skill Audit is the process of identifying compatibility of individual with role and analysis the various loop holes in behaviour which restricts I. Individual to good future growth opportunities (Mendenhall, 2012). SWOT analysis of HR consultant can a better and effective tool to carry out personal skill Audit which is defined as below.

Sr. No.

Skills and Competencies

Self-assessed Score

Score from others



Team Building Aptitude





Conflict Resolving ability





Decision making Power





Confidence Level





Communication skills





Information Technology Skills





Time Management Ability




From the above skill audit, it has been clearly shown that decision making ability and information technology skills is being not so effective as assessed by me or from other team member. The overall score is negative for these two skills which would be affecting the overall performance within an organisation. A skill gap is related with the overall difference among skills that employers wants and desire on their workforce offer. With the conduct of effective skills gap analysis helps identity overall requirements to meet our business goals. By the help this analysis, employee can easily be able to remove their weakness those are related with training and communication.

Following are the strength and weakness as per my personal audit:



I am more positive and strong in solving problems and issues that are occurs between employees at the workplaces.

Sometimes, my decision making skills and lack of IT skills are averages.

Another effective aspect that is in build is communication ability.

Because of overconfident which proves to be major drawback for me.


·With the help of advance technology, I can learn time management activities and use of effective technology to communicate with others.


·If I am not being able to manage time properly them work in organisation is completed effectively.

Professional development plan developed by an individual should be defined within the constraints of SMART targets which enhance the efficiency of development plan. The various skills which are to be enhanced by an individual are discipline specific skills which allows completing the search appropriately. Communication skill to communicate important information appropriately interpersonal skills and networking skills also contribute in developing professional skill in behaviour of individual.The Professional Development Plan is being developed to analyse the weaknesses which are decision making skill. This is because both these skills are quite important and imperative to take calculated decision and develop strategies for long-term improvement. Thus, it is necessary to develop a plan to improve these skills to enhance my competence.

Sr. No

Learning Objective

Current Adeptness

Target Expertise

Development Opportunities

Criteria for judging success

Time Scale



Information Technology (IT)

There is minimum knowledge about Information technology skill that is moderated, which affect my performance at workplace.I do not have ability to use computer and other internet sources.

To improve my IT skills and need to understand approximately various tools and technology that can help me in performing responsibilities more efficiently. A well organise course of IT is been essential to overcome my skills.


Getting training from IT branch and online seminars, help my knowledge to enhance my understanding.

Team Members

4-5 months

Judgement of IT executives and Colleagues


Decision making quality.

I am very much ordinary at decision making skill so for disabling this I put more determinations over examining factors creating particular issue for making better decision.

I need to increase my information, which help in educating my choice making skill.


For improving this I continue to take direction from my managers and also pursues to join training program from higher close management.

Managers of top level will measure my performance.

6 months

Top level managers as well as my supervisor as well as leader.

It is important for a personal professional plan to determine the grading and scoring criteria that could suggest and support in improvement. Team members could effectively monitor my performance and guide as to what is being lacked. Thus, it could effectively help in achieving success by effective guidance and performance monitoring. Managers on the other hand would provide input about the decision and could develop skills in ways which would help me in analysing the long-term impacts of my decisions and areas it effects.

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Task 2

P3 Differences between organisational and individual learning, training and development, with reference to the whirlpool company.

The individual learning can be defined as developing newer skills or enhancing individual knowledge to perform the job roles more efficiently and can grab various growth opportunities effectively in marketplace (Wang and Howell, 2010). While organisational learning can be defined as developing newer competences in and compatibility of firm with respect to changing needs of external environment in marketplace. The Whirlpool HR professionals are actively responding towards developing self-learning and also focused on organisational learning to react in adverse conditions confidently (O'leary, Mortensen and Woolley, 2011). The training and development of individual can be followed by organisation various training programs or workforce of company to enhance their performance level by developing newer skills. While the training and development of organisation can be described as that this is an integrated process of developing competencies in workforce as well as developing competent operational processes in marketplace. There are some differences between the Organisational learning and development with respect to individual learning and developments.

Organisational learning: This focuses on the achievement of overall goals a targets of firm. Like for instance the whirlpool company is learning new strategies and implementing in actions to deal with company crisis efficiently. The tactic level and complexity increases with the objectives of organisational learning and leads to enhancing knowledge of firm.Organisation learning is done in the business to make person familiar with the working of establishment.

Individual learning: While individual learning programme only focuses on developing own skills and competencies for better career in future. While this follows use of simple and explicit knowledge to contribute on learning and development programme effectively and responsibly.Individual learning is undertaken in order to enhance the personal skill and ability.

Analysis: From the above comparison, it has been seen that organisation learning is more effective because most of the staffs or people can learn from practical experience rather than theoretical. Whereas, individual learning can be only done to groom its own capabilities that can shape their career in coming period of time.

Training: Training is a process of educating employees in order to provide them certain skills which can help them conducting business operations, this process is short term and usually conducted right after recruitment. Under this process, there are specific objectives confined which are needed to be achieved.

Development: Development is a process where human resource manager conducts various activities in order to develop employees, this process is a continuous and long term procedure. Under development, objectives are much broader and includes all types of knowledge and skills whether or not useful for business.

According to the above comparison, it has been analysing that training can be more essential to increase the overall skills and ability of employees to perform their job more effectively. whereas, development can be only being done through the use of proper knowledge about their work.

There is various reason due to which organisation take place training are as follows:

  • Reduce labour turnover as the employee start linking with the organisation.
  • Increase productivity because by the help of training people able to develop new skills and capability in them.
  • Technology update, in today world technology is changing at a very rapid rate which create a need to inform and learn employees that new methods so that they can perform effectively in the organisation to achieve desired result.

P4 Importance of continuous learning and professional development to develop sustainable business performance in Whirlpool.

Continuous learning and professional development can be defined as that the learning activities followed by individual should be continuously managed in order to create an effective professional development plan (Obiwuru and et. al., 2011). The continuous learning is havening great significant in enhancing the person skills as well as large number of benefits for development of professionalism in individual behaviour and for public also. Some of the importance of continuous learning and professional development to the whirlpool firm and HR professional among Whirlpoolfirm are as follows:

Continuous learning ensures that the competencies and capabilities of a professional should be maintained at high pace of growth to work in comply with current standards in marketplace. It also ensures that individual gain updated knowledge and develop newer skills require to perform the task appropriately as per the changing needs of external market and professionalism responsibilities (Pedler, Burgoyne and Boydell, 2013). Continuous learning and professional development helps in remaining up to date with the changing trends by using the gained skills and competence. The individual can use updated knowledge to react confidently in changing trends and needs of marketplace.

Kolbs theories:According to this particular theory which is associated with learning styles models. The model is entirely based on the internal cognitive processes. According them, it is difficult to perform both variables on an individual axis at the same point of time. Kolbs proposed that an individual learner can moves by a spiral of immediate experience that can lead to observe and reflect on the overall experience of an employees that are working within Whirlpool.

Honey and Mumford's: It is basically developed by peter honey and Alan Mumford in 1986. Their work would make inspired from and develop effective learning approach which would help employees to perform their role more effectively in coming period of time in Whirlpool.

Activists: These are those people that learn through by doing. They need to get its hand filthy. The learning activities can be associated with brainstorming, problem solving and competition and other.

Theorists: Under this, learner would get an innovative start opportunity to comprehend the analysis behind the task they are going to perform. It consists of models, statistics, applying concepts theoretically etc that will effectively helpful for Whirlpool to increase their performance for longer period of time.

Pragmatist: These individual would have the capacity to taken into account the learning into practice in their present reality. It has been seen that they learn more through apply learning in reality and discussed.

Reflectors: These employees learn mostly through watching others. They can abstain from going high in and prefer to learn from other performance. They want to remain back and encounters from different alternate point of view by using the opportunity to work towards as reliable conclusion within Whirlpool.

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Task 3

P5. Contribution of high performance working in employee engagement and achieving competitive advantage staff surveys, team briefings, consultation and training plans

In the overall performance of Whirlpool, it is required that all the factors shall be analysed by which it is affected. It is important that all people in organisation shall be treated in a proper manner as then only growth can be achieved. This is because; by this employee will feel safe and get motivated to perform all operations in an effective manner by using their full potential (Bolman and Deal, 2017). It shall be ensured under this that such practices are to be adopted by which all the services and products are provided in the best quality which gives maximum amount of satisfaction. Employees will be engaged by the help of this as they will have to work in high quality so that performance can be improved and this process required their continuous engagement among Whirlpool.

In the changing environment, there are various changes which are taking place and due to this reason, it is important that transparency and flexibility are to be maintained within Whirlpool. By the help of this, new policies and practices are developed in such a manner that encourages new and advanced changes. In them such provisions are prepared by using which employees will not be resisting the changes that are taking place. There are various new technologies which keep on coming and it is possible for employees to deal with them in an appropriate manner and adopt them fully. By this, the whole process will be improved and activities would be carried out in a better way. They are able to develop such products by which rivals can be beaten. This is required that there is increasing competition which is present and in order to deal with same appropriately, it is highly required. Such products are made which will be having advances and new features in comparison to others and by this, additional advantage will be received. Also, all the employees will be competing with one another to prove that they are more capable then other.

Due to this reason, they work with more efficiency and this provides the overall advantage to Whirlpool(McCleskey, 2014). Employees are provided with required knowledge so that they will be able to use new techniques and try to prove themselves. This leads to achievement of Whirlpoolobjectives and also the productivity of business will be increased. Proper understanding is also developed and they are provided with training and skills needed for attainment of high performance work. So, in this manner, employees are engaged and additional benefits are received by Whirlpoolalong with other advantages such as risk of conflicts and dissatisfaction of customers will be reduced.

When employees able to work collectively in the Whirlpoolthan business able to achieve high performance in the organisation. With the togetherness at work, mutual respect gets developed in the work environment which increase the productivity and performance as the weak employee get guidance from the high performer (HPW).Due to this employee get more engaged in the Whirlpooland earn competitive advantage.

The HPW contribution to Whirlpool:There are various ways through which employee’s performance can effectively be contributed to overall growth and performance of Whirlpool. Achievement of opportunity is the mastery in their work evaluation. This set of management practices that can attempted to developed an environment within an organisation where the employee that has huge involvement and responsibility.

High Performance Working (HPW) could be enhanced within Whirlpool by modifying training plans, which would allow the managers to assess the performance and determine areas which needs working for the employees to attain maximum competence. In addition, it is also important for Whirlpool to integrate organisational goals with personal employee goals. For this, team briefings could be used which would enables employees to enhance performance and channelise their efforts towards accomplishment of team efforts. Employees would be more engaged when managers would offer consultation regarding their performance and how they can improve the same. All these aspects would develop a sense of commitment and would allow Whirlpool to engage its employees more effectively.


P6. Management of performance by using different approaches

In every company, it is necessary that performance shall be managed in an appropriate manner. This is because; success or failure of it depends on this factor only as if performance will be improved, then only the business can achieve targets which are set and by the same, its overall development will take place (Ford, 2014). For this purpose, there are various approaches which are required to be followed by all companies so that proper management can be done. Some of the main methods which are to be used by all are as follows:

  • Quality approach:In business, there are various goals and targets which are to be attained and for that, it is needed that all characteristics shall be taken into account. It shall be estimated that whether proper execution of all plans and procedures will take place or not (Approaches for measuring performance of employees, 2017). There is the need to maintain quality because then only customers can be retained as this is the top most priority for them. They always prefer such products which provide them high quality and ensures that they are getting same at affordable prices. Such standards are set that are to be achieved for this purpose and by this, performance is also managed as they will have to work according to set plan and this improves their potential. For the making of plan, all problems shall be determined and then development of hones shall be carried out. HPW can be directly related with this approach as employees can perform their role more effectively with the help of showing best quality in their overall works.
  • Relative approach:In the execution of administration, this approach is considered as principal method which is to be applied and followed by all (Katzenbach and Smith, 2015). In company, there are many employees who are working and will be carrying out their operations in a different manner. So, under this, it will be required that performance of all of them shall be compared with one another. By the help of this, their abilities and capacities are evaluated. In the whole process of execution, it is defined that which employee is required to work at what position. This will be determined according to their skills and capabilities so that work can be performed in the best possible manner. There are many such instruments which can be utilised for this purpose by which execution can be estimated and it includes matching of examination, constrained designation and technique by which rating can be made in a realistic manner. All of them proves to be of great help in Whirlpoolwhich are working at a large scale and in which more number of employees or workers are there.
  • Collaborative working approach: According to this approach, whole management of organisation work together in order to achieve desired goals along with considering efficient performance in the entity. This approach helps personnel to come together which reflects efficient human resource management. This will help in developing proper coordination among each other to work on specific task together.
  • Comparative approach: Under this method employee working is checked on the basis of other individual of the same group so that they get motivated and make efforts to improve their performance. In this employees are ranked on the basis of highest to lowest for their working. Business can use this approach in order to enhance their working at organisation and individual level. By taking comparison of last year performance, the preferences are being given to the employees to prove themselves that they can do their work more effectively.
  • Result approach:It is an approach employee working is examined on the basis of the end result. It motivates worker to focus on their end result so that business performance gets improved.There are two techniques under result approach which are balanced score card technique and productivity measurement and evaluation system. Business can use any of the approach in order to evaluate performance of their employee. With the help of this approach, employees can provide valuable results for the
  • Attributes approach: Under this approach performance is evaluated on the basis on the feature in their personality such as teamwork, creative innovative, cooperation, communication and problem solving. The demerit of this approach is that it depends upon the evaluator perspective. Employees are rated as low, medium or high on the basis of specific set of parameters. It consists of comparative approach which deal with behavioural approaches and overall quality produced by the company during the period of time.

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From the above mentioned report, it can be concluded that there is the need in organisation that capacities shall be developed in respect of team and individuals and for that, proper steps shall be taken which will be helpful in overall increase of productivity of company. It has been assessed that future growth can be achieved with the use of this. The process involved in raising of performance requires that certain approaches shall be undertaken which have been provided above and by the same, it is made possible. For carrying out of training process, it is needed that weaknesses of all shall be determined and for that, self-auditing shall be done to improve their skills.

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