Human Resource Management For Say It With Chocolate


Human resource management is a systematic and essential approach for effective management in any company for helping employees and workers to gain desired targets. It comes under HR department that is designed for the development of employees and increase their work performance with efficiency (Albrecht and, 2015). The firm “Say it with Chocolate” located at North Yorkshire, England, UK has been selected as per given scenario. The owner of this company creates innovative chocolate flavours in different attractive designs. In this report, different approaches of HRM with their purpose and functions of HR manager in organisational context will be discussed. Furthermore, it also covers employee’s performance, various training schemes and its benefits. Lastly, it will study employee engagement and relations among them along with employment legislation.



A) Purpose of HR function, importance to the organisation, current issue and future plans for growth

Human resource management is a systematic process that manages all activities related to recruitment workers in company with provides them salaries, wages, incentives and various benefits in accordance to their capabilities. In this context, HR manager performs various functions like selection or recruitment, providing training, maintaining employee relationships, professional development, performance appraisals, etc. (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). The purpose of all these functions is to provide better services to their workforce and make an environment that is employee friendly. In this context, HR department's mission is to coordinate workers and employers inside company's environment to achieve desired goals and objectives.

In the competitive and modern market, main functions of HR can develop the growth of people who work in organisation. Its objectives, the HR officer requires desirable working relationships among all staff members with effective utilisation of human resources. For every company, there employees are too much important for its works and management of that organisation should provide the best facility according to their work or capability because they are important for company in reaching certain target (Bailey and, 2018). The main purpose of execution such functions, is to deal with employee's problems and conflicts which can generates among them and offer them better working environment for accomplishing their relevant task or job.

Current issue – In Say it with Chocolate, the main problem is related to owner of this company. Although, he is master in creating new chocolate flavours but he doesn't know the process of hiring new workers in his business because he has no experiences of recruiting yet (Bratton and Gold, 2017). Another problem is generates because the place where the organisation is situated, is high unemployment area and a huge number of unemployed people' comes for its administration and production department job.

Plans for further growth – In this context, the human resource management of this company should apply various methods and strategies for solving above issues and they need an effective HR. It can recognise that success is depends on the management's ability to grow.  Development in regional departments will be happen only in the situation of apply new and effective strategies that support demand of company's services. Manager to recruit and select suitable candidate for their business (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017). It is the main job of HR managers that he/she creates specialized unit for growth and introduce new policies and practices that lead to the organisation's future and development of employees.

B) Functions and duties of Human Resource Manager

The role of HR manager refers to planning, administrating and developing several programmes and policies that are related to organisation’s internal environment. In this context, major roles and responsibilities of HR officer are described as follows:

  • Planning – It is the main function of HR department to accomplish organisational objectives that are determined. Here planning is linked to the research because it needs the gathering information and data about recruits and trainees towards to forecast human resource supplies (Brewster, Chung and Sparrow, 2016). It is also requires for predict the future needs of human resource department in the company.
  • Staffing – It is systematic process of selection of new candidate in the organisation to accomplish business activities. In such function, main qualified applicants are designated for hiring from various candidates that are attracted towards the organisation.
  • Development and training – It is an essential task that is done after recruiting new employees. It conducts because a brief awareness is given to the new employees about organisational culture and give them more learnings about their job and work (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017). It increases their skills, performance as well as knowledge for accomplishing his/her jobs effectively. In this context, many organisations also provide several training programmes for their existing employees whose work and schedule are continuously changed in the company. It will help to prepare employees for workload and higher level of responsibilities inside the organisation.
  • Labour relations – This term refers to create an interaction among employees which represented by trade union in the company. It is useful for providing salaries, benefits, allowances, wages, overtime salary and other aspects of employment (Cooke, Saini and Wang, 2014). In this context, the labour relations are the personnel obligation of management and it must be manage that primarily consider as negotiating with the unions with this regarding it includes better wages, service conditions and many more issues.
  • Benefits and performance appraisals – It is a special function of the officer to monitor staff member's performance to make sure about it for acceptable levels. It is the duty of HR professionals that they develop and administrate employee's performance appraisal systems.

C) Disadvantages and advantages of current recruitment and selection approach use in present and a detail comparison with to other methods

In the human resource department of Say it with Chocolate, the HR manager applies selection method which contains two systematic tests in English and Maths for its candidates (Gatewood, Feild and Barrick, 2015). In this context, applicants must pass both the test with 50% marks and after this process they reach at interview stage where they receive an interview call and it is really an informal chat which takes approx. fifteen minutes. The organisation follows this procedure in their selection method and it has its own merits as well as demerits that are describes a below:

Advantages and disadvantages of test method:



  • In selection process the test method is helpful to find candidates that are suitable for the job. The judgement of such test also determine the potential ability and skill of an employee.
  • It also useful in narrowing the selection of nominees because it gives ability to insight characteristics of all applicants (Hollenbeck, Noe and Gerhart, 2018). This will helpful for the employer's to decide whether he or she is perfect or not for organisational work.
  • The management find qualified candidate outside the immediate locality from the test method if company's client require a specific set of skills.
  • Sometimes tests are not suitable measures of recruitment because a candidate may spoil his or her test that is suitable for the job.
  • Tests are expensive and time consuming if it conducts in-house the organisation.
  • A candidate's training and experience may raise many issues and conflict with the results of the test, and therefore it will be more difficult for the HR officer to decide results.

Advantages and disadvantages of interview method:



  • The HR department match the requirements of the job with piratical knowledge of a particular candidate (Marchington and, 2016). It helps in discriminating amongst people purely that depends on job related factors.
  • The personal interview usually detect to the interpersonal characteristics inside an employee that may needed for some special tasks.
  • Often the interview method cannot find the personality of a candidate's and for this reason it overcomes by the transactions of the further selection process.
  • Interview can not find a talented person because it takes only few minutes.

The above merits and demerits shows sometime test and interview is beneficial for the HR officer in selection process but there are also many methods of recruitment that can become profitable for the organisation for example online recruitment, group discussion, personality aptitude test etc (Rahimi, Khezri and Niknafs, 2016). These methods are helpful for the company in order to select most suitable person having several skills as well as talents.

D) Major possible changes that could be made for the current recruitment methods.

For selection of right person in the organisational working environment, Say it with Chocolate applies test and interview method that are good in this process. The management of this company can also apply another methods and create potential improvements in it. The selection of staff member comprises two important stages that first is short listing and another assessment of candidates for their recruitment (Reiche and, 2016). By accomplishing both steps the HR department make sure about their methods that it treat candidates fairly without any discrimination and bias. Officer of human resource also check whether the selections are made depends on the candidate’s ability to perform the functions and contribute to the organisational work with expand their potential development. The company apply firstly a general test method that consists of two subject Maths and English. Management may do some essential improvement that cover some additional subjects and topics related to their work. Management also follow aptitude test method for their candidates. In this context, management also compile some additional steps in existing method for example grading etc. It will useful for management to focuses on the assessment of process of selection and purpose of the interview (Tziner and Birati, 2015). Other methods also beneficial for both candidates and employers. To ensure about the diversity of talent, human resource department prepare several plans and strategies to review carefully to understand opportunities and some barriers for possible improvements. Proactively outreach to the employee's capabilities and achievement efforts are intentionally focuses on the increasing diversity and it can assist the company in order to engaging a new audience. There are some possible changes that can applies by management of this company, that are discusses as follows:

  • Management create relationship between organisation and cultural group that work with diverse communities and employees.
  • It connects to the volunteer base and promotes to the company as a viable place to work.


A) Person specification for receptionist vacancy

In the say it with Chocolate company, there are a vacant post for receptionist and it will cover up by hire the best and suitable candidate. The receptionist is an important post in any company because it handles all general work of the company and he/she also maintains a customer friendly environment.

Person specification - It is a detail description of a particular person that includes capabilities, skills and efficiency that must have in order to complete the tasks or job of the post that is offered by the company. In regarding this the person specification play an essential role.  It is an essential part of recruiter's toolbox which allows communicating with the traits that have in candidates (Albrecht and, 2015). It is provides in written document form of a profile of company's ideal new candidates and it contains personality type, skills and experience.

For a receptionist job a person must have such type of skills and qualities that are describes as below :

Communication skills – It is an essential requirement for the receptionist post because it helps to the company in dealing with their clients, employees and other persons. This will also useful in conduction of all general tasks of company for example attaining guest, calls, maintaining environment.

Friendly nature – Person who appoint as the receptionist, must be friendly nature in his/her behaviour because this element can attract more people towards company (Albrecht and, 2015). It is also beneficial for them in order to achieve competitive advantages.

Multitasking capabilities – It is also important for organisation and the receptionist that he/she has complete more than one task or function at a time. So it is necessary require in the candidate for the receptionist's job.

Moreover, if candidate have some additional capabilities than it is good for company and also him/her.

B) Explanation for a suitable medium for placing an advertisement

The job advertisement is an electronic or printed document that seen as advertisement which intent to hire someone to perform specific work in a position in an organisation. It is depends on the job description that included all relevant data and information about a particular post or job (Bailey and, 2018). There are some methods that are word of mouth, headhunting, local newspaper, pamphlets and job advertisements, online by social media channels or websites. These are some techniques to advertise the job. In this organisation, for the receptionist job human resource management choose internet method because it is beneficial in that area in the age of digital technology According to the job description with in the Say it with Chocolate company, it is all about receptionist job in administration department that report to its senior manager.

Newspaper advertisement - This method can available for this company to make some advertisement's method and promote its job for several candidates. This method is very useful for the organisation because it can reach a vast area of population and its cost also low. Recruitment agencies – the company can also advertise its receptionist job by several recruitment agencies that is also known as consultancy firms. These are the firms that provides a detailed list of persons who have different types of talent, skills and qualities. Say it with Chocolate can call any of those persons and hire according to their abilities. .

C) Major advantages and disadvantages of the use of current method of advertising its jobs in this organization

Internet is a great platform for advertising anything for example product, service, any event, job vacancy or many more things because there are more than four billion people use it (Bratton and Gold, 2017). The company uses this method for advertise its vacancy. In this context, its is beneficial for company because it has reach to everyone. In the present day's internet is only an element that reach to huge population and it is effective so that organisation should choose this method in order to expand its promotion. This method reaches several persons at a time and provides them too many informations about a particular thing. For the job description, it is uses by the Say it with Chocolate for its receptionist post.

Advantages and disadvantages of internet method:



Target effectively – Internet is the best platform that target a huge population with effectively. There are a vast number of audiences use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter and many more. So for this reason it is use effectively.

Track the results – It is more useful after the enhancement of digital media and in current days it is more easy to use (Brewster and Hegewisch, 2017). So that every person are spent their most of time on internet and social media. In this context, it is helpful for company to advertise its receptionist job vacancy. It is also provides a facility of tracking the results that how many people apply for it.

Closely monitor – It is a technique that reach certain people in just a minute and influence them in order to apply for this vacant post. The management also monitor all those people and find their perceptions about salary and incentives.

A huge population are on the internet – It is widely uses method and lots of people connected together through internet. So it will use in creating employee friendly better for the company.

Costly – It is costly because digital advertising takes too many complications and it is not uncommon for business to make mistakes (Brewster, Chung and Sparrow, 2016). It also a negative impact that in a particular area, if people use LinkedIn and company advertise on the Facebook then it gives not better results.

Critical – In this medium of advertisement, there are lots of choices in the hand of people and they choose it effectively according to their preferences. So for this reason it will complicate for the company to promote their receptionist job vacancy.

Competition – There are many competitors on the internet and they compete with this organisation's ads. People are confuse to choose that which is the best in several offers and often time they can go other company. This will be a big loss for Say it with Chocolate.

D) Questions that may ask in the receptionist interview

For the receptionist interview in this company, many types of questions may be asked and it is also asks for certain skills and qualifications (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017). There are some questions describes as follows:

Question 1. What do you know about this organisation and its services?

Question 2. How do you keep your routine schedule organised?

Question 3. What types of qualifications do you have?

Question 4. Discuss a critical condition in which you had to multitask?

Question 5. Are you willing to work overtime?

Question 6. How much your experience?



A) Graduate and apprenticeship training schemes and its benefits to Microsoft and its employees

The apprenticeship training scheme or program refers to the integration of classroom and on the job training where workers learn many techniques and develop their skills that use in the company's internal work environment (Cooke, Saini and Wang, 2014). In company, management provides better training facilities to their new and also give to the existing employees who need some additional training for their work. Normally, these apprenticeships training programs are provides to the technical department's staff members like craftsmen, welders, electricians and many more. All such training programs are beneficial for workers and company in order to grow and development, these are describes as below:

For organisation:

  • Low amount of wastage – In the Microsoft, management team can reduce the amount of wastage by providing better training programs to its new employees. The organisation also saves more money to facilitate such training.
  • Better relationship – It will also be helpful in order to make better relationship in between employer and employees (Gatewood, Feild and Barrick, 2015). For this company, management relationship is an important aspect.
  • Increase turnover – Training process is useful to increase sales of organisation and it makes more profitable for Human Resource management in their workings.
  • Expand efficiency – Proper training program can expand the productivity of every trainees and help them in order to grow company.

For employees:

  • High incentives and rewards – Training is useful for employees because if they are trained and understand company's work then they can earn more money by different incentives and rewards schemes.
  • Talent pool – The training programs help in finding the best employee who have different types of skills and talent that are useful in organisational work. (Hollenbeck, Noe and Gerhart, 2018). It is also useful for new trainees that can be trained on extra skill in customer service, sales, operations and administration.
  • Promotion and appraisals – Proper and effective training also increases the performance and it gives a chance to get promotion. It makes the workers more satisfied in their the role play in the organisational culture.

B) Developmental opportunities available to staff members in Microsoft

In the process of development of existing employees, whole management ensures about their training facility. It will lead them to become like a manager or leader by empowering and facilitating excellent performance. In this context, management has many developmental opportunities that are available for permanent employees that are as follows:

  • Performance metrics – This is an essential opportunity that is set as special quantitative metrics that useful for permanent employees (Marchington and, 2016). In the organisation, managers work with their team workers to decide relation with achieving key performance goals.
  • Constructive feedback – It is not concerned with disapproving, criticizing any employee, instead it includes special recommendations and constructive in nature for growth and development.
  • Outlay resources – In this opportunity, it includes online learning programs, coaching and training facility for existing workers. In this context, investment is valuable and essential when it is thought fully allied with the company's strategic target.

C) Benefits of flexible working practices in the Microsoft.

It is a systematic strategic tool that use for increase productivity and performance. In other words, it is a special work program that allows flexibility to workers in organisational culture and its working environment (Rahimi, Khezri and Niknafs, 2016). It defines a way of working and identifies the need of certain employees. Management can follow any type of flexible working for example job share, term time work, compresses hours, part-time and many more for making an employee friendly environment.

For the Microsoft, it is too much profitable to reach certain height of success. These benefits are as follows:

  • It increases the feeling of personal control work culture and over schedule.
  • It also reduces the stress level in employees due to work burden.
  • It also avoids traffic in the time of rush hours.
  • It increases work life balance and ability to schedule work.
  • Management use it to address business issues and conflicts. 

D) Motivation for employees using job design and reward system in Microsoft.

The job design is the core task of HR department and it is related to the methods, contents and relationships of various tasks towards achieving organisational objectives. Its major aim is organising and outlining the functions and duties of particular employees (Reiche and, 2016). It includes combination of certain qualifications and job province or content that are needed to execute a task. It is useful for provides motivation to the employees and they have an option to vary work according to their social and personal requirements.

The other concept is reward system, it is refers as the collection of allowances and benefits which are given to workers for their additional work. It is useful in motivating them to change their work habits. There are many types of reward programs for example bonuses, variable pay, stock options, profit sharing and many more. It helps in provides proper motivation towards the organisational work.


A) Employee engagement.

It is defines as the relationship between employees with its organisation and it is the emotional loyalty of workers that have to reach success. It is actually the level of dedication and enthusiasm that feel by the employee in his/her assigned job (Tziner and Birati, 2015). In other words, it means the connection that feels in the employment that tends to influence by his/her behaviours. It contains the nature of the job, trust, communication in between company and worker. It is also depends on the two way commitment, integrity and communication between an organisation and its staff members. 

B) The employee engagement as an integral strategy of employee relations

The engagement and employees relations both are collaborative approach in an organisation. The human resource department has conduct a program to increase workforce feedback during communication needs to make sure accomplishment about employees needs (Albrecht and, 2015). In the organisation, the manager should make sure about the key functional areas of their staff member that should match with their specialization and interests. This will helpful for employee welfare and provide facility to them. In this context, employee relations states as the effort to control and manage relationship between worker and employers. It is better than the company will commit with it goals and objectives. So for this reason the employee relation must be positive and better in condition.

C) Key approaches for engaging workers in the summit and its importance for improve communication.

The employee engagement is all about know about a single employee that he/she like his/her job or not. Measuring the employee engagement is connected to the organisational success (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). To find out level of engagement is the process of utilizing the benefits to the employee. There are some factors that should consider for the engagement of employees by leaders. In this context, there are describes some key approaches for engaging employees:

  • Listen them – The management should recognise employee's issues and conflicts in order to growth and development. They must use internal notice board to demonstrate their problems and listen effectively.
  • Share new ideas in the teams – It will be ensure by HR officers that their employees have opportunity to display and share their work performance. It is better seeing by the managerial ideas and work place practices.
  • Detecting – Management create a plan that utilize their most positive abilities to make the outcomes that desirable for their employees (Albrecht and, 2015). HR manager should expand leadership lens for detects what matters most to his/her team members and provide them flourish.
  • Become an employee voice – There are a need in the company to offer different mediums where every worker can raise his/her problems and give feedback. Management should make sure that this facility must give to their employees.

D) Elements of employment legislation in the UK and its influences to HR decision making.

Employment legislation defines as protection given to employees by making laws & acts. It develops a better relation between worker and employer and secure the rights of employees at the workplace environment (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). In this context, there are some Acts made for this purpose, that are The Equal Pay Act of 1970, The Race Relations Act 1976, The Disability Discrimination Act 1995, The National Minimum Wage Act 1998, The Employment Relations Act 1999. All these laws may influence to decision making of HR manager. In addition to this, workers of a company are protected from discrimination that may be based on age, sex and race by several areas of employment law. 


After accomplishment of this report, it can conclude that functions of Human Resource Department are important for sustainable workplace environment. There are many selection methods available for recruit the best employee for organisation's work. In this context, the Say it with Chocolate follows test and interview method and it also has many possible improvements. This report also covers many advertisement methods for a job or its advantages and disadvantages regarding the receptionist post. Further, Microsoft apply different training programs that beneficial for the company as well as its employees. Furthermore, it includes employee engagement and its relation with labour relationship. Lastly it covers various employment legislations applicable in UK and management of this company also influenced in their decision making process. 


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