Management in Information Technology


Business organisations can experience tremendous growth when a systematic flow is applied for execution of the business operations. Information technology has been one of the attributes which have been helpful in providing a new perspective to business processes. In this report, the basic principles of management have been depicted in the form of staff recruitment policy and the theories which can be applied for motivating and encouraging employees.

Furthermore, software management tools that will support the administration and planning of issues and problems of Accenture have been depicted in this report. Businesses can function effortlessly only when strategic planning is supported and there is effective implementation by the organisation. Lastly, the developments or progresses which have taken place in the field of information technology have also been depicted in this report with elaboration about the impact and importance of the same.

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P1.1 Staff recruitment policy

Every business organisation has some policy and procedure which is defined for recruiting and selecting individuals. Accenture has a strict but clearly defined structure for the same. The staff recruitment policy helps in creating specific guidelines which need to be followed when devising job descriptions, person specification and other details regarding a particular job profile (Hall, 2014).

Furthermore, there is no scope for any sort of unethical practises or discrimination in the recruitment process from company's end. Equality, diversity and inclusion are three attributes which are included in the organisation's recruitment policy. Often there are situations when individuals are hired for the company just because of their referral or the preference of manager because of personal relations (Townley, 2014). Such kind of allowances are not provided by Accenture.

Discrimination on the basis of sex, age, gender, disability, religion and beliefs, etc. is not entertained when considering recruitment and selection of individuals. There are two types of discrimination i.e. direct and indirect (Wallace, Lings and Sheldon, 2014). The impact of both these is significantly negative and the organisation has to bear the cost in terms of loss of productivity and reduced efficiency.

Hence, staff recruitment policy is formulated in such a way that individuals do not experience any sort of biasness and discrimination at the workplace. The advertisements and details in the same are also regulated with help of staff recruitment policies. There are terms and conditions that clearly depict the rules and regulations of the organisation and the lines of code of conduct which need to be followed by each and every individual when providing their services in the company (Miner, 2015).

Staff recruitment policy also includes the details regarding the submission of application forms which will further instigate the recruitment process. The closing date and the timescales are also depicted in these policies but are updated according to the need of situation. Interview process is depicted in a structured format (Employee Documentation. 2017.). The arrangements processes which are involved the recruitment and selection procedure i.e. the interview are clearly stated with specifications related with logistics, working hours, eligibility, flexibility in pay, etc.

henceforth, it can be stated that the staff recruitment policy acts an important source of information for the individuals that are appearing for the recruitment process and also for the organisation that has prepared it.

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P1.2 Theories for staff motivation and change management

Employees or the human resource is the most important asset for the company unless it is fully utilised for the benefits of organisation. Accenture has to maintain its market reputation and brand image that has been built up due to years of strategic planning and development. There is a continuous requirement of implementing staff motivation and change management plans so that productivity and efficiency of the company is not affected (Pinder, 2014). Following are the motivational theories which can be applied in the governance of Accenture to enhance the staff motivation levels.

Hertzberg's two factor theory:

Motivation and hygiene are the two factors which are responsible or helpful in increasing the motivation levels of employees. Satisfaction is achieved when individuals feel that their service or work is fruitful in some fashion. On the other hand, hygiene is a factor which determines the elements that can cause dissatisfaction or deteriorate the motivation levels of employees (Guillén, Ferrero and Hoffman, 2015). The Hertzberg's theory helps in implementing strategies that enhance the willingness of staff to work for the organisation and get appreciated for their respective deeds.

Maslow's Hierarchy theory:

Employees and their behaviour is affected in different ways because of various factors like social, economical, psychological, etc. Maslow's hierarchy theory is helpful in identifying the factor or barrier which is leading to demotivation amongst employees. The five levels of this hierarchy include physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem and self-actualisation. The respective authority or team that is analysing the points or attributes which are causing a decline in productivity or efficiency can use this theoretical concept (Brunt, 2016). It shall help in increasing the effectiveness of the analysis and support correct decision making.

Change management is also a strategic approach that has to be catered by individuals in such a way that modifications or improvements which are planned by the higher executives can be implemented correctly for bringing in more effectiveness. Employee motivation and change management are aligned with one another (Cerinus and Shannon, 2014). Accenture has to implement the theoretical concepts which have been introduced in the above sections in such a way that motivation levels of staff is increased and changes are correctly applied. Effective communication and declaration of objectives helps in managing and applying changes in the organisation.

P1.3 Staff administration documentations

Documentation helps in legalising and creating a physical evidence regarding the joining and working of an individual for a company. The staff administration documents are produced by Accenture at the time of joining towards a candidate that has been recruited and selected by the organisation. The Human resource department of the company has to take care regarding the clauses and annexture that are to be produced in the documentation with respect to its legal compliance (Employee Documentation. 2017). Entire employment tenure of a person is enclosed and recorded in this one documentation with complementary add ons in the form of achievements and rewards that are acquired by the employee.

Salary related structure, details regarding laws and legislations, employee termination information and the respective disciplinary actions that are significant for the organisation are depicted in the documentation. The legislations, regulations and policies which are devised by the organisational heads of Accenture are mentioned in the staff administration documents (Cerinus and Shannon, 2014).

Whenever a new candidate is recruited in the company, they have to read and go through this documents for getting a clear conscience about the type of work and the related attributes. Without the acceptance and agreement of prospective candidate for this document, there cannot be any other proceeding regarding the recruitment and selection process.
The use of these kinds of documentations is wide range. It helps in safeguarding individuals from the negative practises and exploitation motives of other people present at the workplace. These instructions and statutory framework are further helpful in devising a disciplinary atmosphere in the company.


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