Unit14 Website Design BTEC HND in Computing and Systems Development J/601/1286 Level- 4 UKCBC


Use of technology has enhanced and simplified everyday life of an individual. Designing and development of website involves planning and creation by using appropriate technology to construct the website. It includes Architecture of information, user interface, structure of website. It also involves fonts, images,icons and color schemes. All these elements are integrated together to form websites. An attractive design attracts numbers of users. Website with well designed logo enhances its presentation.The aim of the report is to analyze different concept of website designing which involves visualization, device friendly, user friendly, relevant content and many more (O'Neil and, 2013). The study will also focus on the behavior of website as compared to other sites. Factors like color scheme, availability of relevant information, readability of content, brand logo will be evaluated. Website will be tested and accordingly output generated will be compared with the expected output. Recommendation of the website to other users is feasible or not will also be discovered. Response and reaction of users after using website will be recorded so that improvements needed to implemented can be analyzed.

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Task 1

1.1 Discuss the design concepts that have to be considered when designing a website

Web designing embrace technological skills for the development and maintenance of website. Web designing is associated with several aspects. Web designing involves different areas that are required to be considered while designing any website. These factors are interface designing (Gustafson, 2015), Web graphic designing, search engine optimization etc. Pet Care Ltd wants following designing concepts to be fulfilled in the website:

  • Visualization:Website designing involves not only visual presentation of the requirements, it is the process of complete experience of exploring website from entering to once you leave the website. An attractive design attracts numbers of users. Website with well designed logo enhances its presentation. Selection of color plays an important role in the website designing. Too bright or too dark colors does not sooth eyes. Therefore, colors are required to be selected in such a way that catches eyes of everyone.
  • Relevant content:Another part associated with designing a website is the content written on pages. Content is required to be clear and completely understandable to every user. Pet Care Ltd requires option for emoticons on web page such as hope, beauty, health etc . Websites with appropriate images gains attention. Websites are appreciated by the users if it delivers relevant content. Well visible information to contact company solves various customer related issues.
  • Search engine friendly:Search engine friendly website eliminates barriers that blocks the effectiveness of a website from collecting information and data and writing it back to the database.
  • User needs: Website is required to be designed in as such a way that fulfills all the requirements of user. Information that user could search for should be made available at the website.
  • Device friendly: Any website should be platform independent. If a site is working on mobile phone but is unable to execute on tablets than it is of no use. Developing website for different types of devices is not feasible option.
  • Business needs:Objective of the business should be fulfilled by the website. It should cover all the essential aspects of business such as fetching and retrieval of information from database, auditing records, proper access to the licensed parties etc.

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Task 2

2.1 Design an interactive website to meet given requirements

The website for Pet Care Ltd been designed successfully with all the requirements stated by the company. HTML is used to design web pages. CSS has been used to incorporate colors to HTML. For designing and building of website CSS is one of the most commonly used technology. Website fulfills all the user requirements . Website consists of relevant data required for its business. Website is developed and designed in a such a way that completely delivers message of true love for pets. It consists of details and availability of well qualified and trained vet doctors and medical staff (Stanfill, 2015). Website clearly describes high quality premises of vet clinic meeting all the standards of safety and hygiene. It ensures Safety and protection of animals. There are many situations in which one loses hope of survival of the pet. In order to deal with the situation website delivers hope that everything will be alright. Patience and hop[e is a key to success. Details and management of administration team has been clearly identified. The website is user friendly that is it easy to use and understand all the linked options. Customer support availability is also mentioned to help customers so that they can solve their queries efficiently. Website is device friendly. It is not specific to any platform. It can e operated on tablet as well as on mobile phones. Website has been developed in a such a way that it fulfills all the requirements of the business. It contains buttons for several options as per the requirement such as: About Us, A map, Services etc. Relevant content is considered if it meets all the following requirements:

  • Text: Websites should display valid details about the company. Web users trust only those websites that have genuine information of the company. Mission statement of the company has been kept on homepage.
  • Logo: Logo is used to identify identity of the brand. Logo for Pet Care Ltd has been designed in appropriate manner.
  • A map: Map is incorporated to reach at company's location. Google map address has been used for this purpose.
  • Services: A page for services offered by the company has been included.
  • Contact information: It displays all the necessary details and contact information of the authorities of the company. It contains all the possible ways to contact the company.
  • Pricing information:Pricing is the process of setting prices for the products and services offered by the company. Therefore,Pricing information page has been included that clearly describes all essential pricing information.

2.2 Evaluate website design with other users

For evaluation of any website two factors are considered: Layout and Design. Layout represents the arrangement and compositions of all the objects in a website (Homburg and, 2015). Layout and design embrace potential on the following levels:

  • Look and Feel: As according to the saying,' First impression is the last impression'. When a user visits website and receives negative impression, you never have the same user back. Look and feel has significance role to hold the user.
  • Usability: Response of web user is decided by the visual structure of the web page.

Primary goals of Layout and design are:

  • It is the responsibility of layout and design to direct the required query with the target pages.
  • It should be easy to find information for the user. It directly relates to the positive and negative experience of the user on the website.
  • Consistency in the message is required and should be compatible with the brand personality.

Website designed for Pet Care Ltd can be evaluated by considering various aspects. Website can be rate to 8 on a scale. The reason behind scaling 8 is due to missing of some relevant information. The map address does not provide exact location making problem for users to reach the company premises. The color scheme used in website designing were quite good. Light colors on dark background and vice versa has been followed which is enhanci8ng visualization of the website. The colors chosen are not so bright and vibrant thus making it soothing for eyes. Important features have been highlighted which is catching everybody's eyes. Thus, overall colors used are satisfactory. Information searched was not displaying on front page. For that it was directing onto second or third page. Thus, it lacks efficiency in consistency of information. One of the best part of website is it is user friendly. It was easy to use and navigate on other pages. All the necessary information was displaying on front page. Font size used for data was appropriate. Neither too small not too big font size was chosen. Headings were marked in bold letters thus making difference with all the subtopics. Readability got enhanced. Contact details were not visible on home page. Web user visiting website looking for contact information looks at home page to get contact details. This feature was missing. If we compare website of Pet Care Ltd with, website of Pet Care was much attractive and user friendly. It was easy to navigate and search content in the website as compared to the . All the essential information was available. Content were relevant as compared to other website. The website is quite good to recommend to others. One can get all the necessary data from the site. Website was displaying message of love for dogs. Relevant images were used in accordance with the context.

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Task 3

3.1 Implement a fully-functional interactive website using a design specification

Website is considered good if all the functionalities and requirements are fulfilled. In any specification, the most important thing is to clearly identify the requirements of the user and what the end product will be. Design specification describes various stages involved in production of website. Stages involved in Pet Care Ltd website designing are described below:

  • Structure: This is the initial stage of design specification. Structure of the website is identified at the very first stage. Requirements for the website designing should be freezed at initial level. Proper format and template to be used should be identified. Fonts and color schemes should be properly chosen. Lighter backgrounds should be chosen with darker fonts to enhance visibility (Staff, 2013).Thus, website is developed according to design specification to make it user friendly.
  • Development:Several technologies are available these days to design and develop websites. HTML and CSS have been used for the development. There are various Scripting languages available such as PHP , JavaScript etc to automate execution of tasks.
  • Accessibility: Accessibility defines the website should be accessible to everyone. There should be efforts to provide access to the disabled people also. The site is required to comply with Accessibility Guidelines.
  • Code Validation: It ensures that the code written for programming of website maintains high standards. Website should validate W3C that is World Wide Web specifications.
  • Maintenance:Maintenance is the last stage in website development. In this phase, website is developed and launched. After that if modifications are encountered it should be able to incorporate changes and updations. Modifications could arise due to technological changes or addition of new feature etc. It is required to be able to make changes at low cost. Designing should be flexible enough so that modifications can be easily made. There is another aspect associated with maintenance phase. Training is provided to the staff to use the website.
  • Relevant content: Content that we are writing on web pages about company and details of contact company should be correct and appropriate. Relevant data makes user to understand and reach company premises easily. Websites with appropriate images gains attention.

Task 4

4.1 Critical review and testing of the website

Testing and review is one of the crucial and important operations that need to be conducted over the website so that nature of outcomes can be attested. There are possibilities that acquired results or actual design of the website might be quite different from the design which was developed by the designer as a blue print. When compared with other websites like or, etc.; following results were acquired:

  • Multiple Platform operations: There are situations when a website might be operating smoothly over the windows browser but the same results are not obtained for smartphones or tablets. The prepared design is device friendly and easily operable when considering different platforms.
  • Layout: The alignment and scaling functions are applied to the website design so that an organised look is acquired by the user. It is not only delightful for the eyes but also supports accessibility and increases usability (Buede and, 2016). The website designed for PetCare Ltd. is very clearly outlined in terms of layout and specific functions are clearly depicted.
  • Pages: There are different pages designed according to specific categories for PetCare Ltd. Unlike other websites like that of petsathome or thepetexpress, the pages of developed website design are more effectively managed by the application of CSS tools.
  • Browser compatibility: A website is said to be efficient when developers make it compatible with other browsers. The website of PetCare Ltd. is functional on all browsers whereas the other websites were also functional but not that efficiently.
  • HTML Errors: Source code many a times contains certain errors which leads to damage of the website. HTML errors are those mistakes which might be present in the website. On comparing the website of PetCare Ltd. it was found that there were certain common errors present which need to be rectified.
  • Video Materials: There is no video material present on the website of PetCare Ltd. However, the Petshop and Pets at Home also don't have any sort of video material. There can be an inclusion of such attributes for enhancing the quality of website.
  • Promoted Products: Nowadays, majority websites have advertisement spaces which allow promotion of products and services for other companies in the form of pay per click or online banners. It is quite disadvantageous for Pet Care Ltd. to have such an option. Hence, there is not inclusion of such attributes. However, other websites do encourage promoted products on their website.
  • Online Chat: Often customers consider direct interaction with company representatives so that necessary information can be catered and if required spontaneous purchases can be made. This option of online chat is not present in the developed and comparative websites. It is a great disadvantage which needs to be converted or transformed for the advantage of organisation.

4.2 Actual test result against expected test result

Actual test result and expected test result are described as what Pet Care ltd. website is required to do and what actually is happening .In expected result developer or tester excepct the desired result he wants from the website (Al-Qeisi and, 2014). In actual test, tester checks the output of the lins given on th website. Here is the comparison of expected and actual test result of the website:

Expected Result

Actual Result

The home button of the website is to show homepage of website and relevant information about the Pet care.

Home button was working properly and it was showing information what is has to show.


About us button of the site shows data about the company and its history .

About us was displaying information regarding the company.

The website has register link through which one can register.

Register link was not working properly is was redirecting to some other page.

Contact us button is to show contact info of the Pet care ltd

It was not displaying relevant information.

By clicking on login it has to show the prompt window on which individual can login.

Login click was successful but when entering password in it it was showing the password rather than hiding it.

Basket button which is to show all purchased product from the site.

It was working well and was displaying all th product purchased from pet care.

Search bar has to perform searching of product available on the site.

After entering the desired product in the search bar it was not showing the relevant information and doesn't performed any action.

My account button is to show the account and profile of individual person.

It was working appropriately and manifested the expected result.

Menu bar function is to give links of various info available on the site.

It was doing well and giving the relevant direction .

Customer support toggle is to provide mail id and number of the admin of the organization.

It was not working and after clicking on that it was not redirected to the expected page.

OK button on sign-out is to navigate to the original site

After clicking on it it was redirecting to the the Pet Care ltd.

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4.3 Evaluate independent feedback and make recommendations for improvements

Actual an expected result shows that some features of Pet care ltd website are working properly. Some feature and buttons were not working appropriately. Individual feedback from user was taken about Pet Care ltd website and it was evaluated that home page and about us link on the website were performing the desired function of showing information regarding the company. On the other hand the register button was causing problem to users. It was not navigating to the some other page (Staff, 2013). Uses have faced difficulty while registering on the website. Similarly the Contact Us button has caused problems to the consumer and user of the company. After clicking on it users weer unable to see any information regarding contact number and communication link to talk to admin of the website. There was a issue regarding password in the prompt window as the text box to enter the password was not hiding the characters user enters. This is the issue of security of user information. Any one can access their account if password doesn't get hided. Search bar option on the site is not performing its desired function as it was not providing relevant search result to the users. Customer support button was not available on the website. It was redirecting to the same page of website and not performing anything after click or touch. User faced issue of unavailability of chat button which is used to talk the chat executive of company. User were unable to get the information of pets and animals available in the company. Forgot password link was missing on the website. It is big problem for the user who has forgot password .

Recommendations: From the above valuate feedback from usersit is required that Pet Care ltd should update its website. They need to solve the issues which are faced by users while navigating through the website of Pet Care (Creswell, 2013.). The company should add chat window on website for better communication with the customers. Contact US link and customer support button need to be updated because it is causing problem to users. Outdated information should be updated by website administrator. Website was not supporting on some browsers so it should be upgraded to make sure that its support on all the browsers available.

4.4 Onscreen help to assist the users

Help button is required on any website because many time new users of website want know about the company and products delivered by them. They have several question in their mind regarding online navigation process. It is evaluated that Pet Care ltd does not accommodate the help button. New users while navigating through website were unable to get information of the product available on the website . Help button supports user to get statistics of the company (Bors and et. al., 2015). If website have help button it will provide several benefits to user which are as follows:

  • Some frequently asked question by user can be answer using help button.
  • Queries of user can be solved with the implementation n of help button.
  • Sometime new users are unable in operating website properly so help menu information will assist user how to deal with website.
  • Information provided in help menu guide user regarding the functions available on the site and how to operate them.
  • Help button will improve the website navigation experience of users.
  • Company can identify through help menu that how many user are facing problem while operating website.
  • It assist user in making account and their profile on website.
  • New user can make use of help button to get assistance in making purchase of product.
  • Help menu is useful to identify the various buttons available and how to operate them.
  • Adding this help feature will solve customer grievances which they face during the time they operate website.
  • Help menu supports user to make relationship with company better.
  • Process of utilizing website gets smother for bot users and administrator of website as it give relevant information about the issues faced by customer.

4.5 Create documentation for support And maintenance of the website

It is vital that appropriate documentation should be done for maintaining the website of Pet Care Ltd. Website maintenance is essential so that all the activities should be performed sequentially so that required outputs could be achieved successfully.

1- It is required that content and information of the website should be kept clean and updated so that it becomes easier for the user to access the knowledge and details through it. Likewise, it is requisite that ongoing reviews that requires updation and corrections should be considered while maintaining the website (Fraley nand Hudson, 2014.). Regular updation is required so that content should be updated regularly. It aids for removing the outdated content from the website and required changes can be made under it. In accordance with this content maintenance is also required so that best updated information can be provided to consumer. It is also imperative that some legal details that comprise policy pages, terms and conditions, copyright and terms of services should be provided to the buyers.

2- Updation of documents is also required so that proper addition and changes should be made in the existing documents. Any legal contract that is required for providing services to the consumers. Legal contract that is signed by parties need to be updated regularly.

3- Regular repairing is also required so that upgradation should be done in the existing information and details that have been posted on the websites. Some specific maintenance related activities includes bugs, broken links, errors and browsers incompatibility.

4- Compatibility testing of Browsers :- It is critical to ensure that all the aspects of web applications and website should work properly. Most commonly used Browsers needs to follow a specific maintenance schedule. Automated checks can be kept for ensuring optimal compatibility.

5- Keeping the blog clean :- It is essential that spam content should be removed from the blog so that posts should be properly made available to the buyers. Regular removal of comments is essential so that access for suspicious sites could be removed. Tags that are shown on website can be removed, modified and altered so that details mentioned in the topic could be made available for the clients.

6- keep content clean and updated: Pet care should update its content on timely basis. Website maintenance requires update and upgrade daily. Content that appears on blog need to be refreshed time to time. Software documentation which is available on website also needs updates as it is used to fix bugs. Most popular website maintenance is related to fix bugs. Find out errors, fixing broken link s and compatibility of website with every browser. Pet care ned to fix these bugs and error for better experience of user on its website.


The study described designing concepts of website development. It defined various aspects to be considered while designing such as website should be user friendly. It should be easy for user ton use and navigate. Contact details and information about the company should be clearly specified. The report also shows comparative study between Pet Care Ltd and other website to identify feedback and recommendations to be given to other users. Actual results and expected results have been studied. Design specification of website development has been identified. Website is needed to be flexible enough to incorporate changes and modifications. Presentation of the images and colour schemes used play a great role to attract users.


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