Fair Go Policy In Australia


The literal meaning of fair go means giving an equal fair chance or being fair with someone by a fair go. Australia were considered as the land of fair go, but this is now diminishing day by day (Brett, 2011). It seems like they need to revive their fair go policy in order to save their culture. In brief, fair go policy includes a true and correct approach towards constitution and the human rights. The current scenario of Australia is not at all up to the mark and this lead to discrimination on the bases of gender, cast, communities and that is why Australia is lacking behind in their fair go policy. They have to give a little more attention towards this policy so that the gap between the one who have much and those who has less will not continue to grow.

Option 1: Contemporary Australian life in which racism is evident

At present time many people believe that Australia face racism in their country but after doing the research in 2011 they got some results. This event reflect that there is no racism in Australia. In 2014, 20% Australian people have experienced about discrimination due to their skin colour, ethnic origin and culture. White people came from different countries and settled in Australia but they were unable to understand about the Aboriginal culture (Brown, 2011). Thousands of aboriginal people were killed by white people and they tried to breed out their culture with the help of assimilation.People face racism in many areas as:

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It means that consumer purchase different things whether it is necessary or unnecessary things according to their wish. A person who want to buy foods products can purchase them through their plastic cards. It is embarrassing on the part of living standards of the citizens.


A student went in 5 schools and find racism. In the different schools, the person does not get admission due to discrimination in skin colour. Society should give donation and open new school to remove racism as it is a barrier for student future.


After a survey among five people, one person find racism also in sports event. Since 2013 FIFA started campaigning against racism and Professional football association which helped them to erase discrimination from sport and want to make Australia as a multicultural sports (Delgado, and Stefanie, 2017).

Work place

Racism also take place in work place due to skin colour along with the other reasons. It create diversity in people mind on work place. Organisation top level management can remove that racism but it needs to take some specific decision as they can provide information, teach employee about social responsibilities . These decisions help to remove discrimination from organisations


Australian people face racism due to many reasons. Cultural , mind and other barriers having the direct impact on people's lives Community should try to remove racial discrimination with the help of some social program and aware people about the negative effects of racism on the economic development


It includes those person who work for community and country also work as a social service. These volunteers helps in removing racism from society(Dinham, 2013). It is necessary to make a healthy and safe environment in country.

As discrimination is the biggest problem in many sectors Country and community should try to remove racism from all above which help the nation to grow , educational development, political increment and many other sectorial improvement. After racism stops from country then the economy can be healthy in terms of social and cultural environment as well as it will provide many opportunities in country. So communities and government both have to take action against racism and try to remove from country.

Option 2:- Feminism supported or criticised in Australian contemporary society

Australia is long standing association which helps women in protecting and for that they have to make many rights to save women. It is second another country which provide right to women for voting. It also the first nation to give women right to be elected in national parliament. It was the first parliament in world who grant full suffrage right to women (Knightly, and Crawford, 2013). In the present time, Australia care about the feminism. It make many rules and regulation to protect women rights in country. It also prefer a TV show which is 'sex and the city' which refer to stopping of crimes against feminism. Women's movement delivered about the sex discrimination act, women better presentation in parliament, in judgement, board and also refer to the equal pay system for man and woman both. It help them to remove sex discrimination from society. Australian government follow the rule which is related to women protection and if necessary then they have to make or prepare new rules which aid in protecting the rights of women. There are many people who do not agree with rules and regulations of government.

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Option 3:- Opportunity for people in Australia

Every country have some opportunity to attract the people for business. Australia provide the chance to their person which assist in providing the better life style for the business entity . It also prefer foreign investment to increment in the economic growth of country. Its government invest in promotion agency which assist to provide growth in some opportunity area. These areas includes agribusiness and food, major structure, tourism infrastructure, resource and energy and advance manufacturing, services and technology and many other opportunities(Gale, and Tranter, 2011). At present time food demand booming on global level and Australia is one of the premium supplier and a long term partner of food security. It attract external countries to invest in innovation and agriculture production.

Wage disparity

Australia use gender pay gap before long time ago. It show the negativity between to different gender employee. After evaluation government make new rules and civil law which is equal pay policy for equal work. This established in 1964. After establishment this authorities and other company provide same payment to their employee.

House affordability

Australia have a higher watermark in house affordability. Many people have not enough money to purchase house. People also refer that they will not have enough money to purchase house in future. So government help them in purchasing house and according to that they make policies for reducing the prices of homes.

Class consciousness

Dr Jill Sheppard establish their report and said that Australians are doing the proper care about their social class less than other counterparts in Britain and other country (Delgado, and Stefancic, 2017). Dr. Sheppard studied on 1200 people of country and found five middle class who lived in Britain but they do not have a higher tail end. It refers to that there are different group of person who do not underestimate their class and should identify themselves as middle and working class when they are not on higher scale of objective.

Australianness needs to involve the strong beating up on the weak. Rich on poor, male on female, citizens on refugees, developers on the communities etc. Australian government officials, intrigue gatherings and political and social pundits have long drawn on the possibility of the "reasonable go". Truth be told, in spite of their ideological contrasts, Australia's last four PMs have all utilized the term sooner or later. In government and restriction, Labor pioneer Kevin Rudd alluded to the reasonable go, especially while reprimanding the Howard government's WorkChoices modern relations changes.

In December 2011, Prime Minister Julia Gillard additionally contended that "we are the general population who clutch mateship and the reasonable go", refering to Labor's support for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and wellbeing spending in support of this claim. The possibility of the reasonable go is not one of a kind to Labor, either (Madison, 2012). Robert Menzies and Malcolm Fraser utilized the term in battle addresses, and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull likewise made reference to the reasonable go when talking about duty change in 2015. He expressed,"We have an extremely one of a kind culture in Australia and we have a decent blend of private enterprise and free market, however we additionally have a culture of reasonable go, of caring for each other."

Correspondence of chance is likewise viewed as another critical necessity of equity. This implies all nationals ought to have a similar opportunity to build up their normal capacities, paying little heed to their experiences. For instance, it isn't right if a kid from a regular workers foundation is hindered on the grounds that the schools she approaches are more regrettable than the schools to which well-off kids approach. Some libertarian political scholars take the thought encourage, contending that equity and reasonableness requires a more equivalent conveyance of social assets, not simply parallel open doors (Colic-Peisker, and Farquharson, 2011). Political scholars who commit themselves to examining political esteems and ideas contrast over what a libertarian way to deal with decency and equity requires. And no more essential level, most egalitarians concur that equity and decency request that all residents have their fundamental needs met. So finishing neediness, for instance, is an essential populist objective.

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There are an assortment of various purposes behind this. Some safeguard the thought on account of the useful social outcomes it has. Others challenge the refinement amongst "regular" and "social" types of imbalance, contending that we ought to be worried about disparities coming about because of contrasts in our normal capacities, not only our social condition. Maybe the most persuasive approach in the post-war period is John Rawls' distinction standard, which expresses that imbalances are just defended in the event that "they are to the best regale of the minimum advantaged". This implies we ought to go for fairness in the dissemination of social assets, yet not to the point that we harm the economy and really leave the poorest nationals more regrettable off than they were some time recently (Coates, and Goedegebuure, 2012).


According to this report it has been stated that they are providing many facilities in their nation for people. But it also face many problem which are related to different sector. Many crisis take place in Australia which assist in stopping the growth of the firm and it also create economical and social barriers. At present time Australia face racism problem which create diversity due to skin colour, culture and other factors. Racism take place in many area of nation as education, shopping, sports and other area. Government should try to remove all racism from country. It also support feminism in Australia. Feminism help to provide rights against women crisis. It follow many rules and regulation which support women rights. Their are many opportunity for people and external company. It work on global market and it provide many possibility in food sector, manufacturing aspect. It prefer about the foreign direct investment to attract outsiders for starting their business. Australia have a wide area in which many people live with each other it is helpful to make healthy environment.


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