Hotel Rosewood London Keeps a Healthy and Safe Environment


A business organisation needs a place for carrying on its business operations. The main place from where it operates its business is called as head office of that organisation and all other places is termed as fixed or other establishments. All places from where a business operates need to be registered under the Premises Act of UK Government.

The premises refer to any office or rooms within a building and surroundings used by organisation. That is the residential address of the organisation. The laws which are applicable for premises are- Premises Licence Compliance with UK legislation, Licensing Act 2003, Alcohol Licensing Law, Premises Licence Guidance and Fire Safety at workplace. Here discussion regarding Hotel Rosewood London is done. The laws it shall comply with and all regulations and licences it requires for operating its business are discussed in this report.

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2.1 Consequences of providing misleading information to consumers

Misleading information means to provide false or incomplete information to consumers by the hotel or its staff (Franklin, 2016). The information can be related to the terms of their stay, use of hotel facilities, terms of room facilities, room service, in stay restaurant, complementary services.

Loss of consumers: A misleading, false or incomplete information can lead to loss in the number of the consumers. A wrong information provided by the hotel can give an impression to the consumers which hotel does not want to implicate.

Industrial drawback: Providing misleading information to consumers gives a negative image of the company in the industry it belongs. A wrong information provided by Hotel Rosewood London Wil leads to a downfall in its goodwill and image in hotel industry.

False advertisement: Giving false and deceptive information through advertisement can lead to create a false impression on the public (Misleading information,2018). Sometimes even everything stated in the advertisement is correct but also gives a false impression. And it can result in drawing attention of legal authorities and legal proceedings.

Rough competition: When hotel present its consumers and other related person with wrong information. It gives a bad impact to people operating in the same industry that it is doing these activities to gain competitive advantages. Hence, the hotel have to face a rough and cut throat competition in the industry.

Interpretation: An organisation is commencing a criminal activity under a forbidden act in the law made governments by presenting false, misleading and incomplete information to its consumer and attracting legal proceedings and prosecution under the act of law.

2.2 Employer liability in the protection of consumers

Consumers are the ultimate persons to consume the product or avail the services provided by an organisation(Chaplin and TJ, 2014). Here for Hotel Rosewood London tits ultimate consumers are its guest, so it need to protest its guest from the following:

  • Fair contract: This does not mean a long term contract. When a consumer enters in hotel for staying the time when he gives consent for staying and allotted a room the hotel and guest enters in to an implicit contract. It is the duty of management of hotel to clear the terms and conditions for his stay (Kozlowski and Sweanor, 2016.). Declaring surprise and onerous term are unfair.
  • Services: The hotel shall provide all the services its guest with utter importance and efficiency. It is a right of the guest to have what he wants unless it is unfair. And it is the duty of the hotel to provide the consumer with such services.
  • Unfair trade practices: It is the duty of the hotel to protect its guest from unfair trade practices by other people outside the hotel. To provide them with proper and complete information the hotel management can protect its guest.
  • Health and safety: When a guest enters the hotel it totally relies on the services provided by it. Hotel management shall have full safety measures to protect the guest staying in the hotel in case of emergency by having proper risk management, firs escape. And also their safety during their time of stay.
  • Fair charges: Hotel should charge a fair and reasonable fair from its guests for their stay and food intakes in the hotel (Consumer protection from unfair trading,2018). It should avoid to charge higher prices and prices which are irrelevant from the prevailing market prices.
  • Food safety and hygiene: The hotel must serve its guest with health and safe foods. It shall comply with all the regulation laid for food safety and hygiene for hotel industry, if not it will be compromising with the health and life of the guests.

2.3 Plan and policy for implementation of all aspects of weights and measures legislation

Units of measurements: A person must use metric measurements such as grams, kilograms, millimetre litres for selling packaged or loose goods in UK (Pfeffer-Gillett, 2016). The products that can be sold in imperial measures are draught beer or cider by pint, milk in returnable container by pint, precious metal by troy ounce. One can display an imperial measurement in side of metric measurement.

Specified Quantities: The law of weights and measurements states few goods which must be sold in fixed size or quantity known as 'specific quantities'.

Alcohol: the rules differs on the basis of sale of alcohol by glass or bottle.

By the glass:

 By packaged bottles or boxes: 

Solid Fuel:Sealed bags of solid fuel in any size can be sold but foe selling it in loose quantity one must sell in quantity specified below

25 kg

50 kg

multiple of 50 kg

Packaged goods: These are sole sealed goods sold between 5 g and 25 kg or 5 ml to 25 litres. There are two ways to pack a production- minimum system and average system.

Labelling of packaged goods: It is must put weights or volumes to packaged goods on the label (Hollands and, 2015). The quantity marked must be permanent, easy to see and meet a minimum height requirement.

Equipment and records

Equipment for packaged goods: The measures used to weigh the packaged goods shall be suitable. No specific rule for equipment is given but is shall not be a domestic scale.

Record for average system: Records must be kept for products using average system. The records of results of sample batches shall be kept.

3.1 Key components of a range of regulations

The regulations related to premise licence are as follows

  1. A premise licence is required by the hotel for serving alcohol and hot food between 11 pm to 5 am.
  2. The licence is required for theatrical performance, showing a film, indoor sporting event, or wrestling (indoor or outdoor), live music, recorded music, dance, facilities for making music and dancing facilities.
  3. A premise licence is not required for playing educational and promotional films, films shown as a part of exhibition in museum and gallery and incidently music(live or recorded).
  4. For getting a premise licence a person must be of age 18 years or above.
  5. The hotel shall apply for a DSP (designated premise supervisor). A DSP must have a personal licence to sell alcohol. Other conditions may be specified by the licensing authority.
  6. For getting a licence the hotel shall provide all the details, details of DSP, a detailed plan on premise and an operating schedule that is hours to sell alcohol.
  7. Display of application notice on or at premise for 28 days from the nest day of its submission.
  8. The fees for applying premise licence range from Euro 100 to 1905 depending on the fee band of the hotel premise.
  9. The licence summery shall be displayed at hotel premise where it can be seen easily (Lan, Pickles and Zhu, 2015). The other pages of licence shall be kept safely with the DSP at the premise only.
  10. If the licence have an unlimited life then its is all right if not the hotel have to pay an annual fee yo renew the licence.
  11. Hotel management if fails to produce the licence on request it may be charged with a fine up to 1000 Euros.

3.2 Duties and responsibilities associated with the management of licensed premises

Hotel Rosewood London falls under the head of hotel and restaurant. So it has a licence under the same. The condition of getting a licence for this business is that 25% of its gross sale must come from the sale of food (Chaplin and TJ O’Rourke, 2014). This licence facilitates the hotel with restaurant service to sell a full complement of beverages. The hotel shall have full meals available till 8 pm every day and after 8 pm sandwiches and snacks.

Premise licensed: A premise license is taken to authorise the sale of alcohol, provisions of entertainment and provision of hot food late at night. The licensing Act 2003 has laid down the duties and responsibility of the licence holders as follows:

  1. Licence conditions: It is the duty of the management to comply with the condition of serving hours of alcohol during which it can be served. For serving after licensed time for temporary events it shall take written permission from competent authority.
  2. Change in name and address: licensing authority shall be informed about any change in the name or address by designated licensed supervisor.
  3. Age limit to serve alcohol: The management is not allowed to sale liquor to a person under the age of 18 years.
  4. Late night refreshments: the provision of supply of drinks and hot food between 11 pm to 5 am is a licensable activity under premise license.
  5. Right of entry: the officers, police and council of trade have a right to enter the premise at ant time to check the authenticity of the licence and the management of the hotel is liable to cooperate with such authorities.
  6. Display of licence:it is the duty of the management of the hotel to keep the licence at hotel under their control and display a summary of it.
  7. Smuggled goods: hotel holds a premise licence if allows any smuggled goods to keep in the premise it shall be contented for committing a crime.
  8. Cinemas:hotel can not show any film that does not have a BBFC certificate.
  9. Entertainment: to play music and serve alcohol after 11 pm is an activity permissible by premise licence only.

3.3 Impact of food safety and hygiene legislation

For an organisation dealing in food it is of key importance to maintain food safety and hygiene. Hotel Rosewood London is providing food services along with other services. It is very important that the food served to the guest is safe to eat is also hygienic (Moore and, 2017). In addition, government has laid down legislation and law for this industry to protect interest of people consuming.

The main legislation laid down by UK government are-

  • General hygiene requirements for all food businesses and related guidance
  • Certain food businesses dealing with products of animal origin and related guidance
  • Official controls on products of animal origin intended for human consumption and related guidance.

General hygiene requirements for Hotel Rosewood London and related guidance:

  • Compliance with microbiological criteria for food items.
  • Compliance with temperature control requirement for food items.
  • Maintaining the cold chain.
  • Sampling and analysis of food items.
  • Identification of any hazard that must be prevented, eliminated or reduced.
  • Establishing corrective actions while monitoring critical control.
  • Establishing and implementing effective monitoring procedures.
  • Preparing documents and commensurate with its business and demonstrate the effective application of the measures laid down.
  • It shall cooperate the competent authority in accordance with other applicable community legislation.

Products of animal origin and related guidance :

  • The hotel shall serve food prepared with animal product only it they have been prepared and handled exclusively in the hotel only.
  • It shall get a registration and licence by competent authority to serve food with animal product.
  • The animal product used in food preparation shall be purchased from authorized business who have a licence by the competent authority.

Official controls on products of animal origin intended for human consumption and related guidance for Hotel Rosewood London:

  • The state shall ensure that hotel is providing all the assistance needed to ensure its compliance with the legislation.
  • An audit of good hygiene practice is carried out for areas such as personal hygiene, training at workplace for hygiene, pest control and temperature control.

When the competent authority identifies non-compliance with the Regulations laid down in the act and guidelines, it shall take action to ensure that the food business operator will take remedial action to rectify the situation by complying with regulations (Ng and Feldman, 2015). While deciding course of action the competent authority shall take in account the nature of the non-compliance and the food business operator.

4.1 Responsibilities of employer in the employment of staff

An employer owes certain duties to his employees. These duties can be implied by law and may be found in the employment contract.

For Hotel Rosewood London,the employees’duties and responsibilities are:

  • To pay remuneration:it is the responsibility of employer to pay in the full amount, as remuneration to the employees' as agreed in contract when the employee arrive to work and can work.
  • To provide work-it is the responsibilityof employee to provide employee with work but up to limit fixed in statues of country. If the employee working on commission basis and employer does not provide him work he is in the breach of his duty.
  • Health and safety of employees:the employer is responsible for keeping employeessafe at workplace. This can be done by assessing risk at workplace and making arrangements for healthand safety measures. Set upon emergency procedures provideclear information and training to employees for safety measures.
  • Complaint Management:every complaint made at the workplace shall properly addressand solved. A proper opportunity of being heard must be given to the person who has made complaint. Moreover,where the person is not known it shall be carried in a manner as per norms of the company.
  • Correct information –every person who is appointed by employer shall be with correct and true information regarding their employment and the hotel. Wronginformation can mislead the employee and hammer the image of hotel.
  • Mutual trust-it is the main responsibility of employer to create mutual trust between them and employees. Hotel business comes under hospitality industry. The behaviour of personnel working there matters the most in business operations, so to maintain a friendly and trustworthy work environment is necessary for Hotel Rosewood London.
  • Avoiding breach in course of employment-breach can be in form of harassment, victimisation, and physicalviolence by employer or employee, theft by employee. It is the employer who shall look and avoid this type of situation at workplace

4.2 Key aspects of discrimination legislation

It is lawful to have certain rules and regulations at workplace unless they cannotbe justified. Discrimination at the workplace means not to treat each and every employee with equality. To treat someone with more favour and someone unfairly. The discrimination can br in any form.

Direct discrimination- This means to treat someone with protected characteristic, means to treat that person unfavourably then others in the organisation.

Indirect discrimination- Rules and regulation or arrangements are set in an organisation and are applied evenly to everyone but then to put someone with protected characteristics and giving themdisadvantage over others.

Harassment- To violate someone's dignity and creating an offensive work environment to him or her. This can be sexual, mental or physical.

Victimisation- To treat someone unfairly because they have complained about discrimination or harassment at workplace

Key aspects of Discrimination Legislation

The discrimination legislation in UK is governed by Equality Act 2010. The act lays down regulationsforwork place discrimination with employees. The legislation is stated below:

1. An employer must not discriminate a person against-

  • An arrangement of offering employment to a specific person
  • By not offering an employment to a person
  • Laying specific terms for employments

2. An employer must not victimise a person-

  • On offer of employment
  • Laying specific terms for employment.
  • By not offering employment
  • By dismissing employee

3. An employer must not harass a person-

  • Who is under employments of hid employee
  • Or applied to him for an employment

4. The employer has a duty to make reasonable changes/adjustments whenever required and are rational.

5. An employer must not discriminate against an employee of his employee as to

  • offering an employment
  • Laying specific terms of employment
  • not offering and employment

6. An employer must not victimise an employee of his employee as to

  • offering an employment
  • Laying specific terms of employment
  • By not offering and employment
  • By dismissing the employee

7. Regulations relating to dismissal of an employee-

An employer can terminate the employment of the employee in case of

  • Expiration of period of his/her employment
  • Such a conduct of an employee that entitles the employer to terminate his employment without notice.

8. The specific conditions for employment which are counted as discrimination does not apply in case of pregnancy and maternity condition of an employee.

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From the above report we can conclude that Hotel Rosewood London keeps a healthy and safe environment for its employees as well as its guests. For the interest of its guest it has taken a premise licence and also follows the consumer protection regulation. It complies with all the safety and hygiene legislation that keeps a good workplace environment and a secure place to stay for guests. For the betterment of the employees and their development it follows all the arrangement and legislation made by the statues. To give employee a safe and progressive working environment it also prefers a non discrimination policies at workplace. All these efforts together provide a healthy and safe workplace to employees and a well equipped and safe, hygiene place to stay to guest.

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