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Organization Selected : Safety Traffic Company
Question :

In order to complete the assessment students, have to answer some questions:

  • Prepare a draft proposal of an employee relations policy and also writes a formal email in regards to fixing a meeting with relevant stakeholders.
  • Develop an implementation and contingency plan for the employee relations policy along with that develop a training implementation plan which helps in reviewing employee relations within 12 months.
  • Develop a grievance policy and process for safety, After that prepare a formal report to the operational manager about organizational policy and process. Explain the role played in the advocacy session as the operation manager with human resources and employees.
Answer :


Manage employees relation is a very important factor in any company because that will make a healthy environment and to have that the company should work really hard because that will decide the employees loyalty towards the company. Long term employees are a very good sign for the company and the growthof the company will be very good.

Safety Traffic Company is a company which has started 15 years back and is not doing so good because they do not have much of experience and the companywill have to gain a lot of experiencefrom the market so that they can grow and make the company have a good brand name in the market. There are a lot of discrimination which are taking place in the company therefore the company is not being able to grow to the fullest.

There further reportwill discuss the problems, issues, methods, measures, etc so that the company can work upon those and improve the company's working so that they can gain experienceand become better in the market.

Task 1

A. Identification of three long term employees relations objectives for Safety Traffic Co. -

The major employee relation objective is to retain consumers for long term so that they can maintain the quality service for company. Providing the award rate to employee which is above the industry median salaries which motivates employees to work for the betterment of company. The third obective of employee's relation is to implement current formal enterprise agreement exists for traffic controllers (Ki, Kim and Ledingham, 2015). This is helpful for Safety Traffic Co. to maintain the positive employee relationship among the company for further growth and development.

B. Analysing current employee relations performance-

Currently there are no formal employee relation plans and policy which exist for the company. The issues met by the employees are currently managed by Human resource manager. The company doesn't have any formal procedures or grievances policy which taken in place. The inductions are conducted are rarely and on-site documented. There is no team management among the employees so there is no team work in the company.

C. Developing several employee relation strategy or policy operations for each of your identified employee relations objectives-

  • The employee relation strategies which can be used by Safety Traffic Co. can organizing the staff engagement events will be helpful for company to retain their existing employees for long term and motivates them to work for attaining company's objectives.
  • They should develop the new collective agreement for traffic controllers which consists of paying above industry median, flexible working roster and staff bonuses.
  • Company will also hire additional scheduler so that they can manage the each and every task properly and access with the better operation activities (Reilly and Williams, 2017).
  • Mentoring program for new employee will also be developed so that they could go with better training and development program for further work which is to be done by them in job.

D. Identification of relevant Safety Traffic Co. stakeholders for each option and include a description of how they will be consulted-

They relevant key stakeholderstraffic controllers and human resource manager which are consulted by company through a meeting so that they could get to know where they are lacking behind. And further the strategies and polices will be implemented on the particular issues so that they could be solved and further good employee relationship could be maintained they play a major role in the implementation and growth of company (Kasemsap, 2017).

E. Evaluating each option-

  • A cost benefit analysis and risk assessment-
  • Determining of likelihood of risk preventing company meeting its objectives and possible consequences of such event on organizational performance-

Cost benefit analysis

Risk assessment plan





Associated Risk



Risk level

Risk Control

Counselling session


It is helpful for employees in understanding the sexual harassment among the employees at the work place.

There will be equality among the employees.

Funding risk as there is 4 sessions for counselling being met.

Employees are not discriminated each others.



It can be controlled by reducing the number of counselling sessions.

Cost of training


This is helpful for the development and helping employees to develop new skills.

Helpful in working with positive attitude and extra skills (Al Mehrzi and Singh, 2016).

Skill talent risk

All people have their different skills and weakness in them they must be solved at one level.

Low level

Low level

It can be control by providing specific training to the individual

Cost of meeting


The issue which is being faced by the female controller can be sought out

Issue is being sought and the company had to pay the amount to her.

Funding risk

The company had to pay that female controller amount of overtime which is being done by her on Sunday.



It can be controlled by balancing it with p &l account


F. Summarizing legislative requirements and key entities in industrial relations system-

Safety Traffic Co. must follow the legal requirements and laws so that they can maintain the employee relation. Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 must be followed by company so that they can remove discrimination among the employee and thus employee can equally work for attaining objective of company. Work Health and Safety Act 2011 can be followed to provide healthy and safe working environment to workers so that they could work for attaining objective of company. Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 all employee must be treated equally under this law at Safety Traffic Co. so that there is no gender discrimination among the employees at workplace all male and female staff are treated equally so that they could work in the team with same spirit.

G. Discussion of how your identified long term employee relation objectives meet the needs of company and how they address current employee relation issue-

The long term employee relation objective can be identified by company in many ways. But it can be identified by estimating the number staff retention which is being raised or not if it is arisen then they can estimate that the employee relation objective has been achieved by Safety Traffic Co (Al-Emadi, Schwabenland and Wei, 2015). They can also take feedback from the company's employee that is traffic controller that they are satisfied with the company's new strategies and policies or not if yes then they are right tack and their goal has been achieved.

2. A formal email for scheduling meeting for relevant stakeholders with Safety Traffic Co. for discussing the draft proposal-





Subject: New policies and regulation for staff members.


To the staff members,

New policies and regulations developed for all staff which is to be followed by them-

  • There will be no further no discrimination among the employees by anyone employers or co-workers.
  • Each and every employee must take part into the team work.
  • Training and development program must be attended by every staff members.


Thank You!







Person Responsible

Time management

5 months

There are a lot of employees who are felling that there is a huge pressure on them because of the work force on them which is why they are leaving the company because they are not being able to utilize the time they have in hand. That is one of the reasons why the employees in Safety Traffic Co. are having a high turnover of the employees. (Holland, Cooper and Hecker, 2016)


Activities have to be held so that the company will be able to analysis those factors so that they can make the employees understand the importance and make them work for the betterment for the company and the personal goals and objectives.

Human resource manager


3 months

There are a lot of employees coming in the company therefore there has to be mentoring of the employees because in one year there are 50% of the employees who are leaving the company. It is very important to have a healthy environment in the company so that the people can work in it.

Interactions and introducing the work and the other employees in the company so that the employees can feel welcomed so that they can make the most in the industry and the environment of the company remains healthy.

Human Resource Department


3 months

There are a standard which every company has in any industry therefore maintaining those factors in any company is very important and this can only take place when the employees are having a good environment. The managers are also responsible to provide the required skills and knowledge so that they can increase the efficiency of the employees and increase the workforce performance effectively.

Off the job and on the job training will help the employees to increase the knowledge and also provide the better knowledge. This will also provide the required skills and personality growth of the employees.

Department heads and the human resource managers. (Chandani and, 2016)

Risk Management and contingency Plan

Employee relations options

Associated risks

Risk likelihood

Risk consequence

Risk level


It will increase the expectation of the employees to get promoted and also increase the incentives and bonus for their efficiency in the task.

It can be occurred when the company changes the objectives and distribute the new task to the employees.

This risk can also decrease the efficiency of the employees and discourage them to do the work on time with the optimum potential. This will also decrease the productivity of the organization and make the company decrease the profit margins. (Lewin, 2018)




The risk involved in the encouragement of the employees are that they will be dependent on the managers to get assisted in the task and the efficiency of the employees will only be effective when the manager will be present with the employees.

It occurs when the employees are old and it has to be done ion every activity to make them effective.

The risk of encouragement can also lead to the jealousy factor in the employees and they will increase the employee turnover rates due to dissatisfaction or they feel as they are mistreated with the other employees.


Task goals

The task goals can also result into the disputes in the employees and also create the clash in the disputes of them. As the clash of perspective can decrease the efficiency of the employees and also create the health problems to the employees.

This occurs when the company focus on the high performance teams to attain the set objectives and make them more productive. (OrtizdeMandojana. and Bansal, 2016)


The company has to face the decline on the efficiency of the goals of the objectives of the company. The company will also decrease the efficiency to manage the traffic managers in the company.




Language barriers can also create the hindrance in the communication of the employees. It can also decrease the efficiency of understanding the rules and regulations. The vision of the company can also be misunderstood.

The frequency of the communication risk is very low and it will only happen when the management of the organization is not educated and also do not have the proper potential to communicate with the employees.

The risks of communicating to increasing the employee relation in the company is that the employees will not be able to understand and also feel depressed due to the inefficiency it can also turn into the mental instability which will harm the work culture of the company and decrease the efficiency of all the employees.


Co curricular activities

There are many risks associated with the co curricular activities in the company as it distracts the employees in doing the work and also lowers the potential of the employees. The employees also feel very energetic about the activities and not about the targets of the company which will create the gap in the expected target to achieve the goals.

The occurrence of this risks are only on the occasions when the managers have to organize the events to celebrate the hard work with the employees to boost them and also increase their morale. (Kaufman, 2018)

This risk decreases focus of the employees and the work stability will also be decreased due to many employees take time to again come to the same pace as they were before.



Risk mitigation strategy 1

The company will adopt the grievance policies for all the employees as it is very important for them. The main role of the company is to provide traffic safety to the public and also increase the efficiency of the employees. the Human resource managers will help to maintain a system which will help the employee to generate their grievances and also expect to get them solved. And the Human resource managers will be responsible to provide all the information to the top level managers and all the directors of the company which formulate the policies. (Cates, 2016 The department managers also have to take the feedback of the employees to know the level of interests of the employees in the company and what is the issues and problems the employees face in doing the work. The company also will adopt the evaluation criteria to analyze the problems like the balance score card analysis which will help the managers to analyze the performance of the employees and make the effective strategies to increase the efficiency and make them more potential resource for the company to provide the safety to the public.


Risk mitigation strategy 2

The company will also have to adopt the Maslow’s need theory to understand the behavioural patterns of the employees so that the managers can fulfil the need and increase the level of satisfaction. The Maslow has designed the need theory which consists of five needs which are basic or needs which is food and clothing. The second need will is safety y and security as every person need to get secured in their life for their future the third need is the love and affection need forth is self esteem needs which is very important for the employees in order to achieve the goals and the last and very important need is self actualization need. The traffic controllers and all the other employees need to understand the desires and needs so that the managers can understand them effectively and formulate the better strategy to motivate them and increase the efficiency of the company. Traffic safety company also analyzed that the employees will be satisfied then they will be more mentally stable and also increase the safety criteria of the public. As the company need the potential employees to understand all the factors of the traffic safety. Due to the increase in the number of traffic casualties the importance of safety and innovating the new technological equipments is also very essential(Gosavi, Garud and Bisen, 2018).


Risk mitigation strategy 3

Traffic safety co. have to increase the efficiency of the employees so the company have adopted the training and development aspect to provide the employees better knowledge and skills according to the norms and regulation of the government. The company have started the on the job training which is practical on the field training where the employees have to understand all the task and the working which will provide the practical knowledge and help the employees to maintain the education. The on job training also help the employees to increase many skills like communication skills, analytical skills, technical skills, coordination skills which will help the traffic controllers to manage all the task effectively and efficiently. The off job training will help the employees to gain all the knowledge outside the field and it will gain the better insight about the details which the employees can miss in the practical training. It will also help the employees to understand all the laws and regulation which the traffic safety should have and what all criteria are required to understand the rules. Employees are trained in the coaching, seminars, lectures. The questionnaires and the feedbacks are also the techniques of off job training which the managers of Traffic safety Co. can adopt to increase the efficiency of the employees and which will also increase the sense of coordination in all the employee and create a better work environment. (Conway and, 2016)


Training Implementation Plan

Training task

Learner group


Required skills

Training methods

Number of Sessions

Time frame

Health and safety

Traffic controllers and Human resource managers

To ensure the health and safety of the public and also increasing the safety of the traffic controllers by providing them the proper training.

Communication skills to ensure the control of all the systems.

Human recourse should have the effective managerial skills to ensure the human relations skills.

Seminars, awareness camps, coaching, lectures.

6 sessions

4 months

Traffic management


To ensure the proper functioning of the traffic management process and all the level of company to have a smooth running of the traffic in the area.

Schedulers will require analytical skill, decision making skill, time management skill, coordination skills, interpersonal skills.

Off the job training will help to increase the knowledge and develop the knowledge of the employees.

9 sessions

6 months

Legal norms

All employees of the company.

This is very important for all the employees to increase the knowledge about the legal factors for the traffic management so that they can ensure te proper safety and health guidance for the public and also understand to take the proper precaution to safeguard themselves as well.

Work ethic skills, legal skills, mathematical skills.

The legal norms have to be trained both on job and off job which will give a better and detailed learning about all the rules and regulation of the government.

12 sessions

12 months


Monitoring Plan



Baseline mark


Analysis methods

Balanced score card

The employees will; be checked according to the performance by maintaining their record of all the activities they are doing.

The base will be decide on the performance recoded in the journal of every employees which will help the manager to analyze the performance.

To increaser the efficiency of the employees ands maintain the workforce efficiency. (Abdullah, 2017)


Primary data collection method will us adopted to increase the accuracy and also provide with better results in the growth of the company.


It helps to measure the effectiveness of the employee with the comparison of the high potential or expected potential employee which the company need to fulfill the requirement. (Brewster, 2019)


The base of this analysis will be market as the standard and all the further activities will be noted so that the managers can analyses the market trends and formulate the effective strategies so that the company can perform efficiently.

The main target of this method is to increase the efficiency of the employees which will help the company to achieve the competitive advantage and increase the stakes in the market.

The managers in this method will use the secondary data like the strategies used from the successful organization as the standard benchmark to attain the objectives and train the employees accordingly.



Part A

Grievance policy and procedure for safety traffic co.

The grievance procedure is only applicable to the employees of Traffic safety co. thses policies will be applicable for those which are related to the company and will be affected by the actions of the company, and the company is liable to solve the grievances of the people to maintain the healthy relations. (Kim and,2017)

Importance of Grievance

  • the employees of the company can apply for the grievance when the employees does not feel safe in the work environment.
  • The employees also need to apply for the grievance when the employees are not understanding the task and also have problems with the set of skills and need training for the same to perform the task efficiently.
  • when the employees have the issues in the salary or the wages they can file a grievance.
  • The promotion and appreciation can also be the part of grievance from the promotion or appraisal of one employee it is very difficult for other to increase the efficiency of other and they also feel obligated that they did not get chosen for the promotions.
  • The workload in the company can affect the employee’s health and gradually the efficiency of thee employees will be compromised. (Noe and, 2017)

Grievance Procedure

  • Managers have to solve the grievance directly by understanding the problems and removing the obstacles. Like the Controller is having the grievance with the schedulers. The HR manager will make both the the employees sit together in solve the issues and make all the things normal.
  • The informal grievance procedure can also be followed in which the employees go to the manager with all the disputes and problems and by this the dispute will be solved before becoming a big hindrance in the work culture.
  • Traffic safety co. also analyzed that the formal grievance procedure is also required. In this the Hr managers have to undergo the formal grievance investigation and find out all the facts by which the issue have formed. The managers will collect the data
  • Then the manager will accumulate all the data and file them in the form of documents which will help them to analyze all the problems and make them understand all the issues which are persisting for the employees.
  • The manager will examine all the documents with the policies of the company so verify the authenticity of the grievance and allow the future evaluation of the grievance.
  • The manager will also check the degree of grievance, internal or external. Legal or sue to the change in the governmental policies. Or due to any other employees relations issues.
  • If the grievance if the employees are justifies then the Hr manager will alleviate the grievance to the higher level which can ensure the change in the policies so that this problems can not be repeated again and maintain the efficiency of the employees and control all the traffic policies to avoid any casualties and accidents.
  • Dispute resolution is a term which means that there are a lot of methods through which the company can solve the conflicts in the Safety Traffic Company or disputes or claims so that the company remains to run effectively and efficiently. There are a lot of different types through which the dispute resolution process can be done and few of which are as follows. (Ali, Lei and Wei, 2018)
  • Collaborative law- In this process the lawyers and the parties come to a common ground so that the solution can be taken out so that the decision is fair for both the sides.
  • Case Evaluation- The parties are asked to take out there positive and negatives so that after the analysis of those factors a decision can be taken out of the situation. Taking the feedback after the analysis can help the parties to reach mutual decisions to solve the conflict.
  • ·Facilitation- This process involves a trained person who will be able to help the two parties in the situation to address and solve the issues between the two parties.
  • ·Parenting Coordination- This is between the parents when there are having a conflict between the two and that will lead to a unhealthy atmosphere in the house. The conflicts between the two have to be removed because the children in the house will have to face the harm. (Noe and, 2017)
  • ·Negotiation- This is a informal meeting where the parties who are having a trouble come together and find out the solution themselves so that they do not have to take anyone else’s help for making the company work. Safety Traffic Company is very good with this factor and that is why the problems are not being a big issue for the company.
  • ·Private Judging- There is one person as a judge which is a common factor for the two parties so that the decisions which is taken to solve the conflict is fair for both the parties

Part B

The operation manager is responsible to resolve all the disputes and grievances in the company and also help the employees to retain in the company to decrease the cost and increase the profit. The Traffic Co. is very efficient in providing the safety to the public and also maintaining their traffic control system. The company have very skilled and experienced workforce which make the company very productive in providing its facilities.

The operation manager have to resolve the problems on their level and keep it to them so that the issue can be resolved and not every level of management is involved as it can decrease the efficiency if the company. (Unsal, 2019)

If the nature of the grievance is extreme and cannot be solved then the manager will have to note all the details of the grievance and mention all the strategies and techniques used by the manager to resolve the grievance. The grievance will be then transferred to the head of HR which will address the employee personally and retain all the information. Within 20 working days the head of HR will try to resolve the grievance and they will also help to find the alternative to resolve the grievances


According to the above report we can come to a conclusion that the company is doing a good job by making the interiors of the city good and developing the country altogether but the company is having a lot of drawbacks. The company has just started 15 years back therefore they will need experience to get into the market and make a lot of changes because experience does make a person get a lot of knowledge which is very good for the company. Safety Traffic Company is not being able to be fair with the employees who are working in the company that is why the company is not being able to make a lot of profit. The employees are not loyal so the company is busy training the new employees which are coming in the company and there are a lot of discrimination which are taking lace in the company.

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