Different Leadership Styles, Skills And Performances

What is Leadership Styles?

Leadership can be understood as an approach that act as a social influences through which an individuals can procure supports and help from other individuals for the purpose of attaining mutual goals and also to improve the efficiency of attaining the same. However, there are various elements of leadership that aids in enlisting other individuals with them. Majorly it involves traits, behavior, vision, values, situational interaction, charisma, intelligence and function (Coleman and Glover, 2010). For the purpose of managing and addressing the issues that are cited above, it is required that managers at Thomas Cook must possess different leadership style so that effectual results can be attained in return. With this respect, Thomas Cook must focus on these aspects so that they can able to recruit leaders who can manage this scenario with different styles (James, 2009). However, leadership styles that must be required by individuals for bringing transformational and attaining same organizational effectiveness in cited organizations are as follows:

Transformational Leadership

It is one of the basic styles of leadership that essentially helps in managing different set of issues in far better manner that are persisting in business operations. Thomas Cook being a tourism organization must requires leaders who can inspires their subordinates towards positive change so that better results can be drawn from it and also objectives can be attained in an effective manner. This type of leadership is utmost required in the situation of bringing transformation in concerned company so that they can able to get rid of issues like financial problems and low review generation from marketplace (Avkiran, 2000). This style will essentially create energy, enthusiasm and also ignites passion in workforce of Thomas Cook to works mutually towards achieving short term goals in a desired manner so that path can be generated for meeting ultimate objective of firm. While recruiting dynamic leader at Thomas Cook, this style of leadership must be concentrate majorly by company as it is the tool from which performance of employee can be altered. In addition to it, organization with this set of leadership able to motivate and inspire varied workforce from which even less productive employees can play a key role for boosting efficiency (Lapierre, 2001). Since, financial problems is one of the major issues for this organization and in managing it; first steps can be reduction in expenses and cost of company so that they able to invest same in working capital. In this regard, transformational leaders can aid Thomas Cook in reducing cost related to wastages of material, effective handling of customers, and better meeting out with expectation of customers and other related practices. Beside this, leaders of this nature also plays a crucial role in developing an organizational setting which is much more effective from employee point of view as it delivers sound working environment to them along with positive interaction among employees (Laohavichien, Fredendall  and Cantrell, 2011).

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In addition to it, transformational leadership in Thomas Cook can stimulates creativity in operations from which they can able to address the issue of financial problem in an innovative way by attracting large set of customer on their side for tourism products. Also it considers individual’s capacity and hence utilizes in a manner from which organization can able to operate in a particular manner (Mintzberg, 2005). Further, leaders with this quality able to motivate employees from different tactics and this practice will essentially support in attracting more of tourist towards Thomas Cook from which they can able to enhance their revenue generation source also with attaining an edge over their rival organizations (Nienaber, 2010).

Considering this, transformational set of leadership theory is applied by dynamic leader in Thomas Cook and hence they essentially able to meet out with the requirements. Applying this theory was a success for company as they able to get rid of severe financial problem in an effectual manner. Managers with this approach essentially able to gain high amount of benefits in terms of managing change in an effectual manner.

Democratic Leadership

Apart from transformational leadership, Thomas Cook must also look for leaders that can able to engage their employees in different operational activity and decision making session so that better working environment can be created. This set of leadership is one of the most effective practices for managing employee of middle and top level officials at Thomas Cook (Rausch, 2005). Therefore, by recruiting leaders in Thomas Cook that can able to work with their team in a desired manner and can also make their team more competent in organizational setting from different engagement programs will essentially helps in getting rid of issue like financial problem. This is so because, this setting essentially boost the productivity level of employee which in turns lead to increment in sale of products and service of Thomas Cook (Spillane and Healry, 2010).

Moreover, democratic leadership is being also required because it involves their subordinates in decision making activity at Thomas Cook which is a practice from which management or Board can able to assess new ideas and suggestion from employee’s end and this proves one of the best alternate from which firm can achieve effectiveness in their operations. With the help of this set of leadership, Thomas Cooks can regain their lost market share and sales volume by developing sound setting within firm (Rausch, 2003). It further offers job satisfaction from which cited organization can able to retain more of employees. This practice will essentially reduce the cost associated with recruitment and selection process and hence ultimately results in reducing overall operational cost up of Thomas Cook to certain extent. With this, firm can able to get rid of their financial problems and also can manage their operations in desire way from which more revenue towards firm can be generated. Beside this, democratic leaders are proved more effective in altering hanging efficiency level of employee at workplace as they able to make sound and healthy relation therefore same benefits can be attained by Thomas Cook. However, it is required by management to screen applicants thoroughly by judging them on different grounds such as their degree, experiences, competency, confidence level, grade etc. so that better results in this regard can be attained (Tomlinson, 2004). Also, leaders at Thomas Cook must possess democratic style in their characters but it is also required that they must incorporate certain other skills also so that every set of situations can be managed. Further, it helps in conducting sound decision making session which essentially helps in boosting the efficiency of operations and also firm can able to take opportunities that are prevailing in marketplace (Mumford, Gold and Thorpe, 2012).

However, few of the dynamic leaders has applied this theory of leadership also with a motive to develop an environment which is much more participative. With the help of it, dynamic leaders gets success in Thomas Cook because he certainly able to gain different sort of ideas and suggestions along with supports from their subordinates, through which situation of severe financial issues get resolved.

Autocratic leadership Style

In addition to transformational and democratic leadership, it is also required that leader at cited organization must able to make proper control over their team and also ensures that their teams are working in a manner that is being set by leaders. No doubt, how lenient and franks leader are but ultimately they have to manage a team that possess varied set of employees and therefore in this regard it is required that they must able to lead their team in a desired manner so that set results can be attained in return. With this discussion, it is required that managers at Thomas Cook must possess autocratic leadership in their style so that employee can be managed at the time of transformation or strategy implementation (Storey, 2002). Also, it thrive employees to coordinate with management with a purpose to attain results that are being set with strategies. It is much orderly set of style in which leaders takes all set of decisions without involving their subordinates at all. With this, Thomas Cook can able to achieve their efficiency and also manages the problem of financial crisis by reducing costs associated with operations. In addition to it, by appointing autocratic leaders for sales and marketing can help Thomas Cook in boosting their sales volume which in turns results into high market share and more generation of revenue (Ticker, 2013). This is so because, autocratic leaders will ensure that targets that are being allotted to sales people of company must got completed in set time frame. Moreover, it will increase the commitment level of employees towards organization with threat and coercion majorly which will essentially assist in getting rid of financial problem at least for shorter time span.

However, recruitment of the types of leaders must be justified by considering other factors also such as nature of job, level of employees that this leader will be handling so that better results in this respect can be attained (Singh, 2008). This is so taken into account because autocratic leadership possesses series of drawbacks such as poor motivation, low job satisfaction, hampering of interest of employees and various other which in turns results into high attrition rate in Thomas Cook which will be another serious issue for company after financial problems. Also, it will make an impact over their profitability because this practice will enhance the rate of recruitment and selection session along with training and development session which incurs huge cost (Marquis and Huston, 2009). With this respect, it is required that rational approach must be engaged while making selection of autocratic leadership due to various drawbacks associated with it. Considering this, leaders many a times employed autocratic approach with a motive to get tight control over the issues that prevailing in Thomas Cook so that it can be rectified in due time frame. This theory supported dynamic leader in aligning whole operations as per the requirements so that each employees work as per their responsibilities.

Hence, with this discussion, it can be synthesized that while recruiting dynamic leaders for managing and leading transformations in company like Thomas Cook, balanced approach must be taken into account so that most effective leaders can be selected that can perform all three set of leadership style by considering the situation that are being arising (Carlisle and Loveday, 2007). It is not necessary that leaders with transformational approach can be best suited in this regard or democratic leaders will help in making rational decision. Instead it is required that leaders must able to manage different set of situation along with deriving fruitful results out of it. Therefore, it can be state with this that leader must possess all three set of style in their attributes so that better results in return can be attained. Transformational style will help in creating enthusiasms in employee from which better approach to transformation can be done at Thomas Cook.

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Moreover, democratic leadership helps in attaining rational decisions of implementing same set of strategies in better manner from which more of support from manpower can be attained (Analoui, Doloriert and Sambrook, 2013). This will help Thomas Cook in attaining better results out of it and can also able to manage the problems of finance. Beside this, autocratic leadership style of managers helps in managing resistance from employee and also supports in getting rid of dispute and conflicts that might occur at the time of transformational activity. Hence, above stated leadership styles must be present in dynamic leader so that Thomas Cook can essentially improve their operational efficiency and can also manage different set of situation in far effective manner.

Leadership Skills

  1. Before starting any business sometimes it involves a bit of forecasting in their beginning stage. Thomas cook need some good quality leader that can help company to overcome financial problems and for this they have to search different skills in their leaders that will help them to implement a good strategies in the future. Following are the skills in this regard:
  2. Ability to inspire: It is to encourage the people by making them feel confident and eager to do something. It keeps the sprits up and encourages them by appreciating them for their hard work. Thomas Cook should keep this skill in mind before recruiting any leader.  This skill will make a strong bond between them (Brooks and Brewerton, 2006). As leader is a role model of their team so they should have the quality of inspiring other. This will help company to have employees that can works for company.
  3. Intuition:  In this skill leader should have the knowledge of their goals which they have to achieve in given time. The leader should have the capability of intuition so that they can guide their team in the process of day to day work (Augier and Teece, 2005). Intuition alone is not always beneficial but sometime it needs balance with rational decision. Thomas cook should look for capability in their leader which will help them to overcome situation when something unexpected occur at that time that leader can give them guidance with the help of their past experience (Kaplan, 2006). This will help company to get good leader for their team who can help them in any conditions  
  4. Creativity: All the decision will not always make in a clear-cut form some time they have to be modified to get a creative ideas for the company’s benefits. Organization can have good and creative leader for facing the situation when the critical problem arises at that Situation Company can deviate from the set goal. At that time leader’s creativity help them by make an innovative idea for the company growth (Pounder, 2003). So to becoming a good skilled leader an individual should have the skill of creativity which will give them a unique position in the market.  
  5. Positive attitude: The positive attitude of the leader helps Thomas Cook at the time of financial problems as this skill help in maintain the energy level up. The positive attitude keeps good and balance environment of the office this will automatically get balance between productivity and playfulness. When the teams of the Thomas Cook is fully charged with the positive attitude that will increase the growth of the productivity of the company as a positive leader can only encourage their team to get achieve the desire for the company (Darr, 2012). So at the time of recruitment they have to get a leader that have positive attitude.   
  6. Commitment: Commitment of the leader toward the organization is necessary for the growth. So the leader should do hard work and produce quality content so that they can place a motivational commitment for their team member. This quality of commitment of leader can get them a respect by the team members. But commitment for the name and fame will not gives them respect, but hardworking of a leader for the company will increase the respect and the energy level in the team member (Rothstein and Burke, 2010). A good leader can always keep their promises that will give them reputation among the team member. This will get a quality work for the company.
  7. Confidence: Self confidence is must for the leader in Thomas’s company as they are facing the situation of financial problem. So at the time of leading a team they can face different challenges so for that leader should keep their confidence level up because at the time of business a leader should be in condition of panic. Self confidence is the fundamental basis from that the leader can give the growth to the company. Job of leader is to motivate whole team for the achieving any larger goals. By controlling leader’s self control in calm and confident position (Kelly, 2011). Calm position of the leader can keep everything in regular and control formed. The team of a leader will learn from them how to behave in the position of these situations.  
  8. Sense of humor: leader has different qualities in them. Some of them are stiff and stern and some have good sense of humor but not all the successful leader have a sense of humor. Thomas should keep in mind that sense of humor is an important quality in a leadership, as it helps in guiding their team members in the panic situation. Some time sense of humor could be wrong but it would help them in handling the difficult situation and keep them in a motivational stage (Briggs, Coleman and Morrison, 2012). In this the leader always try to chuckle at the time of panic situation. These skills attract the different people towards an individual and it will slower down the blow of the bad news.
  9. Communication: It is the important skill of the leader. As if they had good ideas in their mind but cant able to express that ideas in a proper way then that will be of no use. So good communication skill of a leader is very important. As a team leader they have to communicate with their member by healthy lines of communications. They have to describe and explain their ideas and vision to their team members, but if they can’t relate their ideas with team members then they will not to work on the same goal. So it is impossible to become a good leader without having skill of good communication (Armstrong, 2012). As they have to communicate with different people with explaining their views and ideas to them. So a leader should have good communication skills.
  10. Ability to delegate: Another skill of good leadership is ability of delegate. As the word delegate have different meaning for different people, but at the category of leadership it is very important thing that a leader should learn how to do well. So in leadership at initial level they have to learn how to trust on their team members because without a trust they don’t be able get progress in every stage of life.  They have to share their ideas with their team member but not the weakness. The key of delegation is to get the strength of their team and capitalizing on them (Huszczo, 2010). A team leader should know that what each team member enjoy in doing, if they find their task more enjoyable then they will apply more ideas and thoughts to that projects.
  11. Honesty:  Honesty is most important skills of a leader it is more important than just telling truth. Being a leader it’s become more difficult to telling a truth. It hold an important responsibility of their team members, as a team member should have blind trust on their leader, this will give a good progress to their organization (Rowe, 2007). As Thomas needs the leader which has a skill of honesty, this can help him to get a good response from market. As a leader will represent their company in the cooperate world.

Level Of Performance

Beside leadership styles and skills, it is required by leaders to perform in manner from which company gets benefitted and can manage present scenario of financial problems. it is being viewed that leaders or managers are essentially acts as a role model for various employee within an organization and therefore it becomes crucial for them to perform in a manner from which their subordinates can also get influenced and execute their working in a desired manner (Mumford, Gold and Thorpe, 2012). With this respect, a leader must be recruited who can not only mange their workforce but can also work out of the way so that most desirable results can be attain and this will help organization in different manner. In this context, following elements must be engaged in leaders with regards to performance level:

  1. Capability: Leaders must be capable of doing different set of work on their own so that they able to gain respect from their subordinates and also with this, they act as a source from which subordinates can take guidance and helps for their daily routine work. In this respect, it is required that leaders must incorporate different set of steps for the motive of boosting capability (Rothstein and Burke, 2010). This will aids them in performing in a manner from which company can able to manage their issues and also it helps in boosting the efficiency of employees.  
  2. Contribution in team effectiveness: Beside this, manager must contribute in gaining effectiveness in the teams that are being managed by them so that they can able to increase the morale of employee and subordinates. With this respect, firm can able to achieve their objectives along with boosting the efficiency of their operations (Tomlinson, 2004). In this regard, leaders must perform in productive, effective and successful manner so that overall efficiency of company can boost along with reducing the problem of finance.  
  3. Responsibility: In addition to it, they must perform their duty in a responsible manner by considering different aspects of company in order to ensure fruitful results along. It is being view that duties and roles of employee are directly connected with their manager and therefore it is required by them to perform as per the requirement so that same can level of performance can be attained from their subordinates also (Marquis and Huston, 2009). With this practice, efficiency of firm will essentially get boosted and also they able to accomplish different task in set time frame.  
  4. Discipline: Moreover, discipline is must required in any organization and hence it is being expected from leaders to develop same in their team and among subordinates so that efficiency can be obtained. Also, it helps in boosting level of performance of different employee base from which overall objectives can be attained and also transformation can be engaged in organization (Kelly, 2011). Therefore, it is required that leaders must develop discipline in the operation so that performance level of whole organizations can increased and they able to attain an edge over their rivals over a period of time.  
  5. Passion: In addition to it, passion towards work is also required in the characteristics of leaders as they are highly responsible for leading large team. They must be passionate towards their work and job so that same can be reflects from their followers and ultimately a setting can be developed in which overall productivity of whole unit can be increased (Braynion, 2004). Also, it helps in altering the performance of peer groups by developing high amount of commitment in their attributes. With this, Thomas Cook can able to attain transformation in a particular manner and also able to boost their competency by gaining high commitment from leaders and their followers.

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Hence, it is required that leaders must perform out of the way so that they able to develop their unique image in front of their followers and also able to influence more of employee to work hard and perform in a same manner.  Performance level of leaders possess different element such as discipline, responsibility, passion, contribution in team performance, high capability and various other which essentially helps organization in boosting the overall performance level of organizations (Coleman and Glover, 2010). All these are essentially required to achieve successful transformation within the organizations.


With this discussion, it can be articulate that leaders are one of the key members for any organization and therefore it is required by them to possess series of skills and styles in their characters so that they can perform their job in a desired manner along with gaining fruitful results out of it. Transformational style will help in creating enthusiasms in employee from which better approach to transformation can be done at Thomas Cook. Moreover, democratic leadership helps in attaining rational decisions of implementing same set of strategies in better manner from which more of support from manpower can be attained (Brooks and Brewerton, 2006). In addition to it, different leadership skills must also required so that better approach can be entailed with their working or dealing with subordinates. Additionally, performance level of leaders possess different element such as discipline, responsibility, passion, contribution in team performance, high capability and various other which essentially helps organization in boosting the overall performance level of organizations. All these are essentially required to achieve successful transformation within the organizations.

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