Sample on Administrative Services

Administrative Services Introduction

The process of administrative services refers to managing the functioning of organization. The areas are inclusive of activities related to planning, controlling, organizing as well as directing (Goswami, 2007). It also involves for undertaking the decisions by levels of management followed by adhering to lines of communication (Reese, 2008). The present report under study aims to understand the nature of administrative services with respect to operation as well as its use in the organization. For this purpose, a study has been carried out on retail, company of UK being Sainsbury. Due focus has been given on the area of specification associated with developing of administrative services. The study recognizes the policies, objectives as well as constraints faced. It further deals with design process require to implement the administrative services. This is at last followed by carrying out the evaluation in terms of effectiveness and efficiency of administrative service so as to suitable improvements if any.

Evaluate three services and users of services.

There is a presence of varied kinds of administrative services and each has got its own kind of objective for a company like Sainsbury.

Secretarial services – This service category involves for functions like supportive, project, communication and organization management. The main aim of the function is to provide assistance to employees (Carroll, 2004). The duties in Sainsbury are related to typing of business letters, document filing, checking of mails as well as bookkeeping functions.

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Payroll services – This are involves for sum that is paid for employees for the given kind of service that is provided in specific time duration. In Sainsbury, this area is managed by accounting department (Fleming, 2010). It involves for keeping record of incentives, bonus, salaries and wages. The service users include employees, labors as well as other workers working in Sainsbury.

Property management services – This area is all about control and management of personal property, capital assets, machines as well as equipments (Tomlinson, 2007). The service users are inclusive of employees as well as consumers.

Benefits administration services – This area consists of employee benefit programs. It includes providing ways by which workers can be trained towards benefits. The service user happens to be workforce of the firm (Pruthi, 2005).

Importance of administrative services

Functioning of the firms like Sainsbury is solely dependent on administrative services. This area aids in meeting the wants of management as well as the human resources. These services help in organization of production factors followed by coordination so as to achieve the common goal (Stelkens, Weiß and Mirschberger, 2012). Hence, there seems to be an immense requirement of the company in all accords. It is only on account of the effective arrangement of services there has been an overall reduction in cost as well as increased output.

It will further achieve the attainment of equilibrium so as t make the company survive in changing environment. It would further prepare Sainsbury towards dynamic changes being observed in market by maintain overall planning and management of services. This will help Sainsbury to prepare itself towards the changing dynamics of market followed by growth and survival of business activities (OLeary, 2010). It will further led to an increased specialization in work, competition, complexities involved in business decision making among others. The major impact happens to be the benefit derived on account of cost saving technique as well as capability of bargaining that are offered on account of large number of employees.

Decision making in the business and lines of communication

Decision making in Sainsbury is carried out at three basic levels. These are as follows;

Top level decision making – The decision taking at this level are related to mission, vision as well as strategic plans that are a part of organizational functioning (Certified Administrative Rules, 2013). The lines of communication this regard happens to be top to bottom where the plans are provide to people working in lower most levels.

Middle level decision making – Here, this area involves for undertaking the decisions related to smaller plans that are put together so as to achieve strategic goals prepared by top level management (Mays, 2011). Here there is a discussion of issues related to marketing of product and services offered by Sainsbury, making communication to employees as well as subordinates, addressing problems to the top level and keeping lower levels under control.

Lower level decision making – It involves for undertaking of decisions that are related to inventory scheduling, budgeting of areas, sales handling as well as distributing works among workforce etc (Sorensen and et. al., 2013). Here lines of communication happen to vertical where employees receive instructions from top levels as well as complaints of them are passed to senior authorities. Then is the presence of horizontal communication which takes place between subordinates.

Legal and regulatory framework

Many types of legislations as well as regulatory framework have been influencing the overall business of Sainsbury. In this respect, there is a presence of data protection 1998, Health and Safety at Work act 1974 as well as employee act. Data protection 1998 is based on the principle of good information handling. It is there to place a responsibility on Sainsbury towards disclosing of personal employee information followed by placing certain obligations on managerial team of Sainsbury. Health and Safety at Work act has gives instructions to firms like Sainsbury for protecting the welfare and health of employees who are in the workplace. This also involvers for steps o be undertaken by administrative department of Sainsbury so as to provide for safe and durable work (Baba, 2012). A further surety is required to be made towards handling, storing as well as usage of equipments, machinery and other substances.

Other than this, there is also a presence of employee act where equal opportunities on equal grounds to all the employees (Manzini and Lazzarotti, 2006). There is also a promotion of aspects related to diversity in their workforce.

Importance of effective consultation

Effective consultation plays a key role towards identifying the basic requirements of administrative services. This can occur by undertaking sessions related to opinions and suggestions from company experts. The opinions and suggestions can also be invited from employees in order to assess the overall nature of administrative services (White, 2007). Effective consultation thus plays a crucial role towards giving each and every employee a chance to develop insightful ideas. It further assists in improving the overall decision-making process followed by building up of understanding among employees as well as team of administrative services. This is also a requisite in case of Sainsbury so as to improve the long term viability of business processes (Pritchard, Kalinowski and Ziesman, 2013). Hence, on an overall basis the process of effective consultation to be followed in identifying the basic Requirements of administrative services will not only help in deciding very the areas of improvement so as to implement changes for making the domain of services much more effective.


Different sources as well as platforms of advice are available for Sainsbury while it is in a situation of developing specifications towards administrative services.

Advice taken from experts – The experts working in the area of administrative services can provide for valuable suggestions as to how specifications can be developed. The viewpoints will help in reducing future errors and mistakes that can arrive while preparation of specifications.

Competitors analysis – One of the most important sources happens to be analysis as well as evaluation of administrative services adopted by competitors (Bundled Services, 2013). Hence, the strategies adopted by rival firm will play a crucial role towards designing and implementation of strategies for administrative services.

Online advice – The development of specifications can be searched by looking at internet. Here there is a presence of diverse kinds of articles, journals as well online articles from other companies about the specifications required for administrative services (Administrative Services Organization, 2013). The employees of Sainsbury can further conduct online surveys in order to collect opinions and suggestions.

Research and development activities – Sainsbury can adopt an in-house research & development department so as to develop as well as change the specifications of administrative services.

Develop and produce a detailed specification

It is essential for any big organization like Sainsbury to have a proper understanding about the guidelines to be followed for recordkeeping as it will assist the company in carrying out information retrieval activities in a proper manner (PEO vs ASO: Learn the Difference, 2013). Different kinds of records are in terms of files provided by clients who are about the work done by business as well as business agreements. There is also a presence of contracts signed with suppliers, distributors and employees. Then is the existence of Accounting and Tax Records followed by Purchase orders, Emails and other business communications along with Inventory logs (Types of records to be kept, 2014). In this regard, there is a requirement to follow some general guidelines for the purpose of effective record keeping.

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  • Records are required to be clear, correct, complete as well as easy to comprehend.
  • They must be saved or secured in such a manner so that the overall confidentiality is maintained.
  • The objectives behind very nature of record keeping are required to be defined in a clear cut manner so that person behind the act is well aware about the importance of record keeping and prepares record that are more authentic (Stelkens, Weiß and Mirschberger, 2012).
  • There is a requirement to document the record so as to specify the guidelines and gain knowledge regarding what is to be included and what needs to be excluded.

Examine the organizational policies, objectives and constraints

There is a huge relevance of organizational policies, objectives and constraints while carrying out development of administrative services. In context of Sainsbury the administrative services are required to be developed in such a manner so as to meet the organizational mission, vision, goals and objectives (Sorensen and et. al., 2013). The constraints are basically in form of lack of trained as well as expert manpower to carry out the activities that are require out of administrative services. There is also an issue of budget that is allocated for administrative services.

Design options and consultation process

While developing a detailed specification for administrative services of Sainsbury, it has been made sure to be within the limits of Design options and consultation process. Hence the requirement in this regard happens to be undergoing consultation sessions with relevance of people (Pritchard, Kalinowski and Ziesman, 2013). These can be in form of managerial team who is a part of Sainsbury along with those external agents who are expertise in the field of developing a detailed specification for administrative services. This is required so as to achieve the right kind of format and appropriate plan. The requirement is also to be in tune with legal as well as regulatory requirements that have been set for designing of a detailed specification for administrative services. These may be related to areas of establishing proper lines of communication, having a system for record-keeping etc.

Understand the strengths and weaknesses and includes sufficient information

It is very important to analyze as to whether the presentation is in a style that assists the user in gaining an understanding about strengths and weaknesses and also includes generation of sufficient information (Manzini and Lazzarotti, 2006). It comes into effect when Sainsbury is not in a position to meet up with specific standard and there is a requirement to assess the cause behind it. If the issue is due to some technical issue hen then help can be taken from technical experts. Thus the company needs to identify the weakness in a timely manner. In the same manner, if the company has got access to enough resources then there is a need to identify the strengths of company. Hence, it seems clear that from the above presentation, the organization can be in a situation to assess the strengths and weaknesses and at the same time decide on the methods by which best form of resource utilization can be carried out. This is required so as to overcome the prevailing threats and benefit from the opportunities that are present in the market.

Illustrate the methods of recording which are necessary

There are various methods that can used for the purpose of record keeping. The most widely used forms of records are as follows.

Database management system - This happens to be the last form of record keeping. Here the companies are not required to hire professionals for entering as well as maintaining database. This thus keeps the data and information very safe, sound as well as secure so that there is no chance to manipulate the data.

Manuals - This formulates first as well as one of the most widely used forms of record. In this method, there is a utilization of professional individuals so as to enter as well as maintain the data. Here, the information is recorded and stored in files (Pritchard, Kalinowski and Ziesman, 2013).

Spread sheet - This can be considered as the second method of record keeping. As there has been an increased adaption of IT and computers in businesses there has been a usage of spreadsheet to maintain the records. This requires the operators to have some form of computer knowledge.

Review the implementation plan and the support put in place

A thorough revision in implementation plan can be carried out. In this regard, the requirement is to start hiring experienced person who are capable enough to work at administrative services. This will help in making sure that the experts hired at right position are able to perform tasks in a well defined manner which is also as per the contracts. In this context the managerial team at Sainsbury is required to frequently compare the work performance of company with that of the budget (Stelkens, Weiß and Mirschberger, 2012). Further it may also be required to judge as to whether the products are of standard quality or not. This can be achieved by sending the products and services to authorities like ISI so as to determine the level of quality. Finally a review must also be carried out by the company in order to achieve the strategic objectives.

Carrying out regular checking administrative services are being used correctly

It is required to carry out the regular checking of administrative services so as to find out whether they are utilized in a correct manner. If not then there may also be a need to undertake corrective actions.

Management information system – There can be an adoption of Management information system by Sainsbury so as to keep a thorough check on the information that is floated within departments (Sorensen and et. al., 2013). Here the information will be gathered on a direct or indirect level followed by classification so as to carry out different analysis. Steps can be taken with record to positive and negative positions that have been assessed via Management information system.

Management Audit System – There can be a hiring of experts and professionals who can assess the functioning of business. These play a crucial role to develop relations with the experts followed by conversation so as to carry out internal management audit (Pritchard, Kalinowski and Ziesman, 2013). This is required to be done in order to assess the efficiency and correctness of the services that have been provided by Sainsbury.

Management by objectives (MBO) – This technique will aid in the process of planning and controlling the working of administrative services of Sainsbury. Here the objectives of employees are jointly linked to that of superiors (Manzini and Lazzarotti, 2006). Hence, evaluation is required to be carried out at regular intervals followed by intake of constant feedbacks so as to assess the performance of services.

Encourage users of service to comment on effectiveness of service

Users of administrative services are required to give the comments on how effective is systems and procedures used in it. This can take place by making them comment via a set of questionnaire which may be filled by them online or public places. There can also be a use of focus group where users can be asked about perceptions, beliefs along with attitude they carry regarding administrative services. Interview sessions can also be held so as to encourage people for making comments. Face to face to conversation can also be used to make sure that service users comment on administrative services.

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Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the administrative service

It is very essential to carry out a thorough evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of administrative service so that resources can be managed in a fully fledged manner. Hence, the efficiency as well as effectiveness of resources depends on people who are working at administrative level.

Recommend any identified improvements

Various recommendations can be suggested for the identified improvements. These are related to hiring of expert staff members who are learned in the area of administrative services. It is required so that their level of knowledge and expertise can be used for carrying out administrative services in the top class manner (Sorensen and et. al., 2013). It will further aid in using the scare resources in the best possible manner.


The process of administrative services is all about managing the overall functioning of organization. Finally it can be concluded that administrative services are very crucial for the development, planning, controlling, organizing as well as directing the activities of Sainsbury. These not only help in achievement of aims and objective but also aid in the direction of utilization of scarce resources in the best possible manner (Stelkens, Weiß and Mirschberger, 2012).

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