BAIHH 2, The Developing Manager


In the current scenario, every organisation make several changes in their day to day working because of that there is requirement of proper management tools. Topic of this assignment is developing manager which is an activity of developing skills and knowledge of individual person (Abrahamsson, 2017). Thus, they can operate overall working of business so company can achieve their goals and objectives. For smooth flow of business, there is requirement of manager because they help in managing overall activity of business. This report is based on Clayton Crown Hotel London whose address is 152 Cricklewood Broadway, London NW2 3ED, United Kingdom. The same is the brand of Dalata Hotel Group. This assignment explain several skills and knowledge of manager which is important for sustain in this business environment which is full of competition.

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Task 1

1.1 compare different management styles

Hospitality industry is the widest and fast growing sector in present scenario. For managing their day to day activity several management styles is required some of them is given below:-

  • Autocratic management style: This is a management style in which manager is the person who takes decision for overall working of business as there is no involvement of other staff member in this. Their is no requirement of including entire workers in the same procedure. This is done by higher authority and overall staff believes on them. No one is allow to make changes on this it will followed from top level to lower level. Autocratic management style is followed by Clayton Crown Hotel when there is critical situation in which manager is confident about their working. These judgement reflects on personality, confidence, opinion and several other of manager. Mainly this is used when there is no too much time for decision making and immediate judgement is required.
  • Democratic management style: In this style, manager allow each and every individual to take part in decision making process. Because everyone have different thoughts, opinions and something innovative which help in achieving goals and objective in better manner (Aulton and Taylor, 2017). There are two way of communication style in democratic management style. Although, it is used when there is any complex situation because individual in taking part in it. In this style leader value contribution of their employees and make them feeling important. Moreover, democratic style motivate personnel because in this everyone is free to share their view, though and ideas.

1.2 Discuss leadership characteristics

Leader is important part of organisation for managing activity of particular department and achieving goal of Clayton Crown Hotel. There are several characteristics of leadership which they should possess within enterprise for better performance of staff member and entire hotel. Some of them is explained below:-

  • Friendly behaviour: If leader is behaving friendly with their employees then they create better working environment (Allen, 2012). Such things help in creating effective working environment in which people can share their problems and issues related to work place to their manager and leader so they can take favourable decisions. Moreover, it help in building trust among personnels which is important for carrying out overall activities in better manner.
  • Communication skills: For success of business, there is requirement of proper communication so that manager can give information to each and every member. If there is no proper information and data provided to employees then no one can work in effective manner which aids to achieve goal and objective.
  • Motivators: Manager and leader both are the person in company who encourage and motivate personnel who are working in company. With the overall performance and productivity increases which results in generating high profit and revenue.
  • Strategic thinking: This is the procedure of thinking and mental which is applied by specific person with the motive of achieving goals and objective of business. It is simply related to strategic making of business like brining new ideas and thoughts (Arends, 2014). Along with this making marketing strategy for sustaining in market with their competitors.
  • Supportive thinking: If leader and manager are supporting their employees related to team work which motivate them to do working in effective manner for achieving goal and objective of business. Manager guarantee about following latest ideas or innovation and bring modification within the organisation and also support to all the staff members for accepting all these in suitable manner.

1.3 evaluate communication process in selected business

Communication process is important in hospitality industry for its success. It assist in maintaining flow of information and data within the organisation. Along with this there is requirement of proper path way of communication so interaction with each and every individual is important so they can share their problem and issues (Arnold and Boggs, 2015). Communication process of Clayton Crown Hotel for the intention of sharing and managing information as well as keep their staff up to date such as-

  • Downward Communication: communication flow from higher level to the lower level employees. Top management render information to the lower level such as policies of company, instruction, orders and several other with the use of emails, notice boards, letter and many more. This entire procedure is possible when their will be meeting between employees and senior manager.
  • Upward Communication: this is two way communication process because in this lower level employees can directly communicate with their senior manager. In general term it is opposite to the downward communication process. Personnel give information and data of their day to day activity to the top level manager as well also gain their revert. This type of process is needed in Hospitality industry because in this there is requirement of communication and interaction directly to the employees so they can provide proper satisfaction to end users.
  • Horizontal Communication: this is an effectual part of communication because in this flow of data and information between employees and management is at same level (Babbie, 2013). Respective Hotel of London is using this communication process because through this they can achieve their pre-determined goals and objective in better manner. Although, this assist in creating health and friendly environment at working place.

Shannon's Model of communication: This model was introduced in 1948 and it is one of the earliest communication model. It help in transferring information and data to each and every employees working in a particular company. How communication take place is explained below:

  • Source: it can be E-mail, notice board, message and several other through which information can be transfer to all the department and also to individual person.
  • Encode: This is an process of putting characters in sequence such as numbers, punctuation, letters, symbols and many more.
  • Noise: In communication process there are several barriers one of them is noise.
  • Decode: This is an opposite process of encoding because format goes back into their original sequence.
  • Receiver: he/ she is the person to who information and data is to be transferred.

1.4 analyse organisational culture and change in selected business

Culture of organisation is important and this play important role in success along with helpful in employees motivation. The same includes several aspects such as vision, mission, values, beliefs, language and habits of Clayton Crown Hotel. Respective organisation is building effective and health culture so their personnels can perform or carry out their activities in better manner. Clayton Crown Hotel use two types of organisation culture which is important for achieving competitive advantage. Explanation of these are given below:-

  • Hierarchical organisation culture: this is important for Clayton Crow Hotel because it help in building organisation culture in effective manner. Respective enterprise is implementing this culture because hospitality firm have huge workforce. In association there are several number of employees who are following culture for smooth flow of business, making work easy and for handling issues in fine manner. Manager and team member are managing employees or maintain junior member who are working under them in hierarchical organisation culture. Hence, it assist in defining goal and objective to the staff member in clear manner thus they can accomplish it in effective manner.
  • Clan organisation culture:this type of culture is useful for Clayton Crown Hotel because they are providing services as well they don't have huge number of employees. In clan culture behaviour of individual is shaped by self management, loyalty, traditions, personal commitment and extensive socialization. Same can achieve unity in organisation by socialization (Bianchi, 2011). Employees working bin company are aware of the history along with this having understanding of the expected manner of conduct and organisation style.

Change management- this is an systematic approach which help in managing changes that can be related to technologies, process, goal and objective of organisation. Main motive of implementing change management strategy is for effecting modification, controlling alteration along with this it also help employees in adopting changes. Hospitality industry is wide in nature so in this several changes are made that can be related to external and internal factors. For Clayton Crow Hotel porters model is best for implementing changes in their day to day activity.


There are two types of managerial styles applied in travel and tourism industry one is autocratic and democratic both are different from each other. In autocratic style manager is the person who take entire decision of the company. On the other hand, democratic is style in which individual have authority of take judgements related to anything in the organisation.


2.1 assess own management skills performance

There are various management skills and qualities which is required in manager for managing overall activity of business and its operation. Me as a manager of Clayton Crown Hotel London have to perform several role and duties. Along with this it is required for maintaining relation between employees and manager. Thus, performance can be improved and goal can be achieved in effectual manner. Few skills which are required for managing hotel and its activities are explained below:-

  • Proper communications: this is key element which help in success of business because through proper communication pathway information and data can be transfer. I also consider the same is helpful in providing information and share ideas, views with employees working in the Clay Crown Hotel. It will assist in removing any type of obstacle or conflicts and build healthy relations between people. Thus, there must be requirement of such skills for communicating with my colleagues along with the customers in effectual manner (Cavanagh, 2012). It concern with appropriate verbal communications or oral language which must be carried out in effective way.
  • Decision making ability: manager must have decision making ability because while working in organisation there are several situations which may arises and require decision making. Skills and knowledge must be used by manager is best possible manner so their will be right judgement making. Perfect decisions is beneficial for both employees and company.
  • Problem solving skills: business environment is full of competition and dynamic in nature in that situation there are several problems which may arise. I as a manger have several skills for resolving these problems, issues and queries of employees. Skills of manager is used for problem solving so they can achieve their target in effective manner.
  • Leadership skills: this is the best way of motivating and encouraging employees as well with the help of leadership skill manager can lead or manage each and every employees (Arnold, 2015). I am having such quality which can easily influence employees and get work done in effectual manner.
  • Encouraging Skills: In manager of hospitality company there is requirement of motivating or encouraging skills which is important for employees. So that they will perform their work in effective manner.

Below given is assessment of own skills:-



Communications skills

I have fluent communications skills so it is rated number 1

Problem solving skills

I have knowledge about solving any crucial problem in various situations so it can be rated number 2

Decision-making ability

I can make any decision regarding the strategies adoption and taking corrective actions, so it is rated as number 2

Leadership skills

I can influence people and get work done by motivating them so it is rated as number 3

Encouraging skills

I can motivate employees easily for doing work so it rated as number 4


2.2 analyse personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

As the above discussion I assess my skills because of that I found several strength, weakness, opportunity and threats. All these help in improving my knowledge and skills as well personality development. Description of these are given below:-


  • I have few managerial skills which is applicable in Clay Crow Hotel like communication skills, decision making which is my strength and help in building future career.
  • I am having good quality of motivating personnels by providing them coaching and mentoring.
  • Leading all the employees for work in team.


  • My biggest weakness is that I don't have proper communication skills even not able to speak in front of many peoples because of less experience. Thus, I am improving myself as well trying hard for removing such type of issues for this I have join coaching.
  • Short temper is my another weakness as I feel stressful and get irritated very fast from any issue. For removing this problem I am working on this issue as well trying hard to overcome with these weakness.
  • Lack of knowledge about advance technology is one of my weakness. For removing this I joined coaching so that I can also manage or do work on update or latest versions.
  • Don't have capabilities of getting work done through others.


  • hospitality industry is wide and fast growing thus, manager of this have wide scope. So there are several advantages and achievement which may help in future growth and development.


  • As a manager of Clay Crown Hotel there are several threat because they can replace manager and can foster my growth in the future. Hence, competitor are biggest threats for me.
  • External and environmental are factors which can be threats for development of career. Forces can be recessions, poor economic growth and any other factors of environment.

2.3 set and prioritise objectives and targets to develop own potential

Setting objectives and targets is an essential criteria of an organisation which should be done in effective as well as efficient manner to gain desired outcomes (Cummings, 2014). Clay Crow Hotel have to set their targets, objectives and goal in advance which they have to achieve is very important. Manager have to identify several opportunities which is available for gaining it is possible by using their own skills and ability. Team managing and building must be in proper way because help in achieving goal and objectives in better manner because combination of different skills assist in accomplishing work in effectual manner(O'Neill, 2015). Therefore, I have made improvement plan and made plan of action for rising my leadership and communications skills. I have cleared some managerial concepts and try to improve my theoretical knowledge and perform better.

For proper working of business it is important that manager have to overcome with their weakness and do proper utilisation of their strength. There are several opportunities in hospitality industry along with several competitive advantage which must be achieve by manager.

SMART goal framework which help in achieving goals of company. There criteria is given below:

  • S- Specific: individual have to specifically define that what they have to deliver in future as per the need.
  • M- Measurable: there is requirement of measurement that their offering is helping in achieving task or not.
  • A-Attainable: whatever the goal is decide by individual or team this must be achievable and realistic. As well team can easily address it.
  • R-Relevant: goal which is pre determined show be relevant to vision and mission.
  • T-Timely: time should be framed which is necessary for achieving goals and objectives.


For doing self assessment best method is online testing which help in easy identifying strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of individual. With the use of online testing individual can identify several things. Because this have rating system which gives stars according to skills and knowledge. As well it is the best way of self assessment.


Weakness manager have in this is they have less communication skills. Because of this he/she is not able to speak in front of many peoples. Apart from this they are short temper person who cannot handle several thing at a particular time.

Along with this manager have many strength also such as: managerial skills which is applied in Clay Crow Hotel like communication skills, decision making which is helpful in building future career. Moreover, having good quality of encouraging employees by providing them coaching and mentoring.

Task 3

3.1 Lead and motivate a team for achieving agreed goals or objectives

Team work is important for achieving goal and objective in effective manner because when work is carry on by employees in group there is no work load on individual. There are several strategies which is developed for designing effectual team and along with this motivate team members for achieving best outcomes. this also needed to focus on customers satisfactions by providing them quality of services. will use various activities for the Clay Crown Hotel to accomplish its objectives such as:

  • Team Building: when employees are working in team they can achieve their goals and objectives in better manner. Mainly it is important in meeting need, want and expectation of customers (David, 2011). For building team according to skills and knowledge of every individual there is requirement of professional in it. Although, perfect group can be build by analysing skills, ability, knowledge and working capabilities so task can be assigned to them according to that. Team is effective in working and also in achieving goal and objective.
  • Motivation: this play important role in boosting and encouraging employees for completing work in effectual manner. For motivating employees it is important that they have to support and understand need and wants of them thus, they can focus on their performance. By understanding roles and duties as well maintain relation between employees within the company they are working. Motivation and encouragement give job satisfaction to employees (Griffin 2013).
  • Team development: development of team is necessary because business environment is dynamic in nature. For meeting several things there is requirement of team development as well it is possible by framing training and development program for employees. There are several departments in company each have their individual team.

3.2 Justifications of managerial decisions made to support tom achieve goals and recommendation for improvements

Manager of Clay Crown Hotel require to encourage, motivate and support to the employees along with this they can use several motivational theories to keeping them motivated and happy. Organisation have to design rewards, incentives and promotion for the personnel who work hard so they get encourage and try more. Gaol and objectives can be accomplished by creating healthy environment in the company with the help of adopting effectual motivational tools and techniques. It is the responsibility of manager to ensure that services they are providing must be qualitative so these can attract numbers of customers towards the Clay Crown Hotel. There are few recommendation for the respective hotel which assist in improving business environment and also in keeping customer and employees satisfied.


employees working in organisation must have to learn latest skills and knowledge along with this they must have to be trained in building or framing effective team which is important in every business organisation. Because team help in running company in proper manner as well achieve goal and operate effectively. Although, I analyse that proper training and development program must be conducted for staff members so that they know how they have to work and deal with customers. In hospitality industry satisfaction of customers play important role when they are satisfied firm can generate more and more revenue. Along with this communication process must be proper so information related to any thing can be provided to each and every member. Policies should be effective which is framed by manager there should not be any discrimination like age, sex, religion and many more.

Task 4

4.1 explain how own managerial and personal skills will support career development

As a manager there is requirement of several personal and professional skills for working in hotel. Hospitality industry is wide and fast growing as it provide several opportunities and career objectives for every individual (Jones and Jones, 2013). Their is need of several managerial skills so that it can contribute for getting success in enterprise:

Communication Skills: this is the skill which is important for providing information and data as well guidelines to the workers related to company. Better communication from top to lower level in organisation help in maintaining effective relationship among each other. Manager should have to learn several languages because employees working in same enterprise are from different religion or country.

Leadership skills: this skills in needed for providing better guidelines and direction to employees for achieving goal and objective of company. Employees must have to learn about different type of people for this there is requirement of proper training and development program. For managing activity of different department along with every individual there is requirement of leadership skill.

Time Management: time is very important because it never comes back when go (Leach-Kemon, 2011). Task assigned by the top level must be completed on time so they can achieve goal and objective on time. Along with this can satisfy customer by serving them on time.

4.2 review career and personal development needs, current performance and future needs to produce development plan

I have several skills, capability and ability of managing activities and operation of organisation but all these are not satisfying me that is why I need to improve my skills personal and professional(Leonard, 2011). although all such things help me as well support in achieving high position at working and also. Require proper and well developed plan so that can achieve long term gain and also short term goals and objectives. Instead of this there is requirement of focusing on weakness and trying to come out from all these. Thus, they can be able to become successful leader and manager of the Clay Crown Hotel. Future development plan prepared for fulfilling need and wants such as:

  • CRM(customer relationship management) is the software which is needed in company for managing relationship in proper manner(Allen, 2012).
  • for achieving goal and objective team should be build in effective manner according to skills and knowledge of individual.
  • Technical skills are also required and must be applied in business for making better actions.

Although, all these skills help in developing own skills and also in becoming good manager which is most important for managing working of business. Along with this, it also support in accomplishing goal and achieving competitive business environment (Arends, 2014).

Aims and objectives

Time frame

Activities taken

Communication criteria

50 days

I have to improve my communication skill by learning and classes as well which will enhance the skills and knowledge.

Team making skills

25 days

It gets developed by bringing several collogues in accurate prospect and thus it make them to have an correct working in although with this major work can be achieved by them

Leadership characteristics

80 days

It is needed to have a appropriate direction to their subordinates and will intimate with doing work in accurate prospect.

Administration features

Regular learning

Therefore, it is something which can be a applicable scenario and fond out the factors which affects in perverse manner.

Quality time

20 days

Necessity to take few classes which will assist in learning criteria period of time in effectual way.

Development of career is important for remaining in the environment which is full of competition. For developing career there is need of customer relationship management which is software as well skills and knowledge in individual person also. Although, team work is important but for this team must be framed in proper manner as per skills and knowledge of individual person.


For development of career there is requirement of proper development plan. Because development of career is necessary for remaining in business environment. In this plan training and development activity is important through this skills and knowledge of specific person is improving. Through this they are able to handle several competitive situation which is important for remaining in business market.


Self evaluation is necessary because through this career can be developed of particular person. Because everyone want to achieve their goals and objectives which is related to career development. In travel and tourism industry development is necessary for remaining in market because this is the sector which have lots of companies.

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As per the above discussion it has been concluded that, manager is important for organisation because they support company in many ways like motivating and encouraging employees, team building, directing, planning, controlling and implementing business operations. This report is based on Clay Crow Hotel which is part of hospitality industry and this is widest sector and require team work as well skilled and knowledgable employees. Apart from this, it also described different management skills, personal strength and weakness of the same hotel. Along with this, it defines how to lead and motivate personnel who are working in Clay Crown Hotel for achieving goal and objective.


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