Sample on Developing Manager

Who Are Managers?

Managers are responsible for managing activities such as planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling in an organization. They play a very significant role in the success of business. Further, they assist companies to carry out their operations in effective and productive manner. This report explains various elements which are required to develop a manager in organization. Marriott hotel and Hilton hotel are the two firms from travel and tourism industry which have been selected. A comparison of different management styles adopted by the above stated businesses is highlighted in this report. Further, communication process and leadership style which have been implemented by Marriott and Hilton hotel are explained in this report. In addition to this, the report covers all the essential aspects of management.

Comparison between different management styles

Managers play an important role in organization and the way they handle different situation depends upon the style of management they have adopted. Management style can be termed as overall methods which manager implements in order to carry out different activities of businesses. Marriott hotel has adopted consultative style of management in which the decision are made for the growth and success of both employee as well as organization. In order to maintain high morale of employee the management appreciates and encourage feedback form all its staff members. (Marriott hotel, 2015). One of the major advantage of this is that it helps Marriott in creating high degree of loyalty among all its members.

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On the other hand, autocratic is the style which has been adopted by Hilton hotel. The manager is the one which takes care of the all the decision making (Hilton hotel, 2015). Further the views and suggestions from employees are not encouraged in this style of management The decision rather reflects the views and opinions of the manager. This style helps in making fast and effective decisions. Whereas its disadvantage is that it creates dissatisfaction among workers and also effects their entire productivity.

Leadership characteristics in chosen organization

Leadership characteristics explain the qualities which a leader have. Some of the leadership characteristics which a leader or manager pursue in Marriott hotel are inter personnel skills, communication skills. Further they are open minded, believes in reward system and have respect for others (Holten, Bollingtoft and Wilms, 2015). Interpersonal skills help managers and leaders in the hotel to earn trust and respect of staff members which further support them to achieve goals and objectives of hotel. In addition to this, good interpersonal skills also assist them to maintain peace among staff members in different departments of hotel. The management is required to adopt different leadership characteristics such as autocratic, democratic and Laissez faire. In autocratic style, the leader will be going to make all decision and the views of workers are not encouraged. On the other hand, participative characteristics helps a manager to create sense of satisfaction among employees by inviting their opinions at the time of making decision and strategy formation. As per Laisez faire, the leader will provide all rights and  power to the workers. Along with them they are also set free to make decision and perform the assigned task as per their style. The leadership characteristics in Marriott is autocratic in which the manager or leader is the one which makes all the decisions.

Communication process in selected organization

Communication process can be defined as process of transferring message and information from one person to another. It is one of the important factors in the organization. Effective communication process helps in executing the order from the top level management and increasing productivity of employees. There are various ways of communication which can be used by businesses in order to transfer and deliver message (Crawford and Hoffman, 2011). Different types of communication such as verbal, non-verbal and written are used by organization according to their needs and requirements. Both Hilton hotel and Marriott use vertical and horizontal communication as per requirements. Vertical communication takes place between hierarchically positioned people and it also involve both downward and upward communication flows in hotels. Usually, this type of communication occurs between superior and subordinates (Proctor, 2014). The main purpose of implementing a vertical communication system is to control the flow of information and decision-making in the hotel. On the other hand, when communication occurs between peers and workers at same level of organization, it is termed as horizontal communication (Courtney, Long and Hall, 2013). It is the communication that flows laterally within the hotels and involves employees at the same level of the hotel. Further, this type of communication is used to improve the co-ordination between hotel workers and improve their productivity. For example horizontal communication can be between marketing manager and human resources manager of Hilton as both of them holds same position in organization which is of manager. On the other hand, example of vertical communication is the communication between food and beverage manager and employee in same department.

Communication process in Hilton

At the time of communicate information and coordinating  activities between various departments, the organization use horizontal communication. Further in this process only people with same rank or position in the hotel can communicate with each other. Example the store manager communicates with food and beverage manger regarding the stock of food and other articles. On the other side, vertical communication occurs when the strategies or issues are discussed between a manager and his subordinate. For instance sales manager discussion sales targets and objectives with executives.

Communication process in Marriott

Horizontal communication takes place between managers in Marriott whereas the vertical communication occurs between supervisor and subordinate. For instance HR manager communicating with marketing manager for salary and incentives.

Organizational culture and change in selected businesses

Organizational culture assists in achieving goals, objectives and success of organization. Culture can be defined as the sum of attitudes, beliefs and customs which distinguish one group of individual from another. Whereas organization culture involves the practices, principles, values, belief and policies of organizations. The way employees behave in organization is determined by its culture (Evans, Stonehouse and Campbell, 2012). In terms of implementation of culture, Hilton hotel has executed pragmatic culture and Marriott uses baseball team culture. According to the pragmatic culture, more emphasis in Hilton hotel is placed on clients and external parties. Further, customer satisfaction is the main objective of such culture and it is also the key motive of the hotel. Guests in Hilton hotel are treated as God and are always considered as correct. Every employee strives hard to satisfy his clients in order to provide better services. On the other hand, the baseball team culture which has been implemented by Marriott hotel considers employees as the most important assets of the hotel. In such type of culture, the employees are always given priority. The employees of the hotel feel happy, satisfied and respected. Further, it increases their creativity and productivity. Marriott hotel is aware of the fact that goals, objectives and competitive advantage can be achieved by having a team of effective and creative employees (Avci, Madanoglu and Okumus, 2011). So, this is the reason that Marriott hotel has adopted baseball team culture.

Due to globalization and increase in competition, change has become essential for organizations. Changes can be in terms of quality, technology, services, products, structure and system of organization. The competition among businesses operating in travel and tourism sector is very intense and now change has become essential for businesses in order to survive. Marriott and Hilton hotel are aware of this fact and always look forward for change. Also, the change results in improving services and productivity of the hotels. Further, the employees are trained in such a way that they can easily cope up with the change (Pinder, 2014).

Own management skills

I am planning to work as an general manager in Marriott hotel UK. The general manager is responsible for all the operations of hotel. Further he needs to perform various task and  exercise a lot of authority within parameters set by Marriott hotel. The main role of general manager is to set price, set standard of quality of services and developing plans and policies of hotel. I am having all the essential skills, qualification and experience which are required for the post of general manager in Marriott hotel. I have good communication skills and motivation skills which can assist me to develop effective coordination between me and my coworkers. Further motivation skills will help me to increase the productivity of employee working under me.

I pursue a deep knowledge regrinding various aspects of management such as theories of management, different leadership style and various methods to improving employees motivation. I have essential skills that can support me to judge which management approach and leadership style will be suitable in what situation. In addition to this I also carry some decision making skills with me, which helps in making most effective and suitable decisions. I have knowledge regarding how to deal with situation like stress, deadlines and crises. I also pursue some technical skills regarding the use of technology such as ECRM and internet marketing. I have also equipped myself with people skills which assist me get the most out of employees and teams. I can express myself openly, honestly and I am also sensitive to other people’s feelings and needs.

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Analysis of personal strength, weakness, opportunities and threats

Personal strength, weakness, opportunities and threats are provided below as:


My strengths are my helping nature, skills which I pursue and the qualifications which I have. My helping nature assist me to retain the employee which work under me and it also helps me to motivate them. I can easily develop good coordination and bond with different employees. On the other hand communications skills, decision making skills, people skills, Technical skills, management and leadership skills which I pursue always provides me with competitive advantage. I have completed Masters in Hotel management and have also done various certification course and training in different department of hotel.


My weakness are lack of experience and some skills. I carry 3 years of working experience along with myself which is not satisfactory. Travel and tourism industry always seeks for people having good experience and skills. Lack of experiences in this industry is one of my major weakness. On the other hand I also lack some skills such as time management skills, conflict management skills, critical thinking and financial skills which are at present in demand.


There are ample opportunities in travel and tourism sector as it is a growing sector and its demand for skilled human resources is increasing day by day (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). The qualification and skills which I carry along with myself can provide me with opportunities to work with leading hotel brands of UK. Further by doing various language courses I can also find good opportunities in other countries. I can also apply for various other designations in hotel. I am also planning to attuned various workshops and training which will improve my work efficiency and productivity.  I have ample amount of opportunities for growth and developments.


Low pay scale and work timings are some major threats for me. The pay grade in travel and tourism industry is very low as compared to other industries. Further the work timings are also not fixed and sometimes people needs to work overtime. The positions in hotel this industry is also limited which is a big threat for me. The changing trends and culture in travel and tourism sector is also a threat to me as I am not capable to adopt changes. I need time to come up with the change and the industry is changing at a very fast pace.

Objectives and target to develop own potential

In order to develop own potential I need to attend various seminar and workshop that can provide in depth knowledge about various kind of skills and capabilities. Further I can acquire those skills which are at present in demand in travel and tourism industry. I need to attend part time lectures and classes in order to get knowledge regarding financial aspects of tourism industry. I need to learn cross cultural management and different other languages as they are also in demand for this industry. In addition to this I can set SMART objectives which will help me to develop my own potential in more effective manner. I need to identify some activities and plans which can increase future opportunities of my growth and development. Further I need to learn about the aspects of change management. Changes are occurring at a very fast pace in travel and tourism industry so, the learning will help me to identify the ways by which I can cope up with the change. It is also required that I should take consultation form industry professional and experts who can direct me to become more effective and productivity. The above all stated things will help in developing my own potential and it will also make me competent. One thing which I really need to keep in mind is to continue my learning in every aspect. Learning will help me to stay upgraded and understand the current trends and development in the travel and tourism industry.


  • To become aware of the financial aspects of tourism industry within one year  
  • To learn three new languages in time period of 15 months  
  • To enhance my knowledge regrading various aspects of change management in next 4 months

Leading and motivating team to achieve desired goals and objectives

Motivation can be defined as a process which encourages people to perform their best. In order to motivate employees of Marriott hotel different motivation theories can be used by me.  Further the theories will assist me to develop plans and strategies which will result in boosting up the morale of employee (Sheehan, 2012). At present the morale of employee is very low which has resulted in lowering down their overall performance. It has been also observed that due to lack of motivation, the employee’s are not giving their best towards the accomplishment of organizations goals and objectives. The participation and efforts from their side is very less.  
Some of the methods which I can use in order to increase the motivational level of employee are mentioned below as:

Employee recognition

Employee recognition plays a very significant role in motivating the employees. When work of employee are recognize in front of other members, the employee feel satisfactory which force him as well as other worker to perform better in future (Schaper, 2012). I can use some forms of employee recognition such as verbal or public announcement.

Monetary rewards

The pay scale in hospitality industry is very low which lower down the morale of employee and team working in this industry. I can implement a system of providing adequate monetary rewards to the employees of Marriott against their outstanding performance. Monetary rewards will help the employees to satisfy their needs and will also encourage them to perform better in order to earn more money (Riley, 2014). One thing which I need to keep in mind is that the reward system needs to fair and should be based only and only on performance of employee’s.

Non monetary rewards

Non monetary rewards are the rewards that are providing to employees other than money against their performance. In terms of this I can provide training and development sessions, flexible work timings and adequate growth and development opportunities to staff of Marriott.   By providing the mentioned perks I can boost the morale of employee and can also increase their productivity.

Managerial decision to improve performance of the team

All the managerial decision to enhance performance of workers are appropriate and suitable. The rationale behind considering employee  recognition is that it will help in creating a sense of satisfaction among the workers. When their efforts will be noticed and recognized then they will be pushed forward to put more efforts. On the other hand, monetary rewards will help them to satisfy the need of their family. Further they will also become aware of the fact that better performance will result result in increasing monetary rewards. Thus, it can be stated that monetary rewards is also good technique to motivate employees. At last there are some employees which will be more satisfied by non-monetary rewards. These are generally the workers at middle and upper management. Non-monetary rewards will act as a driving force for such employees and will enhance their performance.

Review of current development plan

In order to achieve the goals and objectives it is very essential to review current personal development plan. It can be stated that some skills needs to be the part of career development program. Managerial and personal skills are very important for every person to achieve success in his personal as well as professional life. These skills not only improves the productivity and efficiency of employee but also increase the chances of future growth and development. One of the important skills is Communication skills which helps individual to develop effective coordination with other (Anderson and Mehta, 2015). Now days these skills have become essential in every industry as it increases the productivity of employees.

In addition to this communication skill also assist individual to listen and understand the message which is provided to him. With the help of these skills opinions, views, ideas, messages and information can be expressed and communicated effectively. On the other hand management skill helps individuals to manage their activities in appropriate manner. In both personal and professional life management skills are very essential (Crawford and Hoffman, 2011). Further they help in career development of individuals. Work can be managed and multitasking can be done easily with the help of management skill. In addition to this, it helps individuals to complete the assigned task on time. Other than this, planning skills, time management crises management, stress management, interpersonal skill, emotional stability, execution skills, listening skills are some of the essential skills which are required for individuals personal and professional growth and development (Proctor, 2014). By reviewing the current career development plan it can be stated that improvement in skills and learning of individuals needs to be the part of plan.

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To develop effective manager it is very essential to acquire knowledge regarding various skills and aspects of management. It can be concluded by this report that various tools such as recognition, monetary and non monetary rewards can be used by managers in order to motivate employees at workplace. Other than this it is required by individual to develop their own career development plan that can assist them to achieve success in personal and professional life. A career plan has been provided in this report. Further essential changes which are required in current development plan are highlighted in this report.


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